Is there an "Blob" game that someone can actually enjoy playing online?

I recently thought it would be fun to try some of the blob games like Agar.Io or Nebulous. But of course once you got tired to play against stupid CPU opponents it is time to battle some real people. Well at least that was my initial thought. Funny thing is that when the game starts you have people who, within seconds gain at least 5 times your size making it impossible to gain anything. The term unfair comes to mind quite quickly, even more so if you enter games that go on forever - you start as nothing and the entire screen is already covered by blobs thausands of times bigger than you. After two weeks I am now removing these uselss games and at least won't be bothered with useless ads after every game I lost as it gets annoying too. So the big question: Is there actually some online dot game with a chance to play for more than 30 seconds until being eaten?

Question by Downunder35m 

Does anyone know if an IO-bridge module is a microcontroller, or just a bridge to the internet?

Would you need an additional microcontroller, such as an arduino, or could you control servos and lights directly from the IO-Bridge module?

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is it possible to downgrade a ipad2 wifi only running ios 5.0 to ios 4.3.3? Answered

hello all i have a conundrum i have recently purchased a ipad 2 wifi only version that came with ios 5.0 (non beta) i wish to downgrade it to ios 4.3.3 for jailbreaking ect. i have tried using the tiny umbrella program and have modified my hosts file numerous times but have received error code messages 3194, 2005 and 20 i am running a windows 7 operating system and would really like help doing this as a incentive i will give whoever answers the best a custom patch and my undying gratitude thank you fidgety2

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Dr Fone android use for iOS??

Hi, I'd like to know if Wondershare Dr.Fone for android can be used for iOS devices, and vice versa. I don't know if anyone would actually be able to answer this, but if you can it would be helpful.  Thanks in advance  super_me

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Send audio with arduino through bluetooth to an IOS and save it in the App.

I have an arduino board and I need to capture audio with a mic, send it through bluetooth BLE and receive it in an IOS App to save it in the iphone or Ipad.

Topic by FreddyA17 

how do upgrade the ios on the first gen ipod touch?

I have the first gen ipod and was wondering how can i upgrade the ios so that i can play more games

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iPod Touch 3G updated to the iOS 5 Beta 1 Touch Screen Won't work? Answered

I have upgraded my iPod to the iOS 5 Beta 1 and for the first day it was fine until the touchscreen stopped working.  Should  I downgrade?

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How can I enroll in the iOS Developer Program without a credit card or a bank account?

I currently have the ability to buy a prepaid debit card and I have a PayPal account.  Any help/ideas?

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Instructables Classes on iPad? iOS App Removed?

I've enrolled for a class and wanted to view it on my iPad (my preferred method for viewing video content). However, following any class link off the main site shows only a blank page. I went to the App store hoping to download the Instructables App I'd read about, but that seems to have been removed from the iOS store (at least in the US).  Is it impossible to use Instructable classes on the iPad? I'm on an iPad Air 2.

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iOS 9 makes the whole user interface zoom in. Any suggestions?

I have an iPod touch 5g and after I upgraded it to iOS 9 it has been buggy and frezes all the time. Among the newest and most annoying bugs is this zoom thing. I read many online articles abouta similar bug for iPhone up graders from 5c or 5s users, and one of them said it zoomed in 1%. I have considered downgrading to iOS 8 since I can no longer update the software. I like iOS 9 so if there are ANY suggestions or fixes, PLEASE tell me! Also, is jailbreaking an option? thank you :)

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Can anyone help me jailbreak my ipone 4s? it's running ios 9.3.1

Question by happyhippy1   |  last reply

How do you have 5 UIViews in one NIB file in the iOS SDK 4.3?

I have tried numerous ways, but have had no luck.  Any advice for an iOS developer n00b?

Question by drmjj55 

Adding a LINK on Instructables and comment section via PC & iOS

I'm still having trouble adding a Link on instructables,Any help would be highly appreciated..Im using Chrome on Windows 7 PC.,and if ever putting a link on Instructables via iOS App would be great..

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need shsh blobs for ios 6.1.2 for ipod touch 4g?

