Wacky bike?

You know at carnivals they have those "wacky bikes" Ride it like 6 feet or so and you win a little pocket motorcycle. I would like to make one. Not sure where to begin or if this is easy enough for me (I have no metal working tools other then a dremel and a grinder). Basically, the wacky bike is a bike that when you turn the handlebars left, the wheel goes right.

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OK so i am buying a used pocket bike but i am not to shure what to look for on the bike and what to make shure it has and make shure nothing is wrong!

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HMD for biking?

Oh I'm looking into building an HMD for biking. I have the idea of using a miniature lcd from one of those video glasses to project an image onto a piece of one way mirrored acrylic and mounting all of this on a pair of safety glasses. an app displaying current, max and avg.speed and direction on my iphone would provide the information for the display. I'd likely have to add blinders on each side to block out light from the side. but because it is so bright on the other side of the mirrored acrylic i would be able to see through it making into a hud/hmd. any way i have a couple of questions. 1.) do the glasses display whats on the iphone at all times or only during videos? 2.) is this even feasible? below are images of what the iphone displays as well as a rough 2D solid edge drwaing

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Electric bike generator?

I have an electric bike that has a 24 volt 450 watt motor, running on the back wheel.  would it be possible to fit a front hub motor  on the front wheel to ether help with charging the battery's while using the electric motor to run the bike or be able to power the motor when you have started to move.  If this is possible what size hub motor would I need in the front wheel and what modification would I have to make.

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Exercise bike racing.

Iv recently purchased a mirafit pro exercise bike,it has a cadencse sensor (2 wire connecter)linked to a ok ish computer kph distance calories,i was wondering if theres a way of making it more enjoyable linking the bike to a computer video game or something along those lines,iv had a look on the net for ideas but cannot manage to string components to a game/software without spending a lot of money.

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Exercise bike racing.

Iv recently purchased a mirafit pro exercise bike,it has a cadencse sensor (2 wire connecter)linked to a ok ish computer kph distance calories,i was wondering if theres a way of making it more enjoyable linking the bike to a computer video game or something along those lines,iv had a look on the net for ideas but cannot manage to string components to a game/software without spending a lot of money can you help please. Simon.

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Problem with my 125CC Bike? Answered

In day time i find my bike running not smoothly.But in night time i found that my bike is running very smoothly.My question may seems like silly.But i want to know the reason.After that i was thinking about how the bike will run smoothly in night time, suddenly a thought strikes my mind,that is in my country night time is slightly cold.Bike engines mix the fuel and air for combustion.In day time the air in the surroundings will not be in cold condition it will be slightly hot.So the ignition is rough and in night time the air will be cold,so ignition process goes smoothly in night time.The mixing of fuel and cold air makes the bike to run smoothly.This is the idea that strikes my mind.Is it correct or not.If it is not correct then explain me what was the reason for the bike to run smoothly in night time.

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Feasability of a solar bike charger ?

Hello, I have an electric bike and I would like to mount a solar charger on the bike to extend its life while in use. I have no experience with solar chargers. Is this possible ? I'am afraid charging while in use might be a problem. Though, the battery has 2 connectors, different for charging and using, I'am also afraid the limited Amperage due to the power of the solar panel (max ~0.2 m²) bike battery : Li-Ion 25.2VDC 10Ah battery charger output : 29.4V 2A Any ideas / recommendations are indeed welcome :)

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Turn Signal Bike Jackets

Looks like Leah Buechley has been busy making even more Turn Signal Bike Jackets. From her Flickr post: on the steps of Shih Chien U, prototyped by me w/ parts from the taipei electronics markets & made by (awesome) Shih Chien University fashion students via CRAFT

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Charge battery with bike dynamo

Hello, I would like to charge a battery using my dynamo on my bike. The battery I would like to use for my head and tail light for example and for charging my phone. Would this be possible and how? Thanks in advance

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Charge batteries with a bike dynamo? Answered

I am experimenting with ways to charge batteries while cycling. Standard bike dynamos produce 3 watt 6 volts.  That's not a lot of power but 12 hours of cycling should charge a 36 watt hour battery.  I am thinking about about making my own battery pack.  It needs to be 4s1p 14.4 volts.   What I need help on is what sort of battery chemistry to get: lithium ion, LiMiNi, lithium poly, etc.  The batteries I need should charge efficiently at low current (about .25 amps).   The other thing I need help with is how to turn the dynamo power into charging power.  I know I need to rectify it and smooth it.  I have heard about Zener diodes.  They are used in solar applications because they are more energy efficient.  Should I use those? Lastly, dynamo power varies depending on the speed of the bike (Between 0 volts and 12 volts.)  Lithium ion cells need a 4.35 volt charge.  Would it be better to use a regular voltage regulator you get a radio shack or a switching voltage regulator.  I have an anyvolt 3.  Maybe there are PCBs you know of which automatically regulate a vacillating input voltage. 

