Bicycle LEDs

Hi Everybody, I have made a series of LED lights on my bicycle spokes, for driving at night. I use a 9 volt battery with 9 pieces of white LED 3.3 volts, which I connect each with a 330 ohm resistor 9 pieces 1/4 watt. its durability is approximately 30 hours later the lights dimmed, is there any way to be more durable ?

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Bicycle Speedometer

With my customization of my bike, I just have to have a speedometer. But, I haven't found a single place on the Internet showing how to make one, just how to buy one.I know that speed = distance/time. I was thinking, since this is going on my bike, I could measure the circumference of the rim and hook up a circuit that would have a something (motion detector?) on the front brakes and another something on the rim, the one on the brakes counting the number of RPMs. I could have it hooked up to a timer, and it would have a digital read-out, which would calculate the speed, that updates every certain number of RPMs.Has anyone ever built a speedometer, or if not, do you think something like that would work?Thanks!

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Bicycle-generated Power

I want to make an attachment for my bike that generates and stores power when I ride it. I'm thinking of using and old car's alternator, but I don't know much about electricity, so I'm asking for help. Also, how can I store the power? In a battery? I'm planning on hooking up a plug outlet, which might be removable to save space. Thanks!

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I'm looking for some help in constructing a portable mechanism to attach to a manual wheelchair and to the front of a bicycle while still using the wheelchair handles to manouvre the wheelchair.  The front wheel would have to be removed in order to utilize the wheel chair handles to steer.  This attachment would be for two elderly people able to get out but not able to walk far.  Using this converted mode of transportation would make life so much easier.  The wheel chair is presently folded in the trunk of a car and the bike could be attached onto a bick rack for sightseeing purposes.  Any ideas out there?? Thank you,

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I am planning to make electric bicycle with front wheel hub motor drive, how can I calculate the top speed? Answered

I want to make electric bicycle as my engg project and I'm unable to calculate the top speed of my bike. I am going to use 250 watt motor.Also I want to know the max incline plane the bicycle will be able to travel

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[Help] bicycle proximity sensor

Hello guys i would like to start making a proximity sensor the idea is to mount it on the back of my bicycle when an object/vehicle come close it gives me reading with distance and maybe a beep or something like that,the question is i found there are 2 methods one using IR and one using ultrasonic,which one is cheaper and which one is better and easier.this is supposed to my first instructable involves programming.

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How much torque is required of DC motor to move vehicle?

My motor specification is power=500 W, RPM =2500, motor torque = 1.91 Nm, drive sprocket is 16 teeth, driven sprocket is 43 teeth , gear ratio is 2.38, diameter of wheel is 26 inch. i would like to move a vehicle of weight 150 kg with the speed 10 kmph. what would i do ?

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convert bicycle to recunbent without welding? ?

Convert bicycle to recunbent  with out welding take parts of 2 or more bikes too make 1 bike

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Bicycle generator for lighting a led strip?

I want to make a bicycle power generator for a fair. I want to make two of those in such a way that the one who pedal faster get more number of led bulbs turn on. Can anybody help me with this kind of project. 

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How can i make a (strong) electromagnetic wheel, so that when i give voltage it rotates? (in a bicycle)?

Plz refer me to some kind of web site that gives me this info.......

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How can I make speakers on a bicycle

How can I make speakers on a bicycle with 12v but when I ride the bike battery that is recharged from 12v dynamo to do this does anyone have an idea plz help me!!!

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repair a tire pump? Answered

Hand pump offers little to no resistance when pumping. loss of seal inside the pump cylinder.

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produce electicity in a bicycle to charge a cell phone or i pod?

Im from india, residing in chennai. im in my high school. i have an idea of producing electricty from my bicycle to charge small devices like cell phone or an i pod.     can someone guide me to the right way ??????????

