computer fan on 220v?

Hi can i connect computer fan to 220v? if i can what else parts i need to use?

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220v to 12v transformer Answered

Hi I have two questions. In the drawing below, which diodes do i need to use and will this be compatible with a hand crank generator? Thank you for any help!

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Foreign 220V appliance in the USA?

Hi...I am moving back to USA from South Korea. I want to bring my LG fridge model # R-T693TH 220V and would like to know if it will work in the US if I install a 220V electrical system in the house. Or would I require a step down  220V to 110v thnx for your replies.

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Can I convert an appliance that runs off of 220v to run off of 110v? Answered

I am going to move from Germany back to the states soon and I would like to avoid selling some of my larger and more preferred electronics.  I know I can buy a step up converter but I don't want to have a giant black box sitting in my living room for the next five years.  Electronics is not really my thing but I can learn and figure out what I need to.  I just need to know if it is possible to permanently convert 220v to run off of 110v.

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LED bulb with AC 220v. Answered

Can any body help me???? I want to build a LED bulb with 220v AC. But the circuit should be very simple and short. I want to fix it in a dead Energy Saver (CFL). or can i use dead CFL's circuit with LEDS?

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How can I build a 220V welder using 220V microwave oven transformers? Answered

I read TimAnderson's Instructable on building a homemade welder from microwave oven transformers, but that instructable is for a 110V setup, what should I change to make it work using 220V transformers on 220V. (I already gathered all the materials...) ....Link to TimAnderson's homemade welder?

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220V AC Voltage regulator, controlled with micro controller?

Hi I'm fairly new to Arduino (I'm actually using Netduino), and I have been puzzling with making a voltage regulator, for a 100W lightbulb. But my issue is, that I would like to control it digitally, with a micro controller - and not with the usual potentiometer. Is there some kind of digital potentiometer I could use, or create? Or better yet, instructables on doing something similar to this? I've been looking, but all seems to be manually operated, and most of them are for low voltage DC. I'm pretty new to electronics as well, and I definitely would prefer, to NOT burn down the house. Any advice, comments and links are much appreciated :)

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220V 1000times a second transistor/relay?

I need a transistor/relay that can operate under 220V and can open and close itself a 1000 times a second. Does such a thing exist?

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Supply a computer monitor with 220V DC? Answered

Hello, i am unable to find answers to this anywhere so I hope you can help me! Is it possible to supply a "normal" computer monitor with 220V DC instead of AC? All the specifications list the input only as AC, but I would think the monitor have an internal power supply which converts 220V AC to 6-48V DC which uses a diode bridge and my basic electric knowledge tells me this bridge will work if supplied with DC as well. Would this work? Does actual "220V DC monitors" exist? I cant seem to find any..

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Infared sauna electrical failure - help? Answered

Hello I purchased this sauna used a couple days ago, and its not turning on.. The previous owner sold it as having only an issue with the fuse, but I have exchanged all fuses, and Im assuming its one of the three components that are running in the rectangular unit mounted on top of the sauna. I will post all the photos so you are able to see detailed views of everything - I have now ordered a replacement for the power supply (s-35-12) as I cant imagine the transformer would short the entire sauna.  internal fuses are all 3 amp, this is the power supply (but the power running from mains is standard 13amp): And from what I can tell there is a sort of voltage regulator on that PSU which has a phillips white screw which is used for adjusting.  My guess is that previous owner set it for wrong output and it blew the PSU? Alternatively there is the main board, but I wouldnt know what to look for, nor how to replace, as it had no particular model number. I tested current coming from mains to the main board (sorry I dont have technical name for that) and electricity is definitely arriving there, but not sure where (or if) it goes after.  I tried to swap one of the kettle lead fuses for the one on the PSU board, and then power on, but as soon as I tripped the power to on it blew the fuse.. image 1 and 2 are overview, image 3 is writing on PSU, image 4 is transformer, image 5 is main board and image 6 is PSU (which I have ordered replacement for). Thank you for your help!

