Please help me!

Recently, my firewall on my laptop was somehow removed and about 26 malicious files viruses, 5 different trojans and some other things I can't identify got installed, how do I remove them? my service is not registered and when I go to search for the file and delete it (I search my entire pc) it can't find it! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

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please help me Answered

How to increase my range in my RC car 

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Please help me

Hello all  can you please help me, I want to make a camera connection kit to my ipad but there is no single way, how can I do that, i found a lot of it on the net (called otg cables) 

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Hello! please help, im making a scale model car wash that uses 4 brushes and top cloth strips to clean the car. How can i get the arms that hold the brushes to go in and out to wash the front and the back of the car? PLEASE HELP!!!

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S.O.S me please?

Hello again this is me Mohamed ......... i know that what i need will be hard but i really need it this is my first time to make a project in logic design i need to make a digital clock but the problem is i don't know what i really need to make it and how to put this things in the motherboard so i need some one write to me the things i need and a video show me how to make it i know that will be hard but i really need to make it   please i really need help as fast as you can    

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I recently rebuilt my dads old rc car. everything seems to work right except i put a batterie in it and it almost caught fire before i could run it. everything seems to look fine and sound fine it just smokes batteries! PLEASE HELP! -Drew?

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Help me!!! (electronics)

Can somebody tell me where I should solder cabels to extend this switch (keep this one and add another).

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PLEASE Answered

I want to use my sony cybershot DSC S730 as a webcam.It has video and audio output as given in please help me.

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Help me with Firefox ! Please? Answered

I can't get rid of this bar help me please!?

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Help me with nrf24l01 please

Do someone know how to make a wireless headset walkie talkie with nrf24l01 ? or anyone here have done this before? what are the things i need and things to do? teach me please I really want to make two (2) Wireless Headset Walkie talkies .any suggestion would be appreciated

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Please Help Me with a Project

Hi:) So I'm pretty new to all the electronics stuff.  The extent of my training includes the Flashing LED heart kit from Radio Shack (I did have to solder some stuff). I have also done one other project with LEDs. Anyways, I'm trying to make this without my boyfriend's help.  He has had to help me with the others because this stuff goes over my head.. Anyways, I want to take a wooden box (like from Hobby Lobby) and put LEDs in it.  Initially I wanted it to work just by opening the lid, but since that seems kind of difficult, I would also accept a switch... SO, how do I do it? What kind of power would I need? Say I use 10 LEDs? Is that too many or what? I know I didn't mention the size of the box but I haven't bought one yet.  I don't want to start a fire, therefore, I'm not sure if the wall outlet (AC?) power is right or not. I appreciate your help in advance.

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Help me pick a laptop?

Ok, so I'm getting a laptop and I'm not sure if one exists with what I want but if it doesn't fine I'll wait for it to exist.  The laptop must have a core i7 processor, blu-ray writer, 1920x1080 resolution, an HDTV tuner, and a backlit keyboard.  Here's what I've been looking at: Acer Aspire 8940g, HP dv8t and dv7t, Dell XPS 16.  So I'm just wondering if you can actually buy such a laptop I know Acer has said that they offer all these options but I can't find such a laptop anywhere on the internet.  Thanks for the help! And P.S. I don't want an Alienware laptop.

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Help needed! (PLease Read)

Hello everyone, I'm using getphpbb and I was wondering if anyone could find out what the price to obtain your backup is? I cannot log on after receiving several confirmation emails. Also, does anyone think they can help me make a forum layout? Also, moderators are needed! PM me and I will send you what you need! Thanks!

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laptop charger, please help fast! Answered

Im going on a plane trip on the 11th and there isn't a place to charge my laptop on the plane and im sure my battery will die. i need a portable way to charge my laptop on the plane, i was thinking of like something with a 9v batter with a dc to ac inverter to step it up to 120VAC but iv'e never used an inverter for a project so i need a schematic or something, please help me!  

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PLease help me find an animation or sound for my project!

