Brushless Motors

I have a few fans around from computers. Seems that 3 wires is pretty common for these. I wasn't sure which was what, so, I figured "nothin to lose" and hooked up the right voltage across 2 wires. My guess was right. It ran. But, having 1 out of 9 fanblades busted off, it shook a bit. So, I busted off 2 more blades to balance it. But now, even connecting it the same way, it doesn't run. So, how should a 3 wire brushless motor fan be wired?

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piezo reacting from splitting power to multiple things

I have two attiny85s that I'm powering with a single 3v battery.  One of these is connected to a piezo (so lights will flash when tapped).  However, the second one keeps affecting the power enough to set off the piezo reaction frequently without tapping.  I don't want to use two separate batteries.  How do I split the power between the two without them affecting each other? Thanks.

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USB hubs, how do they work?

So I was looking on Instructables at diy USB hubs and noticed they all have one thing in common.  They all start with a premade USB hub, in modify the case.  Why is that?  I doing know how USB hubs work and I was wondering if someone could shine some light on the topic.  For charging things via USB, I know they can simply be hooked up in paralleland still charge, slower, but still charge.  Let's say I wanted to put multiple flash drives on one USB port in my computer.  I know that with pre-built hubs this is possible, but I don't know how to do it without buying something.  If I wanted to put, say two flash drives, on one USB port, could I simply hook them up in parallel?  Series?  Or would I need a special circuit?  If a circuit is needed, what circuit?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Galaxy s4 LCD driver

Hello! I hope im posting this in the right place, has annyone found a driver for the galaxy s4 (or simmilar) LCD panel, i have recently tried to replace the cracked glass and a small mistake later i destroyed the touch capability of the LCD assembly, it would be a waste of a completly good full HD 5" AMOLED LCD so i was wondering if annyone has anny idea if a (fake chinese or something) driver board exists for this LCD so you could plug a HDMI on it ... thank you ! 

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5HP motor, what to do with it?

I got a 5HP motor from a shop vac and don't know what to do with it. I wanted to make a go kart, but it was too inefficient and would take too much power. It still is connected to the switch and the outlet cord. I want to make something cool out of it.

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Hotmail refuses to allow me to whitelist reply emails from Instructables

I got a message to my powered USB hub Instructable, but Hotmail makes me "show content" each time I open the email claiming that the sender failed some kind of authentication test. I have never seen that message before from a sender I subscribe to. Maybe the web host here could contact and ask them what the issue is. I can still follow the links in the email to reply, but Hotmail doesn't seem to like something about the way you send email.

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Vibrotactile Device

Hi, I am trying to build a portable device that takes vocal vibrations (from a piezo mic attached to the throat) and outputs them as tactile vibrations elsewhere (say at the sternum). I've found and built simple circuits for preamps that run off 9V like this one ( but I'm struggling to work out how I can connect and power a vibrating device (e.g. another piezo mic) for the output.  I guess I will need to include a low pass filter too to prevent the device creating audible output (I just want low frequency tactile vibration). I've seen a similar project here but it's using an arduino and I feel like that's unnecessary for my purposes.  Any ideas really appreciated, Oli

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Help needed on FLL robot

Hi guys, this year is my third year that I am going to be participating in the First Lego Leauge. (btw, we are using the ev3 sets) This year, my team (of 3) decided to build a car based robot. I have designed the steering mechanism and it works, and I have made a basic chassis that links everything together, and I am using 2 big servos for power(rear wheel drive), they will drive in sync, and a medium servo to control the steering, and since I had to mount the medium motor in the back, I used a driveshaft to control the steering at the front. My problems are 1)  whenever I program the medium servo to turn right, it suddenly goes out of control and goes full power to the right forever, and skips gears in the process, breaking the motor. I have tried using it outside the robot, and it works fine. 2) I am not sure if my design is a good idea, and if I should stick with tank drive. This years map need speed and precision, and the car steering lends itself to both of those, but, its unreliable, and the tank drive is not quick and not precise, but reliable. So, I need your guyses opinions, do you think I should stick with the car steering system or not? And why?

