Introduction: Chopstick Coaster

materials and tools needed
-lots of chopsticks
-glue(hot glue)
-knife(my gerber)
-marker (for white board)
-cutters(any cutter that is strong)
-white board(not required,i used it to plan stuff out)

Step 1: Preparation

start by splitting the chopsticks in half

Step 2: Planning

start by planning what the shape and size will be.
I'm making the shape an octagon so its almost a circle
plus it doesn't take up a lot of space like a square

Step 3: Making It

i cut the chopsticks into 8 pieces.
each pieces is 1.5 inches long.
then i made it into an octagon and glue it together

Step 4: Making

then start to add on to the frame
i cut the half chopsticks so they can fit the length and glue to the frame

Step 5: Repeat

finally add another frame to the other side so that each side are the same

Step 6: Optional

i added a piece of cardboard to the flat side side so that it act as a cushion when set on a table

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