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12V DC to 220V AC supply

Hello I have a emergency light with battery back up. its lights have gone out so i want to use its 12V dc power to transfer to ac power to backup a media converter, wifi router and mobile charger. Please, i want a detailed process of building this system. how much time could i get backup? i need a instrument and parts list for this project. i have uploaded the pictures of my light and specifications along with it. thanks

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Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors?

Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors? If yes, then can anyone give me a schematic for the circuit to = convert 6v DC to 220v DC, charge 250v capacitors ( @220v ), capacitor overcharge protection with something like resistor, capacitor full charging LED indicator, capacitor full charge LED indicator, SCR (Silicon-controlled rectifier) based capacitor discharge (use power for magnetic coil) circuit.

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Q: why does a 220v (down-step) regulator output 300v?

Hi, bought this 220v regulator (see photo). strangely enough the volt-meter shows almost 300v on the output (at zero load). otherwise it works fine. any ideas? gracias

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120V MOT transformer on 220V for spot welding machine? Answered

Hello i'm making a Spot welding Machine using a microwave transformer i'm removing the secondery coil to replace with 2 rounds of very thick wire for the output . the only problem is the transformer rated for 120V input Will it matter if i connect the primary to 220v ? i'm replacing the secondery anyway ?

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Can I convert a 220v day night switch to 12 v?

I've got a light sensor switch that requires a 220v input Is it possible to concert it to work on a solar system? Sensor-Photodiode Switch-E.M. Relay Supply- 198-264 V.A.C Typical load- 2X250W H.P.S Maximum capacity-5A/60uF On/off levels- 70/105 LUX (1:1.5+VE) Part number- F3131D

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How can i make a a 220v day night switch work of 12v?

I've got a 220v light sensor switch that i want to mount on a solar light, Sensor- Photodiode Switch- E.M. Relay Supply-198-264 V.A.C Typical load- 5A/60uF On/Off Levels-70/105 LUX (1:1.5+VE) Part number-F3131D Is it possible to convert it to work on a 12v system?

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220V AC 16 LED ultra bright chaser?

I would like to add LED chaser to this schematic with time delay 400 nanosecond use ne555 and IC 4017. Thanks for the help datasheet for LED ultra bright : 3.5V, 25mA (maks), 12000 mcd?

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how to put 2/4/6 LED to 220V circuit without using the transformer ?

As i want to inset 4 LEDs inside a tube where there is no sufficient place to keep transformer.I want a circuit which can replace the use of transformer,that may be using resistor ,capacitor or so on.

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I wanna frequency converter transformer ?

Hi Everyone I wanna to know where can i get frequency converter transformer that it's input is 2 wire (220v-50hz) and it's output is 3 wire where the voltage between any wire and com. is 110v and between the two wires is 220v

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Making a user color selection AC powered 220-240v LED lighting. Answered

I want to light my room's ceiling edge with led lights which can change colors using a switch. I am not so good with electronics, except for basic stuff!! SO would like a nice and elaborated guide to build this. Thanks.

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Can an induction heater for domestic use (2000W) of 220V/60Hz be used efficiently with 230V/50Hz power supply?

I purchased one Induction heater (2KW) in Korea where the supply voltage is 220V/50Hz. I want to use this in India where the supply voltage is 230V/50Hz. Can this be used? 

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how to build an inverter

I want to know how to build an inverter upto 5kva

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11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter what would be the total electric use.?

11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter that is a transformerless kind for inductive loads, 3x4 inches,rated for2000w, I think there is only a single component in it,  what would be the total electric use.? after connecting this 110v 11w soldering gun to 220v ? thanks you in advance, my opinion inverter eats up some watt as well. Cheer Al Boz

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I want to convert 220V AC (From my home socket) to DC Current.