OKoKoKOK.....I have a project due friday about volcanos. I'm doing the report on Mt. Vesuvius.I'm gonna make a powerpoint presentation and I'm looking for animations of GIFs about volcanoes. I found some, but they're either really slow or explainatory. I just want some big explosions. I got nowhere else to go, so i was wondering if someone knows a good website to find VOlcanic eruption animations of GIFs. SOunds would be very helpful too.pwease help

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need help please

I am trying to build an art piece that is a book, and when you "pet" the book, it will make a sound. Can anyone talk me through how to make this happen? If so, please make it step by step for dummies. thanks!!!! J

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PLEASE HELP? Drivelock password

Do you have any software that will unlock a drive loc. When booting laptop it says hd drivelock. I didn't put a pw on it, but it appears to have onet. When I go into setup the drivelock pw is grayed out. Will not let me access it. PLEASE HELP?

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Help with (streaming) radio, please...

Hello, everyone. I am trying to get live radio stations streamed on my laptop... so far I haven't found anything, and I don't even know if something like this exists. It would be helpful if someone could possibly help me find a program that could stream radio stations. If I need to buy a radio tuner for my laptop or something, I will, but if there is software for streaming it, I would like that better. Thanks to all the Instructables users for all of the help.

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linux help please?

I want to put linux on my server but don't know wich one i should choose. could someone help me please? with my server, i just basically want to store data and be able to take it out whenever i want, go on the net and run some games for example ceasar IV

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Help with photograph, please?

I know zippity do-da about digital photography.  I understand size (sorta) as it pertains to kb vs. mb but that's not saying much. I need this picture (353 kb) at 300 dpi.  I have no idea how to accomplish that or even where to start. 8-/   Can someone please help me?

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Laptop Fan Help!

So i bought a 2.8ghz laptop from a guy for $30i fixed EVERYTHING, invested about $200 of my hard-earned moneyand now the CPU fan wants to crap out on me >: ( the fan works, the circuitry that controls the fan has failed (on the mobo)so what i am asking is that you help me!i need to be able to regulate the 12v that comes from the battery into lower voltage, with a variable power supply, need someone to do the calculation so that i can regulate voltage form 4.5v - 12v what would be the resistance values?VOUT = 1.25 * ( 1 + ( R2/R1 ) )

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Please explain WATTS to me! Answered

 I know watts equal amps times volts. But why? What is the benefit? Hypothetically, I wanted charge a laptop with some batteries ( instead of with the charger cord). The charger cord says 65 watts or some such, but what does that tell me?  Is 65 watts the same as 13 volts at 5 amps? Or 13 amps with 5 volts? what voltage/amperage would I need to charge this laptop? Thanks!

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may some one please help me bulid something?

Im trying to build  a suit .

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AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Somebody please help me

I have been trying to learn the programming language of arduino for quite sometime now I have asked multiple questions but I'm still not sure. I just want to know the language so please give me give me suggestions on how I could learn it, or just tell me how you learned it. Thank you

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Linux Partition? Help me please.

I have an HP Touchsmart Tm2 and I have a pretty decent sized hard drive. I want to partition it so that I can boot either into Win7 or linuxOS of my choice. How do I go about doing this safely and hopefully for free? My computer has been reformatted since I got it so there is none of that evil HP software on it anymore. I have over 400 gig of free space and nothing to fill it with. Please help!

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hi people please help me

Ok heres what i have to say.well i read on the net that americans just throw their phones away when it breaks but in south africa we fix the please im asLl are making south africa a safer place for your own good.i will fix the cellphone's and sell it for the price it cost me to fix it so more south africans will be able to afford to own a phone

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Please, help me with this 3_state switch !?