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Brainlink: atxmega, Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, accelerometer and more

It looks to me like I'm the only person on Instructables who uses a Brainlink in projects, so I wanted to share my experience with it.   The Brainlink is an atxmega with a cute case, Bluetooth module, a USB-rechargeable battery, accelerometer, multicolor LED, photo diode, IR transmitter, IR receiver, TTL serial uart, a bunch of pwm and digital and analog i/o lines and a regulated 3.3V output.   Full specs and official website are here.  It was produced by a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff. It originally sold for an overpriced $129 but unsurprisingly the product couldn't succeed at that price and it was discontinued.  SurplusShed has them for $39, which is more reasonable, and they periodically have 30-50% off everything sales if you sign up for their emails (for instance, they have a 48% off through the end of today with coupon code SS81420).  When on sale for $20 it's a lot of goodies economically put in one package (and you can pick up some lenses for Google Cardboard from SurplusShed while you're at it). The Brainlink seems to be primarily designed to interface computers or Android devices with all sorts of robotic devices.  There is an open source Java framework for talking to the Brainlink (though the serial protocol is simple enough to just roll your own).   I've used the Brainlink to decode IR signals (the official website has software for analyzing IR signals) and to control a Roomba via the serial uart.  Lately I've been using the Brainlink as a serial-to-Bluetooth bridge to talk to the Mindflex toy EEG (works better with my modded Brainlink firmware--the mods make it fast enough to capture raw data from the Mindflex: I will probably eventually write an Instructable)--see the photo. If you want to use it standalone, Arduino-style, you can upload your own firmware, either writing it from scratch or starting with the original firmware (source code is available).  I haven't actually worked with a real Arduino, but I was pleased to see how smooth the process of building and uploading the firmware was.  I just used WinAVR and it all worked just fine.  They have instructions and a link to the firmware source here. My own firmware mod was to add a full serial bridge mode.  Just send a 'Z' command to the Brainlink and until it's next turned off it bridges between Bluetooth and serial (at whatever baud rate you set with the regular Brainlink 'C' command).  The regular serial communication code may be OK for sending occasional commands to a robot, but it doesn't seem to work for sustained data receiving, at least not at the 57.6K baud that the toy EEG I was using works at.  With the bridge mode and an S-video cable, you basically get the functionality of a Rootooth for Roomba connection at a much smaller price. Presumably, with appropriate firmware you can make autonomous things, but I've been using it with a phone or a PC. For connecting stuff to the Brainlink, you use what look like 1.25mm spacing JST-style connectors (there is one 8-pin port and one 10-pin port;  for serial only connections, you only need three pins near one end of the connector, so a 3-pin connector works for serial).  They include one connector for each port.  I've ordered a bunch of 1.255mm JST connectors from a Chinese ebay seller--hopefully they will fit.   I have no affiliation either with SurplusShed or the makers of the Brainlink.

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soccer trainer

Hey guys, I am currently a student with a very weak coding/application background. I researched and got the basics down but its all comes down to logic and hardware.Currently I am building a soccer trainer robot that can be controlled via android app.The user utilizes a xy coordinate system to move the robot to shoot the soccer balls at that player at various speeds and angles. Basically, the android app routine is User inputs settings - > (random/preset) training -> moves robot to desired location on interactive xy gridlayout (soccerfield) -> send signals to arduino to shoot soccer balls at different speeds and angles at the user I was wondering what programs and languages I would need to know for me to develop this application. Any help would be great. Thank you! 

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Coverting US Voltage to Middle East

My son saved up a lot of money to purchase his very first airsoft gun! We've moved to Dubai and realize the voltage is different here! He's devastated :(  His charger is: INPUT: AC 110V 60Hz OUTPUT: DC 8.4V 450mA What can I do? What do I need?

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Nokia Lumia 520 without plan

Hi guys. I have been thinking about making/getting a portable game system, and have come to the conclusion that the easiest and most portable way to do this is to buy a cheap smartphone (either android or windows phone 8.1 but not ios because I don't like apple (except for their ipod series, that idea was revolutionary)) and put only emulators and games on it, maybe even steam or origin or desura, pretty much any good game client. Pretty much just use it as a device to play games on. But, I don't want to pay for a smartphone plan. I have read that you can somehow use an android phone as an ipod, but how this is done I have yet to find...I know that you can unlock and root but you still need a carrier for the phone to work. So my question is do any of you guys and gals have any idea of how to go about using a phone without a carrier, as a game system (which means I really only need data)???????I have searched the internet high and low and cant seem to find an answer. And btw, the phone I want to use is the Nokia Lumia 520 (running windows phone cyan update).

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What can I do with an old Gps?

I have an old Garmin Nuvi 770. I got it for free. The people at the shop say the computers messed up. The touchscreen probably still works. What can I do with it? 

