How to edit the DNS on amazon Fire TV? Answered

I am trying to do a tutorial where I require screenshots of the amazon fire TV steps. Here are a list of my steps that I require a screenshot for: 1. Navigate to 'Settings' 2.Select 'Systems' 3.Select 'WI-FI' 4.Select your WI-FI network and forget WI-FI network by pressing the button with 3 lines on it. 5.Press the select button. 6.Select your WI-FI network. 7.Enter your WI-FI password and Click on 'Advanced' 8.Now you must enter the IP address for this device: Start by entering the first three digit groups from the IP address of your router. For example, if your router IP address is "", enter "192.168.1." For the last digit group, you can typically enter "200" so the final IP address for the device would be "" In some cases you may need to use another number other than 200 if another device already uses that address 9.For the Default gateway, enter the IP of your router 10.Input '24' for the 'Network Prefix Length' and Click 'Next' 11.Enter the following public DNS addresses: DNS 1: DNS 2: 12.Click 'Connect' and you're done.

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My questions won't post? Answered

I have tried to post two questions recently and neither of them have posted, I go through the whole process and it even says it was successfully published yet they don't show up.

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How to start a online library ?

How do I to start an online library where say I buy an Ebook our Emovie  and have it in a system where people can log in and borrow an Ebook or other media. So, say I buy 100 Ebooks and upload them to the system and now people can download a book and read it and then put it back in the system.  What software or program would I need to make this? update what if I use ebooks me and my friends make and don't buy them is there a system for that.  

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How can I sync SMD LED Strips to music?

Plz give me schematic how can i sync 12v SMD LED Strips to music using TIP 31 and PSU as a 12v DC Output. I get the idea from here If there is a possible substitute of TIP 31 plz suggest 

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Can somone help me figure out this binary counter?

I don't remeber exactly what it's called but i have no idea how to use this and I sorta want to, can anyone help? (man im tired and bad with words)

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if my capacitor is 100uf and 330v can i charge it with a 1.5v battery and still use it to "wake" an innocent victim up? Answered

Im using the capacitor for a shocker to harm my enemies (those who hate instructables beware) (update) well could you help me make my own capacitor charger? one that wont vaporize flesh??

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How can I have my Java program access a USB webcam?

I'm trying to develop a system that needs video input through USB. I don't know how to do this. I've seen OpenCV and Xuggler, but I don't know how to actually use them. I'd vastly prefer OpenCV. Or heck, maybe it's possible in "standard" Java. If anyone knows how to do this, that would be awesome.

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Imac help?

I have an Imac as my desktop. I also use a chomebook an a aspire at home. The wifi connection isn't working for chromebook or aspire (laptops). I've already checked the connections. I've also rebooted the router. Still no success. I don't know what else I can do to fix these issues. Help me please. Thanks

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put coin draw power

This project i have to chose as final year project in that i want to add  coin mechanism which are used in pco  so plz can u give information about that also how i can use it in this project

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my flip camera won't work, and I need some files.? Answered

I got a non-working flip camera from my parent's friends. it just turns on, then back off. I'm thinking maybe one of the files is corrupted. if this is so, then replacing it should fix it. but I can't find anywhere to download them. so if anybody has a flip classic camera, then I would like the system files off of it. just plug it in and copy and paste the root to another folder and email it or upload it or something. just some way to get it to me. or, if you know a different way to fix it, that works too.

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8 bit processor ?

8 bit processor main component for processor ALU 8 bit decoder multiplexer Q1 I have option for decoder  decoder 2 to 4 decoder 3 to 8 which decoder circuit  I need for 8 bit processor Q2 I have option for multiplexer multiplexer 2 to 1 multiplexer 4 to 1 multiplexer 8 to 1 which multiplexer  circuit  I need for 8 bit processor  

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What should i use for ground?? Answered

I am building the typical application circuit of a TDA2006 audio amp. I am connecting Vs+ and Vs- to the battery pack (or supply wall wart), but i dont know where or what to connect ground to. I have limited space, about 4x4x1 inches, i just need to connect things to a ground... any help is appreciated :)

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Would like your thoughts on our development project

We have been developing a pill dispenser that is integrated with your smartphone. We used 3D printed parts and an RFduino microprocessor. This device would allow tracking of medications from the factory to the end user, eliminating couterfeit meds. In addition it would remind you when to take your meds, and notify your doctor or pharmacy via the internet. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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How to get the most of your battery when only using one app on Android?

One aspect of a project I hope to be wrapping up soon will include a vocodor. I was able to find an app on the Play store that works *perfect* for what I need. However, it does have one catch that I need to try and sort out, along with the major one. I plan to have my actually phone, and then another one (that's a spare of mine) run the app in question. I would only need to run that app, and another to lock the screen (IE, have the screen stay on, but not be reactive to touching, so I can keep the app running). With that said: Is there an app that will lock the screen, but will keep the screen on? an What is the best set of practices to get the most out of your battery? I know turn out bluetooth, wifi, data, dim the screen. But is there anything else (obvious or not) I'm missing? thanks!!

