Introduction: a Feather in One's Cap

An innovative, simple and cool project to encourage for adding a feather to their cap for kindness, helpfulness, learning, sharing and anything they term as an achievement.


A hat/cap (of your choice), Glue, Tape, color-papers, scissors

Step 1: Cut Color Paper Strips

1. Cut color paper strips in 4" x 1.5" or based on your cap/hat size

2. Each feather is added to a cap on obtaining an achievement you could be proud of or happy for

3. Colors, sizes are your choice

Step 2: Fold the Paper (along the Lenght) Into Half

1. Take one strip at a time

2. Fold it along the length into half

Step 3: Cut the Folder Paper Strips Into a Leaf

1. Cut the paper strips into a simple leaf as shown

Step 4: Shape the Leaf Into a Feather

1. Using scissors, shape the leaf as a nice feather (based on your choice for the size, shape, types etc).

Step 5: Add a Note of 'Achievement'

1. Every feather in your cap comes from an achievement.

2. Add a nice note for your achievement

Step 6: Good Examples of Achievements

1. Look at the pictures for Achievements that goes along the feathers

2. Define and determine your own list of achievements

3. Add an Achievement to your feather and a feather to your cap

Step 7: Glue and Tape the Feathers to Your Cap/hat

1. Add glue on the front or the back of the feather and stick it to your cap/hat

2. For firmness, stick it together with a transparent tape

Step 8: A Feather Is My Cap Is Ready

1. With every achievement, keep adding a new style feather to your cap

2. Your cap gets full for all your kindness, goodness, helpfulness, learning and much more

3. You could place this cap on your study table, book shelf or any place to share your achievements with family and friends.

4. Keep rocking!

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