Big Box Calendar

Introduction: Big Box Calendar

A calendar for people who do a lot more in a day than will fit in one of the typical tiny calendar squares.

This is something I have thought about making for many years and only just got around to it.  I have never been able to find a purchasable calendar with boxes big enough to contain all the things I want to record.  Sure I could get a blackberry or an ipod and type all my notes into the entries for the particular days, but I am old school and I am very accustomed to pen and paper and seeing the whole month at a time on the wall.

Another great thing about this is there are no "slashie" days.  As if you can only do half as many things on those days because they are inconvenient for the typical calendar format.  If the month takes 6 rows instead of 5, then it gets six rows!

The attached images will print 12" x 28". 

I've also attached the mtc files for those, like me, who are into that.  You can use these to cut/print a larger version on cardstock with a vinyl/craft cutter.

Note:  I would have made this a photo instructable, except that format will not allow you to attach other types of files, like the mtc files.  cheers!

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    3 years ago

    Hi. I know it's 5 years ago -- have you kept up with this each year? Have you made one for next year yet?

    (I don't know what a mtc file is, don't have a craft cutter. Would have to use printer? I used to print my own but have been living with dollar store calendars for awhile.

    And I'm gathering you are attaching these pages to a more normal sized purchased calendar, just overlaying them.