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What is wrong in my batch file? Answered

@echo off title Camo echo what is the location of the folder that has the files (e.g C:\x) set /p file=C:\x echo what is the name of the file that you are trying to hide in set /p namefile=picture echo what is the name of the 7z file that you created (including format) set /p zip=File2.7z echo what will be the name of the new picture that will be created containing the files set /p namehider=newpicture echo what is the picture's format? set /p format=PNG cd %file% copy /b %namefile%.%format% + %zip% %namehider%.%format% I am attempting to automate a process that I do manually but can't seem to get the desired result. First i must have 7zip compress a couple files from a specific folder, which, I haven't attempted to write commands for yet (taking suggestions). Next the below is intended to run in CMD using the created zip file and a picture like so cd\ enter cd x enter copy /b Picture.png + x.7z NEWPICTURE.png The product should be deposited back into C:\X

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Can I use a DPDT Toggle Switch, To switch a Transformer output from series to parallel?

Hello,  I am working on a project were I need to use both 24V and 12V ( one at a time ). The project originally calls for a Radio Shack 273-1512 but I needed a smaller pcb though hole mount transformer for my use. My transformer outputs 24V @ 1.5A in Series and 12V @ 3A in Parallel. Is it possible to wire up a On-Off-On DPDT Toggle switch so I may flick back and forth between the two? If so, would you be so kind as to provide a diagram. I have a feeling I am over thinking this and just need to take a step back to see the whole picture. I thank you for your help and advice in advance. Transformer I have -Hammond 164J24 115V Here is a link to the data sheet. DPDT switch I have -NKK S7A-RO Here is a link to the data sheet.

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How many amps does a car battery have not cranking while the auto is on?

Basic idea is to use a car to charge a 12 V 225 Ah battery, I do have a wall charger, but it only charges at 1 A so it wold take 225 hours to fully charge, the car battery I have is rated with 110 RC and according to the internet that's 110 minutes at 25 A, but is that with the engine running?  

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Trying to use keypad with arduino mega. please help

I have a 4X4 keypad (the same one they use here: wired to my arduino mega on ports 14-21. I have a piezo on pwm8. I need a program that plays a diffrent note when each key is pressed, using keypad library here: The code on the first link is my base, I just cant get the if statments to work. please help.

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Need Help writing a Star Trek themed Arduino code

Hey Folks. I really need help  writing an arduino code to control a star trek model i'm working on. I don't really understand programming but I'd really like if anyone can help out. The code is supposed to use 2 momentary switches. When the main switch is pushed it will activate some leds in sequence, the last 2 will fade on one after the other in the same manner, this will be called the 'startup mode'. Then when the second momentary switch is pushed (while the main is on) it will 'switch modes' and the 2 leds that faded on one after the other initially will now fade off or ramp down at the exact same time then 2 more leds will fade on or 'ramp up' in their place at the exact same time. Finally, when the button is pushed again it will simply switch back. A video demo shows what im talking about with some very small differences. Any help would be appreciated! This video below shows what Im trying to do. Please see from time frame 0:35 to 0:54 which shows the 'start up sequence' described above. And one more showing the actual model i'll be working on and the startup sequence with the movie timing.

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what is this sensor?

I found a blink pov from here (layne and wayne) they are prframming the pov using Ambient light sensor ( physically looks like Led) what is this ambient light sensor?? is the same as IR leds ??? can i replace it with any other thing??? because the ambient light sensor is not available in the market

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c++ code hElp?

This is the code for mobile operated robot found from this site can somebody explain this code i didnt understand  the line which is Italic and Bold like this (DDRD=0xff;  DDRB=0×00) somebody plz tell me what the lines are CODE /* DTMF Controlled Robot PORTD pin 0,1,2,3 goes to motor driver l293d PORTB pin 0,1,2,3 is connected to output of CM8870 DTMF decoder IC */ #include #include int main(void) { DDRD=0xff; DDRB=0×00; while(1) { switch(PINB&0b00001111) { case 0b0010://Key 2 { PORTD=0x0A ;      //1010 both motor front continue; } case 0b0100://Key 4 { PORTD=0×02;    //0010 right motor front continue; } case 0b0101://Key 5 { PORTD=0x0F;//1111 SUDDEN STOP continue; } case 0b0110://Key 6 { PORTD=0×08;  //1000 left motor front continue; } case 0b1000://Key 8 { PORTD=0×05; continue; } default: continue; } }//end of switch return 0; } // // // //

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Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard disassembly?

