Balloon Gun V2

Introduction: Balloon Gun V2

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compiler :: Moksham Chhabra ,,,

here is the v2 of the original balloon gun. it's improved in many ways
eg :: it's design have a upgrade
it has more power than the original
and it has a target pointer...

Step 1: Material's

1 balloon ( a little bigger than the last one )
3 water bottle tops ( different shape and size )
something to cut ( blade / scissors )
hot glue gun
an empty pen tube.

Step 2: Making the Body

as u can see in the first bottle only the locking part of the bottle is there.
in the second bottle it has the loking area with it's cone of plastic.
in the last bottle it has the locking area as well as it's upper body but u can notice that this body is a lot bigger than the other..

now take the first piece of the bottle and with the help of the glue gun paste it above the second piece as shown in the picture.

now take the the third piece and paste it above the first piece. as shown in the fig's.

now u would have three bottle caps remaining. glue two of them together and then paste the both of them on the main body. as shown in the above pictures.

Step 3: Making It's Target Pointer and the Shooter

now take the empty pen tube and disassemble it's parts.
now glue it opposite to the the bottle caps ( it's stand )

now as the previous balloon gun strech the balloon mouth place it onto the mouth of the third bottle piece and then leave it their and tape it well.

Step 4: How to Shoot

just follow the images and u my friend will know how to shoot with the "balloon gun v2"
it's very powerful ,as u can see it broke through my target. so pl. be careful with it... have a nice time with it.. enjoy...

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