Bleeding Skull Punch Fountain




Introduction: Bleeding Skull Punch Fountain

its a cool affect to your Halloween party.

Step 1: Things Needed.

find a big punch bowl.
plastic skull.
aquarium water pump around 8gph.
silicon or polyurethane hose les than a foot.
barbed garden hose fitting.
food grade silicone for fixing any holes or cracks u may make.
assortment of dill bits.

Step 2: The Hole in the Skull.

this was abit harder than I thought. but dont get afraid I was over thinking it and trying to do it the hard way. and fyi it will crack dont worry thats what the silicone is for. find a drill bit big enough to screw the barbed garden hose fitting in. then find out ware u want the hole. keep in mind u want the skull to be out of the punch or just in it your prefrence. plan and plan! once u know where you want to have it drill the hole.

Step 3: Drill Holes in the Eyes and Anywhere U Want.

drill small holes you can always go bigger but not smaller. you can make the holes bigger later.

Step 4: The Stem.

ok take the tubing. put the barbed end in the hose may need to force it in if u cant force it heet the tubing till its soft. now try and screw in the garden fitting in the big hole in the bottom or back where ever you have it. attach the adapter to the hose u may need the clamp. take the silicone apply some to the skull around the fitting and any cracks u may have made. you don't want any leeks.

Step 5: Pump in Bowl

put the pump in the bowl if it dont have suction cups fix it in somehow. if you have suction cups but not a smoth bottom on the bowl put some silicone on the bottom where you want the pump then put the pump in the silicone before it drys. I did not like the pump in the bowl in the pic so I moved it to the back.

Step 6: Putting It Together for Test.

once all the silicone is dry put it together. plan water in it to cover pump. plug the pump in and c what happens if u want bigger holes drill bigger ones now dont go crazy big go up a size or to till it flows like u want it. now fix the skull up it gets heavy. you are on your own with that. now you are ready to use it. thanks.

Step 7:

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