I accidentally updated to ios 6.1.3 on my ipod touch 4g and I need to downgrade my firmware to 6.1.2 to jailbreak. I downloaded the 6.1.2 shsh blob from cydia but ifaith says that it is invalid. the only valid shsh blob I have is for 6.1.3. I have read many articles of how to downgrade but I have never saved shsh blobs before because i never knew about them. Can someone give me a direct link to download some or give me advice as how to get valid ones? thanks.

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Will jailbreaking my ipod touch allow me to get apps that need a higher iOS to run? Answered

Hi, I have a second gen ipod touch. Latley I have not been able to download any new apps because it says I require a greater iOS. I am not going to buy a new ipod that I payed good money for just because apple want people to spend more money on a new devise as part of there marketing scheme. Anyway, my question is that if I jailbreak my ipod is there a way I can install new apps? Or is there another way of installing a greater iOS on my second gen ipod? Thanks, David.

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Multiple Arduino Uno I/O ports driving relay Answered

Understand that the Arduino Uno can output a maximum of 40mA each from its IO port. I used 2 IO ports each (4 in total for switching) to drive a 80mA relay. In this case, the Arduino Uno is powered by USB, which draws up to 500mA. It worked and it was left to switch for a few minutes on pulsed 10 seconds interval. However, the Uno board heats up to around 50-55 degrees centigrade. Will this damage the board?

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What happened to the mobile app?

It no longer will sign in, and isn't in the appstore. What happened?

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What programming tools are needed for an Arduino + Android (+iOS) project?

I'm starting a project where I interface arduino board with some other (environmental) sensors as a standalone hardware. But I'd like to report the sensor readings to a smartphone client through a webapp. Also would like to control the arduino hardware remotely from the smartphone clients (app). I know I have a lot to learn so I don't what to waste time on irrelevants. What programming tools do I need to learn (backend and frontend) to do this project? The client-side (iOS, Android) app only receives reports and do not use any phone hardware features. So I'm not sure if Java would be required. I currently program in Python + web dev using HTML + CSS.

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I WANT a ten DEGREE KEYBOARD ON MY LAPTOP please help, thanks

Question by zombeastly   |  last reply

how to increase i/o pins in arduino

I am working with an ethernet shield project. i need more i/o pins for my project.  My need may increase upto 1000s too. using one ethernet shield connected to a single arduino board has only 14 io pins. using MUX will not be use ful for my project. Please help me with solution for this.

Question by ananth raj   |  last reply

How do you upload a picture for your instructable from an iPad? I can't seem to make it work.

 Wordpress had a similar issue and recently updated their iOS app to make it work, it'd be great if there was a similar solution for Instructables. The Android app doesn't appear to support Instructable creation, so that's not an option either. Seems like a great opportunity to open the community up to all the iOS users out there...

Question by MatthewTaylor   |  last reply

I want to run android on ipod touch 2g.?

I want to run android on my jailbroken ipod touch 2g. I want only android I do not want open Iboot or bootlace. I just want the android operating system with no trace of apple IOS. If any one can help I would really appreciate it. Can some help me please?

Question by steve-lane   |  last reply

Jailbreak for 5.1.1 is out!

The ipod touch jailbreak for ios 5.1.1 is out now on i will post a new instructable on that soon.

Topic by tthrower18 

Jailbreak untether?

On my ipad 1 i installed redsn0w for ios 5.1.1 but in the installer for the tethered option, would there be an option to untether it. if not would i just have to keep going to my computer?

Question by XxsonicxX   |  last reply

How to use Multiple mcp23017 chips with the adafruit mcp23017.h library?

