Flip Flop 4 input 4 output

How to make a flip flop/toggle with 4 input and 4 output when one On, rest will be off automatic

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4-DCMotor Driver?

Please help me to connect 4-DC-Motor-Driver-Module to arduino thank you

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4-DCMotor Driver

Please help me to connect 4-DC-Motor-Driver-Module to arduino thank you

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Dont answer 4

Doing it for practice

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Metronome with 4 leds?

How hard would it be to make a metronome with 4 leds. I don't care about speakers. There are projects like that in instructables and youtube but they're all 2 leds and a speaker. They go 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 I want it to go 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 it would be pretty cool with different color leds. What would it require, probably similar materials to the instructables, but less cause there is no speaker. How would the circuit look like?

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4 Potentiometers with Arduino? Answered

Hey, I'm not understanding something here.  If I hook up a pot (left 9v, middle A0, right GND), I get a varying voltage into pin A0 on Arduino. Then Arduino converts this into whatever. Well when I hooked up 4 potentiometers parallel to the same battery, and had them on pins A0-A3, none of the pots worked. Whenever I turned one pot, it would change the value for all the others (i was using serial monitor). How do I correctly hook up four pots to Arduino?

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I just got a ordered my Ipod Touch 4!

Hey guys, I just bought a Ipod Touch 4 8GB. I'm still waiting for it in the mail but it should be here in about 3-5 days from Thanksgiving Day. Pictures to come.

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how many letters are in 4? Answered

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Sent -4 minutes ago?

I got a PM from another member and the time stamp said -4 minutes ago. What is this supposed to mean. I know it seems silly but I am just curious.

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Movie made with iPhone 4

The new iPhone has just been out for a few days and someone's already made a short film with it. Shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4 over 48 hours, "Apple of My Eye" is a gripping tale of ice cream and model train nostalgia. Check out the video below to see the movie and some behind the scenes footage.

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wep hack 4 ds?

Does any1 know of a way to use a protected WEP network thru ds without knowing the password?

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1 Console 4 displays

So here's the problem, my friends and I are in college and love our x-box console, but hate the small screen. Not having a big scren, we are trying to find out how to get the one console to have four screens. We all have smaller TV's and there is on medium one in our living room. The game splits up 4 players into equal quaters of the screen. My thought is that the x-box video should go into a laptop and then be split u into 4 displays, with the laptop screen being the a full screen. The laptop in question has 1 S-video, 1 standard monitor output, and 5 USB ports. How do we do this, for cheap? I'm thinking it would maybe work like those walls of TV's that make up 1 big picture.

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4-wire touchscreen sensitivity

Hi team I posted this on the Arduino forum, and had a search through several electronics sites; perhaps there's also someone here who can suggest something. I have successfully hooked up my touchscreen to Max via Arduino; the code is fine, the circuit is fine and the Max patch is fine. I'm just wondering if it's possible to tweak the sensitivity of the entire circuit? When touching, one must press fairly firmly, otherwise any relaxation of touch, even with continued contact, results in a rapid fall to zero. In the Max patch, I'm using [sel 0]-> outR, after all the [serial] gubbins to help smooth some jitter. But is it possible to tweak the sensitivity, perhaps by using resistor values other than 10k. Hey, maybe even connect a variable resistor to allow realtime tweaks? Hmmm. Thanks Brendan

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sketch for a traffic light 4 way?

Sketch for a traffic light 4 way

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4 wires fan to 2 wire

Hi guys, i need your help! I have an Enermax 12cm fan (EB122512H), i need to plug it to a 12v DC power supply but i don't know how to wire it; The fan has 4 wires (yellow, black, white, red) but the power supply has just two wires. could you help me?

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4 channel 12v relay board

I'm looking for a 4 - channel 12v relay board that can be controlled by a pc either by usb or Bluetooth. Each channel needs to support 5A minimum and control software should come with the board. Anyone know of a decent one?

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Adobe PhotoDeluxe 4 brush problem

I was using the brush in PhotoDeluxe 4 and it was working fine for some time, but then it started acting strangely. When I use the brush now, the color shows up very lightly. How do I fix this?

