12 volt soildering iron? Answered

I am looking for a cheap dependable way to make a no more than 13.8 volt D/C soildering iron that can be powered by the common cigeratte lighter plug or with clips on to the battery terminals any ideas?

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12 volt incubator circuit

I need to build a dc circuit which will maintain a certain temperature using a globe as the heat source for the purpose of making a small incubator.?

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How do I connect a PVD-150-31RS (www.allelectronics.com) I can not find schematic anywhere?

I want to use this to regulate my variable volt ( 150+ volts DC) pedal power unit. This Martek power Inc. regulator is perfect and cheap. I don't want to do it by gut feelings, destroy it or even harm myself. I have build several 12 volt regulators but current supply ( 12+ Amps, expensive to build) is my mean concern.

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How to get 12 volts from 18 volts

How would i regulate 18 volts(2 9v batteries) to put out 12 volts instead? im doing this because 2 6v batteries is really heavy(im replacing 2 6v batteries, and they are also broken... dont ask how) thanks

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12volt battery to 5volt miniUSB

I'd like to be able to charge my MP3 player on my motorcycle, running off the power of the motorcycle. The motorcycle will put out 12.1 volts or so off, and around 14 volts running. What is required to bring that down to 5 volts? Will a simple voltage regulator be enough? The MP3 player will be controlling the amount of current going to it, so I don't need to worry about that, right? Thanks Jake

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3-6 volt ac to 12 v dc

Hi, i going to give it a new try, i have a power source of 3-6volt ac , an di want to get 12 volt dc,and i want it to stay 12 volt dc ,if my input is between 2.5 and 6.5 volts.ac

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When a load is rated at 12 volts and hooked up to a 12 volt battery, does it consume all 12 volts?

This may seem like a very dumb question but I took electronics two years ago as a high schooler and cannot seem to remember much about it. So I have a circuit that has a bilge pump hooked up in series with a 12 volt battery. The bilge pump says 12 volts, I know that that means it must have a 12 volt supply, but if I hooked it up with a 12 volt battery, would there be any left over volts to say, power a small light? Here are links to the battery and bilge pump I purchased from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rule-25S-Automatic-500-GPH-12-Volt/dp/B000O8B7R8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1426121717&sr;=8-1&keywords;=rule+25s+marine+rule+500+automatic+marine+bilge+pump+500-gph+12-volt http://www.amazon.com/ExpertPower-EXP1270-Black-Rechargeable-Battery/dp/B003S1RQ2S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid;=1426121874&sr;=8-2&keywords;=12+volt+battery All responses are greatly appreciated!

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12 volt relay help please?

I just purchased a set of electric running boards for my truck. i have to make my own wiring harness. the problem i have is, i need to wire a relay to each running board. i need the relay to power the motor down when the door is opened  and is triggered by the door ajar switch which isnt to hard to do. the hard part is to have the relay reverse polarity so that the motor retracts the running boards when the door is shut and  the signal is lost from the ajar switch

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need help with 12 volt relays?

I just purchased a set of running boards off of a 2011 f150. they are electronic and i need to wire them up to a set of relays. what i am trying to do is to make it so that when the door is open it triggers the relay and powers the motors causing the running boards to open up, easy enough. but the problem i am running into is that when the door is closed and the door ajar switch is no longer sending a signal, i need the relay to then reverse the polarity so that the motor will then spin the opposite direction causing the running boards to fold back up. the motors on the running boards do have built in stops so i dont have to worry about leaving power to them. i am also finding out if the door ajar switch on my 2004 chevy silverado uses a positve trigger or a ground trigger. any help i can get would be much appriciated. thanks

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can a plasma globe that requires 12 volts and 500 mAmps be put to 12 volts and 12 Amps?

I have a project idea and need this information before starting.

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18volt dc tile saw

I have an extra DeWalt 18 volt DC saw. I want to know how it would work if I wired it to a 12volt auto battery charger directly. I want to use it to make a slow speed saw, with a diamond saw to cut large pieces of glass. If my ideea works I'll submit it for an instructable project. As you can tell I am electronically chalanged, but I an in theropy for it(electronics for dummies] Thanks for any input jrags

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Is there a simple way to power both 6 and 12 volt devices from a 12 volt battery? Answered

I wired up my bicycle with a 12 volt battery.  The problem is, I have a Cree MC-E led which requires between 5 and 10 volts with a buckpuck.  One person suggested resistors to drop twelve volts to nine but that would waste too much electricity.  Is there a simple way to cut the voltage in half to six volts which would not loose power in the conversion process.   Cutting the power to 6 volts would be best because there are devices aside from the light requiring 6 volts which I want to install. 

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Possibility of an 80 amp 12 volt power supply?

I'm just wondering about the possibility of me building one of these? I basically want to power a car amp inside a house. If its possible, how much money would I be looking at? How hard would it be to find the parts? And would I be better off paying $500 for a good home receiver, vs $200 for a good car amp plus whatever the cost of the power supply would be?

