Need schematics for electronic speed controler for a 3 phase hard drive (HDD) motor.

Hello. I have a problem. I've bought an old HDD for fun, if I can say so, it works, but I want to use the 3 phase motor for some applications, out of the HDD enclosure, so the question is how to start the motor?...I mean, I know that I need an electronic board to do that, so where I can find some schematics?...P.S. Don't ask me the brand name of HDD, cuz I don't know! Thnx and sorry for my bad english, I'm from Romania ;)

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Why this led circuit doesn`t work? Answered

Hi everyone, you see build this infrared-led circuit for a school project (am 16 and not in america so sorry for missespells, like that, pretty sure that missespell is not the word) This are the parts: Breadboard 3v Led 3v Ir receiver (with 3pins) Switch Jumper wires Can please tell me why doesn`t work??? What i miss?? Above some pictures.

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