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How can I equip my bicycle with a tracking device? Answered

I'm about to start back to school and I want to be able to find my bike when it gets stolen. (I am operating under the assumption that it WILL get stolen.) I'd like to outfit the bike with some sort of tracking device, something that will be somewhat easy to hide and not cost me hundreds of dollars. I am a tech newbie but I have friends that can help me with anything complicated, so be specific if you have an idea and I'll do my best to figure it out. Thanks!

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Could a 12v 6w bicycle bottle generator be used to simultaneously charge two USB devices at 5v 3w?

I'm looking to power a few different USB devices while I ride my bicycle. Hub dynamos are typically 6v 3W AC, which makes them pretty conducive to USB which is 5v 3W DC, and there are some kits that do just that. However I've found a few bottle generators (the kind that run against the tire) that produce 12v 6W (I'm not sure, but I think they are DC). Now I'm no Nikola Tesla, but it seems to me that one of those could charge two USB devices at once. Either some kind of splitter or just a 12v battery with a USB hub. 

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Can I use arduino to control my high-powered bicycle headlight?

I'm in the midst of building a new high-power led headlight for my bicycle (i.e. Ive ordered a new battery and a bunch of hardware, led's and a driver).  My question for the community is whether or not an arduino unit could be used to control functions or modes of the light.  I have built alot of lights and know a decent amount about electronics but I have zero experience with arduino and programing.  I am using this buck driver ( with a triple cree xp-g led and a 14.4v lithium battery.  Ideally I would like a single button to cycle through 5 modes: off, low, high, F-U idiot driver, and strobe.  If anyone knows what kind of stuff I would need to buy(i.e. controller, switch,etc...), if the stuff would interface with this driver, and how I would go about programming the thing I would much appreciate it. Thank you, Patrick

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What kind of LED's should I get? Answered

Looking to buy a butt load of LED's. I hear eBay is a good place to get just that. Problem is, I don't know what to look for. I want the brightest ones possible because I'm going to use some for a bicycle light. Just going for white, uncolored LED's (planning on adding external colors in later projects). Any suggestions? Much appreciated.

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Wiring Question

Ok, I recently purchased a Go-Ped for practically nothing, and I really, really, really want to fix it up. I want to mount a couple of LED powered bicycle headlights on the front, and a tail light on the back. However, I want to be able to turn them all on and off via a single switch, mounted to the handlebars.I know very little about wiring, but I do know that most bicycle lights require physical pressure to power them on or off. Maybe there's something that can go between the batteries and bulbs?Any input you can provide would be fantastic!-Ryan

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How to make methane compressor from bicycle pump? Answered

Methane (biogas) is a byproduct of a number of green alternatives such as a compost heap. This methane can be captured and processed usefully in small volumes. However it must be compressed to some level that will produce a controlled flow, let's say 14-20 pounds per square inch. In fact the methane could be captured and stored in a bicycle inner tube for later processing. Anybody got any thoughts on how a bicycle or small aquarium pump could be modified to compress small quantities of methane?

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How possible would it be to build a pedal-powered mobile toast shop?

I am thinking to build a bike-with trailer that powers one or more toasters, by charging a battery then releasing that power. Do the electrical among you believe this is practical? Could there be enough lekky? What considerations should I have? Also - a lot of instructions for this on the web are based on US power supply. Does anyone have any links to UK based instructions.

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My HERO chopperbike project

As I kinda promised in my first Instructable comments (Make a Custom Star laced bikewheel) I am starting a forum thread on my chopperbicycle build HERO.This isn't going to be an Instructable but I will try to show a lot off pictures and tell more about the process off making this dream a reality.Whenever I have time I will make updates on this forumthread about the build so this is going to be a story in the making.A little about the why ?I am a bicyclerepair and sales men by profession and got into contact with chopper and cruiser bikes about 5 years ago in my shop, this got me started looking into what else there was out there in the bikebuilding world and slowly but shurely the idea off making a bike off my own was developing in my mind.In 2007 I started building this bike.This is all for now ( bed is calling ) I will update in a couple off days and start telling about the work involved.

