mp3 player

Ok so i need some help, i have a 2 inch AU LCD screen display from an old digital camera and i want to turn it into a MP3 player using a SD drive and the LCD display, and i want to be able to view the album art on the color LCD display is there anyway to do this or even come close? if anyone know ANYTHING that can help me on my quest to making this pease let me know

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Mp3 doorbell

I'm trying to hook up a relay to the wires leading to a broken door chime in a way that when the button is pressed it causes the mp3 player to play an audio clip. what I need help on is the speaker, what I would like, is to have the speaker turn on when the button is pressed and to stay on for 5 or so seconds after the button is released. How would I do that?

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Xvid & MP3

These two seems to be the most popular video "backup" codecs on the internet (if you know what I mean). Since I started playing the pirate game on the internet, I always wanted to transcode all my video files using these two. Over the past two years, I have probably wasted several gigabytes of Google's bandwidth in a frustrating and tiring search to find an easy way to do this. If anyone have found one or a nice compact free program, please please come forward and help a brother out. If you know a why to do so with VLC, it would be da boom.

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Worktunes MP3 conversion.

Does anyone know if an older set of worktunes earmuffs can be converted to accept an MP3 input?

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USB MP3 player

Is there ANY way I can make a homemade MP3 player with a USB flash Drive, A headphone jack, and things like that? Is this possible? I have seen the instructable with an SD card...

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MP3 to Cassette Tape

Would like hook up my laptop to a cassette recorder/stereo so that i can make mix tapes from MP3's. My brother's friend did it years ago, but can't remember how he did it for the life of me. Any suggestions on certain cables I need or any other information. Much appreciated.

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MP3 books to ZUNE

I just got a Zune, I like to listen to recorded books while I work, which is reasonably easy to do with the Zune interface software and most books on CD. THE PROBLEM is books recorded as MP3 files. Strangely enough here is an "MP3 Player" that cannot handle MP3 data directly... At least this is my experience so far. Placing a MP3 recorded book CD in the drive and while I CAN listen to it on the laptop using Zune's Software interface. Trying to transfer the files to the Zune unit creates error files that are unusable and so far I have not been able to remove from the Zune. Admittedly I'm a newbe to the Zune but have been using computers since the Atari 800 came out too many years ago for me to admit to...ANY help would be appreciated. Possibly there's something I just have not found as yet.

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Flash Drive To An MP3?

Is There A Way To Turn My Flash Drive Into An Mp3 Player? If so Could i Get A Little Help On How?

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GBA Cartridge MP3

Hello Instructables World, I have heard that you can take out the memory in a gba cartridge and fill it with music... Is this even possible?? I would really like some feedback. Thank you

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Mp3 Player help

I have a disney mix max and i have a family guy video on it that is wmv but when I convert a video with and put it on and play it it says FILE NOT SUPPORTED. Please help. All comments apprieciated.

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power pack for battery powered mp3?

I am wondering if its easily possible to convert a mp3 that runs on AAA to mains via a power pack, which we all seem to have plenty of laying around. i realise that the AAA battery is 1.5v or there abouts while the closest spare power pack i have is 4.0v dc / 350mA will it work, or is it possible to further step down so it would be suitable ? via electonics - or do i need to find a powerpack that matchs a AAA battery voltage. i was going to wire this to the battery terminals ... or am i just looking for trouble? lol

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Name + number telephone save to MP3 player?

Dear All..  Please could you help me to know : It possible save name and number telephone from NOTEPAD or other from (my computer) to MP3 player ( please see my MP3 on picture) If yes  please show me where to find it on Google  and if easy please point me.Thank you so much in advance for your time and hope you will help me.                                                                  Best regards                                                                                lam

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programmer time off (sleep)mp3 player

 Dear....   I have this mp3 player.and must reprogram each night for time off (sleep)could you help me to know it can program once for all .if yes please show me how  do that.                         Thank you in advance your time                                        lam

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What sort of mp3 output quality would a radio station be? (Please) Answered

My car stereo chews up the cd's - pretty much because the shock absorbers are rubbish. Way to go, Chevrolet... So I got a car fm transmitter that plays mp3s - and it's great stuff. Yay! (and cheaper than new shocks, too!) However, I want to cram as many mp3s on the player as I can (it's only 4gb) so I'm going to convert my mp3s to a lower quality. I guess as I'm happy with  records on the car radio then I reckon I don't really need cd-quality mp3s. (I can listen to hi-fi at home ;-) I did a quick Google, but found no answer to my question - what sort of mp3 output quality would a radio station be? I'm happy to reduce the frequency sampling as well as the bit-rate. Many thanks guys.

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Is it possible and if so how to use svp hddv 2300 digital camera as an mp3?

I have a svp hddv 2300 digital camera and was wondering if i could use it as an mp3 player?

