led driver automotive

Can I power an AC LED driver with DC voltage, from what I understand the driver controls voltage and current. I purchase an LED light 7 x 1watt , the driver was rated 85 - 265 volt ac input but the seller had written 12 volt DC with grease pen across the printed label. This light works fine so I ordered 7 more like it with same ratings from a differant seller and they only work on 115 - 230 volt. Now I need to find proper driver or ship back to Hong Kong( Grrrr) I have seen drivers rated at 12 volt AC, will these work on 12 volt DC voltage? Thank you in advance, Duncan. 

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LED AC Driver

Hello, I was looking at making some indoor lighting using these leds http://www.ledsupply.com/creexml-ww220.php  Of course, the only part I'm confused on is what kind of driver or circuit should I use, if I wanted to plug it into a 110v plug? Thanks

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My LED Driver? Answered

Right so i asked about how i could dim this circuit but i forgot to put a link of the circuit in question . i wanted to know how i can control dimming of an LED. i have 3 LEDs into one LED RGB they use 350 MAh 3.7 V each and i used 1W 3.9 ohms resistor on each Vreg. they have + as the Common.   is it possible to just put a potentiometer between the driver and the battery?  or do i need to a high tech micro controller?  https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-simple-high-power-LED-driver/

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Led driver help.

I want to make a aquarium light unit with 100 cool white 14000k 3w ,DC Forward Voltage 3.4-3.6V ,Forward Current 700mA and 100 Royal Blue DC Forward Voltage: 3.6V - 4.0V  ,Forward Current: 700mA  i want 2 dimmers 1 for whites 1 for the blues, can someone please tell me what divers i need  and how many i need. if imposable links to the driver on ebay.

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Small led driver?

I need a chip that will be able to power  5 or more LEDs not past like 10 though cause it's not necessary channels of LEDs ,I want to be able to have each channel doing different patterns at the same time, blinking ,fading ,or just on.  (it doesn't matter how much MA the chip can handle as I will be using transistors to amplify the signal ,most likely) It needs to be able to fit in a 1/2 inch tube. I think this one will work but im not sure. http://www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/product.do?id=NCP1840 I think this will only work on printed PCBs if I can i'd rather have something i can wire up with ether perfboard or wires. 

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help led driver?

Ok so i have 3 leds in series but in total i have 4 sets of these. the ma is 20 and the volts is 3.4 or 3.6 on the led and i want to run it at 12 volts with 6800ma. what i want to do is build a driver to regulate them so they wont burn out fast. so i want to know how to build one and what i need.

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3W LED Driver

I Want to design a 3W led driver with 9V dc and 350 mA ouput.

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Best LED driver

I am looking at making a chandelier which will consist of 6 groups of 13 LEDs. Since this is being hooked to a 120 volt circuit I will need a LED driver. Is it better to build the driver myself or just buy one.

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LED Driver Help!

So I have four 10 W LED's and I want to run them all together off of a led driver but I'm not sure what type of driver I need to get. My led's specs are. Color: cool white Luminous flux: 750LM Forward voltage: 9-12V DC Color temperature: 6000K-7000K Forward current: 1000mA Power: 10W Lighting angle: 160° So if someone could help me with wiring it would be greatly appreciated. I've worked with little throw away led's and risistors but I wanted to use some sort of led driver, or constant current device on what I'm doing, but I don't know how they work. I'm just trying to get something that will run all the led's and be cheap

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Best LED driver?

I need to driver (5) 1watt white LEDs (forward voltage of 3.2~3.5v) and current of 350mA. I guess the best way would be to connect them all in series and somehow give them power. This is meant to be powered off of the wall socket (whether through SMPS or a capacitor or a resistor or a transformer or anything.). My question is what's the best way to drive them? I've never really used high power LEDs before. I'd also prefer to be able to adjust the brightness...

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Best driver for this led? Answered

Sorry for posting a repeated question(i think) Well, i'm so new to high power LEDs, My dad bought a high power LED on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/160584479457?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649  The LED has the following specifications  Working Forward Voltage (VF) : 9-12V DC Working Forward Current (IF) :1000mA   Intensity Luminous: 800Lm The seller told me to use a  DC DC converter for it. I will not pay $20 for one.  I've seen lots of sites about the driver but most of them has circuit made for  LEDs which have a forward voltage of 2.8-3.6V. and mine has a Forward Voltage of 12V. So what will be the best driver for it. I found this one but i'm wondering if this would work http://www.simple-electronics.com/2011/09/high-current-led-driver-using-fet.html

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3W LED driver?

