Casting Resin issue?

I'm trying to cast some resin claws for a halloween/convention costume I'm trying to make ( it isn't a Wolverine one .. more a VERY twisted, evil, and blood thirsty Mad Hatter character ) and running into a bit of trouble. I'm following the 5 drops of hardener per 1 oz of resin that is stated on the resin can's instructions. It also says it's supposed to set hard enough to support objects at 40 minutes. I mixed a 2oz batch of resin ( 10 drops of hardener ) and poured it into a rubber latex lined plaster mold that I had sprayed with mold release. I put a bolt down partly into the resin so I can later attach a wire to it and left it alone for about an hour to an hour and a half. I came back to check on it and the bolt was still able to be moved/removed with NO resistance. I figured the mix was bad and threw it out, but noticed it was the consistancy of slime. Did I mess it up and not wait long enough, or did I not add enough hardener or what ? Any suggestions would be great!

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Does anyone know how to make an electronic robotic claw or arm easily?

Robotics have always interested me, but I have not known how to make any simple robotic claws or arms. Please give me some good instructions on how to make an electronic robotic claw or arm.

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Need some urgent help in Hydraulics!! Answered

I want to participate in a Robowar tournament in IIT, India. For the weapon I am planning to use Hydraulic claw just like Razor from Robotwars. Could someone please tell me what are parts needed for the hydraulics?    

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How would one go about building a puzzle lock like the ones you have to open with the various dragon claws in Skyrim?

 I want to make a working puzzle lock with a little dragon claw key like for some of those doors in Skyrim to be placed on a box...ideally the door would either go down like in the game or simple open out like one of those little tin safe banks I had as a kid :-)  Any idea how I'd go about making one of these?  The simpler the better (even nicer if I can make the parts cheap or get them at a good cost, lol)  If you haven't yet tried Skyrim and thus have no idea what I'm talking about, if you go to youtube and type "golden claw puzzle" in their search it shows the "door lock" in action. Thanks in advance!

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Twitter powered toy grabber

Hi I work for a social media agency in the UK and am working on a project with a client that need some help on.  The idea is to create a toy grabber that is powered by tweets. Probably using a traditional fairground grabbing claw and hacking it some way using Arduino to take commands from Tweets. Does anyone think this is feasible and if so how it could work.  Also if anyone fancies taking up the challenge for a fee or just for kudos ;-) Look forward to hearing from you D

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Which Low RPM Gear Motor?

I am working on a robot that will have a grabbing claw, of sorts, and I'm not sure what gear motors to use to actuate the claw.  It needs to have significant gripping power, so the gear motor must be low-RPM and high torque.  The two best options I have found so far are these: 1. 12VDC Gear Motor, 7 Rpm 2-7/16" x 1-5/16" Dia. 2.  Tamiya 70110 4-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit   If I used the Tamiya gearbox, I would also have to buy higher voltage motors, so the cost of the two is approximately equal.  Because of its layout, I think the Tamiya would be easier to use, but I'm worried about stripping the plastic gears.  Also, I have a smaller Tamiya gearbox, and the axle has some play in it and is extremely noisy. The 12V gear motor, on the other hand, appears to be more robust and probably has metal internal gears, but it would make my robot a bit larger. Does anyone have experience with Tamiya gearboxes?  How do they handle high loads?  If anyone has any input on these two choices, or other motors you think would be even better, I'd really appreciate the help.  Thanks!

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Wifi litter box pooper scooper

Hello! I have a cute little Boston Terrier pup whom I've named Penny. Most of the day she has to spend indoors while I'm at work. I've trained her to use a litter box and she uses it regularly. However, if there is too much poop in the box, she won't use it. I'm wondering if there is a neat tech way to use the internet to control a robotic arm, with a video feed, to pick up the poo, and drop it in a waste bin. I'm thinking about some something like a wifi claw game that I can operate remotely, either from my computer at work, or on my iPhone.

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Help wiring and programming a Robot Arm? Answered

I have been building a robot arm for a competition, and I have the structure completed. I am very new to Arduino, and have little know-how when it comes to wiring properly and even less when it comes to programming. I have uploaded pictures of the robot arm as well as a crude circuit diagram of what I think needs to be wired. (Sorry if it is a bit confusing, I am reaaaaally new to this.) I am trying to control each joint (claw, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and rotary base) with a 10k pot. similar to how the Arduino servo knob command works. I plan on eventually making an instructable for this and will credit any help I get there.

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Damn you service pack three!

Well I finally gave in to the little pop-up box in the corner of the screen and installed Xp service pack three and it messed me about something shocking... A list of issues: - The quazi-vista theme I was running wet itself completely, now replaced with Zune theme - Firefox three got very upset and now has a mint theme because it had a bog standard theme that looked similar - The startup screen (login bit) and the login screen for password protection on knocking off screensaver is going mad, both do work but have some bizarre half breed theme on the go - The computer ticked and banged for ages - Multiple other weird ones - Oh startup programs decided to appear, suddenly I was inundated by FF, messenger, skype, media player and photoshop all opening on startup rather than just wireless G-utility... The odd three are on my taskbar list, some connection... Skype, I have no clue. Before the restart everything worked really oddly, I caught on that it was time because it refused me the ability to install programs and generally messed around. On the upside I hit a couple of sites and the combination of a less heavyweight theme and a ram optimiser majigger have got the computer running faster, now I'm just clawing back all my old settings. Slowly.

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