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Where can I find power supplies for EL wire...

...that are powered by a bicycle, as mentioned at the end of this article?

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Arduino bicycle security "system"? Or something similar?

After having my bike stolen I was brainstorming ideas on how to stop it from happening in the future. An idea I came up with is that, since I only leave my bike unlocked while going into a store, and I only go in with my friend(who also uses his bike), I would put an arduino board under each of our bikes.  There would also be a third "receiver" board that one of us would put in our pockets.  When the two bike boards are X feet away, the reciever as well as the boards would beep, flash, whatever. So, my question is, put simply, is this possible? Exactly as outlined? If not, how could I make it work and be similar, or at least as simple. If it is, could you point me in the basic direction of what I would need to do with the Arduino, or w/e you think would be best.

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I want to build an electric bike using mechanical energy?

Hi all  I have been given a project that I want to build an electric bicycle such that when i do peddling the mechanical energy converted to electric energy is stored in the battery and when my battery becomes fully charged i don't  need to peddle any more and use the battery and vice versa Any help ??????? regards Yaseen 

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3.7v LED driver

Hi guys how are ya doin? :DRecently I'm working on the next project, which is about battery powered bicycle led lamp. So in that case I want to use LED driver. Then I've founded this schematic with CMOS 555 timer, who runs more than 5 LEDs in series. Excited by this new found schematic, I bought the parts & connected them like so. Unfortunately, it turns out, it wont work. :/ At 3.7v they won't even light up, but at 5v they start to shine a little bit. I'm wondering do I need to put different transistor (in my case it was PN2222A - that's the one I had and its equivalent to 2N4401)? Or what the problem with this circuit.I would more than thankful for your help. :D

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Charge battery with bike dynamo

Hello, I would like to charge a battery using my dynamo on my bike. The battery I would like to use for my head and tail light for example and for charging my phone. Would this be possible and how? Thanks in advance

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How would I add a timer to an alarm system to let it ring for a set period of time? Answered

Http:// Basically trying to add a timer to this alarm so it doesn't buzz until the battery is dead. I just need to know what parts I need and to wire this to that.

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How do you install a bicycle generator to your wheel to power monkeylectric bike lights?

On Monkeylectric website under (FAQ) said the monkeylectric lights can be powered from the energy of the spinning wheel by using a bicycle Hub-integrated generator.  How do you install a Huh-integrated generator to your bicycle to power the monkeylectric lights and what parts do you need?  Also is a Hub-integrated generator the same as a Hub-generator?

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need help building electric bike!!!!

Hello all, i am building an electric bike (basically converting my old bicycle which is useless into an electric one) and figured that no one could be a better help then here at the instructables! ;D anyways, so i am using a 24v 250W motor along with 2x12v 12Ah sealed lead acid connected in parallel (in my country it's almost impossible to find a lipo4 or lipo battery for that matter). i reckon i should be able to get 30kms out of the batteries. so first of all i needed to know if this could work out for me (btw, it's not a hub motor it looks like this: but, more importantly what i want  to know is that i since i can't find an electric scooter controller over here, would it work if i could connect a electric thumb throttle (or twist throttle) in series between the battery and motor on one side, sort of like u connect a normal fan regulator or switch by cutting either the +ve or -ve wire in half and putting re connecting the wires through the switch, like in the picture below (sorry for the bad diagram), so, thanx in advance, any help will be appreciated and please reply asap as schools are starting and i have to be done before the vacations :P 

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Feasibility of an eddy current difficulty brake on a tricycle.

