Is soldering a health risk?

I was just wondering how (aside from being clumsy and burning yourself) soldering can be a health risk. I would suppose the fumes would be bad for you, and is there anything else? And is it safe to solder in an average room in a house, or should I do it outside for better ventilation? 

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If certified in CPR are you required to help in an emergency situation? And if you don't can you be sued? Answered

I am considering CPR certification and I am aware of the "Good Samaritan Law" that protects you from lawsuits for trying to help a victim and failing to save their life.  My concern is, are you bound by the law to help in every emergency situation that arises?  If I choose not to intervene are there legal ramifications?

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Charcoal on skin?

I I have hard that charcoal has the ability to soak up toxins and germs. Would it be bad to use this on skin as a mask? Maybe grind up NATURAL charcoal and then add a little water to make a paste and if necesary add thickeners to make kind of a covering for skin for health?

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What could be inside of this? It is something for removing earth's radiation? Answered

What can be inside of this (Attachment) ? It should be a device you put under your bed to neutralize health effects of Hartman and Curry grids - Earth radiation. I am guessing a simple coil, but what is happening if you connect it to the power outlet's ground? What do you think about it? Is this bogus device, and would there be a way to neutralize those radiations? (I do not have this thing, I just want to prevent my father from wasting $50... by the way there are no possible returns)

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measuring my cat's activity

Hi guys, I'm trying to create a little gadget to measure my cat's activity throughout the day by measuring its steps and sleep. I can attach a regular fitness band around its neck but I've got no clue as to the algorithm to go along with it since cats obviously don't move the same way our wrist or arm would. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!

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How can I block wifi signals? Answered

I'm doing a science experiment to see what wifi does to health, so I need to block it. I want to make a box holding cell cultures or something to see what happens. 

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CFL's putting out too much UV radiation?

Our local (I think) news service has done a story about CFL's emitting too much UV radiation, You can view it here.Would you rather sit under an incandescent light or a CFL for a extended period of time?Do you think they should have warning labels on them?Do you have any other opinions on CFL's and energy saving globes?Or do you think this is all just a way to get more people to but the old incandescent bulbs?

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RGB LED Life Bar, 10 Sections, Individual LED Control, Arduino

Okay, I want to make a "Life Bar" using an arduino controller, 10 RGB leds, and a clear plastic box with ten sections. I'm going to mount this on a wall in my room. Each section will be diffused or frosted and will be 4 x 4 x 4. One RGB LED will in the "back" of the section, with the wiring, coming out of the back of each section. The controller will be to the left side of the total ten sections, with the USB port having easy access. I think I'm going to have one switch to control the modes of the LED and cycle through each mode, which would reset after the lowest "health" of the bar is reached; RED BLINKING >> Press Switch >> FULL HEALTH. I'd like to control each LED individually so I can create a diminishing "Life Bar." Like this: (Colors of the LEDS) OFF = No Color, LED not LIT BLU = Blue AQU = Aqua GRN = Green YEL = Yellow RED = Red REDB = RED Blinking So: Phase One (Full Health. HAHAHAHA I'M INVINCIBLE.) |BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU| Phase Two (I tripped whilst fighting.) |OFF|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU|BLU| Phase Three (I'm hurt a little, but I'll be okay.) |OFF|OFF|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU| Phase Four (I should probably start looking to see if there are any potions around.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU|AQU| Phase Five (Green? Green is good.. Right?) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN| Phase Six (It's okay I've fought this boss before at much less health.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN|GRN| Phase Seven (This boss... This boss can breathe fire now..?) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|YEL|YEL|YEL|YEL| Phase Eight ('Tis but a Scratch!) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|YEL|YEL|YEL| Phase Nine (HEALS HEALS HEALS HEALS PLEASE PLEASE ANYONE.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|RED|RED| Phase Ten (Okay, I have almost no health, my party is dead, and my strongest attack: Let's do this.) |OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|OFF|REDB| Basically, every press of the switch would idealy cause the lifebar to cycle through these phases, after the lowest health, it would cycle back to the beginning, full health status. The actual box will be DC powered, because I want it to be as seamless as possible with no wires showing. The answers that I am looking for : What would be the best controller for this application? Any helpful hints on where I could look for something relatively similar for programming this? I know that I am asking a lot, I am pretty much new to arduino programming and every howto or tutorial I've found talks of controlling all the LEDS together, I'm not sure if that would apply here since I have so many "phases" if you can shed any light on how to approach this, I would be eternally grateful and would totally fight dragons with you any time. Thanks!