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Internet failure detector?

Hi everyone - this is my first post and I hope I am posting in the right place! I want to be able to detect when my PC loses internet connection and be able to signal an actuator to drive a motor. Does anyone know of any software that can do this on the PC itself or a standalone project that can be used to do this? thanks for reading!

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Charging Li-Ion 3.7 V

Just bought a 3.7v  batt for my new laser (class 3b,  200mw)  The batt place had no charger for it. Hoping it will arrive in time for show next weekend. If charger doesn't arrive, any suggestions for charging Li-Ion without overcharging/blowing up batteries?

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I want to erase data from a Mac but not the programs.

I have an old iMac (2004) with not too much personal stuff on it that I am worried about, but I am giving it to a friend, and I don't want to erase the music in iTunes or the applications like Photoshop and Word that can't be upgraded any longer.  When I Google how to erase a computer, the instructions for a Mac are sooooo easy - but all the directions talk about wiping out your "files". Are "files" programs that I can no longer load on to that Mac (because I no longer have the original disks, product serial numbers etc.)? If that is the case is there another way to make my information on that old computer (that I was using up until 3 months ago) safe? I just don't want to loose the software applications that it has, but I would like to loose their content, ie, a journal I kept on Word, art stuff on Photoshop, old emails I saved, love letters, naked photos (just kidding) - the usual stuff. I am not so worried about my friend but more about the next person down the road who might end up with this computer.

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Instructables JSON FEED?

Do you know if instructables supports a json feed? I want to parse it on my site.

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12v computer PC fans powered by 5V USB

Hi folks, I have a mains powered USB hub and have successfully powered some 12V, 0.08A PC fans with a USB cable. I was wondering if powering 12V fans with 5V power supply would somehow damage the USB hub over time? I was also going to power some other things from the hub and thought of getting a luster/screw terminal to group power the fans from one USB cable (saving me some USB port space to power the other things). Could you foresee any problems with this? Thanks in advance :)

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Making Michael myers prop have a few questions

I'm building a michael myers prop out of a bust on a pole type of maniquin and I want to make him sound or motion activated I'm planning on getting a radio shack recording module to record the Halloween song but my questions are how can I make it sound activated or motion activated? what else do I need to make this happen? I also want to extend the speaker cord to put the speaker in his chest how can I do that? and I need a new speaker because the one the recording module brings is pretty bad any good speakers you recommend for an animatronic?

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do you log in as amninistrator ?

I am linux (arch linux) user so the question is aimed mostly at linux users. but i'd like to see what windows and other os users think toowe all need sometimes to log in to the computer as administrator (called root in linux) to do maintenance and other tasksin modern os we have some options. we can log in to the entire desktop or console as administrator and work freely. or we can run the single apps we need with 'run as administrator' from our user desktop. maybe we work all the time as administrators (even to surf the net) and then there is no question at allin the world of linux many users dont recommend logging it to the desktop as administrator. i dont understand why. i think based on the following assumptionsi am less likely to smash something when i see it. so i prefer to do stuff in the desktop and not in the consoleif i smash the os i can just format and install it again quickly. if i smash any of my files in home (home is like my documents in windows) i can never recover it again. and i have permission to smash my files when i am normal user tooi trust my applications to not format my drive on their own decisioni log in as administrator to the desktop when i need to manage and as user in other timeswhat way of getting administrator access you use ? why ?

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12v power supply using AA batteries help

Hello!  I would like to power my arduino using a 12v 1A power supply, can i achieve this by using 8 AA batteries? Or would that not give me 1 amp? The arduino only draws around 50mA i believe.  Thanks in advance!

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Connect arduino to HP Laserjet

Hi, i want to connect a USB printer to an arduino to control it, i know that i can connect a Printer by using the Parallel cable, but my printer only works with usb. Any ideas????

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Wire Wrapping Kits

I can make you a kit for any of my wire jewelry projects. I have the nest and the basic cab kits already, since I teach those, but I can assemble what you need for any of my wire jewelry instructables. Gemstones will be whatever is in my studio at the time, though you can tell me what kinds of things you like. This will hopefully take the anxiety out of not knowing how to get started. Kits usually cost about $3o - $40 plus shipping. Just contact me through instructables if you want one.

