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As a multimedia artist I am always fascinated by and inspired to create creations out of unconventional materials. The moment I came across the zipper contest, I immediately knew what it was that I wanted to create.


Zippers and zippers and zippers
Leg paddled/handheld sewing machine
16 no. Needle
Bobbin case
Thread spools multicolour
A pair of Scissors
Gum drops (alternative to sewing)

Step 1: Sketch It Up

Dream an idea 💡 and run with it.
Brainstorm what it is you actually want to create, sketch all the elements. Don't fret if the beginning and the end results do not match, have fun with it. Here are all the variations I wanted to create.

Step 2: Sourcing of Materials

My first thought was to create an ombre zipper dress but I didn't think it would be possible to find the shades. After scouring the city I finally found the perfect colours.
You can always mix match and try various combinations.

Step 3: Gradation

Grouping the zippers according to the gradation of shades required for an ombre design. And now you can begin the stitching or the sticking. You can go either way with the method of construction.

Step 4: The Body

Initially I tried machine stitching a sample piece as shown above (first time Machine user), but I didn't like the look and so I went ahead and experimented with other materials, finally settling on gum drops which are sticker based adhesives for a no sew look. You can clearly see the difference. This tutorial is the exact definition that consistency is key. There are no multiple steps, just repetition. I also added a mermaid frill to spice up the look, this wasn't initially planned. I just love the fact that Everything is made up of zippers.

Step 5: Surprise Element: Zipper Choker

I played around with the idea of making a zipper choker/neckpiece and I cannot stress it enough of how much it contributed to the whole look. Just the neckpiece took me 2 hours but it was worth it. Complementing it's mesmerizing ombre colours.

Step 6: The Photoshoot

As someone with a keen Interest in photography it was a thrilling experience experimenting with shades of ombre. Here as my model I have an extremely talented friend, Shruti datir 💃

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    2 months ago

    Wonderful concept executed very well. Loved it! :)