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How to test jewellery for cadmium?

These days a lot of jewellery is testing as containing dangerous levels of lead and cadmium, mostly Chinese imports.  How could a consumer test jewellery for cadmium, easily and cheaply at home, please?  I can't find anything online about how to test for cadmium.

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What is your strategy to overcome your ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) without Ritalin?!

 Well, I have a long term ADD (Atention Deficit Disorder). Nowaday I use Ritalin. It´s good, but sometimes I definitely think about another treatment. Despite of Ritalin, sometimes I become very very unfocused....doing and thinking a lot of things...that means doing nothing, because I can´t schedule projects and daily activities....I´ve tried other strategies like hypnosis, meditation, etc. Now, I´m researching Neurofeedback, cogitating to build an EEG machine...What do you do to manage your crisis?! UPGRADE: Well...I'm thinking to buy this (emotiv epoc)...

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Awesome modifications that would allow a person with severe electromagnetic radiation sensitivity to use a computer?

Here's a challenge: My friend cannot be in the same room as anything emitting electromagnetic radiation, so no computer or phone, but she longs to be in touch with people. She's now limited in contact to her husband and people who come to visit, but is about to move away from the city where we live to a small town with cleaner air (she's also struggling with multiple chemical sensitivity), so will be moving 2.5 hours away from most of her friends. I can imagine some awesome solution that would transition from mechanical technology to digital signals (ie. typewriter keyboard connected to computer in the other room), but I'm not the hacker to do it. Is there anything existing out there? This seems like it would be right up the steampunk folks' alley. Any good ideas? Sources for solutions? Any thoughts that anybody has would be greatly appreciated, and probably put to use. Figuring this out will add significantly to my friend's quality of life...!

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Awesome modifications that would allow a person with severe electromagnetic radiation sensitivity to use a computer?

This is more of a challenge than a question: ! My friend cannot be in the same room as anything emitting electromagnetic radiation -- no computer or phone -- but she longs to be in touch with people. She's now limited in contact to her husband and people who come to visit, but is about to move away from the city where we live to a small town with cleaner air (she's also struggling with multiple chemical sensitivity), so will be moving 2.5 hours away from most of her friends. I can imagine some awesome solution that would transition from mechanical technology to digital signals (ie. typewriter keyboard connected to computer in the other room), but I'm not the hacker to do it. Is there anything existing out there? This seems like it would be right up the steampunk folks' alley. Any good ideas? Sources for solutions? Any thoughts that you might offer will be greatly appreciated, and probably put to use. Figuring this out will add significantly to my friend's quality of life...!

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Does a florescent black light carry any health risks greater than that of a regular florescent bulb? Answered

Does it generate a higher level of UV radiation than a regular florescent lamp  or just "filter out" visible light with colored glass like the incandescent black lights? Should I worry about extended exposure to the skin or eyes? Thanks.

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How to strip cables to free the copper inside?

E-waste collectors in countries like Ghana collect cables and then burn them to get rid of the plastic and then sell the copper. This process is not environmental friendly and harms their health. I'm working on a project to find better ways to treat imported e-waste. Is there a better way to strip cables that would not imply burning, and that would respect the worker's health? Thanks!

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Solder fume extractor with carbon and HEPA filters?

