Zvs Sstc Tesla Coil

Introduction: Zvs Sstc Tesla Coil

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120 volt driven zvs sstc tesla coil

Step 1: Schematic

the first schematic is very similar to the second except mine has been adapted do 120 volts and operation of the tesla coil i just included the second one to give an idea of what to build as the first looks crazy

for this project you need need: 2 fqa19n60 power mosfets (easily got from ebay)

2 100 ohm resistors

2 diodes (most recommend ultra fast diodes however in my experience they make the performance worse than if you use standard rectifier diodes)

the inrush inductor {L2} (should be an air core inductor with very thick wire

the primary coil (this can be made with copper pipe (mine is a 6 inch 1.5 turn on each side of the center tap))

resonant capacitor (this is critical that you get it right otherwise it may catch fire or explode...you have been warned. i recommend a oil can type at 50 nanofarads)

secondary coil (my coil is a 4 inch tall by 3 inch in diameter)

transformer for the 15 v gate drive (aswell as a half bridge rectifier and capacitor (basically make a 15 volt linear power supply for the gate drive)

Step 2: Video of Operation

more videos of this can be found at this youtube channel (aswell as a place to ask questions(the comment section)) : https://www.youtube.com/user/neallkennedy

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