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bike light design help

Im trying to design a new light for night riding im using a 7 led array in the neighborhood of 1500lm with a 30deg wide beam of light but ive hit a bump in the road and would like some guidance in it so far my pictures are only a rough draft per say 

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Suggestions for a beginner project bike?

I'm jumping the gun a little bit here, but looking ahead to winter and the off season, I want to find a cheap project bike I can tinker with. I have some mechanical inclinations, but it will be a bit of learning curve, so I want something that's pretty accessible and relatively easy to work on for a beginner. I'm looking for a cruiser anywhere from 250cc to 500cc with minimal bells and whistles. Lay those suggestions on me. Showbox Tutuapp VidmateAlso, what are some red flags I should look out for that are going to end up giving me nightmares? I want a bike I can work on and learn with, but I'm definitely not looking to do a complete rebuild.

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Wanted circuit diagram to increase brightness bike headlight?

Wanted circuit diagram to increase brightness bike headlight, details 12v dynamo, 135cc?

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I'm a physics teacher and have an old bike in my possession. What are some neat toys I can make?

I am in need of some demonstrations which can be made from old bike parts. Or, neat things to enhance my classroom would work as well (gear clocks which rotate, etc).

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My bike dynamo is rated 6 volts, I put a bridge rectifier and when I measured it outputs 8.4 volts, how did it happened?

I used 4 IN4001 for  the bridge rectifier, I measured the voltage output as I spin the wheel and it rated as high as 8.4 volts. Can someone please explain how did the voltage increased? Thank you very much. :)

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how does this work? Answered

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my ps2 turned into black and white?

No color

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How can I make speakers on a bicycle

How can I make speakers on a bicycle with 12v but when I ride the bike battery that is recharged from 12v dynamo to do this does anyone have an idea plz help me!!!

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help ?

Hi i have got trouble with my electric bike brushless motor.i have just brought from china 36 volt 700watt motor it started to sound a bit rough.i have open the motor and there 6 wires glued.and 3 more wires just glued to a copper wire can this be solded cheers

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about electricity generation?

I want to create a electricity by moving two wheelers ????how???tell me plz

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hand washing liquid?

How i can product a hand washing liquid?please help & give me a formulation ,thanks

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what is a listerning device for bird watching ?

Specifications,mode of operation,accuracy and resolution,stability and drift,range of use and limits of these,operating conditions,

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my nintendo fell in water ,now will not work what can i do fix it?

Fell in water will not power on

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what is the minimum temperature that could be achived by a peltier fridge?

if want to make a fridge based on peltier effect , then what is the minimum deegre of temperature it could give me on the colder side?  

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I'm looking for some help in constructing a portable mechanism to attach to a manual wheelchair and to the front of a bicycle while still using the wheelchair handles to manouvre the wheelchair.  The front wheel would have to be removed in order to utilize the wheel chair handles to steer.  This attachment would be for two elderly people able to get out but not able to walk far.  Using this converted mode of transportation would make life so much easier.  The wheel chair is presently folded in the trunk of a car and the bike could be attached onto a bick rack for sightseeing purposes.  Any ideas out there?? Thank you,

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i want to increase my cycles speed using gears .what i had to do for that?

I want to increase my cycles speed using gears.what i had to do for that?

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walkie talkie circuit diagram?

Pls I need a simple circuit diagram of walkie talkie that I can use for my project with detail information. details and circuit can be send to my mail: enochaj@yahoo.com Tanks

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i want to scan a deck of playing cards using a wireless sensor ?

i want to scan a deck of playing cards using a wireless small sensor,i want to know which sensor i can use

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im a computer science student and i need some project topics preferably on networking

I need some project topics that i can choose from. i would prefer if its on networking and little of programming.

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building of a mobile controlled robo wid camera

i wanted to have some idea about the circuits related to build mobile controlled robo. can u plz send me the circuit n as well as the way to implement it in a descriptive manner

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How can I design and develop a earth resistivity meter for groundwater exploration upto a 200mtrs investigation depth

This meter will contain 2 set of meter, one to measure current injected into the ground and the other one to measure potential or voltage between 2electrode potential.