3W LEd driver with 9V dc and 350 mA output runs on ac mains supply.

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LED driver question

Reposting need help Can I power an AC LED driver with DC voltage, from what I understand the driver controls voltage and current. I purchase an LED light 7 x 1watt , the driver was rated 85 - 265 volt ac input but the seller had written 12 volt DC with grease pen across the printed label. This light works fine so I ordered 7 more like it with same ratings from a differant seller and they only work on 115 - 230 volt. Now I need to find proper driver or ship back to Hong Kong( Grrrr) I have seen drivers rated at 12 volt AC, will these work on 12 volt DC voltage? Thank you in advance, Duncan. 

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Aquarium LED driver?

Im looking for a schematic that controls 1w leds for my fish tank light? i need the control to be dimmable and hopefully programmable so i can incorporate a sun motion effect and then a moon motion effect! i say hopefully because this will need to be an add on later in the project as id like to have the initial lighting up as quickly as possible! As far as i know so far, the circuit is a basic constant current circuit but  i need a "buck" driver or PWM to enable the dimming by varying the current! so my questions are :- 1. Does anyone know of a simple, reliable and cheap circuit to use? 2. Because of the amount of LED's ill be using im not sure i like the idea of having all the lights in a series configuration because if one fails, thats a lot of lights to test! 3. If i have to use a computer to run the lights id like to be able to make it compatable with the raspberry pi therefore id need a program and mounting software for the pi, so anyone know of one? 4.Right to the power, i dont care what voltage it runs on but id like to only utalize one plug socket if possible, i do have a few power supplies laying about for various things like old laptops and old pc's, so what do i need to power it! i cant think of any more at the moment but you guys know what im trying to achieve so im sure you know what questions i have missed! as i said though, id like to start simple and work up to sun motion control and timers! Thanks in advance for any help anyone is offering! 

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3.7v LED driver

Hi guys how are ya doin? :DRecently I'm working on the next project, which is about battery powered bicycle led lamp. So in that case I want to use LED driver. Then I've founded this schematic with CMOS 555 timer, who runs more than 5 LEDs in series. Excited by this new found schematic, I bought the parts & connected them like so. Unfortunately, it turns out, it wont work. :/ At 3.7v they won't even light up, but at 5v they start to shine a little bit. I'm wondering do I need to put different transistor (in my case it was PN2222A - that's the one I had and its equivalent to 2N4401)? Or what the problem with this circuit.I would more than thankful for your help. :D

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Power LED Help

I'm looking to make some home lighting with LEDs, but I'm not sure how to regulate the current properly. I've really only used resistors up until now for led projects. I have a couple ATX pc power supplies, and I've used it to power an ebay led with no problems. I just touched the led directly to the 3.3v line and ground and it lit up fine. What I'm wondering is, is does the psu automatically adjust the current to what you need? Or is there something else I would need to worry about? (I figured it would be okay to power something off the 3.3V line if they were 3.7V leds, say several P4s)

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Need help with this driver? Answered

Hi, I have 3 blue  x 1w high power leds, specs are: Forward voltage: 3.2v - 3.6v Forward current: 350mA Intensity: 70-80Lm Color temp: 6000k to 6500k I have this led driver but want to know if it will drive the 3 led lights at each 320mA or total 320mA divided x 3 Driver specs: LED power supply driver Power: 3 x 1W Input voltage: 80-265V/ 50-60Hz Output: DC2.5-12V/320mA

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How to pick an LED driver?

Say I have 3 LEDs in series that have a Max Forward Voltage of 6v and an operating current of 1000mA. I could get a driver like a buck puck, say the 3021-D-E-1000mA BuckPuck. It has an input voltage of 5 - 32v, and let's say I give it the full 32v, so how does that not end up burning out my LEDs? My actual goal is to have 3 strings of 6 Cree XP-e LEDs connected to 3 Drivers. But I can't quite figure out how to properly size the driver. I know it puts out a constant current, and the voltage fluctuates -- what is there to determine which one to get so I don't end up pushing too much voltage? Or am I misunderstanding something about how the voltage will fluctuate? Sorry for the noobishness, this is my first real electronics project.

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Ac and dc led drivers?