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How to build a 12 volt to 1.5, Volt DC/DC Converter

Greetings all.  I suspect this is a pretty remedial question but I've not been able to find help or instructions online...so here I am.  Basically I want to build my own 12V to 1.5V converter to power a small electronic device in may car that is currently chewing through a lot of batteries.  Such converters are cheaply available online but what would the fun of buying one be, if I could make my own instead?!  Can anyone help me get started by pointing me to an online resource with information on how to make such a device? Many thanks

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How to Boost Voltage from 1.2 (or 2.4) Volt to 12 Volt?

I want to Build a flashlight as small and bright as possible but it doesn't need to last long. I allready got a case i want to use, it has enough space to fit 2 rechargeable AA's and 2 1000mA LED'S + cooling thingy. But to build it I need at least 7-8 Volts (12 woud be better). I only need it for like 10 Minutes between recharging so I don't really care about efficiency. Every schematic and formula will be helpful :) Oh and it would be nice if it's cheap ^^ Thanks from Germany :)

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L.E.D desk lamp run on 12 volt? Answered

So I have an L.E.D desk lamp that plugs into the wall. It is hardwired into a power adapter witch  converts 120 volt to an output of 14 volts, If I cut off the adapter can they be run straight off a 12 volt battery. It is very bright so some lost light is okay, I fried the inverter for my cabin and need some light. 

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Need help with wires and 12 volt timer

Need some step by step help. I have a 12 volt timer  I need to know how to connect the wires. What tabs to use and how to connect to the timer. I am a novice but trying hard to figure this out. The timer is for our RV frig btw.

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Run a laptop off of 12 volts safe?

My laptop battery is 10.8 volts. The charger I assume inverts ac to dc current to charge the battery. I also assume that if there are any ac voltage requirements  in the laptop it must have an internal invertor from dc back to ac. The charger input is 110-240volts 1.7 amps. The output is 18.5 volts 3.5 amps. My question is why can't a 12 volt source like a jumper box be used to run the laptop, when the battery is low, through the port that the charger is plugged in when charging the battery. My thinking is that the battery being 10.8 volts dc is charged with up to 18.5 voltsdc then it would be safe to plug in a 12 volt battery source. Thanks for your time!

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Amps for 12 volt tire inflation pump

I'm trying to attach an AC adapter to a 12-volt tire inflation pump (the kind that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter), then convert it into a vacuum pump for degassing molds. I tried connecting the only 12 volt wall wart I have and it just barely got the motor moving. I'm guessing that the amperage of the adapter is too low. What sort of amps would this unit need to run correctly? Is it even possible to run this thing from a wall outlet?

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12 volt stabilizer/regulator (high current)

Hi, I need something that's able to regulate the car voltage that vary from 10.2 to 14.7 (with lower voltages at startup that's not relevant)  to a stable 12v with a tolerance of 1-2% at high current (need at least 35A but I don't want to full load it too often then 40A would be better). I saw something like a lm317 with some external transistor that's able to put out something like 15A but it required a 30V input and it was a too much low current. can you link me an image of a circuit that's able to do what I want?

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led wiring with 12 volts in AA batteries

i just made a huge 50cm x 130 cm inifinity mirror with 2 strands of 3528 led strip lighting left over approx 1' long left over. I am on the attempt of making small portable infinity mirrors and coaster seem like the best idea for them. i wired it all good and i am done now however i appear to have a problem Step 1: Infinity Coaster everything works well until it has been left on for 2 mins. even when i turn off the lights, the batteries get super hot. They are cheap dollar store AA batteries but almost too hot to touch even when it is turned off. i figured maybe i have a short somewhere but i cannot find one with the multimeter. is it just that i have too much amperage for too little of an LED strip? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvYCstmnIfY they stopped turning on the lights when they got hot but i tried again to shoot this video clip and they worked pretty good. A little slow to light up still so some of the juice is gone i imagine. if you know these strips give me a clue. if i find out the problem, i can make a solution and make another instructable on how its made with # 2. it is Christmas after all and somebody needs a coaster for their egg-nog.  these pics arent great let me know if you wanna see wiring more clearely

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How do you test a dc voltage regulator?

I have a dc volt regulator that reduces the voltage to around 12 volts. How can I tell if it is good or not?

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How does one convert an ATX mains powered power supply into one powered by 12V DC (DC-to-DC power conversion)?

How does one convert an ATX mains powered power supply into one powered by 12V DC? This should be a pure DC-to-DC power conversion and should remove and replace the AC transformers stage thus in no way introducing any form of mains equivalent AC.

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Power supply amp measurement?

My power supply says it can supply 12 Volts @ 10 amps.  It used to power 2 linear actuators drawing max 4.6 amps each, but no longer does. It still supplies 12V measured by multimeter. Is there an easy way to figure out how many amps it now supplies?