I have been reading about the subject, and most articles tell that carbon filters are good for solder chemicals, fumes and odors, while HEPA filter are designed to remove dust, allergens and micro-organisms from the air. Supposedly, solder fume extractors should use both filters for an efficient filtering of the chemicals. Is this correct? Thanks for your time! Source:;=j&q;=&esrc;=s&source;=web&cd;=4&cad;=rja&uact;=8&ved;=0ahUKEwiWkOu6v8nPAhUIPJAKHXhDCgEQFgg1MAM&url;;=AFQjCNHqetU2dZG3hSaRNmPIl1LhUObshw (The link redirects to a PDF file!)

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Wearable Technology

Which is the most innovative wearable technology till date?

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Can you turn a NFC tag off? Answered

Seemingly stupid question, but I would like to know if there is some way to turn an NFC tag off. Basically, I'm helping a friend with a game of lazer tag he's trying to throw together with some scrap parts, and one of the ideas was a health pack. To try and balance things, we want the health pack to only work X amount of times, with a Y cooldown between uses. My original thought for this is to just stick a micro-controller inside the health pack that would control a NFC tag that can be turned off an on per parameters set on the controller. The person wanting to use the pack would just pick it up, and stick it to there chest to use it. Once used, the tag goes off for the cooldown.  Alternately, if there was some way to re-write the tag from an arduino or similar platform, that would work just as well (maybe even better!) thanks in advance! 

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Methods of identifying location of miniatures for electronic wargame?

Greetings, I want to make a wargame with miniatures, and somehow have a computer detect the locations of the pieces so that is can keep track of things such as their health and experience. Ideas: - oOptically with a camera and barcodes on each piece, but that would require the surface be transparent with the barcodes underneath. - Is there is possible to determine the exact location of RFIDs? Any ideas? Thanks

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Where could one acquire a small O2 gas cylinder? Answered

Where could I go to get small O2 tanks without much expense for individuals without health issues or special licenses of any sort? I DO NOT need anything of a specfic grade as this is for combustion. I wont be breathing this (at least not on purpose) I want is the small medical sized bottles

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Solder types (electronics), some good info on the topic

This thread on stackexchange gives overview of different solder and flux types, what to choose as beginner hobbyist and some points on health risks. The answerers do not agree on everything, but despite that there is lots of quality information gathered together. Maybe good to refer to, when some part of the topic comes up in questions section some time again. Enjoy.

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Mirror acrylic Glue

Hey,I have been researching the best way to glue acrylic mirror together into a cube the same as the picture attached. So far I have been told it is quiet hard but Dichloro is what my supplier was able to find out. I have read a lot of health hazards and difficulty getting hold of it. Is there any that would be able to point me in the right direction.With my normal acrylic i just use a weldbond etc but the mirrored surface would not be suited.Thanks in advance everyone.

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Why was there plastic on my plasma ball? Answered

So I have had my plasma ball for about a year now and it wasn't very clear anymore.  At the top I noticed that there was some kind of coating on it after washing about 5 times with windex.  The ball worked fine were there wans't coating anymore so I rubbed it all off, it was plastic and now my hands are all sparkly.  Was that ok or am I risking major health problems.  Also, what is it for. So also, if your plasma ball is murky this is why.

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how can i make sodium hypochlorite bleach from rudimentary material.

Please help me to make sodium hypochlorite bleach from rudimentary material for sterilisation purposes ( i was told by a US trained man that it was so) someone told me to check you out on the net.(that u knew all sorts of wonderful hands-on chemistry) and for mouth wash. it is for a rural health post in northern ghana. we buy the stuff from accra and transporting it across the country to the north is making the cost difficult for the rural folks here to afford. but they need it as cheap as possible for hygiene purposes.