Can I power an AC LED driver with DC voltage, I understand the driver controls voltage  1watt , the driver was rated 85 - 265 volt ac input but the seller had written 12 volt with grease pen across the printed label. This light works fine

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Power driver LED faucet? Answered

Dear All Please could  you help me to know : how the  led faucet can generation power it self for driver led (please see photo) .I bought this device for open see inside (on Ebay) but still not yet arrived. Many thank you

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LED driver and voltage help?

Here goes nothing. How everyone can help. Right now i have a 50watt led that can be wired 85-277VAC. It has a led driver that  has all this on it. Vin:85-277VAC Lin:ac0.35A Vout:DC20-36V Lout:1500MA+-3%MA 50Wa/70Wb Now with all that being said it is an hP0050 led driver. Now on 120VAC it pulls .42 amps. Now at 12V this should pull 4.2 amps. What i need to know how to do is use 12-24VDC input and still be able to power the 50 watt led in DC voltage. Anyone help.. I would need to be able to do it cheaply bc my larger lights ahve 4 of the 50 watt leds in it so i would ahve to do this 4 times..

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LED DRIVER assistance required? Answered

I am trying a diy led build. I have 9 3w 4v 800mah high power leds and a  240v AC to 26-39v variable voltage DC 1500mAh fixed  driver. My first question is, if I connect my 9 leds in series =36v leaving 3v drop do I need to limit the fixed 1500mAh current and if so how. My second question, is there a way of fitting a dimming circuit given that I cannot access the internals of the driver. I have looked for answers but cannot find oe specific to my problem Many thanks in advance for replies.

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Can someone help me I am trying to make video lights using 5 Watt and 10 Watt LEDs. I need a simple circuit to use these LEDs, I will be using 12v battery as power souce.

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LED drivers to match lights?

Hi All I have looked at a bunch of DIY LED bike/headlamp instr. and would like to give them a try, with my own spin. I just need a litle guidence an some bulbs to match drivers, I don't want to use the BuckPack systems. I will be powering these with a 14.8v or 18.5v li-ion battery system Here is the bulb I think I would like to use. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Cree-Single-Die-XM-L-LED-T6-w-20mm-Star-Base-/390319928941?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item5ae0e1766d Now there are different idea's for drivers, with this on can I run 3 of the bulbs on one driver or should I build three drivers? https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-simple-high-power-LED-driver/ Same for these two drivers. https://www.instructables.com/id/Circuits-for-using-High-Power-LED-s/ http://www.dealextreme.com/p/5v-12v-9w-3-cree-3-mode-circuit-board-for-flashlights-16-7mm-5-6mm-25516 This is the driver mode for the last one. https://www.instructables.com/id/Improved-high-power-LED-bike-head-light-with-integ/ Thanks for all your help and the time you all put into this great site!!!

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LED Driver for LED fairy light strands

I bought several of these strands of leds  http://www.banggood.com/Warm-White-Or-White-10M-100LED-Copper-Wire-LED-String-Lights-Lamp-12V-p-927282.html I want to wire two of them together to make a chandelier with one dimmable power supply.  Each set comes with a 12 volt dc 1 amp power adapter. So, do I need a 12 volt dc 2 AMP 24 watt power supply that is dimmable.  I will be going from standard US electric 120 vac. I will be wiring then in parallel so that I don't have to mess with making the strand twice as long and worrying about more resistance. Mainly all the power supplies I can find are a little higher amps and more wattage. Could that blow them all? http://www.peaktopeakpower.com/apv-25-12 Any help would be awesome

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Super Bright Blue LED Driver Answered

I was about to start a project when I got stumped. I need advice on what driver circuit would be best to drive 10-20 super bright blue LEDs off of batteries. Thanks for the help. P.S. If you need me to specify anything (which you probably will) just ask :)

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please help! connecting led to a led driver? Answered

  I bought 1w led driver : MR16 1*1W 320~350mA Constant Current Regulated LED Driver (8~40V Input) and put it in the mr16 socket 12vac, and then I measured output voltage - it was about 9volts, so if I want to connect 1w luxeon, I'm afraid it would burn out, what should I do? Would it be possible to put 1 ohm 1w resistor since it's a 1x1wled driver ?  Led calculator says (for 9v input): 18 ohms, 2.2wats. thanks !

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max output current of cc cv led driver if i use leds in parallel?

