Introduction: Bedside Table

Everything you ever wanted in a bedside table, in no floor space

Step 1:

Start with one of those shower shelves that hang over the shower head.  Find a wall or side of a shelf where it can be hung where you can reach it at night.  Be sure to hang it high enough that you don't bump your head or your pillow on the shelf, and you can still make the bed in the morning. 

Step 2:

I up cycled an old coat hook, but any hook will do, like a cup hook, as long as it can bear some weight.  Probably don't use a self stick hook.

Step 3:

The first thing you need is light.  I got this cute lamp at Ikea, but a clip on light or whatever fits.  If you read at night, or need to get up and not step on the cat (who absolutely matches the floor in the dark), this is essential.  You could use a flashlight but it's a pain in the neck to read by.

Step 4:

Kleenex.  Essential if you read tear jerkers at night.  I tied the box to the shelf using an old shoelace (the cat didn't like it as a toy), so that when you reach out and tug out a Kleenex, the whole box doesn't fall on your head.  A cute bungee cord or ribbon or whatever you like, that goes better with your décor..

When the box gets half full, I reach inside and turn the stack of tissues so you pull from the top, and it doesn't collapse and you're trying to get it out of the bottom, rip it, and lose your place in the book.

Step 5: Bedside Table

Everything you need at night, but you can't knock it over.  The open shelves under the Kleenex will hold your Kindle, reading glasses. or paperback novel.  The alarm clock fits nicely in the built in soap dish, and you can hang your watch, earrings, or chewing gum on the pegs for washcloths or shower scrubbbies.  A water bottle could go on the shelf with the lamp, if you like.  The other shelves are too short.

These are only some suggestions, as there are many models of shower racks, and they even come in colors.  I got mine at a discount store:  for a more elegant look, go upscale. 

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