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cutting 53.9 volts dc to 12 volts dc like a car uses

I own an electric scooter the problem is they desided when they bult it that it would use a 52.9 volt dc light which I can't go any ware local and buy I need to bring the dc volts down to what a car uses then I can so the that kind of light bulb for a car can some one could please tell me what electronic parts I would need that would be of great help you can contact me @ resourceful@shaw.ca ?

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How to convert 300 volts DC to 30 volts DC?

Alright so i made a simple full bridge rectifier (http://www.electroboom.com/?p=544) credits to Medhi Sadahagar. I modified it such that it works with 240 volts mains instead of 120 volts mains. my capacitor bank is 2.4 mF and 400 volts. However, the output is 312 volts DC and I require around 12-36 volts DC at minimum 10 amps to power a ZVS driver (by Plasmana). I tried a voltage divider but I think the power rating of my resistors was not enough as one of them heated up and broke. I need help in designing or making a suitable circuit to reduce 312 volts DC to 12-36 volts DC at 10 amps minimum. Please help me and have a great day :D 

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convert to watt?

I am thinking of buying a acid battery. Its specification says that it is a 12 volt one and it's AHC@20 is 200. Can anybody calculate the watt output. I am not sure but AHC stands for Ampere hour capacity. Thanks RajibAzam

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can you u get 12 volts down to 3 volts by using a 5 volt regulator and a 1/4th wat resistor? Answered

I need my car to go from 12 volts to 3 volts for LEDs... please help me!

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Automatic charger for 12 volt batteries in series of 20.

Hi, i want to join 12 volt batteries in series to produce 240 volts.Now the problem is automatic charging kit to avoid overcharging issues.I can arrange transformer for the kit but i dont know ho to made or design circuit for this purpose.I search on the internet but the chargers available are of maximum 48 volts and i dont want to join them in series.I want single unit.Kindly send me the solution to make that automatic kit.

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PPowering 12 volt car radio with solar panel?

My friend has a bass boat that he wants to put a car radio into. However, the boat motor has no alternator or dynamo to charge the batteries. Is there a solar panel available that would keep the radio and two 6.5 inch speakers going on his boating trips. He is usually out 3-4 hours at most.

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I have 14.7 volts dc and I need to change to 12 volts dc Answered

So I can power up a security camera on my gate any help would be great thanks in advance?

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How can I make an easy power supply?

I want to make a really easy power supply that uses direct line voltage (120) using just a capacitor(WITHOUT a transformer).  I've seen the instructable where Tool Using Animal (https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Lightbulb/) made one for LEDS. I measured it and got around 2 volts.  That was with a .47uf cap.  I want to get around 12 volts but I don't know how to get it without buying 20 different caps to see which one works.  Is there a formula? Thanks in advance for your help..

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Say I've got a 12 volt power wheels motor....

Can I hook it to a power source and use it like an alternator to charge a battery?

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I need a compact rechargeable 12 volt power supply?

Hey, I am building a boombox and need 12 volts and 1.5-2 amps of clean rechargeable power, I can build moderatly complicated circuits so help me out please :)

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How to wire a 12 v dc pump?

 12 volt 16.5 amp dc pump to a 12 volt power source with a 20 amp fuse...battery on motorhome is 35 feet away.  Instructions for flojet motor say to use 10 gauge wire if more than 25 feet.

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I want to combine 2 - 12 volt 12 amp hour sealed lead acid battery's with 2 - 12 volt 50 sealed lead acid battery's

I want to extend my driving distance I know if I got with 4 - 12 volt 50 sealed lead acid battery's it will take 14 hours to charge the set of 4 and I do not know even if I bought a new 2 amp hour charger that it the charger will last very long being run for that long of time I wan to combine 2 - 12 volt 12 amp hour sealed lead acid battery's with 2 - 12 volt 50 sealed lead acid battery's is this a safe thing to do will the higher amp lead acid battery's do damage to the lesser one's ? this set up is for a E-bike which takes just under 25 amp hour draw I've seen the draw get into the first bar of red but only in winter when it's rile cold say about - 47 Celsius

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how do i create a 12 volt (for an harddisk) on a notebook motherboard or something of it?

Im building a media pc of an old laptop but i need a 12 volt for the hard drive can someone maby help me

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Dewalt Radio running on batteries of different voltage, would you see a change in performance? Answered

I want to buy the Dewalt Radio (DC011) which can run on many different size Dewalt batteries. My question is will the radio be louder, run longer, or experience no change in performance if it runs on an 18-volt battery opposed to a 12-volt battery?

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What is the proper voltage/amperage to charge a 12 volt, 12 amp lead-acid scooter battery? Answered

I picked up a little electric scooter from craigslist yesterday, but I can't seem to find any info online about what charger to use.  It seems to have been some sort of promotional item, as the only brand name on the thing is "Hansen's Diet Soda." I believe the battery is lead-acid, 12 volt, 12 amp.  My limited understanding of battery charging suggests that I should go with about 12-14 volts at about 1.2-1.5 amps.  Is that right?  What would you recommend?

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