I was thinking of using some 2w leds which i already have for home emergency lighting setup. I was thinking of using http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-PCS-Led-Driver-For-1w-watt-led-MR16-1X1W-3X1W-led-light-bulb-DC-12V-/191066699095?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item2c7c767557 as the driver of the leds. And i was wondering if i could run 2 of the leds in parallel from that driver. i will be using a leatsink for each of the leds. So... the main question is how much current would each of the leds be reciving from one driver. will it be 350ma to each of the led or 350ma total to both the leds... ie 175ma to each led. Thank you

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Cree XL-M RGBW LED - recommended LED driver?

Hello I live in Australia and am new to the electronics world. I recently obtained a Cree XM-L RGBW LED 20mm 12W (image). I want to wire it up, so decided to browse the internet for wiring information. This has resulted in a multitude of questions and I haven't been able to find any answers.  From what I can gather, each LED runs @ 100% ~350 mA, up to a maximum of 1 A. Doing some research, it seems I should use an LED driver to ensure that a consistent voltage is maintained. I have some LM317T MOSFET/Voltage regulators coming in, but after some further reading, they can be inefficient. I read I can use an Arduino for PWM to help set different colours by varying the brightness of each LED. Can the Arduino also be used as a driver? Looking for a driver is where I'm stumped. I'm assuming I need a driver per LED. Does this mean I need 4 separate drivers or are 4 channel drivers available? I've seen some single-chip IC drivers and some larger (multiple component) drivers, which should I be looking for? I would have thought that drivers for this type of multiple LED would be easily found, but I'm stuck :) Maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing? I emailed Cree, but they simply gave me an email address for an Australian LED company that no longer exists (at least the domain is no longer active). So I thought the next best bet would be reaching out to users who may have dealt with these LEDs. Thanks!

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How to modify a constant current LED driver 700mA into 350mA?

Is it possible to modify a constant current LED driver 700mA 5W (230V input) to use with 4x1,2W 350mA Diods??

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LED Driver Help - 24 Leds, Red, 2.1-2.4 Drop, 700ma?

Hey everyone Been scratching my head for awhile now about this one. I believe I got the wrong drivers so I'm trying to figure out which one to get. I purchased these http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/266728353.html And I got this driver to run them http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/266728354.html But like I said, I'm running 24 in series not 18 and this drivers output is 680ma not 700ma I was going off the advice of a friend but I think he's wrong and I wasted my money (I can use them later though I'm sure) My question is Which LED Driver would be appropriate for these? If I increase the current (amps) would the wavelength change? It's just a tad lower then I wanted (more curious then anything) Can I alter the driver I got to accomidate the leds to save me money For future reference, how can I figure this out for myself Thanks guys, really hoping to hear back from you!

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What LED drive do I need to power a 8x10 Watt LED in serie?

Hi there, I am building a 8x10 Watt 12v LED strip for my father in law with eyesight issue (an "ambitious" project considering my poor knowledge of the subject ;) ). Attached an image of the project. I though it was simple but I am now totally confused about how I have to power it, the more I read the less I understand. 8*10 = 80 Watt = 80/12 = 6.6A So do I just need a 240AC to 12DC 7A driver or? But 7A seem pretty high for just 8 LED, somewhere I must be wrong, or not. My LED have the following spec. Model: 10W; Forward Voltage (VF): DC 9-12V; Forward current (IF): 1050MA; Thanks!

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LED driver based on LM317 gives more voltage than required? Answered

Hi, I tried to run a 1 watt led with the LM317 in constant current mode. Since the led required 350ma currrent, I used a 3.3+1 ohm resistor in series across the Vout and ADJ. So my resistor series was about 4.3 ohm which should deliver about 290ma current to the led. The driver was based on https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-simple-high-power-LED-driver/ When powered up, the current across led was around 290ma but the voltage across the led was 4.33v whereas it should be between 3.0-3.6v according to the led datasheet. What am I doing wrong? Is it safe to run the led at 4.33v ? It was getting hot.

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Help with Alternating multiple LEDs adjustable Flash rate 9-12vdc supply Circuit Design.?

I have seen many LED Flashers, but they seem to rely on capacitor discharge to light the LEDs. I want to drive around 40 to 60 LEDs and alternate between these LEDs and be able to adjust the Flash rate. One side on for 1 to 2 seconds then the other side on 1 to 2 seconds and alternate between each set of LEDs. The supply voltage will provide the LED Power. I just need to alternate each side on and off at an equal rate. Can anyone help with this design or know of site with this type of circuit?

