lamp decorations

Hi I am making a lamp with a wooden  base ,a bottle on top of it and then a cd with the bulb (only 3v) any decorations pls.?

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a lamp that flickers

Hi, I've discovered this site just yesterday.... I try to use the search engine but it doesn't help. I'm preparing a location for a video. Now, I need to simulate an almost broken lamp, you know, a lamp that flickers. We're using incandescent lamps. It is possible to build a switch (or something else) that can simulates this effect on an incandescent lamp? Tnx in advance, ciao

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Lamps from recycled parts, ideal example of a green theme.

Personally, i think this lamps look very cool, both items are made from various pieces of old electrical hardware.I love how the design is rather simple, but complicated by the parts used.Made by the Flickr user Qvidja50.He saysThe lamp on the left is fabricated from a railroad signal switching relay manufactured by the General Railway Signal Company in 1924. The perforated cylinders were originally ink canisters designed for high-speed fabric printing. The light on the right is made from a water-cooled dual processor from an Apple G5 desktop computer. Other elements include an hour meter, aircraft compass and 40W LED bulbs.Check out the full Flickr set.Personally, i like the 'hanging bulb' one. Firstly as i love the way the bulbs hang down, that and the use of a Powermac G5 heatsink is a win for an apple user fanboy like myself.For anyone looking to enter the Epilog laser cutter contest. Whom may have some parts laying around, this is a good place to start your research.I have an old iMac stand that caitlinsdad said would make a good lamp.- gmjhowe

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i have prodject and i need help on it?

I want to build a lamp that you can plug an mp3 player and/or an ipod in it and also have music play from two tweeters and the lights flashing with the music

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Can I use a store bought halogen lamp in an LCD projector?

I have a Sony VPL-V500 LCD projector but I can't afford a replacement bulb($200-500). Can I use a halogen lamp from a lighting supply and put it in the lamps housing, drill a hole in the side of the projector for the cord? Here are the specs for the replacement bulb meant for this model. Any help/info appreciated. Thanks. Lamp For SONY VPL V500 Projector PKPJ-500 Contains 1 Lamp(s). 250Watts, Metal Halide Ships in 1-3 business days. 3 Month(s) Warranty. Manufacturer Original Lamp

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Battery Powered Lamp

I have to make a battery powered lamp for a school project but having no experience or knowledge whatsoever in electronics I really need help! I'm using a halogen GU10 bulb which is 35W, 240V, toggle switch and 2 AA batteries. Can someone please explain how I would wire the light bulb to a toggle switch and batteries? Also, do I need a resistor anywhere? Apparentely halogen bulbs aren't really suitable for lamps, so should I change to a superbright LED? Thanks!

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Touch Lamp Switch?

Is there such a thing as a switch that is touch sensitive so just a tap will activate it. I want to make a lamp out of an empty glass coke bottle and i want to be able to touch the cap to activate it. Im looking for a small piece of silver metal that will match the cap so i can place it on top, OR a way to make the actual cap the switch. Thanks!

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6-Volt Lamp

I have this 6-volt Lamp it's kind like what you would find in one those 6-volt flash lights except that this is like a stand alone lamp and it has two wires that come out of it but only seems to work at 6-volts, so I have a large 6-volt battery and a 7.5 volt output power adapter I was wondering if 7.5 volts would be too much power to use to power the lamp I don't want to blow it up. I don't know if it'll even work at 7.5 volts because I tried a 9-volt battery and it won't power on with it.  The image is the same lamp I have except mine is connected to a base and has two wires that come out the bottom I would like to find another way to power it besides using a large 6-volt Battery.  Any Suggestions.

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Im going to make a led lamp... I have the idea just need some help in how to go about making it

I have a glass candy looking sort of jar that i would like to flip over and build a small black circular stand to mount it on. Then frost the jar to give it a more ambiant looking light (i like blue leds but not necessary). I also need the lamp to be decently bright some where in-between a traditional desk lamp and a bright night light. I also and going to make a decal to stick to the outside of the jar to give it an illustration on the lamp. I dont want a battery operated one if possible id like a plug in with a switch or something. Something on the efficient side i don't like replacing batteries all the time, rechargeable may work. On that note i have a desk lamp already not sure what kind and brand i can check though, its a halogen i think it has a plug and a dial that brightens and dims it, i am willing to destroy if for this project that dial would be perfect . So what i need is recommendation on what and where to buy for lighting and details on how to mount it. I can handled most of the design of the arrangement, glass and decal im all over. More or less i need a cheap and decently easy way to light it im not super experienced in leds or a lot of wiring, im sure i can do it, would just be easier to avoid all of that.  Any help would be much appreciated 

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Change a projector lamp to LED ?