I have been experimenting with I2C and the mcp23017 IO expander chip for my arduino ATMega2560 as I would rather use the IO on the arduino its self for other things I am just figuring out how to use the adafruit mcp23017.h library and cant figure out how to address multiple mcp23017 chips and how to use there pins individually this is the code from the button library that I editied. Here is the datesheet of mcp23017 I want to be able to address the individual chips and the pins I was not quite sure if in the setup that the pin modes for the IO go up sequentially from 0 past 15 if multiple chips are connected and addressed in code. For example if the first chip is addressed as 0x20 and the IO number count is from 0 - 15 if I added and addressed another chip as 0x21 will that count go from 0 - 15 to 0 - 31. ~ Edit if you could recommend or send a library that would be easier or could help please do. #include #include "Adafruit_MCP23017.h" //pin 1 and 0 are mcp pins not arduino IO pins Adafruit_MCP23017 mcp; void setup() {  mcp.begin();      // use default address 0 mcp.pinMode(0, INPUT); mcp.pinMode(1, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(13, OUTPUT);  // use the p13 LED as debugging } void loop() { // The LED will 'echo' the button digitalWrite(13, mcp.digitalRead(0)); //Writes pin 13 to the reading of pin    0 mcp.digitalWrite(1, mcp.digitalRead(0)); //Writes pin 1 to the reading of 0 if(mcp.digitalRead(1) == HIGH){ //if pin 1 == high serialprint led whent   high Serial.println("Led whent HIGH"); } }

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Which would be better for storing sensitive information in an iPhone App, Core Data or SQLite?

I am making an app that involves sensitive information.  Which is more secure?

Question by drmjj55 

Arduino Home Automation

My new home is under construction and I was thinking of arduino based home automation for it. I am new to the arduino family so is it possible for anyone to help me step by step? It would be great if it is iOS controlled. Thanx in advance

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I need a win95 iso that will work on vmware player?

I got a game but it only works on win95. I downloaded vmplayer for xp but Io can't find a win95 bootdisk iso that will work. Can anyone help me?

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Instructables App

Hello, My daughter has recently discovered Instructables on my phone, and now she wants the app on hers.  Does anyone know what happened to it?  I have tried the Family Sharing feature for IOS; however, it isn't on my list of purchased apps... Thoughts?

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How to clean iPhone junk files and get back space?

I wanna update to new iOS 8 lately but my iPhone 4s space is not enough. I've deleted some photos and videos. What else can I do?

Question by DevinM1   |  last reply

On iPhone iOS 10 Safari how do you bulk erase ALL bookmarks not in a subfolder w/o having to reset the whole phone?

I'm using Safari on the iPhone 6 with iOS 10 and am looking for a way to erase ALL bookmarks (and only the bookmarks) that are not in a subfolder, without having to reset the whole phone, or having to delete or reset the rest of the data on the iPhone or other applications. Just Safari. Over the past few years I evidently accumulated several thousand bookmarks on Safari on my iPhone.  I never created any folders, so they are all directly in the top level "Favorites". I can find no buttons in Safari to bulk move them all into a subfolder or delete them, the only way I have found so far is to go into edit mode and individually delete each one by tapping the red minus sign, which takes forever.  Especially if you have like 8000 bookmarks.  WTF. I looked it up on the Web and all I'm seeing are older threads saying that to clear all your bookmarks in bulk, you have to reset the data for your entire iPhone.  That would be a nightmare, as I have settings and data for hundreds of other apps and e-mail that I cannot afford to lose or redo. I don't have the countless hours that would be needed to back up my phone, wipe it, and then restore it. I also found a couple of 3rd party tools that claimed to be able to wipe out the bookmarks, but in the details they all seem to be variants of the above wiping out the phone, the only difference being that these tools just use their own method to back up and restore the phone - it's still the same time consuming and invasive kludge. As a workaround I tried turning on iCloud to sync iOS Safari bookmarks to the browsers on my Windows 10 PC, hoping if I then delete them on the PC, that iCloud will delete them from Safari on my iPhone. I turned on iCloud syncing for Safari on my iPhone, and I turned on iCloud syncing for my browser on my PC (I actually tried it for several browsers - IE, Chrome AND Firefox). After a few days(!) all the bookmarks from my iPhone eventually appeared in the bookmarks on my PC, but when then tried deleting or editing the bookmarks in my browsers, the changes did NOT appear on the iPhone. Rather, any changes I made to the bookmarks on my PC were overwritten by what's on the iPhone the next time iCloud synced.  In fact, I started to see many duplicates appearing in my PC's bookmarks, and the folders and bookmarks were all out of order.  What's more, any date information that was preserved for each bookmark on my PC was reset to the date/time of sync.  I often go to my Favorites folder in Windows and sort by Date Modified, so now that is gone.  WTF. But back to the main question, how do you bulk clear out all the bookmarks in Safari on the iPhone without affecting any other apps or settings on the device?  It would be nice if Apple supported the concept of a "Select All" button in iOS (this would be useful in lots of places!) As is I am ready to just quit using Safari and find another browser (alas not Chrome because it just crashes constantly since iOS 10).  Any help appreciated.