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4-Pin XLR power supplies

Does anyone know what the connection pins are on those 4-Pin XLR power units commonly used for video cameras or camera mounted lights? I know it's 12V 1.2A but I'm not sure which pins are used for what (i.e. pos, neg, 0V, +12V) I want to turn a normal adapter into one with a 4Pin XLR connector to be used with a camera light.

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Laser Diode Pinout. 4 pins??!!

Hi, I got a DVD Player at an auction, in fully working condition, for $10. So, since I already had one, I decided to remove the insides, and extract the laser diode within. I did so, expecting to have just a normal 50-200mw 3-pin red diode. Instead, I have a 4-pin diode, of unknown wavelength, color, and power. Would anyone happen to have a pinout for it? The pins are arranged as below in the picture.

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What is a 1/4 watt resistor? Answered

Alright, So I know the basics about resistors and what-not, but as I was buying beginner supplies, I noticed there were resistors in OHMs and Watts, What's the difference between the two? And like, can the unit Watt be transfered into OHMs? And which one would I use when my general area of working would be around basic LED work and noob stuff like that xD?

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Charge time for 4 capacitors in parallel? Answered

I was wondering how long would it take to charge a capacitor at 5volts if there are 4 parallel. This is the details on the Capacitors. 330v 120uF each. So what is the best way to charge them by usb which gives me 5v or using a 9 volt battery and for how long.

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7/4 x 16/14?

Using cancelling

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Two 4" Drivers in one enclosure?

I want  a very deep Bass as i am getting in my logitech z103...(image attached) I am plannin' to build a sealed 10" cube outta 0.5" thick Plywood and put in em two 4" subwoofer drivers. will i be getting the thing i want???? if not what should be the dimensions???? THnaks in advance!!!

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Power requirement for arduino with 4 servos?

Right now I have an arduino (power being supplied by a 9v battery) controlling 4 servos (using 4 digital pins). The servos are connected to a breadboard and are acquiring power from four AA batteries (essentially a 6v battery). However, I cannot figure out how much current the motors are drawing, nor how long these batteries will last. I don't know if the robot I'm building should use AA, C, or D batteries. The image is a rough representation of what I have right now (except the four batteries I have are all in one pack). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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HP Laser jet 4 installation? Answered

Dear All I have an old printer HP Laserjet 4 model C2001A (please see photo) and have a problem when installation it to my computer windows 7 ultimate .Because I cannot found my model C2001A on list of (INSTALL THE PRINTER DRIVER) before and after UPDATE. So please help me to know what I can do for get rid of this problem, I hope you understand my question and help me Thank you very much                                        Best regards                                          lam

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Arduino control of 4 wheelchair motors?

I want to build an offroad/all terrain mobility vehicle and have simultaneous motor control using an Arduino, raspberry Pi, or similar mini board. I have very limited mobility and want to enjoy the outdoors more. Can this be done? I have 24volt motors, but not sure yet as to the watts.M

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identify terminals of a 4 terminal battery? Answered

I have an old mobile phone with a 4 terminal battery the end terminals are labelled "-" and "+" but the middle ones are labelled as "CF" alongside negative terminal and "VF" labelled alongside positive terminal. what do these two terms mean and why are they there? battery is 350mAh 3.7V battery. i dont have a multimeter but i checked the resistances between terminals (using an LED) as terminals                      LED brightness                                             Remarks + & -                          (more than normal brightness )                  no resistance + & VF                       ( normal brightness)                                     some resistance + &CF;                        (less bright )                                                   more resistance in the image from top to bottom alongside golden color terminals labelling is as -            (in picture as P-) CF VF +          (in picture as P+)

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Wiring 4 LEDs in parallel with no resistors?

I will be wiring Four 3.3V 20mA UV LEDs for a project I am working on. This project involves using a computer's power supply to power several different components. My idea was to power the four LEDs with the orange 3.3V cable from the power supply in parallel skipping the 1ohm resistors. Does this seem like a sound idea or am I missing something here?

