110v to 12vdc conversion

Ok so long story short i want to make a serious home theater system. i have all the amps and speakers, but they are from a car. so i will need to run them from 12ish volts from my home outlets. so i cam wondering what kind of adaptor i should be making or using. i see pre-made ones that have an output of 12v with their amps ranging from 3-15 and watts from 3 to 300. i am no electrician and have little electrical experience, so i am wondering if i should go with more or less amps and watts, i dont need to fry anything as the amp and speakers i have are expensive! THANKS!  

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11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter what would be the total electric use.?

11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter that is a transformerless kind for inductive loads, 3x4 inches,rated for2000w, I think there is only a single component in it,  what would be the total electric use.? after connecting this 110v 11w soldering gun to 220v ? thanks you in advance, my opinion inverter eats up some watt as well. Cheer Al Boz

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Can I convert an appliance that runs off of 220v to run off of 110v? Answered

I am going to move from Germany back to the states soon and I would like to avoid selling some of my larger and more preferred electronics.  I know I can buy a step up converter but I don't want to have a giant black box sitting in my living room for the next five years.  Electronics is not really my thing but I can learn and figure out what I need to.  I just need to know if it is possible to permanently convert 220v to run off of 110v.

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custom electric (110v) timer

I am looking for a timer, much like the kind often used for lamps when you are out of town... set up a timing loop and it cycles power off/on to a device plugged into it. My problem is that all such devices I can find operate on intervals near 1 hour (the quickest I have found has a minimum 15 minute off/on cycle). I need to switch off a device for a few seconds, once each hour or so. My current rough estimate is to go ~59 minutes 40 seconds on, then ~20 seconds off. I may need to tweak that though so something programmable would be great. I am not an electrical pro, but neither am I a stranger to circuits or house wiring. I know all the safety precautions and can solder/assemble components... I would just not be able to come up with my own schematics to create something like this. If anyone is aware of an existing device, I could purchase it... but I would sortof like to DIY it anyway.

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110v generator maybe 230v?

Just won a generator on ebay (Subaru Robin MG 750) it is a 110v generator (looking at the 16A yellow socket) and the voltage. however on the side it says 220v-50HZ  It has 6 cables comming out the generator: Red Blue Black White Green Green

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How do I make a set of say 4 incandescent bulbs pulsate in brightness?

I would like to make a display where incandessant bulbs throb like they are being powered by a varying vlotage. The bulbs would be 75 watt or 25 watt depending on what I end up doing. I am even considering some 30 watt edison type bulbs. How do I make a controller for something like this?

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How can i combine these two instructables for halloween prop?

I am making a haunted house, and want my pneumatic props to be triggered once the laser beam is broken. I have followed the instuctable for a laser tripwire  https://www.instructables.com/id/Another-Arduino-Laser-Tripwire/ and the instructable for a 110v controller  https://www.instructables.com/id/Yet-Another-Arduino-110v-Power-Controller/ both work great seperately, however what i would like to do is have 4 lasers, and each one controls one of the 4 outlets. can anyone help me in code and schematic? i would greatly appreciate it. Sam

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Make some noise with 110v sensor

I have a presence sensor 110v (lights a lamp) and I need make some noise too. I already insert one ac adaptor 12v with a resistor anda a pc speaker and make a irritant noise, anyone have othe idea thanks

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how would i create strobe lighting with and "emergency Exit" sign

How would i go about making the emergency flood lights on an "emergency exit" sign w/ battery pack, strobe or flash with 110V power supply? any suggestions. thanks

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How can I build a 220V welder using 220V microwave oven transformers? Answered

I read TimAnderson's Instructable on building a homemade welder from microwave oven transformers, but that instructable is for a 110V setup, what should I change to make it work using 220V transformers on 220V. (I already gathered all the materials...)https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Microwave-Transformer-Homemade-Welder/ ....Link to TimAnderson's homemade welder?

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How to step down 110V DC to 46V DC?

Little about the beast: This is a home build rectifier made of x6 KBPC3506 which comes out to total capable throughput  of 210Amp This THING connects to an outlet via thick power cable. I measured the output when plugged and it is 110V DC. So this got me thinking is there an easy way to step down 110V DC to like 46V or 60V? WHY? Well I have an electric e-bike and just as a fun project I wanted to see if it is possible to replace the battery with portable gasoline generator and then AC 110V from generator turn it to DC and step it down to a little more than 46V. Of course I will have little baggie at the back of the bike :-)

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diy 110v AC screw-in LED lightbulb?