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Recommended reading for beginning app development?

I've just got a niggling interest in programming and want to start off well and nurture the interest so I'm wondering can anyone recommend any books that would help me attain a good understanding while not overwhelming me? Thanks in advance!

Question by Heygalicious   |  last reply

Attiny 2313 & Serial Port

Is it possible, using just an Attiny 2313, to exchange data with a computer via serial -- or do I need one of those RS232 chips?Theoretically, I think I can, using the digital IOs, dispite its lack of efficiency, but there may be some problem with that...Sending is the main part that I'm not quite confident about ;-)

Topic by zachninme   |  last reply

how to display time with 6 I/O lines? ( I want to build an at tiny 13 watch ) Answered

What kind of binary clock can I build with 6 LEDs? If I had 13 I could have done a normal binary clock, but charliplexing seems complicated... anybody with a brilliant idea?

Question by bzhwindtalker   |  last reply

Can I update jailbroken firmware without erasing and restoring my Ipod? Answered

I have an ipod touch 2g (MC) running iOS 4 that i jailbroke with jailbreakme.   is there a way to update this to 4.0.1 without having to delete all of my cydia apps (updating through iTunes and then re-jailbreaking)?  any help would be great. thanks

Question by budabob07   |  last reply

what is wrong with the uploader?! ?

I've been trying for 3 days to upload a simple jpg so i can get my instructable published, and using the old uploader it just sits there with the spinning thing (i let it run for an hour at one point), and the new uploader says "server (io) error". i'm using ie7, have no problems with any other websites, and am running on T1 connection. help!?

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Rectification of line voltage?

I need to get 230V DC for controlling the brightness of the bulb using a mosfet transistor. The problem is that the rectified line voltage'll get 230 * sqrt (2) = 325 V .. it is too much. I didn't find a transformer AC / AC 230/160 V or step-down IO DC / DC 320/230 V on a market. How can it be solved? Sorry for my english. Thank you for answer.

Question by AntonínO1   |  last reply

why use a transistor when i can use the I/O pins of an ardunio

I keep seeing explanations of the uses of transistors for electronic projects. but i dont understand why i would for example: use a npn as a switch for an LED when i could just program my ardunio to use to turn it on and off again? or use any micro controller for that matter. thankyou in advance for your help im still new to eltronics

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Bluetooth Game Controller as Camera Shutter ?

Hi all! This would be my first official query here in Instructables.  I'd love to know whether it would be (easily) possible to use a bluetooth game controller as a camera shutter for android or iOS. As a specific reference, I've purchased an IPEGA 9025. I trust in the ingenuity of the people here as I don't plan to spend my money on a dedicated camera shutter. Any advice or 'ible would be very much appreciated :)

Question by Joefer   |  last reply

How can I read the I/O bit on a RS232c PC serial interface to light LEDs?

I'm building a circuit to read bits from a RS232c PC serial interface and command LEDs groups, a bit a group. Bits are sent by a PHP code written on a site to accessed anywhere. The circuit board must then be plugged on the laptop at place where the LEDs are installed. Please, can anyone help me on building this project? I appreciate any help.

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Char Device Driver with Port Expansion using MCP23017?