Hello all,  I'm a biomedical engineering student in Canada, and I'm working with a doctor to develop a training tricycle for children with cerebral palsy. One of the issues we'd like to solve is that since the tricycles are not geared, some children are simply too good at pedalling on flat surfaces and don't get the necessary muscular workout in their legs from pedalling.  We'd like to add some sort of difficulty setting to the rear wheels of the tricycle (the front wheel is occupied by a locking mechanism we designed) to make pedalling a little more challenging for some kids. I considered using a friction system but the idea of adjusting tension in two breaks simultaneously and the frequent pad replacements doesn't appeal to me.  I recently thought of using eddy currents to slow the rear wheels. This would be extremely convenient because we could control the eddy currents in function of the child's strength to give them each a personalised workout. My questions are : Do you think it's feasible to use eddy currents to adjust the difficulty of pedalling a tricycle by slowing the rear wheels? Could an electromagnetic system be used with a sufficiently large battery to allow a child to ride throughout a day? Would a system with swapable permanent magnets be more efficient (similar to a power tool)? Would an eddy brake system produce excessive heat that could in turn harm the child?  Thank you for all your help as I'm not an electrical engineer. 

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how to measure the weight of pushing on every pedal of a bicycle?

It's for a school project.. I thought the FSR sensor and arduino. I would like to measure the weight of a person for example 100kg.Maximum value of the FSR sensor is 10kg. I would like something more in detail if you could help me.

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Do you think it is possible to build a sturdy bike out of pbc pipe?

I am trying to make a motorized bicycle, and i want its frame to be very light, and sturdy, as well as inexpensive..... do you think pbc will work? If not is there some other material i can use that is cheap but sturdy?

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Need help on a circuit design and picking out components for a high output LED bicycle light!

I am building a high powered LED bicycle light using two 7V 5W LEDs (P/N: VL-H01W60005 from here: ) and I am unsure what other components I should use.  I was considering using a bunch of 9v batteries in a series & parallel configuration to achieve 18v and a higher amp-hour output.  Also, could I implement the use of a Joule Thief in my circuit to get more out of my power source?  Does anyone have any suggestions on a different power source as well?  Many thanks!

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E-Bike motor selection, would it work? Answered

Im thinking of building an ebike, but unfortanately im stuck at the motor selection. I was just thinking, if you use 250W brushed motors for them, can this motor be used... If yes , just how to use it for a chain drive E-Bike? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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what is the best way to make an induction charging system?

Using Neodymium magnets on the spokes of a bicycle rim, and coil around both forks.

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Centrifugal clutch not gripping well? Answered

I mounted a rototiller engine (Tecumseh TC300 or TC200 I think) on a bicycle after un-siezing every moving part on it, cleaning the carb etc. It seems to run well and starts very easy. But for some reason it won't make the bike move. When it's at full throttle the engine doesn't bog down or anything but smoke was coming from the centrifugal clutch and it didn't move the bike. The wheel on the bike spins if lifted off the ground but stops under any resistance. I don't think the gear ratio is to wide but that might be part of the problem. I think the clutch is not gripping well, but it looks exactly like the new one that I looked at. There is no friction pad on the shoe, just steel on steel. Should I try cutting a cross-hatch into the shoes and drum of the clutch or is there a better way? Mabey something I'm overlooking? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: The problem was the gear ratio. I have made it much narrower and the bike works now, but it has little torque espciaaly below about 5 mph. So I will make the gear ratio even narrower.

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Does anyone else remember an old educational physics film with a flying bicycle wheel?

I once saw a physics film covering various aspects of motion and the mathematics thereof.  In the part about rotational forces, a bicycle wheel (no tire) was spun fast enough to actually take off under precession force.  It was very a short flight in an arcing trajectory ending in the wheel inverting its axis and slamming into the ground...hard.  I've been wracking my brain trying to remember the name of the film to no avail.

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Circuit Design for DC to DC Buck-Boost Converter

Sir, I am Anand from india, I will made a project based on bicycle. I have take 5 to 80v From my Bicycle pedals. Generator power is in AC 3-Phase. I want to made next step. in this I want to this 3-Phase AC 5 to 80V are constant At 48V DC. I put the 4 batteries in series. 12V 20Ah battery I use. I want to charge this batteries please help me. Thank you.