ANSWER : so, at the end, it was a switch. I had to do it the hard way :( have a look at the last picture. Hi, could someone help me with this 3-state switch ??? I would like to remove it from the PCB, solder some wires and make ARDUINO + MOSFETs to control it = instead of me, manipulating the switch, I want the arduino to do that for me. Unfortunately I'm not able to find out which PINs I have to connect together to simulate the switch. I did some measurements and make matrix - if it could help to find out which pins to put together. Thank you in advance. Zholy P.S. : The voltmeter was set to 2000mV, and the RED_positive probe was attached to the NUMBER pins

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help me please . i beg

Hi i got this one from dealextreme. please some one help i know u answered few things but i don't know what u mean by setting the freequences there is a guide on instrutable site but thats for att/ other usa network settings there is no setting posted for fido/rogers network this is the link where i bought the cellphone blocker. and this is the website that has the guide for this exact blocker how to tweak the settings but those settings are posted for usa carriers like att/ and other so thats where i need help. i hope some oen can help me here as i have heard there are lot of experts around this site who knows many things thanks.

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Linux help please? MKII Answered

Okay here i am again. on the last question i posted (linux help please) poeple told me to use ubuntu. i tried but it says on the screen: This kernel requiresanx86-64 CPUbut only detected an i686 CPU. unable to boot- please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU. where do i get such a kernel because,maybe i didn't see it but , there are apsolutly no system requirements writen anywere on the linux OR the ubuntu website. and that is for all the os i saw on the linux website. is it so hard to modify a page to put in system requirements??? anyway could anyone show me an os for SERVERS that run on a bi-processor Intel Xeon i686 motherboard? and show me the way to a free disk burner  program to burn bootable disks? best answer to the one who give me an os that works! thanks everyone.

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I cant open anything on my PC nothing works. I am only able to get into google chrome. A GUI pops up when I try to open a program asking me what program I want to use to open it. I tried downloading Malwarebytes but it wont open either. What do I do? Please help! My PC is a big part of how I make money. (ALL THE FILES ARE .EXE!!!!)

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MY RAM is not showing up ??Please help me?

Hello guys..I have Acer Laptop with 3 GB RAM . I want to Upgrade my RAM. So i open the back of my Laptop and Remove the 1 GB RAM and Put the 4 GB RAM. But when after that when i reboot my Laptop. It was only showing 2 GB RAM not the additional RAM that I connected. After that I remove the 4 GB RAM Slot and put back my 1 GB. then also again it was only showing the 2 GB..Nothing is working. ..Do i need to upgrade Bios ??

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My laptop can't connect to wifi please help?

I just took my laptop to the shop for services after it can't connect to my house network . But after they did services for me I try and same thing happens again , then I tried to restart the wifi router ( which I didn't do it previously) , it worked ! But after few hours , it disconnected automatically and couldn't connect to my home wifi , but it can connect to other wifi routers . Can anyone please help me ? I'm a university student and I need to use my laptop to do works . Thank you very much ! 

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As for my old laptop

As for my old laptop, im thinking of cracking it open and blowing it out, then adding an external fan, what do you guys think of that? also, what else should i do to it, talking software and hardware type stuff, and sorry, no Linux please, also if you care to leave comments also can you help me figure out how to fix the hinges my moms boyfriend Michael (not gorillazmiko) broke?

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Need help

I am using hp laptop is not reading a specific internet network by an ethernet cable.But if use a switch near to my laptop it reads bt speed is very low.It has started after a thunderstorm,any solution please???

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harddisk problem. Help

My external harddisk has some problem. when i add it into the laptop, the laptop won't register it. Inside the 'computer' file, i won't see it. Could you Please help me.?

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Can anyone help me with this ? Answered

I am looking for a way of powering my DJ record player of mine without using the mains, i need enough power to power the motor which spins the records and the speaker system built in, either by dynamo or batteries does anyone know how i would do this? 230v ac i dont want to use a transformer or be carrying a 12v battery round too?

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Imac help?

I have an Imac as my desktop. I also use a chomebook an a aspire at home. The wifi connection isn't working for chromebook or aspire (laptops). I've already checked the connections. I've also rebooted the router. Still no success. I don't know what else I can do to fix these issues. Help me please. Thanks

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Antics help!! Please Read

Umm, i just found this website called, and the software that used to be able to be downloaded for free, you now have to have a registered email from befor the site closed back in 08. i just found the website today, so i dont have a registered email. i am hoping that if somebody has a registered email, they would let me use it to download the new antics v5.1 and content pack. i have already checked the torrent sites i know about, but if you have a registered email or torrent site that you know offers antics, or even are willing to send me the setup exe, please private message me telling me where to get it. thanks!

