How to access 2nd instructables ?

Apparently I have two accounts. One basic and one upgraded to premium for two years. I have PayPal receipt. I can access the basic, but can NOT get back into the premium site. How can I delete the basic and then access the premium?Sully241

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change ipod shuffle (2nd gen) colour

I won a 2nd gen iPod Shuffle from an arcade game at the local movie theatre and I got a purple one. Since I'm so insecure with my sexuality (and I just plain don't like the colour) I'm wondering if there is a way to strip the paint (if it actually is paint) from it. I've looked into other options like the silicon and aluminum shuffle cases but they are kinda bulky.

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Is the Ipod touch 2nd generation charger cord the same as the ipod nano 6th generation's? Answered

Planning on getting a 6th gen nano, and wanted to know if it would work with my docking station.

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Adding a 2nd transformer to a disposable camera stun gun?

I was thinking about adding an additional transformer(or 2) from a separate disposable camera to an existing one modified as a stun gun.  I'm getting about 300 volts with a dead AA battery but i want much more so it can arc.  Do you think this will work?  Thanks in advance for your answers..

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How to add 2nd battery to circuit or increase voltage

I have a Normally Closed NPN inductive proximity sensor which operates at 10V. I use it to control a load (light bulb), which is normally on, and goes off when the proximity sensor detects metal. The problem is that I need to work with portable batteries, or something like an acid battery, and ideally not exceed 12V for safety reasons. Since the sensor needs 10V to operate, this only leaves me with 2V for the light bulb. I need to increase the voltage to the light bulb so that I can use a decent light source. Is there a way of adding a 2nd battery to the circuit so that the bulb has its own power source, yet that too is controlled by the sensor (otherwise the bulb would just stay on continuously). Any other solution would also be appreciated. Current circuit diagram attached. Thank you.

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Is the Ipod Touch 3rd Generation any better than the 2nd generation?

What are some good apps for the ipod touch?

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Old Presario 2100 laptop screen to be used at a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

I have the laptop screen from a Presario 2100, and im wondering if there is any way I could wire it to be used as a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

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My Jailbroken iPod Touch 2nd Gen wont install apps from the App Store... HELP PLEASE!!!

My 2nd gen ipod touch jailbroken CORRECTLY by quick freedom, and has worked properly for a month will not properly install apps from the app store. Here is what happens: 1. go into app store and click install app, 2. I enter my password and the buy now button now says installed, but IT IS NOT ON THE HOME SCREEN. On the first occurence of this, it made a lot of bookmarks.PLEASE HELP!?

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hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find any that worked for the itouch 2nd gen please help?

OK hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find an that worked for the itouch 2nd generation please help...?

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can I charge an ipod touch 2nd generation with 4.8 volts of electricity?

I just got an ipod touch, and I noticed the battery gets drained very quickly when I am using wifi, so i figured maybe if I put 4 nickel-metal hydride (rechargable 1.2 volts each) batteries in series in a container, and added a female usb plug, it would be enough to power the ipod touch. Anyone think that would be enough to work?

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how to calculate this FM Oscillators ?is the ceramic capacitor (beside 2nd transistor) in series ? ?

I can calculate it is by but, is the 4.7pf take effect with the frequency ? how frequency is it, if i change the trimmer capacitor with 20pf (i don't have the trimmer capacitor) ? please help me : )

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Can we use a Laser as a wireless conductor of electricity?

Wireless energy transfer question. Please note: I added a 2nd question here ( the emphasis now is if Microwaves can transmit energy as a 2nd option to replace copper cables in energy distribution):

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I need help with arduino

Hi everyone,  I am playing around with arduino, and I got in trouble with the push button. Is there any possibilities to switch in between the LED patterns. I got the coding for three difference LED pattern here. I want to switch from 1st to the 2nd , and from the 2nd to the third by pressing the button. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. These are my LED patterns

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Arc Reactor

These are the photos of my arc reactor I built. This particular arc reactor is based off the second model from the 2nd iron man movie.

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Anyone know how to make a mouse restrainer?

The purpose is to immobilized the mouse so that tail vein injection can be done. My senior made one of this before he retired. made from plexi glass/ plastic. So basically, it consist of 2 parts. The first part is like a base/ platform which the 2nd part rest on it. The 2nd part is made of a tube which a mouse can go inside just nicely. Thank you

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I found a bunch of parts from two ipod' s!