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how to power a 30w high power led? Answered

I order a 30w led from ebay but i dont know how to power it can i use just a 16v 2a power adapter or hove i to buy a led driver here is the led:             http://cgi.ebay.com/30W-White-High-Power-2100LM-LED-Light-Lamp-Bulb-A_W0QQitemZ220708010099QQcategoryZ163866QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp4340.m263QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DSIC%26its%3DI%252BC%26itu%3DUCI%252BIA%252BUA%252BFICS%252BUFI%26otn%3D10%26pmod%3D220693236934%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5621333683761900258

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LED Lamp current X DRIVER

Hello very good people, 1. Someone told me that I can connect a 3.8A led lamp to 100w driver 3A (constant current) because the driver will dimmer the lamp. Is this correct? 2. Is the driver that operates according to the capacity of the bulb (3.8A) or is the lamp that operates according to the capacity of the driver (3A)? The current of which one acts according to the other? Thank You

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LED lamp voltage X DRIVER

Hello my friends, What about the voltage, Is the driver that operates according to the voltage capacity of the bulb (20-26v) or is the lamp that operates according to the capacity of the driver (20-36v)? The voltage of which one acts according to the other? Can I use a lamp of any voltage since this voltage is understood the ability of the driver (20-36)? the driver is the same amparage and constant current. Thank you a lot.

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LED sink driver and Arduino question.?

Hi ... I would like to ask, if I can use 2 of these LED sink drivers uk.farnell.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp by using/controlling them just from 3 pins on my Arduino ??? I think, that it should be possible thanks to the pin22 SDO (datasheet www.farnell.com/datasheets/456099.pdf) ... what do you think ??? If yes, is there any limitation on HOW MANY shift registers/LED drivers you can connect "in a row" by using just 3 pins on Arduino ??? Could I use 4 of these drivers and control them just by 3 pins on Arduino ??? Thank you in advance for your answers...zholy

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How to use a transistor with many LEDs

Hey! I was wondering I want to 1 pin on my ATtiny2313 to turn on 10 LEDs at once, but I know that I should have that many LEDs hooked up to the same pin. Can I use a simple transistor (3904, 2N222A) as a switch? Sorry I am very ignorant about transistors and capacitors :D

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LED driving and wiring question? Answered

I have read and read and read, and am still confused no where seems to be able to give me a straight answer, so i've come to the instructables forum for help.  I am planing on wiring 16 leds in series driven by a driver. The constant current driver's specs are' in   -  85-277V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A MAx  out -  650mA, 30-60V, 40W The 3W leds run at 750mA, 3.2-4.0V so each led circut should require 52.1v-65.5v,  and 48W. I was hoping to under drive them to increase their lifespan, as i had a different project fail when one led blew and killed the entire line.   My questions are; 1) can i run 3 of these circuits off of one standard north american  plug 125V?  2) will this work? and did i miss anything?  3) can anyone recommend any simple improvements? I've done as much research as i can, but i never have been good at electronics and circuits. and half of the things i find are contradictory. That's why i went into chemistry.  Thank you for reading this, and thank you for responding and helping me!

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Using a 1500mA LED driver to power 1400mA of LEDs?

    I am building a light panel to grow lettuce indoors and need some help. I am relatively new to electronics and trying to learn. The LEDs are: Max. Forward Voltage: 3.0-3.6V Max. Forward Current: 700mA The LED driver: DC20-39V 1500mA +-5% I have done the calculations and will be using 20 LEDs in 2 strings with 10 LEDs in each resulting in 1400 mA at 36.0 VDC. So I bought the LED drivers stated above with the current knowledge i had. But after learning about Constant Current LED Driver, I'm not so sure anymore as the LEDs will not draw what they need, instead be supplied with a constant 1500mA. Am I correct to assume that the LEDs will be fried driven in this configuration? Is there a way to make it work or is the only option to buy a 1400ma LED driver? Many thanks!  

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Need to connect LED driver/controller to LED emitter.

  I have a 8.4V SST-50 5-Mode Memory Circuit Board & a SST-50 LED emitter. From the lower board are 2 leads presumably from the power source. If so,  then where are the leads that connect the controller to the emitter attached?  Can anyone (knowledgeable) PLEASE tell me how to connect them. Be as specific & detailed as you can. reply to:gjax00n@gmail.com                                                                                Thanks big          cgc210

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Yet another LED Driver question?