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arduino coding question - if any of the 3 sensors are low, turn off led? Answered

Hello everyone. i have no background in programming. i am currently working on a plant health monitor. the monitor has 3 sensors, water - temperature - light. i can successfully read data from sensors and turn on/off leds depending on the values. what I just CAN'T figure out how to do yet is this; i want to be able to keep a green led lit as long as all the environmental conditions are good from the 3 analog sensors and turn the led off if either sensor is off.  is this clear enough? - let me know if you don't understand my question and here is my code so far... plant health monitor V1.0 by Akin Yildiz int sensor_temp = A0; int value_temp; int sensor_light = A1; int value_light; int sensor_water = A2; int value_water; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode (11, OUTPUT); // temperature LED, red color pinMode (10, OUTPUT); // light LED, yellow color pinMode (9, OUTPUT); // water LED, blue color pinMode (6, OUTPUT); // this is the green LED i want to program } void loop() { value_temp = analogRead(sensor_temp); Serial.print("temperature"); Serial.println( value_temp ); value_light = analogRead(sensor_light); Serial.print("light"); Serial.println( value_light ); value_water = analogRead(sensor_water); Serial.print("water"); Serial.println( value_water ); delay(1000); if (value_temp < 400){   digitalWrite (11, HIGH); // plant too cold - red led on }else{   digitalWrite (11, LOW); // normal temp - red led off } if (value_light < 300) {   digitalWrite (10, HIGH); // not enough light - yellow led on }else{   digitalWrite (10, LOW); // enough light - yellow led off } if (value_water < 600) {   digitalWrite (9, HIGH); // plant thirsty - blue led on }else{   digitalWrite (9, LOW); // soil is moist - blue led off } WE HAVE TO ADD SOME LINES HERE FOR GREEN LED ON DIGITAL PIN 6. I need this LED to come on when all other LEDs are off and turn off when either of the other LEDs are on! } -- thank you for your time, i'm sure it is an easy line to add but again i'm amazed that I got this far, all learned from this webpage! akin,

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Fixing A CRT TV

I am planning on buying some classic consoles soon, (NES,SNES,SEGA Genesis,N64, etc) and I want to be able to play them on the kind of screen they were made for, a CRT. I have one that a friend gave me, but due to being moved a lot, and probably not gently, the picture has fallen out of alignment. Specifically it cuts off a large portion of the screen on the left, (leaving a thick space of black on the right) and is at a slight angle. It is not all that big of a shift, but it is a real pain in games with items in that section, because ammo counts, health bars, treasure chests, and even chunks of text can be hidden in that space. Could anyone tell me how to fix this issue? And how hard it is to do?

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Indoor Thermometer - Check temp at home while at work

Hello! I sure hope this qualifies as a Tech category! I'm looking to build (or possibly buy) an indoor digital thermometer that transmits the temperature information to my computer over the internet. The goal is to be able to check the temperature of my house while I'm at work, or anyplace else with internet access. Do any of you know of a simple way to build this? Has it been done before? With temperatures here in Washington DC breaking records this week (over 100F) I'm worried about my pets health at home, and more worried that the a/c will go out while I'm away and I'd never know. This could result in the death of my pets, and I'd love to be able to be informed in time if something were to happen and the temperature rose suddenly (or dipped, in winter). Help in the right direction is greatly appreciated!

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Looking for someone in NYC who is savvy with electronics & physical construction for a window display project

Help Remedies has envisioned three window displays at a prominent beauty and health chain retailer in NYC. We're looking for someone to realize the ideas into physical window installations including sourcing the materials, building the various components, and installing the elements. The three different displays contain the following elements: 1. an interactive window wherein passersby initiate the activity by pressing a sensor on the window. This activates two small objects to release from the ceiling and fall into a receptacle. 2. two monitors or displays of some sort (could be a projection) which display two Facebook pages with live updating. 3. a large-scale printout with attractively merchandised objects. This is a contract/short-term freelance opportunity. Applicants should have relevant experience in electronics and physical construction. Email if interested. Thank you.