I want to start a project using various parts scavenged from dumpster diving. A bag containing two ipod hard drives an ipod 2nd gen circuit board three brand new replacement screens, the outer shell of the 2nd gen video case. wheel clicker. I have basic soldering skills but unsure what to do with all these great parts... Any suggestions would be praised!!!!

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I want to operate 3 different LED's using single push button?

I mean when i'll press the button, 1st LED should glow and it should be turn off after few second... and when i'll press this button for 2nd time, only 2nd LED should glow and it should be turn off like 1st .when i'll press this button for 3rd time, only 3rd LED should glow and it should be turn off . what to do??? can anyone help me?

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how can i use a generator with a 72v electric bike?

I read the article on how to make a 72v electric bike and a 96v electric bike and i was wondering if we could place another 72v motor inline with the main ( so when 1 motor rotates the othere also rotates at same speed producing electricity )and use the 2nd as a generator to charge the battery . if we could use a diode in the circuit so as to make the current flow from the 2nd motor to battery and not the other way.

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I put my laptop hard drive into my desktop as a second drive, how do I make it a bootable drive?

Desktop OS=Vista Home Basic, laptop drive= Vista Home Premium. Laptop drive is a SATA so it hooked right up, it is showing up in the Computer window and I can access the files on it. I want to be able to run the programs on it so need to be able to boot it up.

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Laptop LCD gone... no 2nd VGA port. How do I adapt/convert old LCD cable to 15pin VGA ? Answered

Panasonic CF-M34 ToughBook - built-in cell-phone card. Used in our motorhome while travelling. Had a little accident and the top lid was torn off,  but it still works !     Would like to adapt it to use standard vga monitor. New cell contract w/card co$t more than new laptop ! ( FYI: USB convertors are avail, but cannot use the USB 1.1 port) ( eBay found an old 'base station' which has a VGA port, but,,, its 110vac only.) Any thoughts ?

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My second instructabel... Make your windows xp talk !

Hey, check out my 2nd instructable in this site and tell me what you think about it...\Click here...

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Power on top of spinning wheel? Answered

I have a spinning wheel powered by a 12v motor and i want to run some lights on top of the wheel without putting on a 2nd battery or having the wires get tangled up 

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iPad ambient light sensor a camera? Answered

Is it possible that the iPad's "ambient light sensor" is really a camera and the camera will be activated in a software update (like the iPod touch (2nd gen) with the Bluetooth introduction in OS 3.0)? 

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How do I install a high definition satellite dish?

I have a DirecTV high definition receiver, but need to get a high definition satellite for a 2nd location. Can I buy one and how do I instill and point the dish?

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push switch to live multiple devices using relays

Hi all,            Im at a bit of a loss when it comes to electronics, im ok with the simple stuff but im better with mechanical engineering. Anyway if anyone can help me with my problem that would be great. Im attempting to install a push button ignition in my car, but with a difference, I know you can buy these kits online but its more fun doing it yourself. O.k so to my problem, as i said im attempting to install a push ignition, (so far all i have is the push to make momentary button) I need the button to: 1) push and hold the button until the car starts then let go, but when i push it, it will need to live ignition 2 (2nd click on the key) then pause for lets say 2 seconds then live the starter, when i let go of the button the starter will stop (the car will be started) and the ignition 2 will still be live 2) push the button again and the ignition 2 wire will stop having 12v and stopping the engine. I would also just like to do this with relays and not programming chips if possible. I have found a useful link but I cant get my head round the process of it. so in summary I would need the relays to: 1)1st button press - give me 1 live output then 2 seconds later a 2nd live output, then when released the 2nd live will go and the 1st live will remain until I push the button again 2) 2nd button press - the second live will go thanks in advance

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I'm back everybody!