Fellow instructa-people,  I have aquired a couple of 20w LED Drivers, which are mains powered.  They are branded "Inples 100", each one has 6 outputs at 10.5v I am looking to use 3w LEDs with the driver, but I'm having problems finding how many leds I can use on each channel. The forward voltage of the LEDs range from 3.2 - 4.0v (as per datasheet). Can any kind soul point me in the right direction on how to work this out? Hope this makes sense, kinda new to using LEDs..... can't you tell?? Regards Nabis

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confused about LED drivers and current

Confused about LED drivers and current. http://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/manuals/073-048-parts-express-manual-7169.pdf thats the driver im using and i want to have 6 1 watt LEDs attached to it. I finally found a 30volt power supply but it puts out 1 amp. from what i understand i cant put that much current through the driver. i was reading around though and it looks like maybe the driver is only going to pull what it needs from that amp. I dont want to blow my driver and i dont want to blow the LED. i would probably just try it out anyway but am still waiting for the parts to come in the mail...

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Is the led driver malfunctioning? or am I?

The led driver  http://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/manuals/073-048-parts-express-manual-7169.pdf Im using an arduino to fade LEDs through PWM. The code works on normal rgb LEDs, but i need it to be much brighter. I bought 3, 3 watt, HPLEDs. they are very very nice and bright. but only work with all colors full brightness... i have attached the arduino pins that controlled the normal rgb LEDs to the driver. but this does nothing different then if the pins were disconnected. also if i dont power up the driver and just plug in the arduino it will change the colors of the leds. but it will be just as bright as the normal ones because its only getting 5 volts instead of 13.5. also the color fade cycle acts really weird. not sure what thats all about or why it even does anything just with the arduino plugged in. Does anyone know where to get a decent LED driver? i have looked around for days and could not find what im looking for. this looked like my best option but its not working... thanks for your help. -Rex 

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Choosing the right LED Dimmable Driver...

Hi all, I am hoping someone can clear this up for me. I am building a DIY LED aquarium light and have chosen the following components: - 16 x 3W LED, Cool White - 4 x 3W LED, Royal Blue - 2 x 3W LED, Red I want to run all the LEDs off one dimmable LED driver and I have found this one which I think will work: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-Top-selling-12V-0-10V-dimming-LED-driver-PWM-led-dimmer-constant-voltage-3/1410890719.html I also wish to make each colour dimmable by using a potentiometer for each of the 1-10V lines. Therefore, 16 white LEDs will be in series on one channel, 4 blue on the second channel and 2 red on the third channel. What I would like to know is the following: 1) Will I be able to safely run all the LEDs on each channel as described above? 2) What value potentiometer should I use for each of the 1-10V control lines? 3) Do the 1-10v control lines require a seperate power supply or are they regulated internally from the 12-24V DC IN? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

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Shift Registers vs LED Drivers?

I am trying to figure out how to program an arduino to control LEDs. Basically, what I have done, is I have made a 3x3 matrix and can program some simple sequences with the LEDs using the digitalWrite and delay functions.  I'm not even sure that this is the right way to do this, I don't think it is, but it works.  Anyway I want to try to program bigger matrices and maybe LED cubes using my arduino, but without using up all of the output pins. So, I've came across two ways to get more outputs from less pins; LED drivers and shift registers.  These may be the same thing and I'm just not aware.  But anyway, is there a difference between them? I've really only found information about shift registers, nothing really about LED drivers.  Is one easier to program? Does one use less pins than the other? Or are they just the same thing?

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Ho do I pick an LED driver?

I bought a few cree XP-E LEDs and I'm very confused as to what drivers I should buy. This is my first electronic project so I'm a bit confused. I do know that for high powered LEDs, constant current is the only way to go but I have no idea how much I need. These are the LEDs I bought: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CREE-XP-E-XPE2-12W-4-Leds-Colorful-Red-White-Green-Blue-LED-Light-20MM-6V-12V-/221887486794?var=520780573872

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how to make 12v dc operated drive for 15 pcs. high power LED's?

I wants to make circuit for using 15 pieces 1watt/350ma high power LED's. So how can i make it?? I have 12volt/5Amp DC input. So please reply suggessions. I havnt heat sink in my LED's, so heat sink is must required or can i use without it. I wants to make car head light by using it. looking forward replies...prashant

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