I'm sort of an electronics newbie, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any designs to make a 110v AC LED screw-in bulb? It seems all you would need is a full wave bridge rectifier, a resistor(?) to lower the voltage, some LEDs, and some variation on a screw-in base to make a home-made LED bulb. Am I wrong, or shouldn't that be relatively simple to build? Any thoughts? Thanks, Matt

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Is there a relay that uses a 110v trigger for a 12v output? Answered

I know that this is probably the most backwards way to do things (and yes, I know, probably extremely stupid [but I'm also new to relays..]) , but I am in the process of trying to make a heated platform for my RepRap (I have gen 6, thus the reason for this). I have a PID controller, and I have the board running off an ATX power supply. So, what I would like to know if there is a relay that can use the 110v the PID controller to turn on/off the power from the ATX to the heat bed.  Thanks in advance! 

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Questions about converting 220 to 110?

I am working on a machine which uses two heaters and a cooler.    Here is the electronics problem.  Right now I have a 15 amp 110v refrigerant compressor and 2 15 amp 110v heaters on the machine.   45 amps 110v.  That means I have to plug this machine into three different 110v plugs on different circuits.  There are cords going everywhere and the whole thing looks messy.  I am sure there is a way to plug this machine into 220 volts with one cord.   The machine all together uses 45 amps 110v which is 4950 watts.  I found a transformer which should do what I want it to do.   http://www.amazon.com/LiteFuze-LT-8000-Voltage-Converter-Transformer/dp/B009AI9KDG This transformer can supply up to 8000 watts from 220v.  This begs the question...How many amps can I draw from 220?  I believe it is 30 amps which is 6600 watts.  I think this would work because the machine draws 4950 watts all together.  But I need advice from the online electronics community.  Will this really work?

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How to turn on a 24v solenoid when a 110v unit is shut off? Answered

Ok, so an odd ball scenario. I need to open a 24v solenoid(lawn sprinkler valve NC) for 5 minutes after main power(110v) has been shut off to a device. I have the ability to piggy back on all the power terminals, so it could have constant and switched power. I feel like this kind of thing will exist somewhere, I just can't find it at a Home Depot, and can't seem to google the right key words. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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DIY 9V DC to 110V AC inverter, and/or 9V DC to 19V DC transformer?

Hi, I want to build a 9V/110V DC/AC inverter, so I can power up things like my laptop with a car lighter socket. It would be always nice to be able to use electronics in the car when I'm traveling... What kind of components will I need and how would the schematic looks like? If DC/AC is a hard task, how would I go about building a 9V/19V DC/DC transformer so I can at least power up my laptop on the go?

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How can I connect a 110V 12" 8W neon lamp in a PC case without having an external cable? Answered

I am going to mod my PC case. I probably can't get this http://www.amazon.com/12-Cold-Cathode-Case-Lights/dp/B000BUDHOA/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid;=1302654235&sr;=8-6 since I live in South America, and I have only found an 12" 8Watt 110V blue neon lamp for $8. It would be fine, but I don't know any effective and practical way to get 110 from inside the computer without opening the power source... Please help!

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need outdoor motion sensor switch with by pass feature for pot lights?

I'm looking for a reliable outdoor dome motion sensor switch with bypass feature for pot lights.  best if I can bypass with flipping the indoor switch and reset by power off for a while, will settle for wireless bypass by a smart phone or last resort: a wireless remote from inside. look forward to your advice with appreciation and thanks the motion switch should be for 110V ac 200W. prefer 250 w or above

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How to add a 30 minute 110v timer into an existing wall heater?

My bathrooms are heated by in-wall electric heaters that are controlled by a rheostat type knob on the devices themselves.  I find that they often accidentally get left on for long periods of time (a safety and energy usage concern).  As such, I would like to add a timer into the existing devices that would cause them to shut off after 30 minutes (the timer would be reset by turning the heater off).  I know that they make wall switches which can accomplish this task, but due to limited wall space I would prefer to not have to wire a new switch to the heaters.  My goal is to find a small circuit board that I can add between the existing control knob and heater.  It would need to be small and heat resistant so that it could be placed inside the heater itself.  Anyway, I have been trying to find such a device online but haven't had any luck finding one that runs on 110v and can be added directly into the existing circuitry.  I was hoping someone on this site could point me in the right direction. The heaters are both tied to the same breaker and are the only things on that circuit so another option would be to place the timer near the electrical panel.  However, this seems less desirable to me as you wouldn't be able to turn on the 2nd heater if the 1st heater had been left on and already tripped the timer.  Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

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can anyone tell me how to make lite up house numbers?