Actually, I want to make a Coil Gun for which I require high Current and EMF. So, I went online looking for step-up generators but they are too expensive! So, I thought that why not convert my home output (220V AC) to DC and use it. Please tell me how to make a circuit that converts 220VAC to 220VDC and what components are required. I currently have the following components: 1. Capacitor: 350SV 160uF 2. 1N4007 Rectifier Diodes x10 3. AC Capacitor 250V 1.1uF And I have many more components such as transistors, capacitors, etc. I'll try to get the components that you tell me to, But please help me!!

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how to drive 100v 50/60hz el motor? Answered

How can i controll/drive this motor my source power is 220v 50/60hz

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Home used subwoofer can connect to car?

I have a home used subwoofer with 220V AC. It has a transformer input of 220V AC, and Output of 12V 2A. I want to fix that subwoofer unit into my boot of the car. My car is running on 12V NS 60 Car battery. To run the unit with car battery I may have to bypass the transformer of the unit and give power from the battery directly to the Amplifier. I have two questions. 1. Is it safe to get a direct power line from the car battery to the unit. 2. How to identify the place in the circuit board to connect the power line from the car battery. (Sample diagrams are very much appreciated)

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What is the easiest/simplest way to run this "220V 30rpm gear motor box"?

Hello, so my electrotechnical (is that a word?) knowledge is about zero point zero, but ALL I want to do is make this motor do its work and rotate his fine ass. That's the only thing, nothing more, nothing less. What is the easiest way to do that for a clueless hopeless piece of scrap like me? Note: it's important that the motor goes 30 rpm. I added pics of the motor for clearification.  PS. I saw this awesome motor pack thing with clear instructions which would have been ideal for me, but the site doesn't send its products to the Netherlands :( link:;=3&page;=1   

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How to make an electron gun? or generator that generates negative ions Answered

I'm designing an ion thruster and i need an electron gun to ionize some gas,  The ion gun must have less than 220v input or so 

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how to make a 12 v regulated power supply?

I want to make a 12v power supply.the input voltage is 220v\50hertz.please guide me with full and complete construcyion and making of power supply along with the equipments and their configurations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               thankz.

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What can I do with these LEDs? Answered

I found this flashing LED thing and I was wondering what I could do with the LEDs and the components... P.s The LEDs are connected to an externel power source which is a european 220V plug.

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Help with Resistance formula. Answered

How to find the voltage after adding a resistor with the resistance formula? For example I have a circuit that uses 0.975A and I add a 1000ohm resistor to it, if its powered by 220v main then according to V=IR what should be the voltage drop due to the resistor?

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AC Power Phase Control?

Hello, Can we use AC phase power control Solid State Relay to control the speed of single phase Induction motor, Using PWM as input to the Relay and the output of relay connected to Induction motor, The motor runs at 220v AC,50Hz,55Watt.

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How to power an old laptop screen with an old laptop battery ?

Hello instructors, I'm currently playing with Rasberry pis, and I just started a new project. I found information showing how to re-use the screen of a dead laptop via a controler board you can find on eBay. I'm planning to integrate all this in a suitcase to create a mobile retro gaming console. It should be easy to add a simple 220V plug to power all this. But I was just thinking it could also be nice to be able to use this on battery as I also have many laptop batteries @home. Rasberry power input is about 5V 3A Audio amp input is from 1.8V to 12V Screen controller board is 12V 4A Here is what I want to do : > When plugged : Add a circuit to charge the battery via a 220V input. That circuit should also convert the 220V to the power needed for the Pi, the audio amp  and the screen. > Unplugged : Add a circuit to convert the battery output to the power needed for the Pi, the audio amp and the screen. I have no idea where and what to search for. Should I reuse the laptop power unit ? Any help would be highly appreciated. Please excuse my English mistakes. This is not my mother tongue. Thx. B²

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Can someone give me the Voltage and current of the LEDs inside a GU10

I wonder if I could reuse a burnt  GU10 bulb, containing 21 (working?) LEDs. 220V, 1.3 W, 20 mA for the whole thing. What would be the properties of the individual LEDs? 

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110v generator maybe 230v?