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How to make a 4 LED switch

So I am making a deadmau5 helmet and i want to add 4 LEDs to the inside. I was wondering how i would set this up and what kind of power supply I would need such as 4AA batteries or that. The LEDs need to be able to be flipped off by an SPST switch and they should be able to run for around 3 hours before switching the batteries out(more if possible describe as many possible ways as you can). I only really plan to go to radioshack and visuals are my preferred resource here because electrical components are not my cup of tea. Here is the link to the LED http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062551 P.S. I'm kinda new to circuitry so I may ask for further clarification.

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1 Arduino + 3 or 4 LM35s?

I am a total beginner, having logged about one hour here (the last hour). Does this sound OK for a first Arduino project? I want to sample and log the temperature outside at the surface and at depth for a total of 4 readings to a depth of around 50cm (20"). The reason is to consider if I should provide my daughter's pet rabbits with an underground burrow as relief against the next heat wave. It seems a nicer option than running a swamp cooler all day. Though I suppose I could use an Arduino + LM35 to turn on and off the swamp cooler :) It looks like I can do it with 4 x LM35s, an Arduino One, some sort of data storage, a 9v battery and a bread board. Any recommendations for if I should use WiFi or an SD card for storage? My guess is the SD card is simpler to programme and maybe less of a battery drain. It seems I just need to hook up the data out of the LM35s to the analogue ports, then loop over the inputs and write the outputs to a file somewhere. And calibration too. Any pointers on how to turn the LM35s into probes that can be buried in the ground? I was thinking I could bind all the probes onto a dowel, dig a hole and bury it. How to extend the LM35 pin outs? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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4-pin transformer for worlds smallest shocker??

I can't seem to find a 5-pin transformer but I do have a 4-pin one. Could someone please post schematics or an instructable or tell me how to make one using the 4-pin? Any help is appreciated.

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Best way to overclock a Pentium 4 531? Answered

Well, to do this, I obviously have to give a few stats of my system. CPU: Intel Pentium 4 531 (Prescott chip) running @ 3 GHz RAM: 2048 MB of DDR (PC3200) Motherboard: Biostar P4M800 My goal: The 531 @ 3.1 / 3.2 GHz

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4 way spekaers. is the xover schematic correct?

My supplies A Tweeter with a frequency response of 20 KHz ~ 40 KHz, 8Ohms, 75Watts RMS/3000Watts Max, and Sensitivity of 105dB. A 4” Subwoofer with frequency response of 25Hz ~ 160Hz, 4Ohms and 25 Watts RMS Two 4” Full Range Speakers of 4Ohms and 5 Watt RMS Is the schematic mentioned in the pic is a suitable xover for my system please clear the nearest values to me

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What is it?????Im a beginer , i want to make video games HELP

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So all 4 rings are fixable right?

Im a n00b, bought a red ringed 360 from a friend for cheap.

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can you fix a wet iphone 4?

With my mind on something else I very very stupidly(i KNOW I KNOW)put my almost brand new iPhone 4 into the washing machine. Its been drying for 3 and a half days but still wont turn on. My new plan is to put it in rice,leave it in the airing cupboard overnight and try plugging it into my laptop in the morning. Any other advice?

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LM7805 voltage regulator output 4 volts?

I have a LM7805 voltage regulator hooked up to a saltwater battery that outputs 16 volts, and the output is either slightly above or below 4. When I wire it to a 9v battery, it outputs a steady 4.98, but still will not power a USB port

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hack old laptop 4 music making?

Hp pavillion ze44oo and other random oldskool parts. any suggestions just for beat making ect?

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4 way spekaers - is the xover schematic correct?