I have an Infocus model x1 projector the lamp is burned out how can i change the lamp to use a high power LED bulb the lamp is 100-120V - 3A 50/60 Hz input I've never done this level of electronics but lamps for this thing is almost 250 bucks .... Thanks

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Infared heat lamp for photography?

I have an old infared heat lap and I was wondering how could I use this for photography.

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High voltage lamp driver

I have a high voltage lamp driver that i took out of an old projector, I want to know if i wil be able to make a jacobs ladder or plasma globe with it? It supplies 25kv or 12.5kv on each of the two wires? it was used to power the lamp of the projector and it connected directly with the lamp wires. PLEASE HELP!

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LED Lamp Buzzing (not a bulb)

About a year ago, I came across this LED lamp that was on sale at my local Target store. It caught my eye because it had a little tray at the base of the lamp along with a USB port for charging my devices. Since the first time I plugged it in and turned it on, it makes a buzzing noise. At first it didn't bother me, but now that I am spending more time at my workbench it has become annoying. I understand it is kind of common for LED bulbs to do this because of the dimmer switch being outdated, however this lamp is not dimmable nor is it a "bulb" so to say. It's about 7-9 SMD LEDs on a circuit with a rocker switch. If it makes a difference, I do have my lamp plugged into a surge protector and don't have anything plugged into the USB port located at the base of the lamp. What can be done (other than throwing it away, of course) to stop the buzzing noise coming from the lamp? Thanks in advance!

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Dimmable Mains LED lamps? Answered

I have changed all my internal lamps to 240 volt LEDs - I notice some LEDs are dimmable and some are not any one know why? As a supplemental  question anyone know how they step down the 240 volts for the LEDs? I have yet to take one apart to see.

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Power lamp or LED by POE

Dear all,I have an HP POE switch. I can power up a Camera, CISCO phone & AVAYA IP phone.I am wondering if there is a way to Power UP a bulb or small LED via this POE switch please.

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Help Making a Toaster Lamp

Kats, I need some help making a toaster lamp. Now I know what you’re thinking, “ I always wanted to make a toaster lamp!”. Well now’s your chance to help. In its simplest form a toaster lamp would be a base of a toaster with the top of a table lamp. The lamp operates like a normal lamp by pulling the string or turning the switch. The electronics in the toaster would be disabled or removed for safety reasons. This would be the simplest model. But I would like to build a model where you press the toaster lever down and the lamp lights up. To turn the light off you press the cancel button or press the toaster lever up. Furthermore the light-dark setting on the toaster would act as a dimmer switch for the lamp. The toaster heating elements would be disabled for safety reasons. Now a basic toaster works like this: When you push down on the handle, a plastic bar presses against the contacts and applies power to the circuit board. 120-volt power runs directly through the contacts to the nichrome wires to start toasting the bread. A simple circuit made up of transistors, resistors and capacitors turns on and supplies power to an electromagnet. The electromagnet attracts the piece of metal on the handle, holding the bread in the toaster. The simple circuit acts as a timer. A capacitor charges through a resistor, and when it reaches a certain voltage it cuts off the power to the electromagnet. The spring immediately pulls the two slices of bread up. In the process, the plastic bar rises and cuts off power to the toaster. Some of the problems I’m facing are the voltage to the electromagnet and PC board is about 12 volts. If you bypass the nichrome wires that would send 120 volts to the PC board which would toast it. So we need a way to do that. Another problem is we don’t want the capacitor to cut off power to the electromagnet, that would shut off the light. We could not charge the capacitor by putting a larger resistor before it, I’m not sure how to do this. The ideal solution would be to gut the toasters electronics, replace it with a circuit that does what I want, and the toaster just becomes a façade. Now that I’ve outlined what I want to do are there any electronics wizards out there who can design me a circuit to do this? Thanks Paul

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A lamp from RGB LEDs

Hi, I'm want to build a lamp from 63 RGB LEDs. I want to be able to change the intensity of each color. Is there something in my schematics that should  be changed, for example do I even need the resistors after LEDs since I have the potentiometers. I think the values might need to be changed. The switches before resistors are to eliminate that color if the potentiometers won't do it. There should be also a main switch after the power supply.. Do I need anything else, so that it will work and to it will be safe? A bit offtopic, but if I would only use one color LEDs, would it be better to connect them to parallel or series?