I want to know if anyone knows how to make a lit up house number w/ or without 110v

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I need to build a wireless switch, I would like to be able to access the single on/off switch via my home network?

I'm looking to just control one on/off switch, using a low voltage to control 110v through a SSR. I would like to control up to eight relays but be able to increase or decrease the amount, depending on how many things I need to control. Software is not an issue, the hardware is were I'm having difficulties. I'm looking to keep this cheap, hopefully.  So in conclusion, a single on/off wirelessly controlled switch on my home network, that supplies low voltage to a SSR to control a 110v.  Thank you, Erik 

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Does Replacement Batteries Harm Cordless Tools, Or Just Not Worth the Savings in the Long Run?

Should I stick to Makita HandBook for Cordless 18v LXT stating "Only use Makita Batteries and Charger", or go for the replacements? Same goes for  "StepDown Transformers [220v to 110v] can harm tools etc...etc..." I can dig the reason if it where for corded tools, but am I really jeopardizing my DC18RC 110v? Which Replacement Batteries Do You Recommend? Does it goes the same way for such rechargeable batteries (and chargers) that are made in China, that as the description specifies, made from China, so don't expect much?

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How do cheap power-supplies work?

I was briefly entertaining the idea of making my own power supplies for some electronics projects.  Everything I see involves the basic two step process of: 1)  Use a transformer between the 110V mains to bring the voltage down to the level you want, 2)  Use circuitry to smooth out the current from AC to filtered DC.  However, when I went to price transformers, I quickly discovered that to buy a power transformer rated to hook into 110V AC, the transformer alone would always cost significantly more than the cost of buying a full ready-made power supply of similar output. You can't buy a transformer rated for 110V for under $20-30, but you can find thousands of cheap wall-warts (transformer plus AD/DC conversion circuitry, plus connectors)  for <<<$10.  Or, if you look at higher wattage units, you find similarly rated (for volts and amps) power transformers cost $30-100+ dollars more than full power supplies. How are these cheap power supplies made for the prices they are sold at?  What am I missing here?

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LED AC Driver

Hello, I was looking at making some indoor lighting using these leds http://www.ledsupply.com/creexml-ww220.php  Of course, the only part I'm confused on is what kind of driver or circuit should I use, if I wanted to plug it into a 110v plug? Thanks

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Can I use ups by charging it via a 45w solar panel I made Answered

Ups is a 300w with 7amph battery and it is 110v charging can I use regular 12v 4.5amp dc? and disconnect the charger because it is 110 but I will be using in 220v country?

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I wanna frequency converter transformer ?

Hi Everyone I wanna to know where can i get frequency converter transformer that it's input is 2 wire (220v-50hz) and it's output is 3 wire where the voltage between any wire and com. is 110v and between the two wires is 220v

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How to build a wireless switch to control a projector lift and electric projector screen!?

This is for a home theatre  setup. The projector is installed on a motorized lift that hangs in the ceiling. The screen is motorized. They are both 110v AC motors, and they both have seperate up / down leads to control the respective operation. The screen motor is 110v 0.7 amp and the projector lift is 110v 0.8 amp. The screen takes approx. 20 seconds to lower and has no apparent calibration to stop at any particular point (I would like the controller to be able to have this capability). The lift motor has a 'up' stop and a 'down' stop adjustment that cuts power on its own when it reachs these points so the controller just has to provide power for the length of time it takes the motor to get there which is about 12 seconds. Both devices have optional add-on hardware to make them infrared controllable but it costs approx $400 each to go that route. My hope is that I can control them with my universal remote along with having a manually controlled switch in case of remote failure. I want to build this as my first project for contribution to Instructables and the Home Theatre community. Is this do-able for less than $50? Please help. Thank you all for your help in advance.