Just won a generator on ebay (Subaru Robin MG 750) it is a 110v generator (looking at the 16A yellow socket) and the voltage. however on the side it says 220v-50HZ  It has 6 cables comming out the generator: Red Blue Black White Green Green

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SSTC MOSFET over heating?

The following images shows my SSTC work, it is based on steve wards mini SSTC. But the problem is that the MOSFETs seem to heat up in like 3-4 sec of running. Input voltage is 220v AC(rectified and filtered later using a SMPS line filter).

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i want to make a 6v ac-dc adapter

I want to make a ac to dc converter which will give an output of 6v under the input of 220v to 240v. if it is possible please help me with the circuit diagram as well as the list of parts required for the project. it will be a great favor to me.

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Can I use ups by charging it via a 45w solar panel I made Answered

Ups is a 300w with 7amph battery and it is 110v charging can I use regular 12v 4.5amp dc? and disconnect the charger because it is 110 but I will be using in 220v country?

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How do I build a 12Dc day night switch?

I've got a 220v day night switch and want to convert it to a 12v one, I've got a 12v relay, a bunch of different resistors and capacitors and diodes I'm looking for a simple diagram or some advice on how to assemble it

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can I activate a 24v relay using my house's power grid(220v)?

I am making an automatic  fish feeder and to activate it ? I'm thinking about using a 24v 1100ohm relay that I have laying around. My question is: can I do it? If not can I just put a resistor on it? It's supposed to be activeted a bout 15 minutes every day.

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I've got a relay switching problem. Answered

I've got a relay problem.i made a proximity sensing tubelight that goes on/off when an object moves above it .i used 3 ic's :lm741,cd4017,and a 555 timer and i added a relay to the outputs of the cd4017 counter to the relay via a transistor to protect my ic's.however when i don't connect the 220v ac to the load of the relay it functions fine but when i connect 220v ac to the load ,the relay keeps clicking on and off.i have seen the voltage ratings for the relay .it is a 5v relay and can handle 250 v ac but it does not work properly.The whole circuitry is powered by a 9v battery.i am not sure whether it is a problem of not enough power or something else..i'm a electronics hobbyist and i need help .PLS ANSWER?.

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How to produce electolyzed water?

Hello Members, i want to produce electrolysed water (by electrolysis) where end product is HypoChlorous (chlorine) by adding NaCl...., which can be used as sanitizer,  i tried used regular 220V current but it does't bring any effect. i want to know which is the optimum Voltage and amperage..., and suitable electrode for electolysis?

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how can I make a 12v led driver?

Hey I want to make a 9-12v 300mA  led driver with out transformer from 220V AC mains .  I want to make the driver cheap . I want to light up a single 12v led .  See the image below

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12VAC to 12VDC by using 4 ini4007 diodes? Answered

I want to convert 12 v ac to 12v dc i have a transformer to step down 220v(my mains voltage) to 12vac now i want to use 4 ini4007 to convert that voltage to a stable 12v dc is it possible Thanks

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Can anyone tell me how to wire this motor (from an AC)?

I wired an AC in my room to the central heating unit, but the electronics inside were destroyed(only the motor worked). I've wired the motor to a dimmer switch (and of course the cap it had) but  there are still 3 (or so) wires left. The way I've wired it i can control the rpm to a certain point but then it starts making a weird humming noise. From what i can('t) tell this thing is frequency controlled for lower rpm (or at least that's what a friend told me) I've also wired a temperature relay in series to the dimmer switch so it stops when it starts blowing cold air. So, i was wondering what am I supposed to do with those extra wires, it doesn't say anywhere what they are/do  I don't know if you can see it clearly in the pic. the motor runs on 220V (well I don't know what the voltage is after the dimmer.)  It says 220V on the motor but when I run it on that voltage for about 20-30 minutes it gets REALLY hot. (and the voltage in my room is really low, about 200-210 V sometimes it goes up to 220V) So, the question is have i wired it correctly or should i make some sort of controller for it. Thanks in advance! (Also this thing heats up the room in no time, when the input temperature is about 30-40C)

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