My supplies A Tweeter with a frequency response of 20 KHz ~ 40 KHz, 8Ohms, 75Watts RMS/3000Watts Max, and Sensitivity of 105dB. A 4” Subwoofer with frequency response of 25Hz ~ 160Hz, 4Ohms and 25 Watts RMS Two 4” Full Range Speakers of 4Ohms and 5 Watt RMS Is the schematic mentioned in the pic is a suitable xover for my system please clear the nearest values to me Thanks in Advance

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Ethernet selector between 4 different sources

Hello, I'm trying to design a switch box to switch between 4 different ethernet sources and output to one cable. I've checked around and believe I have developed a way to do it, but I am unable to find a switch that uses 4 smaller independent switches. The concept seems pretty straight forward but I don't want to use 16 switches. Please let me know if there is a switch which controls 4 independent connections or if there is a better way that I'm over looking. I look forward to your input! Best Regards, Zach G

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4 Axis joystick on 2 motors. HELP!

I got a 4 axis joystick that i want to hock up to 2 motors, so when i push it forward both motors turn in one direction (the same for backwards) and when i push to one of the side the motors will turn different ways? can anyone make a schematic?

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4 axis Joystick on 2 motors. HELP?

I got a 4 axis joystick that i want to hock up to 2 motors, so when i push it forward both motors turn in one direction (the same for backwards) and when i push to one of the side the motors will turn different ways? can anyone make a schematic?

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control 4 outputs over the internet with arduino? Answered

I would like to control 4 LED lights in my house over the internet with arduino uno, ethernet shield and my android phone. All they need to be is on/off outputs. I really could use allot of help. I am new to using the arduino over the internet.

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12VAC to 12VDC by using 4 ini4007 diodes? Answered

I want to convert 12 v ac to 12v dc i have a transformer to step down 220v(my mains voltage) to 12vac now i want to use 4 ini4007 to convert that voltage to a stable 12v dc is it possible Thanks

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Chaining 4 74HC595 shift registers together

I have a question about chaining 4 shift registers together.I am going to be sending data to four shift registers and my question is this, when all four are loaded and latched if I send more data is it possible to only send data to the first register in the chain without the others losing their values?

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Charge 4 Lithium Ion Batteries in series?

I have got 4 3.7v 6000mAh lithium ion batteries connected in series with 2 batteries holders. I would like to charge them without taking them out (prefer to seal a unit). Anyone know how to do this (I could connect the 4 "cells" individually to separate input/outputs.)? Also have 19v 3.16A power supply available to use also for charging (Batteries are for making it portable and plug for the 19v) Have this ordered if it is useful: 4-Cell Li-ion Li-Po Lithium Battery 18650 Charger Protection Board Help appreciated

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Coax Antenna 4-Way Splitting Help?

I am having troubles splitting my antenna to 4 T.V's, all digital, ( set top boxes inside ). As you can see in the image, I have split the antenna 4 times, all the 3 TV's inside the house are working, but the external shed cannot pick up a signal. ( Shed in green ) It seems to almost pick up a station when scanning for channels, but they are still hidden behind blur, distortion and ants running over the screen. No channels pick up after scan is complete. The cable was dug underground through conduit sleeve to the shed from the splitter. The red "Mains" cable is about half a meter away from the aerial conduit line. Is this a problem? Am I needing a mast amplifier? Or a "Booster" somewhere? Help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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Helicopter parts for 4 channel pandora helicopter?

For christmas I got a 4 channel GT-3386 helicopter. After battling it with my brothers hellicopter snapped the  guards off the side fan and now it is  unstabe. I could not find a spare part but after watching a review on my helicopter he called it a Z008 instead of GT-3386. So I searched online that number and found I could get spare parts that looked the same. Would Z008 parts fit on a GT-3386 helicpoter? or at least the side fan guards.

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74LS147N 10:4 priority encoder not working... Answered

Hi,    This is a follow up of this question- https://www.instructables.com/answers/Logic-circuit-to-generate-and-convert-3-bits-paral/ I set all the 10 inputs of the encoder high and was expecting to see all the 4 outputs give a high(4 LEDs were connected to the outputs to see this happen).But that wasn't the case and just 2 of the LEDs glowed.I tried different configurations on the inputs but all the time it was either these two LEDs that glowed or none .Can this ic power 4 LEDs directly from its outputs? Could I have wrecked the ic? Something a bit off the topic- What should I keep in mind while mixing TTL and CMOS logic gates? I powered the ic with 5 volts.

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