Zombie Makeup

Introduction: Zombie Makeup

For those interested:

1: liquid latex, matte some thin tissue and a little more liquid latex to create texture (I also did a dry length test with some mud mask). This creates the wrinkling texture
2: Spirit gum, let become tacky and smooth on nose putty. Then take a pencil or something with an edge and run through the putty to create the scratches or skin folds like the one on my hand near the fingers.
3: for the skin not covered with the tissue/putty I put on a thin layer of the mud mask (you can get this at sallys and beauty stores). Use a hair dryer to cause these three textures to dry (latex, spirit gum, mud mask). The mud mask by the way is what gives the cracking skin texture most visible on the nose/forehead area.
4: this is when you pick your color scheme. Depending on your style you’ll choose different colors, I decided to go with a greener look because I tend to shy away from it (greens have a tendency of looking over dramatic sometimes). I started with the low lights and darker colors for my base, so the green, blues, a bit of purple, and a red. This is the base coat for the overall colors.
5: This is where I contoured. I used highlights of my normal skin tone and hollowing of the face with some dark blues, deep purple, black around the eyes and deep red where the injuries were going.
6: bruise up the injury areas a little more and add some scabbing (example forehead) and, if like the area on the top of my hand is an exposed/torn scab add some darkness to the edges and a light red for the fresh blood.
7: here I added some white powder to my hair and put in contacts
Final: and I’m done! take a photo with a good camera and lighting instead of photo booth

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