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Coverting US Voltage to Middle East

My son saved up a lot of money to purchase his very first airsoft gun! We've moved to Dubai and realize the voltage is different here! He's devastated :(  His charger is: INPUT: AC 110V 60Hz OUTPUT: DC 8.4V 450mA What can I do? What do I need?

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Foreign 220V appliance in the USA?

Hi...I am moving back to USA from South Korea. I want to bring my LG fridge model # R-T693TH 220V and would like to know if it will work in the US if I install a 220V electrical system in the house. Or would I require a step down  220V to 110v thnx for your replies.

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Ceiling fan control switch help Answered

I have a soldering fume extractor that is running off of 110v, and I wanted to attach a potentiometer to it so I can control the speed in the form of a ceiling fan control switch. Can someone please help me out on how to wire in a variable speed fan switch that has 3 wires coming from it?

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Does a 600w invertor draws more current even w/out using full capacity? Answered

IS it better to buy a lower Watt version if we are not going to use full capacity to conserve battery? SLA 7amp, 600w 110v inverter with a 9w light load = operation time? is it better to charge a netbook with a cigarette adapter say 9v VS an inverter and Netbooks Brick?

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can the transister be used to switch ac voltage?

Hi , i am controlling 4 el wires using basic stamp.  i am using an inverter that outputs 6v dc to 110v ac.the inverter has 4 outputs to connect with el wire. can i use a transister as switch? lot of people use triacs.i am not sure whether transister can switch ac  voltage.thanks

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I have an older General Electric 120v DC motor that I need to run on AC?

Just like the title I have a 120 v DC General Electric motor that I want to convert so it will run off 110v AC or basically house current.  I am not a cheapskate but I am on a really tight budget ( alright enough whining).  Thanks

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Oldy transformer Wall Wart VS Swithing PSU more efficient? Answered

I mean whats the diffrence? I have bunch of the transformers and another bunch of the fully electronic kinds? why use one or the other? heat, efficiency, weight. BTW can i put a stepper motor to a 12v side of the transformer and maybe get some 110v on the other side or thats sounds crazy? thanks Al

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AC to DC power converter?

I'm looking for an AC to DC power converter.  It needs to be 110V input and i need at least 30 Amps of output.  Output voltage is not as crucial but at least 50V would be ideal.  I need either a product i can purchase or instructions on how to build.  Im not an electrical guru by any means so purchasing a product would be better.  I am aware that this is going to be costly.  It does not have to look nice.  I will be wiring it directly into a unit and will have my own casing.  Can anyone help?

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Help converting 60hz to 50hz

I currently have bought an aquarium pump from the UK and am using it in the United States. I have bought a step up transformer that goes from 110v input to 220v output. The pump works, but is not functioning properly, it loses flow rate over time and gets pretty warm. One thing that I think may be affecting the performance is that the frequency difference between what the pump is rated at and what is supplied here in the US. What would be a cheap (<$100) easy way to test if it is the frequency issue? How would I convert it? Thanks!

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Make alarm clock louder

I am an incredibly heavy sleeper, and looking for a way to make my alarm clock loud enough to wake the dead.t is not a clock radio; it plays a recorded message. It is 110v AC. It does not have a line out - I tried to add one and plug in amplified speakers, but no luck. I'm capable of soldering but have no idea how to make this happen. I'm stuck on using this alarm because I can record people yelling at me.Thanks! PS I have tried four alarms at once tuned to odious stations, light timers, things that beep, etc.

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I have some questions on bridge rectifiers and how they work/output current and voltage, see details for full info.

If I use a bridge rectifier to convert AC 110V into "DC" 110(154V), I'm guessing the amperage rating on the rectifier is how much current will be available to use vs the voltage being output as well? The reason I put 154 volts is because peak voltage is 110ac times 1.4. I'm using this for LEDs, just to provide some more info. The bridge rectifiers I have are rated at 200V and 1.5A.?

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best way or method to activate LED lights from a maximum of hundred meters away.

I have this project study on how to install, LED on a board as an indicator that a machine in the production line has fault. Since the production line has many machine and cell, its more convenient to install a wireless or activation through frequency. The board will be installed at the Techinician station then a switch in the production line that will activate it. I'm here in the philippines and in our plant we use two power supply (110 v and 220v), its better if it the switch will be plugged to 110v. Please advise for any information how to do it. Thanks

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IR or RF light switch.?

