Introduction: LED on GLASS DISPLAY

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led reader 56 columns wide. stores messages without computer.

I chose to just show pictures. the actual build is complicated.

The txt is step by step. The real hard part is gluing 300 leds to

the glass and keeping it all clean and crystal clear. This is more

art than electronics. My 'led on pc' makes the build easy but

you loose the artistic affect of the glass. To see in real life is

rewarding. Stay tuned for my 'time square patr1, part2'

An awesome reader that's folded into a square.

Step 1: Many TYPES of Readers

here are some of my readers. I have made over 50

Step 2: Parts of the Displays

column array chart to make letter[] array

display glass connector

bottom style 595 driver pc and ics

end style display pcb

tape on glass for led layout used with white glue.

see txt.

Step 3: Displays, Keypads

display grids

some case types and styles

function buttons and keypads

Step 4: Rtc, Pro-mini

ds1302 clock

mini and full micro pcb with clock

usb ftdi good

usb ftdi that fried

Step 5: Downloads

here are the downloads for the build

if you can glue the leds to glass then you

are half way finished. Tips on the build are in the .txt

My latest readers are enclosed in epoxy and that makes the

leds POP so the display looks 3d.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Please, tell how you put this led in glass? Look amazing!


    Reply 5 years ago

    it takes a nerves of steel and a grid. slow cure epoxy and two days.

    download my text (text is less prone to viris) and read the steps.

    rather boring and tedious so I put them in text if someone really

    wanted to know how. most posts are bragging rights or inspiration

    I hope I helped all that looked at my post.