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Tech space canada

Hello everybody, I was just wondering who would be interested in a tech shop/ space starting in Alberta, Canada. I live there and am looking to start a business possibly just looking for interest. It would include metalworking ie water jet and lathe work, woodworking ie table saw band saw and router, 3d printing and cad design team, laser cutting with its own team, teaching about coding and Arduino and micro controllers. If you are interested comment below. Also, anyone interested in funding a kick starter comment too :)

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Help upgrading CFL circuit? Want to drive cfl's up to 25w.

Hello I have built this circuit, it can drive cfl's up to 15w, how do i modify it so that it can drive cfl's up to 25w?  I am using D313 for his project as the D882 didn't gave me the results i needed. Using 12v battery. Here is the original instructable link (This question is optional) Do u think the transformer i made for this circuit can be used for the famous Jeanna's light (Joule's Thief). If yes then how it would connect on the circuit? I will be making two or three more transformers like this. Do u think it needs modifications for its working like number of turns for the primary, secondary and feedback, different wire gauge?

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ATTINY As A Clock?

Will using time library with an Attiny/45/85/84 ( ) create an accurate clock? I keep on seeing people using these external crystal things. Do I need one? Isn't millis pretty dang accurate? How would I sync the clock with real time?

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Very small microcontroller Arduino rogrammable?

Hey all! I really need some help! Ok, so I want to make a very small circuit and put it in my watch, but I don't have any microcontollers small enough tor with enough pins. I want around 16-20 I/O pins but I want it to be in a very small package. Like the flat square ones with 10 pins, or the long thin rectangular ones. It also has to be able to be programmed using my Arduino. Several suggestions and help on how to find my own would be a great help! ~AJ

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How to bypass bluetooth device battery and connect directly to car power?

Hey all, Im looking to buy this bluetooth receiver, but it requires me to turn it on before i can use it. It has a battery and a switch. charges by micro usb. I have no knowledge of how a circuit works, but my goal is to remove the battery and switch, cut off the micro usb, solder the +/- and ground to where the switch/battery used to be The purpose is to have the device turn on whenever the car turns on.  Is that how this would work?  Thanks in advanced. 

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Turning one USB port to two ports

(If this is in the wrong forum, please excuse me and let me know where I could put this.) Hello all, I'm in the process of getting my electronics together for doing bikepacking and could use a hint or two on how to resolve this.  Looks like I'm going to have a number of USB powered items that I will be rolling with.  I'm wanting to roll with a small solar panel too to help keep things powered up.  What I have is; - Nexus 7 pad - Phone (not sure yet what that will be) - Cygolite (360 lumens) - Cygolite Hotshot - Various batteries, Goalzero Switch, and two of these sticks - There maybe other items I either would need in the future or I've yet to list.  So one or two other units for the future. What I'm hoping I'll be able to do is roll with charging these pieces either with my solar panel, or when I stop at either a campgrounds or stop at a eating establishment.  When I do stop at a eating establishment, I'm hoping I could get things charged up as quick as possible.  So I don't want to waste time on a low powered USB port when my item would have taken a high powered USB port.  I assume that would a port that is 5W at 2amps, yes? So what I was thinking was, I know the AC adapter for the Nexus 7 has a nice high powered USB port.  So that would be one port.  I'm thinking of buying another cause they are pretty lite and compact.  So I would have two nice ports from AC.  (Now comes the more clueless part of me!)  So if I'm using some kind of splitter and splitting these two ports, it would seem that the amps get split in half........right?  Is there a way to avoid this and get something small and compact that would offer me 4 high-powered ports? Also it looks like the best way to go when I'm on the road is charge up the batteries listed above with the solar panel.  Then harvest what ever I can by the end of the night. Thanks for reading this and I'm open to any and all comments.  If there's someone blogging about this that knows alot more than I do, please do share!

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Custom mobile app development

In our first meeting, Andrew modified a program to solve our import problem and had it working by the end of the day. Whenever I have a problem processing orders, he can usually answer my question with one clearly worded email. I know I can go to him for a solution instead of having the problem get passed around.

