An Improvement to the Hidden Mp3 in a Hoodie




Introduction: An Improvement to the Hidden Mp3 in a Hoodie

i was recently browsing instructables and i found this
I realized they were a little obvious when i was wearing them so i figured i would change the design a little. keep in mind this is my first instructable. Constructive criticism is encouraged. with this version you can pull back your hood and the headphones will come back with it. it is also harder to see. The only drawback is if you are using earbuds like me, they will seem a little quieter and worse quality, but you dont want other people to hear them also and over a droning teachers voice everything seems to have a little worse quallity. I am not liable if you hurt yourself, your hoodie, or something/someone else in the process of this. if it is too quite, rest your ear on your hand and look bored, it helps a lot with sound quality/noise. Please excuse my spelling and grammar, i only had a short amout of time to do this.

Step 1: Materials

duct tape(optional)

Step 2: Cut a Small Hole in Your Pocket

In the pocket where you want to store your mp3 player, cut a small hole just big enough to thread the headphones through. Thread the headphones through and from where you put your head, pull the head phones up.

Step 3: Cut a Small Holes on Both Sides of the V

If your sweatshirt is like mine, it has a double layered hood, if not and you really want one, im sure you can sew some cloth in there to replicate one. then cut two holes directly on each side of the "v". then thread you headphones through them.

Step 4: Finish It Off.

Put on our hoodie and make a mental note of where your ears are. then again, cut two holes there. using your fingers pull them through from where the "v" holes are to where your ears are. If your headphones are loose and you feel that they could fall out, place some duct tape over the holes to make them smaller. then finally place duct tape over the headphones so as to stop them from moving and keep them more hidden. ( that step is optional but i strongly recommend it.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    handy if you dont want to be fidling with them annoying headphones


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job, I have to admit. Great idea by the way, this is awesome.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    You didn't comment on mine...

    Haha, jk. (BTW: It's my first ible ever, so it's pretty bad =P)


    13 years ago on Introduction

    nice id use this in school u could put a pocket in ur pouch to hold it in place and please explain the v part of the hood