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Getting copper out of cables the low-cost low-tech way

Hi all, I'm working on a project aimed at helping e-waste workers in Ghana. They collect cables and burn them to get the copper (see video 6min). Burning them is toxic and they damage their health. I'm looking for alternatives to this burning process. - First idea would be stripping cables. I will need a very basic tool, man-powered, to strip them. - Second idea would be shredding and sorting out. Probably something like this bike ( I would like to do it open source hardware to facilitate replication. I'm looking for people who can help by giving tips on how to build a prototype, and maybe get more involved.  Do you know about tools that can serve this purpose of getting copper out the cables, low-cost, low-tech? Thanks

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How to convert a mains from a Catit Drinking Fountain Circulating Pump to a battery system?

Hi All I look after some feral cats and I am trying to improve their health by encouraging them to drink more water by putting a cat drinking fountain  close to their colony. Cats are known to develop kidny problems because of their refusal to drink stagnate water. They see stagnate water as a potential poison. The fountain is powered by mains as per the link below. I was wondering if someone here with good electrical knowledge could pointing me out in the right direction to get this project started. Ideally I would like to get it powered by a battery powerful enough to last a few months or more. I have heard of inverters, but I am not sure if this is the solution. It has to be some sort of standalone mini power plant, because it will live the wild. The power adater is similar to the one in the link below: This is a humanistic project, and I would be grateful if someone could help me finding the solution for this matter. Thank you. A

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Amp hour draw question for LED setups

Hi, I have an led setup that is drawing .39A  @12v.  I am running it with a 4.5ah alarm panel battery. My questions are: Is there a way to calculate the how long this set up will run  knowing that leds stop working when the power dips under a certain amount?  I have been running this set up for about 4 hours at a time, about once a week without issues for several years.  I always top off the battery at a 2amp setting on the charger.  It always takes less than an hour to top off after 4 hours of use.  This is probably good for the battery cause it shows that it isn't being drawn down much during it's 4 hours of use.  I then put it on a float charger for storage till the following week.   Could this be run on a smaller battery without affecting the battery life?    I would like to run the smallest and lightest set up possible while maintaining the health of the sealed battery that probably doesn't like heavy recharge cycles. What is the smallest I should go while keeping the battery healthy?  Thanks for the info. 

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How do I bring this massive motor back to life? Answered

I have an old, fairly large treadmill motor lying around, and I would like to put it to good use again. However, I have a bit of a problem- the control board is missing, and I don't want to have to get a new one.... The motor has a sticker that says: P.M. D.C. Motor Model-C3354B3304 (judging by the number of hits that I got on eBay, this model is probably fairly popular) ICON P/N M- 190528 21.4 AMPS E62788 CW Rotation INS. Class H OPEN CONST. EXTERNAL FAN 1.5 HP CONT. DUTY @ 95 DC ICON Health and Fitness. (On the far right, it says "2.65 HP") ................................................................ What would be the cheapest way to get this working? I was thinking of getting a bridge rectifier with, adding an inductance to lower the current draw, and connecting some old caps from a computer SMPS to smooth the output, but I don't quite know if this will work. Can someone lend a hand?

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Alkaline Charger

So, I want to try and build a charger for alkaline batteries with an Arduino.  I'll be using it to recharge 9v batteries. What I want to know is: What would the optimum charge current/voltage be?  Should I pulse the charge current? How do I detect the state of charge? How can I get ~1.6v from the arduino to charge an AA? Can I use PWM 5v? And any other useful info you may want to add. I have a ton of parts/shields/etc for arduino as well as components.  LCD's, IC's, LEDs, diodes, resistors, crystals, etc. Would also like to do a battery diagnostic utility to test health, resistance, charge, etc. Can anyone help? EDIT: So I made a quick circuit and sketch to charge an AA battery to 1.6v, using an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator. As os so far, it is working.  Now I need to figure out how to make a voltage doubler. I'm thinking something like 40-50 mA output at 10v. I have an LM324N quad op amp chip as well as one of these. How could I make a doubler circuit?

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Why won't my Batch RPG potions work correctly?