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Circuit Design for DC to DC Buck-Boost Converter

Sir, I am Anand from india, I will made a project based on bicycle. I have take 5 to 80v From my Bicycle pedals. Generator power is in AC 3-Phase. I want to made next step. in this I want to this 3-Phase AC 5 to 80V are constant At 48V DC. I put the 4 batteries in series. 12V 20Ah battery I use. I want to charge this batteries please help me. Thank you.

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how do i change a bike into a man powered generator?

I want to take a bicycle or an excercise bike an convert it into a man powered generator, to be used to charge batteries in the event of long term power outage.

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Where can I find power supplies for EL wire...

...that are powered by a bicycle, as mentioned at the end of this article?

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Is there a simple way to power both 6 and 12 volt devices from a 12 volt battery? Answered

I wired up my bicycle with a 12 volt battery.  The problem is, I have a Cree MC-E led which requires between 5 and 10 volts with a buckpuck.  One person suggested resistors to drop twelve volts to nine but that would waste too much electricity.  Is there a simple way to cut the voltage in half to six volts which would not loose power in the conversion process.   Cutting the power to 6 volts would be best because there are devices aside from the light requiring 6 volts which I want to install. 

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Problem in making a voltage regulator

Hi everyone! I have a dynamo on my bicycle which can generate AC 12v-30v during normal to fast cycling. I want to power electronics and charge batteries with the dynamo but do not know how to limit the voltage to around 12v DC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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24v 250w e bike runs only 1 km with 2x 12v & ah batteries what is the reason and solution.

Hi, I made a e-bicycle project . I Have used a DC motor (My 1016,24v, 250 W )and using 2 nos of lead acid battery 2 x 12 V (7 ah/Battery). Here the problem is that the motor rotate the back wheel of bicycle(28")easily without any load but when the load applied  it runs only 1(one) k.m after that it runs nearly zero (torque produced only 10%)i checked the battery voltage it shows 11.8&11.9volts . i have done this 5 times but stil the results are same.checked the motor,chain, weight is 50 Kg.Will you help me? bala

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Battery charger circuit?

Hi, Can someone help with a simple battery charging circuit? It is to be attached to bicycle dynamo to charge the 4 V battery. Now the power generated by the dynamo would be fluctuating depending upon the RPM. So need to build a charger that would ensure constant supply to the battery. Preferably simple and economical circuit as this would be used on some charitable work. 

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How do I set up a mobile wifi router (LAN), and a wifi windows machine? Answered

We are a collective of dancers and bicyclists that organize huge bicycle rallies up and down the west coast. There are dozens of bicycle sound systems on these rides, and we seek to send an airplay audio signal to everyone's smartphone with wifi. The software of choice is Airfoil.  For it to send audio, it needs to be installed on a windows or mac computer (not cell phone or tablet). Smart phones can then receive the audio signal. I need help designing a road worthy wifi router and windows machine to be the moving hub of this wifi broadcasting party. Extra points for durability, signal strength and thrift. Please be detailed, because I am only vaguely knowledgeable of wifi, and I'm not that bright. Please note that I am well versed with other options for sending an audio signal. I have reasons for being this specific. Without your help, I would acquire a used netbook with a solid state drive running windows (maybe about $200), grab a wifi router (I have a few older ones lying around) run it all on an inverter and give it a go. Because I am a mac guy, I don't know how to do anything, like how to set up a local area network.... (I usually jam in a cable from a high-speed modem).... we are not doing that on a bicycle, so I'm a bit fuzzy on that part. I am well versed with power supplies, and willing for the range to be less than ideal at first... (that can be improved later) I am just looking to get a trial of this system up and running. I am most appreciative of your help, and I plan on writing a full article on what I've learned, if successful~ Thanks!!! Tor PS, Photo not of me, but these people are obviously awesome, and will love what we are doing.

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