Introduction: Camera Stand

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A camera stand that is like furniture.  Specifically for taking pictures of what you are doing for  instructables, or whatever reason you have for doing something like that.

Used to shoot this: Learning Arduino, button.

Step 1: Parts

  • 2 adjustable friction hinges -
  • 8 screws -- 8/32 x 1/2" --- or close to that
  • 8 tee nuts -- 8/32
Tools - 
  • Screw driver
  • Drill - 1/4" drill bit,  1" bit
  • Hammer
  • Saw

Step 2: Cut

Cut out the pieces.  This is scrap wood.  The arms (no paint) are about 1/4" thick.  The base (white) is 1/3" MDF.  The shapes are not critical, as long as the ends are wide enough for the hinges.

Step 3: Drill

Drill 1/4" holes, these are a little big, but that is good.

Step 4: Assemble - Base

Put the tee nuts in the wholes and screw an the hinges.
Note: I had to drill a 1" hole halfway through the base because it was too thick (or the screws were to short).

Step 5: Assemble - Arms

Screw the hinges to the arm pieces, using the tee nuts. 

Step 6: Hinges

These are adjustable friction hinges with a max torque of 7lb/inch. Tightening the screw in the middle makes the hing stiffer, loosing makes it looser.

Step 7: Cracked

The tee nut cracked the wood here.

Step 8: Helpers

Hi Jack.

Hi Hazel.

Step 9: Mount Smart Phone

If you are brave, you can just use an elastic to mount a camera phone.

Step 10: Mount Camera

A camera can be attached with a 1/4-20 bolt.

A ball joint would be great for the camera, or at least a 3rd hing.

Step 11: Folds

It folds up, but not great.

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