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Dell Inspiron 1501 audio issues!! PLEASE? HELP ME!!!!! Answered

Hi all. I bought my Dell Inspiron 1501 about ..... 2-3 years ago... its WELL out of waranty. So, about 5 months ago, i got sick of win vista, so i uninstalled that and installed win xp. Ok fine. So, the first and MOST IMPORTANT issue is that the audio doesnt work... i dont even see a little speaker/volume thing in the system tray. This laptop has a built in audio adapter and built in speakers. The audio simply doesnt work. I tried to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and it wont let me play because of the audio thing..., it says something like.. Gta San Andreas cannot detect any installed audio adapter or something like that. So, PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE HHHEEELLLPPP MMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY NEED THIS LAPTOP TO WORK PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX.

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Help me in making of a photovoltaic cell please

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Help me choose a laptop! -MAJOR UPDATE-

I just found out that I won a scholarship that writes me a check for $1,500. I already have college fees paid for through National Merit, so this is considered my laptop fund. I'm holding off for a few months to actually buy something (not much need right now, so I might as well wait for prices to drop a bit longer), but I want to get the Instructables Community's input on what to get. Here's what I want: -Highly portable laptop to carry to classes. I have a desktop for a real workhorse; the laptop only needs to be capable of basics. Anything past the basics is a bonus. -Screen no larger than 13", but no smaller than 8". 1366x768 or greater would be nice. Portability! I If I really need a big screen, I can plug in another monitor. -A touchscreen would be lovely, but not a requirement. -Built-in webcam would be nice. -Possibly a convertible tablet, but I'm not sold on that wee little hinge. A fold-flat drawing surface would be excellent, though. -I love a keyboard light, especially backlit. -Windows or Linux. NOT A MAC. I appreciate Apple's aesthetics, but I don't like the big brick walls they build around everything. Windows isn't really a bonus, just something I'd be okay with. -Not much more than $1000. Until I'm substantially wealthier than I am now, I don't see a reason to spend inordinate amounts of money on something that will be obsolete in a few years anyway. -I rather like the Eee PC T91, if it had a 10" screen, a HDD or a higher-capacity SSD, and assurance that the little swivel-hinge won't splinter the first time it's pulled open too far. I also rather like the Quanta NL2, despite it's Fisher-Price appearance, at least if Intel actually will sell one. So, after doing my own research, I've decided that I want a 10" screen with HD. The future Asus Eee PC 1018P fits the bill perfectly except for this...Atom N475 processor, crazy thin, 10-hour battery, aluminum body, USB 3.0, and the ability to put a multitouch digitizer in. It doesn't, however, have the HD display of the Eee PC 1005PR. In short, I want a 1018P with the display from a 1005PR. Any suggestions, or rumors of future Asus releases? Okay, so I ended up getting a 1016P. A week before Intel announced the dual-core Atom N550 and just under two weeks before HP announced a revised Mini 5103 with that N550. I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that no matter what computer I had chosen, it will be obsolete by the time about the time I have a job and can buy a new one.

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Can someone help me with schematics please?

Can someone please tell me about the capacitors i should be using in this schematic?  Like i know i need a 0.01uf but what type of capacitor? and (V)? also what is a 6pF?   Last question is about the #16 wire.. Im guessing this is just a inductor i can make by wrapping it around a pen 6 times? but do i use magnet wire or any old regular copper wire? thankyou.

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Firewire on Laptop without PCMCIA. Please Help!!?

My laptop has no pcmcia slot.Is there a way to give it firewire support? It does have the following: usb x3 ethernet x1 phone x1 sd/ms/pro/mmc/xd card reader hdmi x1 vga x1 I am trying to hook a SONY DCR-TRV27 camara into Pinical any help with this will be apreciated?