I'm toying with the thought of adapting my Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard to work with Bluetooth.  Currently, it sends irDA data at 9600 baud.  This should be decodable using an xmega's usart which has an irDA mode.  One could even bypass the IR emitter, as there are exposed contacts in the base where one can catch the signals prior to irDA transmission (at 1.5V high  / 0.5V low levels). My question is: Does anyone know how to disassemble the keyboard?  I don't see any screws anywhere.

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Batteries and LED light modules - correctly powering for maximum life

Hiya, I need to power a LED strip of 3 LED lights with batteries. The LED box says it is a 12VDC light module, and on the back of the box it says the Input Power is 0.0453A. My limited understanding is that I should use a 9V battery plus 2x AA battery (I have limited space - a 8 AA pack wont fit inside my project) that correct? I need to know how long these batteries will last - if it is less than 10 hours can you suggest another way of powering it? I'm incredibly lost and very new to understanding all of this! Thanks in advance. 

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how do i make nitrous oxide? Answered

Having seen mythbusters, i am curious how the stuff is made. during my internet searches, it is made by heating ammonium nitrate to ~250C. from watching the episode, i know there is more to it than just that. I am under the influence that everything else that was done was purifying the stuff. i am mainly curious about how this is done and whether or not the stuff is toxic, dangerous, addictive, or anything else of the sort that would make it bad to breathe. I will be honest, if the stuff is not dangerous, i will slowly and carefully attempt to make the stuff and maybe breathe a little of it in the curiosity of what it does. for those who don't know, nitrous oxide is also called "laughing gas."

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can a 9v be used to heat a piece of wire without the danger of blowing up? Answered

I am working on a costume that utilizes shape memory metal. I plan to use a 9v to briefly heat the metal to its transformation point of roughly 115F where it springs to shape but I would like to prevent any possibility of this momentary short circuit from blowing out the battery. I have yet to fully grasp the applications of diodes, transistors and resistors. is there any kind of simple setup someone may suggest? I've also considered the use of microcontrollers or relays but im trying to keep as simple as I can.

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How to control a RGB LED with a button or knob?

I would like to create an led powered by batteries that can change from Green to Yellow to Red and off.  I can use either one RGB led or 3 different leds (Reg, green and  yellow obviously) If having a yellow light makes this more challenging, then I can change the yellow to blue.  Do I need a controller? Can I just use wires and resisters? I would like to keep this as simple as possible to start out.  The whole idea is to have someone be able to either turn a 4-position knob, or push a button to change the color of the LED.  I saw another question on Instructables about this topic, but I could not find any solid answers.  Thank you for any help you can provide. If you need me to provide more information just ask. Thanks again. 

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in seconds as worth a mhs?

I really wanted to know to use a 555 timer instead of a crystal oscillator 16 mhs

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battery management system (BMS)?

I want to know about bms -how it works -how to install -how to get output we r using 1kw motor and 48v battery voltage circuit diagrams will b highly appreciated some simulation files or circuit diagrams thnx

Question by jerry.sra 

Coil to give 3 volts

I need 2.5 volts from a coil when a 10mm magnet is passed over. What awg of copper wire and how many turns do I need for an air core coil. This is to charge a super capacitor.

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Servo Help!

First of all, I'm not the best with Technology projects, just putting it out there in case its an obvious answer. Anyway, I have an arduino project that im working on. All it is is a servo that spins after 24 hours, I thought it would be a simple project (I've worked with arduino a little bit) and I wired it up correctly, I'm sure of that, but after I coded the program, the servo wouldn't spin! It just made a dull buzzing sound. At first  I thought it was my program, so i tried just about every basic "sweep" program i could find online about servos. Every program had the same result, a faint buzzing sound and no spinning. Next i thought, maybe the 5v wasn't enough to power the microservo, so i used a external 9v and ended with the same result, buzzing, no movement. Can Anyone Help me?! Please! Is it just a simple solution? Or is my arduino micro controller not working! Please help me because i would like to enter the project in a contest that ends soon! Thank You!

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The pixelr tool doesn't work!

When I was using the pixelr tool to edit photos this week, when I click save and it just take forever to save, I waited for a hour and the screen is still showing saving. I tried it other day but still got the same results. So someone can tell me how to fix this thing, it will be alot to me! thanks!

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How can I maximize my audience and get more votes for a contest?

Hey guys! I made this animatronic project (A ROBOT CHEETAH NAMED FLUFFY) and entered it in the epilog, remote control, and the tech contest. The prizes look pretty juicy and I really want to win; could you guys please check it out and vote for me. here is a link to my project New Users: all you have to do is click the orange vote button on top right corner of that link and click vote for the three contests you see there How can I maximize my audience and get more votes?

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posting 2 identical instructables? Answered

What are the community's thoughts on posting 2 identical Instructables in 2 different categories? I have only come across 2 instances that this has happened and I a, wondering what others think.