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Solar USB, iPhone, Arduino Chargers

I write up a lot of guides on Instructables for various solar gadgets.  Most of the Solar USB/ iPhone/ Arduino chargers.  If anyone is interested in such things I sell them off my website, which I then use to make more projects or fund activities in my science classroom.  I have several versions of my kits available as well as all the parts to make those kits, and even premade chargers for those who don't feel the urge to make one on their own. Solar USB Charger and Kit A basic USB charger that uses rechargeable 2 AA batteries, a DC to DC boosting circuit, and a 4V solar cell.  Take the batteries out to charge, or leave it in the sun for a few days.  Then charge up your gadget when need be.  Works with most USB devices including Apple products (iPods, iPhones, iPads) as well as Arduinos.  Fits nicely into an Altoids tin. Solar iPhone Charger and Kit More or less the same as the USB charger, but instead of having a generic USB port it has a dedicated iPhone/ iPod/ iPad cable.  Which means it only works with Apple stuff.  Features 2 rechargeable AA batteries, boosting circuit, Apple Connecting Cable, and 4V solar cell.   Heavy Duty Solar USB Charger and Kit While the 4V solar cell in the other kits/ chargers fits nicely inside an Altoids in it is also quite wimpy.  I took the basic design of the Solar USB Charger and replaced the 4V solar cell with either a powerful 6V 230mA or a 5.5v 320mA solar cell.  In order to make things easier the solar cells plug into a 2.5mm jack on the side of the tin.  Meaning you can leave the solar cell at home.  The solar cells are also powerful enough to charge up a lot of gadgets directly from the sun if you have good weather.  Works with most USB gadgets, Arduinos, and Apple products. Lithium Heavy Duty Solar USB Charger and Kit Due to the fact that big gadgets (like iPads) have insanely big internal batteries I had to modify my design a bit.  The AAs in the other chargers were not powerful enough (unless you used 4 or 6 of them) to reliably charge up bigger items.  I modified the design of the Heavy Duty Kit to replace the AAs with a Lithium battery and Charge Controller.  With several battery options available, including a massive 6,600mAh one, these chargers have no problem handling the larger power needs.  On a recent plane flight a charger with a 2,000mAh Lithium battery charged up my iPhone over 80% (on airplane mode while listening to music).  Imagine what a 4400mAh or 6600mAh battery could do.  The charger/ kit can fit inside an Altoids in with the smaller batteries.  It features a powerful 5.5V 320mA solar cell and a 2.5mm jack and plug system so you can easily remove the panel.  A nice addition is the Lithium Charge Controller which has status LEDs showing when the battery is charging and when it's full.  It works with most USB gadgets, including Arduinos and Apple gear. I've used these kits with kids at my middle school, and have sold many kits to summer camps and scout groups.  They take between 20 and 45 minutes to make, and only require basic soldering skills to put together.  They all fit inside Altoids tin for cuteness factor, but can easily be put into something else.  Modifications are endless. So there you have it.  More Altoids solar thingys than you can shake a stick at.

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Must have capacitors, resistors, transistors

I am wanting to know the best values/ most used values in electronics projects for resistors, capacitors, and transistors. Suggestions? Also when purchasing capacitors, ceramic vs. electrolyte? Are ceramic mostly for lower capacitance values? And lastly what is the difference between a 10k resistor and a 10 Ohm resistor. What I have figured out is that the 10k is a higher resistance value.  Thanks, diamondmine

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RGB LED Voltage indicator for 15 - 10 volts

I would like to make a one RGB LED DC voltage indicator, 15 – 10 volts in half volt changes.  At first I thought I would use a bunch of zener diodes, but it seems a bit more complicated than that as on my chart how I want the colors indicated.  Any ideas how I can accomplish the circuit?  There are probably new fancy things I could use but am not aware of since it’s been a very long time since I’ve made a circuit.  I am currently just using an analog panel meter.  It would be nice have a colored light indicator.  If it could be done.

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attiny85 on two 3v coin cell batteries?

I've seen specs for attiny85 that say 6v, but most say 5.5v max, so I'm wondering if it's safe to use two 3v coin cell batteries to power them?  Such as CR2032 or CR2450.  I would only use one, but I need 4.5v for my LEDs.  Three AA is too bulky.  Thanks.

