Awesome Camo Painting!




Introduction: Awesome Camo Painting!

This fun instructable will show you how to put an AWESOME camo paint-job onto your paintball gear (or anything else for that matter!). I'm using the three basic camouflage colors: green, brown and black, you can use whatever colors you like, just remember that bright pink and orange will probably not be very effective in the woods ;)

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

I used an assortment of spray-paints I had lying around, most brands and kinds will work just fine!

you will need:


masking tape


newspaper or cardboard

something to paint

also find an assortment of grasses, leaves or ferns to use as a template, use whatever is available to you in your area. I live on the Island of Hawaii and there are a lot of ferns growing in my back yard so I will use these

Step 2: Tape Parts That You Don't Want Painted

start off by applying masking tape to anything that you do not want painted, try get it as neat as possible and use scissors to cut pieces of the tape to whatever shape and size is needed.

Step 3: Base Coat

now paint on your base coat, through trial and error in the past i have found that using a dark green works best but you shouldn't be afraid to try something different, personal preference is the main thing. when painting be sure to put thin layers of evenly spread paint, if needed add more layers until you reach the desired color tone.

Step 4: Jazz It Up a Bit

after about 30 min of letting your base coat dry (for me 10 min because i got impatient :D), add some stripes or wavy lines with a lighter shade of green and leave to dry. once again don't get too trigger happy with that spray can, 2 or 3 light coats will be better than one thick one.

Step 5: Add Some Leafy Designs

in this final step you will need to take your darkest color paint and unleash your creative side.

you can do this by holding the leaves or grass about half an inch from whatever you are painting and spray directly at the leaf/grass from about 10-15 inches away, use small brief spurts from the can or it will get messy.

Step 6: Get Out There and Have Some Fun!

remember that if you are doing this to achieve an effective camouflage pattern, you will need to see what colors and patterns work best in your region, don't hesitate to experiment because if you do mess up, you can simply paint over it. Also if you play speedball and don't need an effective camo, you could get blues, purples, orange and whatever other colors you might like and paint a really awesome looking team pattern!

OK guys I hope I helped, Mahalo for reading this!


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    8 years ago

    well done! nice to see you add "natural shows" and saying to use from your surrounding. we did grassland camo on my friends hunting truck...... worked ..... i ran into it


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    hey, thanks a lot i had fun doing it!.. haha that must have been some really good camo if you didn't see it!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! one more thing, if any of you paints something like this i would love to see it! go ahead and throw a pic up here in the comments section!