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Wireless 24V LED commutator style connection?

I have a run of 24V LED strip lights which a customer would like installed on a sliding gate system. I have seen this style of connection on the lighting systems for Ferris wheels Does anyone know of an off the shelf power supply similar to this for 24VDC strip lights?

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How can i build a taser?

I want to make a taser .Can u help me

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How to put Flora Atmega32u4 and an accelerometer from sparkfun 2gether?

Hello everyone =) I am an undergraduated Brazilian student who just got started with the wearables fever *w*... I tought about recreating a tutorial I found in Adafruit: sparkle skirt --> But I bought the Flora Atmega32u4 (  and an accelerometer from sparkfun ( And as a starter, I am having some issues to understand how to connect one to the other without ruining any of them =/... If it is a noobish question I apologize ˆˆ'''... Thank you guys o/

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can i use an optical mouse (through an arduino) as a pulse oxymeter?

Arduino can read coordinates from a mouse, a small example is in the following link But how could read color for using mouse as an pulse oxymeter? More than this we could use it with optical fiber adapted to the "eye" of the mouse for intravascular measuring ScvO2 !!!???

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I need a diy solution to boost 6V DC to 12V DC @850 mA

I have torroids from pc power supply units, loads of transistors, 555s, uControllers, diodes, caps... all sorts of stuff.

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snap board concept

Hello everybody, this is a new idea of mine that I want to share with you. the snap board concept. It is made of zip lock bags, card board, and duck tape. This idea could be used in notebooks or you could just make a wall of this and make all different bags and holders that snap on to the zip lock rail. You can slide the bags from side to side if you want. I might put this in a notebook case so that I can customize it with pencil holders and other organizers. Or I might make it so that I can snap on different covers and stuff like that . Please tell me any other ideas to use this idea and comments. I will post an Instructables when I make a true model and get feedback. Please comment and subscribe

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how do i get into a laptop with windows vista that has a password?

I got this laptop used but i cant get into it because it has a user name password. Is there a way to open the computer up and do something to it to erase the passwords or even everything on the computer. I've tried every password recovery and password reset out there and nothing works out. Please help me cause the repair shop said they are gonna charge me 80 bucks to re-format it. The computer is a mdg vision book and has windows vista.

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I Just Got an Old Camera! (Now what?)

I'm not sure what to do with it... Should I try to restore it, clean it up a bit, find some film on eBay, and use it?Or should I polish it up a bit and see how much I can sell it for?I like film cameras and all, but this one's a bit bulky... And I already have a really good Canon SLR that takes 35mm film, so I don't need another film camera, and I got a nice Polaroid too (what you think of first when someone says "Polaroid", not a camera made by Polaroid that isn't a Polaroid but is a Polaroid because it's made by them).So, here's some pics, taken with my Kodak. What do you think?BTW, Let me know if you want me to post more... I've opened it up already, I can do it again.

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Variable Speed Stepper Motor

Hello Everyone, I am looking for some help to make a controller to drive a stepper motor using a potensiometer. I want to be able to vary the speed from 0 to 100rpms or however fast the stepper motor will go.   I have a bi polar stepper motor that I am using.  If anyone could help with this it would be great!  Thanks

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How would I fix a cracked laptop lid?

Hello. I have a laptop that's several years old. During its service, the lid has cracked near the hinges. The hinges themselves are intact, but the bottom of the lid is almost completely cracked along the length. The question is: how would I fix it, without causing permanent damage, cheaply and make it last at least 2 years? I can work with wood, but not metal (no equipment for that). I'm on tight budget so I cannot afford to spend more than 10 GBP. I'm located in London. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Dial-up internet server

Hi everyone, I am trying to connect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet with it's 56k modem, without using telephone lines. From what I understand, I need to connect my my Dreamcast to a tone generator, then to a USB modem plugged into a laptop with which to forward the connection over wifi. My question is: Is this is a plausible solution, and if so, could I simplify and shrink this set up. Ideally I would like to figure out if I could build a tone generator instead of buying one and how can I replace the laptop with something like a raspberry pi. I think that once I figured out how to forward the connection on my laptop, it would be fairly straightforward to do the same with a raspberry pi. I would prefer a relatively compact solution if possible. Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.

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Can i use Copper Oxide to make a Home Made Peltier?

Here's the site .  i thought that i can use Copper(I) Oxide to make a Peltier Module. Peltiers are made up of semiconductor materials like bismuth telluride. 

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Help me on Voltage Regulator LM 7806?

Hi guys, I want to combine 5x LM 7806 in a circuit, can anyone help me out with the schematics. I've only know the basic schematic of LM 7806 as attached!  Thanks :)

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how to wire a ds screen to a computer?

My ds broke but both screen are ok and i was wandering how to wire the screen to something so i could use it as a computer screen.   Please help me.

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