Will two or more IIC devices share the same IIC pins on arduino? Answered

HI,All I got 4 IIC soil moiture sensors, could be named A,B,C,D.but my arduino nano only have one set of IIC pins.i want to set IIC soil moisture sensor's chips internal timer to go sleep mode each at diffirent period.so arduino could take correct readings from one sensor at a time.i want to know if the sensor overlapping of same ardiuno IIC pins feasible?my second question is suppose it is feasible.how can arduino to know which sensor is being taking readings.i mean arduino may think signal taken from the IIC pins several time in a day may mean only one IIC device is being connected.it could not distinguish which is A or B,etc..I wanted it to distinguish which is which.But i don't know how. gada888

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Need coding to handle multiple relays with multiple touch sensor (TTP223), IR remote and from web for nodemcu ESP12E?

Hey friends! Can anyone help me in designing a switch board which can be operated with touch sensors (TTP223), IR Remote and also with web application (like android / ios app) or with http:// . Coding for the same is my basic requirement. Basically i am looking for the coding. The things which i am having with me : 1) 5v - 8 ch Relay, 2) TTP 223 Touch sensor (6 nos) 3) V1.0 NodeMcu LUA WiFi Networking ESP8266 Development Board and  4) DS3231 AT24C32 IIC Precision RTC Real Time Clock Memory Module any comments are welcome!!!

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