Introduction: Bristle Bot From an Old Rc Helicopter(epic Fail Contest)

I had an old mini rc helicopter laying around with a broken remote control so I thought is has suitable parts to make a bristle bot

Step 1: Disassemble the Helicopter

This part is straight forward. take a suitable screwdriver for your heli and remove all screws. take out the motors, plastic motor mounts and sled. (cut the plastic parts if necessary)

Step 2: Connect Wires of Motors Together and Solder Them to Battery Clip

Before this step I tested motors at 3volts DC to see the amount of vibration they generate. they were vibrating pretty well so I only glued blue and red metal tubes(I still dont know how I did this) in order to replicate vibration motors. (as you might know vibration motors have unbalanced(asymmetrical) weight on the tip.) Later I soldered motor wires and glued the motor mount to the sled. I connected the bot to the power supply again and checked if its vibrating. It was working well. I didnt have a button cell battery clip and I decided to use what I got and decided to use the AA battery clip.(I thought motors gonna handle the weight or I had to be very high :) )

Step 3: It Didnt Even Move (EPIC FAIL)

It was stucked under the weight. I think I'm gonna remove the AA battery clip and redo the previous steps in a better way.

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