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can any body give me design of cycle based jig saw?

I work for aborigins in india they require cheap human powered machines can anybody help i want jigsaw, drill machine design

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helloi want to desing a emg working prosthetic arm 1st problem is how to capture emg data.plz fing solution?

I want to desing a emg working prosthetic arm. 1st problem is how to capture emg data.(means circuit for sensor,placement of sensor) plz fing solution?

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I am asking a question that i have a battery of 12 volts and 45 amps and i am running three leds on it one led is 10watt so three leds is 30 watt how many time the battery runs the leds and how many or maximum ampare i need to charge the battery

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hot end of 3d printer problem? Answered

Hello instructors  i build big 3d printer 1000mm *800 mm *800mm  its working ok . but i have problem with hot end in the second layer stop milting filament  i build three 3d printers but this the first time i see like this problem if any one have ideas what the solution  thanks to u

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banning good science?

Do you guys really solicit others for people to ban good science? Steve Would you please stop spamming the comment section on my Dual Axis Solar Tracker project. I had someone from the instructables staff email me today asking if I wanted to ban you from viewing my projects, or delete all your posts, or just turn off comments. It would be far easier if you just refrained. You've made your points several times over. If you wish to comment on solar trackers there are quite a few OTHER projects you could start discussions on. Joshua

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electric Bike/on Brink looked like steam powered bike was supposed to have on-line instructions on how to make. Where?

Where can I find how to build the electric bike that looked like a steam powered bike from the TV show Brinkk?

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can make the bike running with water only?

Can any one tell to make the 100cc bike by only running with water (hydrogen in water)?

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how can i use a generator with a 72v electric bike?

I read the article on how to make a 72v electric bike and a 96v electric bike and i was wondering if we could place another 72v motor inline with the main ( so when 1 motor rotates the othere also rotates at same speed producing electricity )and use the 2nd as a generator to charge the battery . if we could use a diode in the circuit so as to make the current flow from the 2nd motor to battery and not the other way.

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how doi attach a one wheeled bike trolley to a bike? tips, ideas new ideas to make it better = much apretiated. :)

Can i use a set of old handle bars or something?? i havent got many new things,. its kind of a scrap heap diy job, but the trolley itsself if fine, just i dont know how many points to connect it on or where.. etc..

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Could I rig my motor to run a bike?

Okay, so I have a permanent magnet motor I was using as the generator for a Giromill (wind turbine). It's rated at 375 RPM for 120V I believe, and I'm uncertain as to its other characteristics... I've read that voltage is generally proportional to speed in a motor, and amperage to torque, so would hooking up a couple of car batteries or something similar be an effective way to power me and a bicycle around, or am I missing something (other than a control mechanism, of course)? In short, I know that car batteries can work to power a bike, but the unknown here is my motor, and whether it'd be able to work in this circumstance.

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Please looking for recommend on the best bike light DIY on Instructables!

Hello, Subject pretty much says all. I'm getting dizzy going through all the bike lighting projects here on Instructables :) Could anyone recommend a good setup that is : 1) Relatively low cost 2) Easy to do 3) Bright 4) Uses standard AAA or AA type batteries (already have these and great charger) 5) Possibly shared system for headlight and flashing tail light This is on a newer urban type bike, so I'd like something I can tie down pretty well. Been using the old hose clamp and 1 LED flashlight for a few years. It's not very good. Thanks for any pointers!

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How to make led lighting on your bike with a rechargeable battery?

Hi, I want to build led lighting on my bike with a 9V battery that charges all the time. so i made a diode bridge and added some capacitors, and i measured about 45V DC when i cycled down a hill. thats way too much current to handle for a 9 volt battery, so i got myself a LM317T, but at this point I'm getting a noob. i get confused when i see ground and the - pole. and i haven't worked allot with transistors, so can someone build a circuit for me where i have; - The diode bridge - The 35V 560uF capacitor - 1 Bright white led up front - 3 Bright Red led's at the back Thank you!

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Can I backfeed energy produced by a bike generator into my house through a 110 outlet?

My friend rides her bike for hours on end. it is like a mouse on it's wheel. Can we generate electricity and feed it into the wiring to lower her electricity bill? I guess we would need a power inverter and someway to safely feed the power into the grid.

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