Hi everyone, I'm back from the TSA national competition in Orlando Florida! I got a 2nd place trophy in a challenge called electrical applications, which is basically electronic tests and circuits and what not. I personally think the competition was poorly planned and some of the questions were trick questions (although they wouldn't seem trick to a more ignorant person, for example: Hooking a 9volt battery in parallel with an existing 9volt battery in a circuit will: a) decrease current in the circuit b) increase the current in the circuit c) double the current in the circuit d) the current in the circuit will stay the same The answer could be B,C, or D, yet only one can be the right one. 2nd best in the nation, wooo here's a pic of my trophy:

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batch re-write command

i know this " > " and " >>" comands in bat make and edit files. but i need to figure if its possible to make a bat file that can re-write file extensions ex- -a game i have ________ has .edf files. -my friend has the same game and i want to mess with im where those files are overwrote with "PWNed" -and i want the bat file to overwrite all the .edf files with out having each .edf files name 2nd ex- data01.edf data02.edf and so on, but i dont wanna add all the names into the bat file end 2nd ex. end 1st ex. im sure that it is something like pwned > *.edf or pwned >> *.edf am i close or way off?

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New Instructables Website Ideas

My ideas on a new Instructables website. 1st is the toolbar on the homepage (first pic is a before pic) (After pic 2nd pic) is their is a bar that shows your total comments, your total views (click to view statistics), and how many subscribers you have.  2nd is on the Instructable page (were you make the project) their is usually a banner that says vote but only for one contest. So my idea is to make a banner that shows all the contests the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote on each one.  3rd is on the member page is when you scroll down you see the Instructables that are entered into contests but their is int a way to vote for them there. So my idea is to show all the contest the Instructable is entered in and be able to vote for each one. 

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is there a cable that makes the sync port on a ipod nano2nd ind a headphone jack?

my ipod nano 2nd gen headphone jack broke and i was wondering if anyone has a link to make them or to buy one the cable has to go from the wide adapter for like a dock to a headphone jack female

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2 part instructable

I'm going to be making a 2 part instructable, where the first instructable can be branched off and help people make other instructables, and my second instructable is to make an "attachment" for my first instructable" Would the 2 be counted as 1? Or would the 2nd instructable be considered "incomplete".

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2.5 HD Enclosure case copying files from Internal 2nd HD, 2.5 case stopped working, help ?

I recently purchased a 2.5 HD Enclosure Case with USB cables and it worked fine while reading an old 2.5 HD that I inserted in it. When I was copying files from an 2nd Internal HD, it was copying fine then noted. file in use, stopped copying, turned off computer, now I can't get the 2.5 Enclosure Case, with a HD in it, to be seen on my computer with the other HD's and USB's. Was the HD that I was copying to ruined or can I restore it in a procedure ? I would really appreciate anyone's assistance to fix the problem with the 2.5 HD Enclosure case that is not being seen on my computer, even tho the red light is on noting that it is connected via USB. Thanks.   mjy88keys  

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How do i get the app that i made in adobe cs5 on my ipod?

When i try itunes it says that it isn't compatible and on installous it says invalid ipa. i used the certificate method described in this instructable the only strange thing is that it says "air for ios" rather than "iphone" in cs5. is this why it wont work? my ipod is a 2nd gen mc 8 gig. I just found out that cs5.5 (actionscript 3.0) isn't compatible with 2nd gen ipods, so how do i get cs5 rather than cs5.5 or how do i make a compatible ipod app in cs5.5?

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Problem with Led circuit, What's wrong?

I have 12 blue leds wired in parallel in 2 groups of 6, one of the groups work just fine while the 2nd won't light up at all. Using a 5 volt power source when I tested the 2nd group with a volt meter only .5 volts was going through the circuit. I tested each led individually and none of them will light with the same result of .5 volts. I'm out of ideas and have no clue what's wrong with it. Seeing as how both groups are wired up the exact same and one works perfectly while the other a complete mystery.Edit : My project is very similar to, all the wiring is basically the same set up.

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how to split signal coming from dish box?

1) i want to transmit my dish signal  to my other home which is 2km away from it.  2) is there any way to split signal coming from dish box so that i can watch two different channels on my 2nd  tv. 

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how to add more then 1 image in 1 step on instructables?

When i tried to add more then 1 images in our  instructables steps, its replace 1st image with 2nd image, if anybody know how can i use more then 1 image in our  instructables steps. Please share with me

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Laser Cutter Advice

Hi all, I am looking at buying a 2nd hand Versalaser VL-200 laser cutter. It has the air filter base. The unit was made in 2006. I do not know much about these things yet. Can anyone offer any thoughts, opinions or pearls of wisdom before I spend lots of my hard earned cash? Thanks in advance, Wayne.