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Cheap way to make an arduino play multiple sounds (MP3/WAV)?

First off, I know that doing this straight forward is not possible. The are a few ways I think I can do this. The main one I'm looking at is to have a MP3/WAV board hooked up to a speaker. I'll have two setups, one that is set to have three sounds (start, stop, fire, and only one of those three sounds would play at a time) and the second setup would have an alarm (this would have to play at the same time as the fire sound).  The issue I'm running into now is that I would like to have this all on the same PCB, as I plan to make a barebone arduino.  I'm sure there are better ways to do this, or that someone has a schematic to make just the sound board. Either will work. Thanks in advance! 

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9V battery and LM7805 power a audio AMP failled? Answered

Hi,All I use a 9V battery to pass power through a LM7805 to an arduino pro mini,a MP3 module,it works fine.later i am not satisfied with the low voice of the speaker,then i added an Amplifier module.the AMP module is a PAM8403-5V(could be USB powered),but the speaker produce weird sound.  it seemed the PWR was not enough,so i added an extra 5V supply to the PAM8403 module,this time it sounds fine. But i don't wnat to use two PWR sounces to power them.cause it will be bulky,is the 9v battery OK to power them all?or maybe i should use two LM7805s,one for arduino and MP3 module,and another for the PAM8403 module. The pic attached is the working wiring of the project Please help me with this,Thanks. gada888

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Save YouTube music to mp3? Answered

Can you guys help me on this? I know it's not hard to download and save YouTube music to the hard disk but I also want to be able to save YouTube music to mp3 for my mp3 player or  maybe for the cell phone. So, what good YouTube Downloader can,  besides the usual stuff like download and convert youtube videos to avi and other video formats, save youtube music to mp3?

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MP3 Battery won't charge?

I have just bought a generic MP 3/4 and did not fully charge the battery before exploring it's apps. Now I have a half full battery that won't charge any further. Can anyone help?

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pinouts of an mp3 player module? Answered

I have an mp3 player module whch i took out from a home theatre main unit. I want to know the use of some features or the pins which are given in it because i am a beginner to electronics and stuff. I am using it as a player using headphones because it needs amplifier to play in speakers, but headphones work with medium sound. It has usb and sd card port for input. Also have 3 pushbuttons , play pause, next , previous. It has the following pinouts. Basic ones which I know: +5v  GND L_OUT R_OUT These must be for pushbuttons: P4.1 GND P4.2 P1.2 P4.4 (but there are only 3 buttons)??? IR (this could be infrared remote control) These I want to know what are for??? +5v GND SDA     SCL P5.7 RST

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Button Activated MP3 Player

I need to buy or build a device to play a single song in MP3 format on the push of a button, similar to one of those used in stuffed animals or greeting cards. I need to be able to hook it up to a small external speaker to make it a little louder. I a building a Nickelodeon Guts trophy for a friend of mine and would like to put this device in the base with a button on the top or front to play the theme song. Any ideas how I can go about buying or building something like this? I'm on a shoestring budget here, and not terribly handy with electronics, so I really need some advice.

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push button mp3 player?

Hey. I was hoping somebody could help me with an idea i have for a costume. I'm making a costume for Tony Stark from Iron Man 3, with the headset. I can make the headset, but I wanted to add something to it. I want to be able to put a small device that will play sounds (JARVIS quotes) when you push a button. What I'm envisioning is something like you see in some toys. It has multiple sounds, but one button. It plays through one sound effect when you push the button, the next one the next time you push it, and so on. I've seen ones that will do a sound for each button with multiple buttons, but that's not really what I want. One button, multiple sounds, and it cycles through them. Thanks.

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How to connect a phone battery in a mp3 player?

Hello everyone, I would like to know how to connect a phone battery in a mp3 player ? The player in question is a sansa clip+. I appreciate everyone's help.?

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Old mp3-player, what to do with?

Hi everybody! I was going through some old boxes and found my old Creative Zen Vision:M. It's a bit beat up and the buttons are a bit dodgy but apart from that it's still working. It would be a waste to just throw it out but I don't really know what I could do with it, so now I'm asking for some suggestions. Just shout out if you have an idea, nothing is too silly or useless!

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MP3 player - Car Unit Help?

OK, here's the deal. My truck's stereo finally kicked the bucket and now I have no way to play tunes. The old unit had an aux input, which was the only thing I really used (to play my MP3 player). I'd like to make a small, simple unit that just has a jack, power switch, and volume control I could mount in my truck that would run off of 12V and power 4 existing speakers (8 ohm). After looking around at other Instructables, I realized that I don't really know much about amps. I think I could wire one up, however, if I had a diagram. I have a couple of LM386N's laying around I could use, if I knew how... So, could someone please help me out on how to make an amp for this? And any other helpful info? Thanks a lot!

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Why did my MP3 player die?