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How to force voice calls through A2DP bluetooth device

Hey all,  I have an A2DP bluetooth music receiver hooked up to my car. I connect my iphone to it. here is the link to it. It plays music pristinely through the device.  But when I try to make a phone call, it doesn't send the dial tone or the call through the bluetooth device, but only through the iphone. Is there a hack to force the call through the A2DP device? Thanks

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Troubleshooting usb powerbank 3 IR LED setup

I am an amateur with setting up circuits, but I am really interested and understand most electronics, I am just confused with the issue I am having. Background:  I am building a wireless google cardboard so that I can play PC games on my phone through the VR headset rather than crappy app games. Basically a wireless Oculus Rift, however I know it wont be anywhere near as good it's just a fun project. I have Infrared LEDs which I will use with freetrack and my modified webcam without IR filter to do my head tracking. Issue: I am trying to power 3x Infrared LEDs from a usb powerpack. Here is the one I am using;=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 The reason for using this as a power source is I can easily attach it to the headstraps on the google cardboard, it is just about the smallest power setup I can think of (better than using 3x AA batteries), it was cheap, and it outputs 5v which is perfect for powering 3x IR LEDs with a forward voltage of 1.6v and 60mA current. When I use this powerbank to power a single LED without a resistor and I look at it through my webcam, even with all the lights off and the webcam 5mm away from the LED you can barely see it light up. I tried the led on another powerbank I have here which is 10,000mAh so it is massive, and it was much brighter on the webcam. I then used my samsung TV remote and pressed a button while aiming at the webcam and it was EXTREMELY bright. Basically I want the LED to be as bright as my remote, or as much as the LED is capable of. Why would the powerbank show the LED so dull? I have confirmed it is outputting 5v, but when I try test the current with a 'usb charger doctor' between the charger and usb cable, or a multimeter between the wire and the LED it shows zero current. I should be able to just connect all LED in series with a small resistor and it should just work at full brightness, but the power bank cannot even power a single LED well enough to see properly on the webcam. It's becoming really frustrating, any idea what's happening? Best solution?

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Questions about Magnets

Can an electro magnet have more gauss than a neodymium of the same size?  I was just thinking about robots and advanced prosthetics. One issue with them is they require rather bulky motors to get the lifting and holding capacity we often require. So if power wasn't an issue and you could make a small elecro magnet that has more gauss/a stronger magnetic field than a neodymium magnet. Than we could make strong and smaller motors.  Just a thought. Discuss!

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xmega event-based IRCOM?

The IRCOM module has a capability of connecting to the uart not through a standard pin, but through the event system. This should make it possible to get IrDA input data for the IRCOM module from a pin other than standard or alternate RX pin for that uart.  But I haven't had much luck getting this facility working.  Has anybody used it?  Google shows nothing. I am actually getting data, but it's not the data that is being sent via IrDA. I think my problem may be that I don't know which events to configure the event system for.  I've tried the following: low level high level (i.e., low level + invert pin) rising and falling edges rising and falling edges with inverted pin With each of these, the IRCOM system does get data to the uart, but the data is not correct (and it's not consistent, either--the same IrDA packet generates different outputs at different times). Is a clock needed? Any thoughts?

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creating movement- pulsed coil magnet? other ideas? and how to accomplish?

I'm wanting to swing a small pendulum around (randomly would be nice).  I'm figuring something like is inside this candle would be the best method: However, I don't know where to buy or how to make this (I can make a wire coil, but not program a chip to turn power to it on and off).  The candles are too expensive to buy to take apart.  Does anywhere happen to sell just that piece?  It would be great if I could just buy it, hook it to my 3v power, and I'm all done. Or does anyone have other ideas? Thanks.

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How can I have my Java program access a USB webcam?

I'm trying to develop a system that needs video input through USB. I don't know how to do this. I've seen OpenCV and Xuggler, but I don't know how to actually use them. I'd vastly prefer OpenCV. Or heck, maybe it's possible in "standard" Java. If anyone knows how to do this, that would be awesome.

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Would like your thoughts on our development project

We have been developing a pill dispenser that is integrated with your smartphone. We used 3D printed parts and an RFduino microprocessor. This device would allow tracking of medications from the factory to the end user, eliminating couterfeit meds. In addition it would remind you when to take your meds, and notify your doctor or pharmacy via the internet. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard disassembly?

I'm toying with the thought of adapting my Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard to work with Bluetooth.  Currently, it sends irDA data at 9600 baud.  This should be decodable using an xmega's usart which has an irDA mode.  One could even bypass the IR emitter, as there are exposed contacts in the base where one can catch the signals prior to irDA transmission (at 1.5V high  / 0.5V low levels). My question is: Does anyone know how to disassemble the keyboard?  I don't see any screws anywhere.