I am new to Linux Kernel Development and I want to implement a Char device driver which handles Port expansion using a MCP23017 with a RaspberryPi (Raspbian Wheezy) using C. Here is the datesheet of mcp23017 A control for port expansion (MCP23017) is required. A less of a driver in the true sense, but more with porting functions in a driver.   The module is addressed via I2C. I need to implement the following functions in the driver: · Configuration of the I2C address · Configuration of the IOs · Configuration of Pull-Ups · Configuration of interrupts · Read / write the IOs It is important that up to 8 modules can be opened/operated simultaneously (8 is the max. possible number of addresses of the block). I have seen a number of examples in the internet and implemented a simple char device driver with init, open, read and write functions and also tested I2C operations for MCP23017. I have got a brief idea about a device driver but don't know how to further implement the functions. I would like to know/clarified about the following:     How does the dev_open work? How can I try to open a device through a linux command and check if the device is opened/ the number of times the device is opened through dmesg command?     I want 8 different modules to be opened simultaneously using the device driver and the Configuration of the MCP23017 IOs, Pullups and Interrupts. How is it done? Errors: /home/pi/i2c_gpio/mcp23017.c: In function ‘mcp23s08_direction_input’: /home/pi/i2c_gpio/mcp23017.c:269:9: error: implicit declaration of function      ‘gpiochip_get_data’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration] struct mcp23s08 *mcp = gpiochip_get_data(chip);      /home/pi/i2c_gpio/mcp23017.c: In function ‘mcp23s08_probe_one’: /home/pi/i2c_gpio/mcp23017.c:615:11: error: ‘struct gpio_chip’ has no         member  named ‘parent’ mcp->chip.parent = dev;                  /home/pi/i2c_gpio/mcp23017.c:681:2: error: implicit declaration of  function ‘gpiochip_add_data’ [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration] status = gpiochip_add_data(&mcp-;>chip, mcp); ^

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Problems Jailbreaking and Unlocking Original iPhone?

I have an original iPhone that I want to unlock for use with T-Mobile, as well as jailbreak.  I have tried multiple jailbreaking/unlocking tools, and when I point them to the IPSW for the iPhone I always get some version of:  "This is not a valid 4.0 IPSW."  Sn0wbreeze's "F0recast" program says that the phone is jailbreakable and unlockable, and that it's running 3.1.3 firmware.  I believe it's been updated to iOS 4.0---I put it into recovery mode and connected it to iTunes, and it updated it.  I do not have an AT&T SIM card.  Anybody know what to do? 

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A good explanation and example of a USB interface circuit?

 Every USB circuit I come across seems to be about the same with D- and D+ clamped to 3.6 volt with a zener diode. These wires are then passed to uC's io pins. Am I correct in thinking this setup doesn't take advantage of USB's differential signaling scheme? Because I thought an op-amp was needed for differential signaling. Does anyone know of a good resource, with circuit examples, that explains how USB transceivers work? I'm not interested in the actual protocol (NRZI, and all) I already understand most of that, what I'm really looking for is circuit level stuff.

Question by hacim   |  last reply

Arduino Chat Server In a Browser.

Hello  Can Anybody Tell Me How To Make A Chat Server Using My Arduino Uno, And My Arduino Ethernet.  It needs To Be Accessible From a Browser Like Chrome On Android, And IOS.  Basically I Need My Arduino To Setup A Website Server That has 2 text Boxes, 1 for The Input, and The Other One To Display The Chat  That Has Been Sent By You And Other People That Have Sent Stuff To The Server.  The Server Also Needs To Be Accessible By around 5 to 10 People At The Same Time.  And If Possible Could You Make It Look Like The Example In The Picture.  A Quick Response Is Appreciated Thank You                   -Genius 470

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Ziphius, the aquatic drone

Hello everyone, Ziphius is an aquatic drone controlled by your smartphone or tablet. Although we are still in stage of development, we already have a fully functional prototype. This prototype has a Pi and Arduino inside. Right now, we are using Unity for the games development. It will be available to both Android and iOS. If you're interested, check our video: Your feedback is very important for us, specially now that we have been selected to be one of the semi-finalists on the Insert Coin competition, organized by Engadget. engadget (dot) com/2013/02/15/insert-coin-new-challengers/ Thank you.

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Need coding to handle multiple relays with multiple touch sensor (TTP223), IR remote and from web for nodemcu ESP12E?

Hey friends! Can anyone help me in designing a switch board which can be operated with touch sensors (TTP223), IR Remote and also with web application (like android / ios app) or with http:// . Coding for the same is my basic requirement. Basically i am looking for the coding. The things which i am having with me : 1) 5v - 8 ch Relay, 2) TTP 223 Touch sensor (6 nos) 3) V1.0 NodeMcu LUA WiFi Networking ESP8266 Development Board and  4) DS3231 AT24C32 IIC Precision RTC Real Time Clock Memory Module any comments are welcome!!!

Question by KrishnaV35   |  last reply