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HELP please!! with Li Ion battery

1 st question: i have a 7.4v 2200mA li ion battery. my ip camera takes 5v 2amps what color resistor should i use and how many ohms? 2nd quesiton: i have a class 2 battery charger 12 volts 300mA is it good to charge my 7.4v li ion battery?

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Can you use microwave transmitters and recievers to wirelessly transfer energy? Can it replace copper cables.

2nd wireless energy transfer question.Please note: The 1st question which contains more background opens up the topic of using lasers as conductors of electricity, found here

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dgl-wh070l-12a lcd pin out

I have this lcd from a portable DVD player, I want to use it for my raspberry pi, I want know pin out, it has 2sets of pins, 1set has 4 pins out of which two are for backlight, 2nd set has 14 pins how ever last pin is nt used

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Is a high ampere switch necessary?? Answered

I was going to try to build my now 2nd coil gun but this time wanted a solid state switch. after looking at the following: i was wondering if an 800A SCR is really necessary or can i just use a 16A SCR?

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wireless monitor

Hi all, I'm in for my first topic: i'll get a new pc soon, and I wanted do install a 2nd monitor, not far away from my bed, so it would be easy to watch films. The pc would stand in the same room. Is there an easy way to connect an (old) tv, or a monitor (wireless) to your pc? Thnx Arnout PS, I'm from Belgium, so sorry for my English ;)

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How do you jailbreak a 2G iPod Touch with 3.1.2 firmware? Answered

I've searched on 'ibles for the answer, but every 'ible is different, and most of them don't make any sense. I want an easy to understand, simple solution. To be more specific about the model, I have an 8GB 2nd Generation iPod Touch, with the new 3.1.2 firmware. I just got it today. Any help is appreciated! -Shadow Ops

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How to properly bridge 2 mono jacks using a 1uf capacitor and connect to rheostat?

Hello everyone, I am struggling on the proper way connect a few parts in my power source. At the moment I am about to wire my rheostat to a mono jack. From there I need to wire a 1uf capacitor to a 2nd mono jack. I do not understand where to connect each wire. I know how to wire the rheostat to the first jack but from there I do not know how to properly bridge the 2 jacks with the capacitor. I know I need to connect both jacks but how do I wire this? Do I connect the capacitor between both "ground" leads on the jacks? Does this also constitute  connecting both jacks in general? Also, the 2nd jack will be connected to the rest of the negative circuit in the source. I really hope I explained this well enough. I am new to electronics and I am still not that familiar with terminology so please bare with me. I would appreciate any help offered. Thank you in advance!

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Should I post? (Well, not exactly)

So, this really isn't whether or not I should post an iBle, but rather how many of you are interested in it. I'm using the saltwater etch tutorials here and am going to etch my iPod shuffle (2nd generation). The etch will say "iMake" and if all goes right, I should begin to etch sometime today or tomorrow. So, I'll try to take quality pictures and all, and if anyone happens to have any tips for me, they would be appreciated! ;-) Thanks!

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How to power an outdoor (streetlight-type) light with car/truck battery overnight?

There are really 3 parts to my question: 1) Is it even possible to power something like a high pressure sodium lamp of 100-400 W from a car battery for about 8 hours? 2) How would you set this up? 3) If the battery is getting drained to empty (or close to empty) every 2nd or 3rd night, what will be the approximate lifetime of the battery? Thanks for your help!

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Mode switch cant find instructable

Hello, i am trying to find an instructable on how to build a push button switch. Ever seen tose LED glow sticks and a one push of a button they turn on? Well, im doing the same and i need a single push of a button to switch from on LED the another push turns the other one offf and the 2nd one on and then another push turns it off. Can someone please help me? Thanks

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ms-dos help?

well i was ready about windows 8 and saw the orginal windows called windows 1.0 , 2.0 , and 3.0 and i figured you could only get the installion disk off ebay or from a friend so is it legal to get a copy off the net and use it or would i have to buy it? 2nd how would i install it just like windows xp (somewhat) thanks

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