I have a philips 1 gig MP3 player that has stopped working. When the power button is pressed nothing happens. When I plug it into the computer (win XP) I get the beep that indicates the computer is noticing something at the port but the computer does not register it as a device or a drive. In the past when I plugged it in the player would light up and show that the battery was charging now, nothing. I have tried it on a different computer and also opened it and disconnected the internal battery and then reconnected it- no luck. Also I tried the reset button - no luck. any ideas?

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I have a broken mp3 player which has got a small camera

I hav a broken mp3 player with a camera.I want to remove it and use it as a cctv or something.Can i do such thing if yes tell me how. thank you

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Is there a way i could take the memory from an mp3 player and put it in my ipod?

My nano only has 2 gb so I bought a cheap 8 gb mp3 player but its really hard to use, so is there a way i could take the memory from the mp3 and put it in my ipod?

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How do I get rid of this "pop" at the beginning of my MP3 in Audacity? Answered

So, I've recorded this sound from my PSP using a stereo cable and Audacity. I cut the audio to the certain length that I want it and go to "file" and "export as MP3". When I open up the MP3 to listen to it it has this pop in audio at the beginning. (The picture is the "pop" in audio). So, I open up the MP3 I just exported and cut out the "pop" and export a new one. But, it just does it again. Any ideas what is going on?

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Do colors matter when connecting with wires? Answered

Hi guys, i am trying to make a simple prototype of an mp3 player ( ) but i noticed that when testing the arduino board they use multiple colors of wires. Do the colors hold any significance when testing?

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Adruino Audio Player?

Is it possible to make a Adruino Audio Player?  I think its possible processing-wise, but how would I add extra memory (microSD)?

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how do I disassemble a sony walkman NWZ-E345?

I have a loose charge port and need to know how to fix it because it won't charge.

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how do i get songs onto my sciphone touch i680?

When i copy songs and photos from my lap top to my phone he documents are empty what can i do???

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how to make an audio system out of a old radio?

For my birthday i once got a radio kit to make your own radio. It's very basic. It consists out of batteries, speaker, amplifier, preamplifier (series of risistors and stuff), detector, am tuner and fm tuner. It also has an volume control integrated. (see pictures) As I am only 16 years old and not very familiar with electronics I need some help for the next thing. I am very interested in everything that has to do with technical stuff. So I was wondering if I could elimate the fm and am tuner out of this circuit and turn it into a mp3-player speaker. Is this possible? If so, could anyone tell me how?

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Sansa 2.0 gb. wont turn on?

When I try to turn it on it is saying, not enoughspace for Music DB please free 90mb. but the prob is I cant get it turned on not even hooked to the computer. I dont have a reset button on the outside of it anywhere...... If anyone can help it would be nice to know how to reset it even if I loose everything at this point I dont care. Thanks :)

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Can I add LED's to an MP3 shield?

Total noob at this, I made my first project yesterday(flashing LED's), but I would like to add an MP3 shield to the project. Do I just add the MP3 shield, then put the wires for the LED's back in the MP3 shield?

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What do you use to play MP3 on your Mac?

What do you use to play MP3 on your Mac? 

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Fix Noise in usb mp3 player kit

I recently buy a usb mp3 player kit I search internet about its connection and I connect all thing correct to my amplifier .  My  amplifier s good but there is lot of noise in the song I cant hear it properly So what  I do?

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Mp3 players (except ipods) and itunes synchronizing software?

I was wondering if i can synchronize my mp3 player with itunes and not use the drag and drop utility

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how to attach a Usb mp3 Module inside 2.1 home theatre ?

Please Provide instructions in details

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How to make a mp3 car horn?

I have only seen one consumer product on the market and it retails about $200. I'm not up for spending that much for what seems like such a simple goal. Is there some kind of  MP3 chipset/micro-controller with a USB input where you can load a .mp3 onto a flash drive (or onboard memory) and then wire it up to a speaker/horn? This all seems really simple in writing but is this something one could actually do?

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MP3 hack problem PLEASE HELP!

I am replacing an old mp3 rechgargeable battery rated 3.7 volts with another one that is also "rated" 3.7 BUT when measured with the Vmeter the little bugger gives an output of 4.2, (too high) is there anyway we could add a led or some resistors to lower the voltage without draining the battery when the device is off? Thanks for any suggestions Cheers!

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CAN i build an mp3 player or an i-pod at home?? Answered

I want to build an mp3 player or an I pod at home. .. . . . i may need the materials, recycling ideas, circuit design and pics.

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IIs there a way to take a song from a movie and turn it into an MP3?

I have a play that was released on DVD as well as other not so well known movies, and there are some songs in the movies that I can't find in any store or online as I don't think they have been released as a soundtrack.  Is there any way that I can take the songs from the movie and convert them into MP3 format?

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