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problem with the player or with the laptop?

Could you help me to solve this problem.I'm a musician and I I use a laptop .when my laptop is connected with the amplifiers ,while working  the player  stops playng for a minuit  and then goes on.I tried and changed the players ,I tried at home without amplifiers and it worked fine.what may be the reoson?what do you think?soundcard or what?please help me....

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Internal USB converter? Please help!

Hi. I just ordered this,;=1366146730&sr;=8-13&keywords;=icy+box , to connect to a psu I have running on it's own, and with the hope of connecting it to the USB port of my laptop and using it as a USB/Card reader extension kind of thing. Now, rather foolishly I didn't think about how I would connect it to my laptop. I know for sure I can connect it to the PSU with the Molex connector, but how could I connect it to my laptop? This is the connection info it has: USB 3.0 - EXTERNAL to the mainboard or USB 3.0 PCI-X extension card via USB 3.0 cable USB 2.0 hub and card reader: INTERNAL to the mainboard via USB 2.0 cable eSATA: INTERNAL to the mainboard via sata cable Audio: Internal to the mainboard via Audio cable Power: Internal to the system power supply via Big-4Pin Molex Sorry if I'm being stupid, but what concerns me is how it says internal and external, I dont really know what it means, like, is an internal USB 2.0 cable different to an external one, and how could i connect it to a standard USB port? Sorry for the long winded probably really confusing post, basically I just want to know how I can connect this to my laptop's USB port to be able to connect USB devices and use USB sticks and read memory cards lol Really sorry for the bad post, but thanks a lottttt to anyone who can help!!

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Can some one help me charge my laptop?

I've lost dc part of my laptop (where you plug in the cord) and I've got no way to charge my battery. Please help me!

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RE. Laptop Screen Problems- Help Please? Answered

Hi, We've been having problems with the screen on our laptop (Dell Latitude D630) since i dropped it the other week. The screen is very temperamental and goes all white when its moved into certain positions, picture goes but backlight remains on. I've absolutely no experience in fixing laptops so if you think you have any ideas on how to fix the problem, please make the instructions as clear and easy to understand as you can. Also please see the video i have embedded (if i manage to get that right ha ha) to see for yourselves exactly what's happening. Thanks in advance :) Joe

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Help selecting a MOSFET, please

Guyfrom7up sent me this schematic for an ignition coil driver. I'm trying to determine if the MOSFET, IRFP450, could be substituted with any of the MOSFETs from Electronics Goldmine. The search doesn't create a link, search "mosfet" to get the list.I know I could get it from somewhere else, but EGM has parts for a few other projects, and I like to combine shipping.

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Help with BEAM robot please!

Hi all! I am starting to build the famous mousey robot but I ran into problems already, I am a newbie!. If someone could give me a hand that would be very appreciated. I have all the parts except for the relay which I hope will arrive anytime soon (had to buy it online) attached is a diagram I drew to use as a guide when breadboarding the first part of the circuit that makes the robot seek light. The problem is both motors work and spin but they don't seem to change the speed when I cover one of the light sensors. If I use the multimeter on the light sensors while disconnected from the circuit it gives me 0.04 volts for both, positioned in such way they receive the same amount of light. If I move them the readings are different ( more if closer, less I farther away). But when they are connected as shown and I measure voltage they both give me the same value no mater which one I cover with my hands, also, the value changes if I move the light source. I am using a breadboard to connect the light seeking circuit but I will attach images later it is the same as the attached image (I hope) the difference is the image was drawn with the circuit board I am going to use.Also, I measured the voltage motors were getting while running with a different light sensors covered at a time and both motors gave me the same ~4V.. I think that means they are running at the same speed right? I think that the instructable about mousey in this site still has the led error but I am not sure.corrected? circuit diagram also attached a second diagram of how it should look when completed with relay etc. I drew them so they might have errors!Thanks a lot, any help would be very appreciated!edit: more related links:

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