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LED Lamp Parallel Circuit

Hello everyone, My first question in this forum to build a LED panel with parallel LED connections. Input:  220V AC Bright White LED 5mm I want to put 36 LED in a panel and want to use bridge connections which will power up both the LED panel and a 12V Battery simultaneously, so when the power goes it will take the power from the battery. Can anyone guide me with circuit? I am novice and have interest to make things like this for own use. Thank You MarlöPax 

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Help making an LED lamp

Alright, I want to make an LED grow light for my plants because the window I want to put them in doesn't get enough sun. I need quite a bit of light for this application and it will have to be on for a significant part of every day so LED is a must. I've been looking at the prices and it seems like the most economical option is to buy some LEDs off ebay, buy a driver... maybe some resistors... then mock up some kind of heat sink to connect them to. I was considering about 10-20 ten watt on chip LEDs. This light is going to be in a room I'm in a lot so I don't want to go with any funky colors. I'd like to just use daylight spectrum LEDs. Something around 6500k. Anyway, I'm thinking it makes the most sense to get one big driver to run all the LEDs rather than one driver for each. That just seems cheaper and frankly more interesting. But I need help understanding how to wire the whole thing together and understanding whether I need resistors etc. So I'm looking for some general help figuring out what to buy and then how to wire it all together. Thanks :)

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How can I wire a lamp to a digital clock?

I'm trying to make a clock/lamp to conserve outlet space. How can I wire the lamp to a digital clock? Is this even possible?  I want to take a digital clock and wire it to the lamp then mount the lamp and clock inside a fixture made of Plexiglas or wood.  This is sort of an experiment. 

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Gieger Counter lamp - How would I make the needle move/fluctuate when the lamp is on? Answered

Gieger Counter lamp - How would I make the needle move/fluctuate when the lamp is on? I like the instructable Radbear made, but I want to go further and make the needle move when the lamp is on; it would be great if it fluctuates and moves. OR Or how could I make the needle move when someone touches the lamp? I have an old touch lamp that I could use parts for this. The casing for the lamp is metal so I assume their should be a way... Thanks to whom ever can help.

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fluorescent emergency lamp convert to LED

I have a fluorescent lamp input220v,6.5w, its battery is 6.9v. i want to convert this to led lamp. so pls provide the proper circuit diagram for this. and how many LEDs can handle this battery for 4hours 

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can i put the lamp from one (busted) projector (home cinema) into another projector?

I have a toshiba MT 8 projector that stopped working but the lamp has many, many hours left. I have a cheap deal on a B-grade JVC HD1 but the lamp has not many hours left. Is there a way of switching the lamps when the jvc's goes?

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How do I convert my battery powdered LED desk lamp to AC powered, or USB powered?

The lamp requires 3 AA batteries for power.

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how do I build a fluorescent lamp ?

I want to turn a high end glass vase into a fluorescent lamp.

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4.5 volt led desk lamp to usb port? Answered

Can a 4.5 volt 3 aaa batery led desk lamp be powered from a usb port? Does the .5 volts make any difference?

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I need help with the 'Neon' lamp wiring

I love the 'Neon' lamp, but need help to wire it with a 3 conductor cable. Can someone do a diagram for a novice, or refer me to written instructions that will show me how? Thanks! grannygoodknit

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Using Halogen light transformer to run LED lamp?

Hi all, I have the following problem: I'm trying to use the electronic halogen light transformer to run with an LED lamp that came off an emergency lighting unit. THe Lamp works fine off a 12v battery but when connected to this transformer (and a rectifier with a capacitor) both the lamp and the transformer get really hot. THe transformer outputs 11.6v at 4.9A.  It seems like the lamp is drawing all the current it can take from the transformer but it doesnt when connected to the battery? Whats going on here? THanks for all your imput!

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How can I hardwire a gooseneck reading lamp into a wall switch?In video form: Answered

   The video should explain. Trying to hardwire a gooseneck reading lamp into a wall switch Link to Video:; 

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LED Light Box

Normally, a light box uses fluorescent lamps (e.g. 36 watts Philips Lamp) and electronic ballasts to emit light. However, it consumes too much electricty and the life of lamps is short. Therefore, I would like to replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs.