I need to replace an old (1940s) rotary switch.  It turns on 21, 20 watt/110v light bulbs on a display sign.  Each one in sequence.  Once on, each light stays on until switch is rotated backwards or all are turned off.  Currently, the switch is on a 10' cable with all wires forming the cable.  It is bulky and contacts are bad.  So, I'm hoping one of you wizards can give me instructions on how to replace it with a wireless remote and relays or whatever.  I bow to the experts. If you prefer, you can contact me at   Moto-Ed@att.net Thanks, Ray

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Power supply volt/amp question?

Hi, My power supply is ac 110v to dc14V 700ma and I want to connect in parallel 2 strips of 4 led (350ma - 3.2v each)  Total voltage per strip 12.8v with 350ma each. I would like to power these leds at 2.5v each (total 10v)  and at around 250ma each. I installed a buck converter at the output of the power supply to reduce voltage at 10v. Will the amps also drop as voltage is reduced or will it stay at 350ma on each strip?  If it does not drop, how could I reduce amps to about 250-275ma? Thanks

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Old UPS transformers: Any uses?

Does anyone know of a use for those massive transformers found in dead UPS's? Please don't post replies that include "door stop" or "recycle them" because those are obvious replies when you have no answer to my question. *SMILE* I have not tried but if the "secondary" for those that is the 110v output to the plugs were hooked to 110, do the original primaries become low voltage ac secondaries? (~12v) I have accumulated about 6 of these and would like to find an electronic use for them before resorting to recycle.  I have no doors that need propped open. Thanks.

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Using a Dimmer for Power Tools?

I want to make something for my 120V AC Black&Decker; Jigsaw, But it will cover the trigger. My question is: Is okay to use a 120V/110V AC Dimmer (PWM?) to control the speed instead? I can keep the jigsaw's trigger at "full power" with a zip-tie, But the control the speed control will come through the dimmer... Are there any problems with the fact that the jigsaw is an "inductive load"? If it is, Can I improve it with a capacitor? My jigsaw uses 4.5Amps @120V, How many Watts is it? (IDK the formula for AC Watts...) Is there any more information that I missed? Thanks,     Yonatan

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I would like to run about 200W of incandescent light bulbs from a 6v battery. Answered

I would like to run about 200W of incandescent light bulbs from a 6v battery. This is not my area of expertise. Do I have to worry about the amperage being quite high? Will these bulbs operate the same as if connected to a 110v AC power supply, or do modifications need to be made? I need them to operate at the same level to provide the same amount of light and heat. I would like to wire the battery to some AC outlets in series for this application (understanding that this does not make them suitable for other AC uses). Does this present a problem? Any help is appreciated.

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can some one tell what is the voltage (ac and dc both )In a phone line? Answered

I have a DMM but it is of low quality so i assume may be my readings were wrong ... i found out to be 50V DC (when knob was at DC) and a Vrms of 110V when i turned my DMM's knob to AC ... even when the phone was not ringing is my method of finding the voltage right? can someone check what is the actual voltage in a phone line part 2 if the voltage is 50v Dc then when i connect a resistor it is lowered to 16V and if the resistor is 240 ohm then it is more lowered to 8V  what possibly the reason could be ? and when an led is attached directly to 50V it glows BUT theoretically it should Blow up. any idea whats going on ?

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Can I build a gps tracking device small enough to fit into other electronics?

I just bought a house and I have heard some troublesome things about the nearby neighbors. I was wondering if it would be possible to build and wire in a gps tracking device into my electronics (TVs, Comp, Monitor, ect...). I have looked all over online no one makes one. I would like to wire it in direct from the power source inside the tv or what ever all have 110v-120v direct feed. I am good with wiring soldering ect just dont know much about gps and circuit boards but would be willing to give it a try or pay someone to do it for me. Thanks,      Jonathan

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I was wondering about flip flop circuits

I was wondering about flip flop circuits and how I would have say up to 10 led blink on one moment then the other 10 blink the second moment than back to the first 10 and so on. the flip flips I have seen are single led. is it possible to use the analog and just string the 10 leds together. p.s. working on an xoxo led sign for valentines. running off 110v would the flip flop option be the way to go or is there another less parts way to go about it. I want the x's to blink on when the 0's are off and the O's on when the x's are off. or the first xo then the 2nd xo. not sure yet. also want the "tempo" i.e. the resistor value to be changeable so i can make it faster/ slower thank you!

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