     Hello there. Right now, I'm working on a Batch RPG. I have finished coding the first battle, gotten the game over screen and victory screen done, etc. The last thing I need to fix is my potion system. It works in a way where it heals my character for 300 damage, but it gives me all 300 points, if you know what I mean. Basically, I start with 243 HP, and when I get low, I use a potion. After using it, I gain 300 HP, which brings me way up to 290 hit points when I'm low on health. I want to put a "barrier" in the code to tell it when to stop adding, but I can't figure out how. Here's my code for the potions, if anybody needs to look at it: :loop :potionstats1 cls set /a CHP+=%POTION% set /a IPOTION-=%POTIONUSE% if %CHP% equ %CHPTOT% goto manditoryb1 if %IPOTION% leq 0 goto outtapotions1 goto manditoryb1 CHP is the HP of the character, POTION is obviously the potion healing me. IPOTION is the potion in my inventory. Every time I use one, one gets taken away from my inventory. That's done by using POTIONUSE. CHPTOT is my total HP. If anyone could maybe take a look at the code and tell me if I've made a mistake or not, that would be great. Thanks!

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Do you want to protect your Mac folders? For sure, your Mac contains all the valuable files that are not good to be shared to the WORLD. You need to protect your Mac folders so that other people will not have any access to your Mac folders. Don’t you know that passwords can protect your Mac folders? If you want to know how password protect folders mac, read this article. All Mac files are valuable to the Mac users. But, not all folders are meant for public viewing. You need to protect some of your Mac files and folders, especially the confidential ones from the prying eyes of the people. Some examples of confidential Mac files and folders are the career related ones. Of course, you will not waste all those sleepless night making your project just to give to other person, right? You will sure disagree that another person will take advantage on your Mac files and gain the promotion. That is a very bad idea. If you want to secure your career, you need to secure your files. Put some passwords on your Mac files/folders. MacKeeper can assure the secrecy of your Mac files. It has a Data Encryptor that will guarantee the complete privacy of your Mac files. It can hide your private data to avoid the public viewing of your files. You can have two options in securing your Mac files with MacKeeper. You can secure it with password or use the Advance Encryption Standard. It is being approved by the National Security Agency in hiding some of the top secret information. Undeniably, this is very effective. You can encrypt your files with MacKeeper and keep your secrets safe. In addition to that, you will not only enjoy the secrecy benefit of the MacKeeper. You will enjoy all its features that will keep your Mac in good health and solve problems when mac is running slow

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How can I modify this circuit to sequentially turn on LEDs in parallel, while avoiding voltage drops? Answered

I have a single pole, 12 throw rotary switch which I want to solder to a set of LEDs so that rotating the switch clockwise lights more LEDs as follows: 1 = 1 Red LED 2 = 2 Red LEDs 3 = 3 Red LEDs 4 = 4 Red LEDs 5 = 5 Yellow LEDs 6 = 6 Yellow LEDs 7 = 7 Yellow LEDs 8 = 8 Yellow LEDs 9 = 9 Blue LEDs 10 = 10 Blue LEDs 11 = 11 Blue LEDs 12 = 12 Blue LEDs Since there will be a voltage drop across the diodes, the LEDs at the start of the chain will get progressively dimmer, and increasing the voltage would blow the LEDs in shorter chains. One modification I know I could already make would be to not use the first 4 diodes on the yellow LEDs, and the first 8 diodes on the red LEDs, as a minimum of 5 yellows and 9 blue will be active for each position. This still leaves a maximum of 3 diodes in each chain, which I still think would cause the lights to be much dimmer. Another solution I can think of is to have multiple wires coming from each terminal of the switch, each with their own diode, which would ensure all active LEDs had the same brightness (I'm not sure if this would cause the whole chain to be dimmer than shorter chains or not). The downside is this would need  31 wires rather than 13, and that's only if I bridged together all the shortest LED chains of each sequence: individual wires for absolutely every position would mean 79 wires+diodes). To put this in context, I want to create the health bar from Dead Space 3: If you can suggest a way of improving the circuit, or totally re-designing it, it'd help me loads! Thanks!

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