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LED Lamp current X DRIVER

Hello very good people, 1. Someone told me that I can connect a 3.8A led lamp to 100w driver 3A (constant current) because the driver will dimmer the lamp. Is this correct? 2. Is the driver that operates according to the capacity of the bulb (3.8A) or is the lamp that operates according to the capacity of the driver (3A)? The current of which one acts according to the other? Thank You

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Turn your monitor into a lamp. (no modding)

Here I have made a PPT presentation for making lamps, moodlights or whatever out of your monitors. I got the idea by seeing that holding a magnifying glass in front of my monitor gave a clean but tiny image on my wall, but the rest was bright and blurry like a moodlight. The file is given below. Save it, open it and use it.

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LED lamp voltage X DRIVER

Hello my friends, What about the voltage, Is the driver that operates according to the voltage capacity of the bulb (20-26v) or is the lamp that operates according to the capacity of the driver (20-36v)? The voltage of which one acts according to the other? Can I use a lamp of any voltage since this voltage is understood the ability of the driver (20-36)? the driver is the same amparage and constant current. Thank you a lot.

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I wanna make steampunk lamp.

I wanna make steampunk lamp. I was thinking some kind a magical or science fictional lamp. Light that truns on when there's is a sound in a room, human voice or something like that.  Turns off when no one is making sound. I don't know what to use as sound cather.  I have old wooden candle leg. I think piezo is not right for cathing sounds like human voice in air. I don't wanna make lamp that turns off and on when I say on the mic something. I wanna make lamp that starts glowing when it catches sound. Turns off when it don't catch any sound like human vocie. I don't know what to use as sound cather. I think piezo element is not right. Maybe mic element or someting like that is better.

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do i need a resistor to make a the Bawls lamp if im using batterys? Answered

Do i need a resistor to make a the Bawls lamp if im using batterys? plz link pic if possible or a very discribed answer. I am only 14 :D thanks.

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How many white LEDs can a 6V lead-acid battery drive at a time and for how long- for a emergency lamp

I want to make am empergency lamp (power outages are frequent) using maybe a 6V lead-acid battery. How many white LEDs can it drive at a time and for how long?.The lamp should hv enough juice to light up a 12x12 room.. all suggestions are welcome.

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can i change car head lamp with LED?

We like to change the lamp color with pure white led and how to make it beam is can see very far but led is can not see far

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Can you dim a lamp with an arduino module and a solid state relay?

I bought a Crydom D2425 Solid State Relay 240 Vac 25 Amp relay and I've been able to use it in tandum with my arduino uno to turn on and off a desk lamp so far. I've been reading up on pulse width modulation and was wondering if it was possible to control the lamps light level (something more than just on and off) with it. All help is greatly appreciated.

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how do i make a table lamp battery operated?

Do I just cut off the plug? I want to use a 40 watt bulb, and keep the switch. I can't/don't want to use LED's. thanks, ap

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5mm 6 no of led for night lamp to plug in 230v 50hz power supply ?

I want to make 5mm 6no. led night lamp can directly plug in 230 v ac household power supply ? is it possible ..

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Wine Bottle Lamp / convert to Battery power

Hello My wife purchased one of those wine bottle with the xmas lights in them. But were she want to display we dont have a outlet.  Does any one have a instructable on building a small battery source to plug the lamp into.  Just to be used on special occasions, so does not have to have a long lasting suply.

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Recharge rechargeable battery with a led battery powered lamp?

I am making a lamp cordless using batteries and low poer 12v led strip. My question is can i somehow connect a solar cell so as the light hits it recharges the rechargables batteries that will actually power the lamp. So I dont have to take batteries out and recharge them every few days or week? 

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I want to make a battery powered mad scientist lamp.

I will be using 4 25 watt bulbs and would like some advice on what to use for a battery.  I am ok with it being quite dim, I need the batteries to be rechargeable and the lamp only needs to operate 3 or 4 hours at a time.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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How can I connect three 100w lamps to a 300w led driver?

Hello my friend, Could you explain if is possible to connect 3x lamps of 100w to 300w led driver? The led driver specification was: constant current, 27-36v, 9A. The lights: 1x, 27-30v, 3.5A, and 2x, 30-36, 3A. So, can I connect lamps with differents voltages to this dirver? If not, is it possible if the voltage of these lamps are the same? What can I do in this situation? what you sugest? Thanks

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