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Batteries and LED light modules - correctly powering for maximum life

Hiya, I need to power a LED strip of 3 LED lights with batteries. The LED box says it is a 12VDC light module, and on the back of the box it says the Input Power is 0.0453A. My limited understanding is that I should use a 9V battery plus 2x AA battery (I have limited space - a 8 AA pack wont fit inside my project) that correct? I need to know how long these batteries will last - if it is less than 10 hours can you suggest another way of powering it? I'm incredibly lost and very new to understanding all of this! Thanks in advance. 

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Servo Help!

First of all, I'm not the best with Technology projects, just putting it out there in case its an obvious answer. Anyway, I have an arduino project that im working on. All it is is a servo that spins after 24 hours, I thought it would be a simple project (I've worked with arduino a little bit) and I wired it up correctly, I'm sure of that, but after I coded the program, the servo wouldn't spin! It just made a dull buzzing sound. At first  I thought it was my program, so i tried just about every basic "sweep" program i could find online about servos. Every program had the same result, a faint buzzing sound and no spinning. Next i thought, maybe the 5v wasn't enough to power the microservo, so i used a external 9v and ended with the same result, buzzing, no movement. Can Anyone Help me?! Please! Is it just a simple solution? Or is my arduino micro controller not working! Please help me because i would like to enter the project in a contest that ends soon! Thank You!

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How to put Flora Atmega32u4 and an accelerometer from sparkfun 2gether?

Hello everyone =) I am an undergraduated Brazilian student who just got started with the wearables fever *w*... I tought about recreating a tutorial I found in Adafruit: sparkle skirt --> But I bought the Flora Atmega32u4 (  and an accelerometer from sparkfun ( And as a starter, I am having some issues to understand how to connect one to the other without ruining any of them =/... If it is a noobish question I apologize ˆˆ'''... Thank you guys o/

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snap board concept

Hello everybody, this is a new idea of mine that I want to share with you. the snap board concept. It is made of zip lock bags, card board, and duck tape. This idea could be used in notebooks or you could just make a wall of this and make all different bags and holders that snap on to the zip lock rail. You can slide the bags from side to side if you want. I might put this in a notebook case so that I can customize it with pencil holders and other organizers. Or I might make it so that I can snap on different covers and stuff like that . Please tell me any other ideas to use this idea and comments. I will post an Instructables when I make a true model and get feedback. Please comment and subscribe

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I Just Got an Old Camera! (Now what?)

I'm not sure what to do with it... Should I try to restore it, clean it up a bit, find some film on eBay, and use it?Or should I polish it up a bit and see how much I can sell it for?I like film cameras and all, but this one's a bit bulky... And I already have a really good Canon SLR that takes 35mm film, so I don't need another film camera, and I got a nice Polaroid too (what you think of first when someone says "Polaroid", not a camera made by Polaroid that isn't a Polaroid but is a Polaroid because it's made by them).So, here's some pics, taken with my Kodak. What do you think?BTW, Let me know if you want me to post more... I've opened it up already, I can do it again.

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Variable Speed Stepper Motor

Hello Everyone, I am looking for some help to make a controller to drive a stepper motor using a potensiometer. I want to be able to vary the speed from 0 to 100rpms or however fast the stepper motor will go.   I have a bi polar stepper motor that I am using.  If anyone could help with this it would be great!  Thanks

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Dial-up internet server

Hi everyone, I am trying to connect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet with it's 56k modem, without using telephone lines. From what I understand, I need to connect my my Dreamcast to a tone generator, then to a USB modem plugged into a laptop with which to forward the connection over wifi. My question is: Is this is a plausible solution, and if so, could I simplify and shrink this set up. Ideally I would like to figure out if I could build a tone generator instead of buying one and how can I replace the laptop with something like a raspberry pi. I think that once I figured out how to forward the connection on my laptop, it would be fairly straightforward to do the same with a raspberry pi. I would prefer a relatively compact solution if possible. Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.

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CNC Homing

Hello, I work on CNC Alamode project, raspberry pi and Alamode is configured to control 3 stepper motors: My configuration: Raspberry Pi Alamode (Arduino compatible), 3 stepper motors and 3 EasyDriver. Everything works, grbl is ok. Here is my story: I wanted to install a homing system, I first started with the x axis, as in the drawing, it worked well, it has stopped the motor, but I realized that the current 5v  passed directly on Limit X (D9), without 330 Ohm resistance. Then I put this resistor like a drawing but now the homing no longer works. My question is: Have I damaged my card, knowing that everything works? Can I redo my original configuration without resistance? My last statement :  4.96 Volts between limit x (D9) and Ground. Thank you for your help.

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