Best 270 Bullet Shell Whistle

Introduction: Best 270 Bullet Shell Whistle

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Well I wanted a bullet shell whistle but all I got is 270's. This is a simple tutorial on how you can make a she'll whistle from some simple 270 shells.

Step 1: The Shellsssss

The she'll needed for this project are a 9mm and a 270 shell.

Step 2: Cut Em Up

place your 270 in your drill chuck primer end first for about the first 1/3 of an inch and tighten. Pull the trigger and place you hacksaw on the bullet at the beginning of the chuck and cut about half way through the shell then stop. Now it's time to use some fine grit sandpaper and sand away until the desired luster is met. Then continue cutting the shell in half.

Step 3: Put It Together.

Now simply clean up the end of the 270 and place the 9mm in the bottom and press with thumb. If needed you may use a stick to shove all the way to the end of the 270 until it won't move.

Step 4: Using

now place the whistle top below your bottom lip and blow down into the top of it. The whistle makes a loud screech and is going to be helpful know an emergency situation. thank you for looking at my instructable and ease vote for me in the metal contest and the outdoor contest!!

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    any other cal work, i have 3006 don't know what would fit in bottom