Need help making a Rotating Massager

Need help making a Rotating Massager with  a LONG HANDLE. We can get 'vibrating' massager with long handle but not able to get a rotating massager, for back etc. Need to have a high power rotating massager for body massage, but cannot get one in the market. Appreciate if we can make with materials available in the hardware store etc. The  motor should run with simple 230V AC supply like ordinary massagers do. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Other than Obvious Uses for an Old Oster Hand Massager

It seems to me that there should be some other than obvious uses for an old Oster Hand Massager like they used to use in barber shops and gyms. Could one be attached to a glove to allow for some detailed hand sanding, or perhaps for shaking moder paint bottles, or to hold a chisel for wood carving? Seems like there is some potential somewhere...

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How to make a Viberator move ?

I am trying to make a massager with bunch of viberators i have 6 viberators i am making a back massager within a car seat i fited 6 vibrators i want them to move like for example those commercial massagers when you sit on em it goes up and down giving you a full relaxation jus like that i want my viberators to move up and down... thanks for helping

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Silent kneading massage Motor?

I am creating a portable neck and shoulder massager and I am looking into a kneading massage. I know massage machines tend to make noises, and I am planning mind to be silent since it is designed to be used in class without being distracting. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on making this product as quiet as possible? Are their any silent massage motors? Feel free to ask me any further questions. 

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Changing the frequency of Ultrasound Massager ?

Is it possible to convert one of those existing portable Ultrasound unit thats use ( 1- 3 mhz ) to lower frequencies i.e.  35 - 350 khz  or build one form scratch ? thanks hele

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Electrical Question that I'm too stupid to word correctly: How to you re-attach a cable/chord to an appliance?

So I have a back massager that I've been using for a few years and I would just pull on it to unplug it (stupid, I know) and so now it seems as if the cable has come out from the appliance (even though there is no visible damage). Because of this the connection to the back massages isn't solid, making the appliance turn on and off. Does anyone know how I could make the connection solid, or should I give up and get a new one? Thanks!

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is there a guide,list or photo pool of parts one could salvage out of stuff your throwing away or see in the trash?

For instance as much of a pack rack as i am, i am getting ready to toss a couple of older cordless phones, an infrared foot massager, tossed an old all in one printer a couple weeks back. if there are good, all purpose usable parts i would salvage  and save the parts.  the foot massager must have  a motor or vibrater.   The cordless phones i saved the 9vdc bricks, i use i lot of stuff that runs off 9vdc.

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anyone know what websites to use when editing pictures if any one has a website please feel free to massage thanx?

Im trying edit pic for things i want to sell on ebay and guntree

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Help about My call details checked by other person?

Anyone is working in Vodafone store, he was continue call and massage to me about my call details. I wish suit in court, can i do it. If yes, Please give me procedure. He was regularly blackmailing for my call details.

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How to Make a Power Flow Controller ?

Hello I am making a massager i got 6 viberator's and i dont want all 6 viberators to work at the same time example i want a set of 2 to work for like 10 sec and other 2 following a pattern how do i make a controller so i works automaticly that way i dont have to keep pressing buttons to switch em on and off...

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how to run starforce protected game?

i installed CRC 2005 game today but it's not worked, because starforce error pop up and it's a empty massage . i tried starforce update tool and removal tool but both didn't  work and i tried some crack file,another error shows java script wrong. Anyone know how to run a game without this starforce protection ? i think good programmers know how to do this ... pls... i want to play this game 

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I need help installing mac operating system on old apple without internet? Answered

I need to help my Grandma upgrade to the next operating system on her mac. Right now it is running 10.2.3 I would like to upgrade it to 10.5 or 10.4. I don't have a disk and she does not have internet connection. I hope you can help. (more info.) I tried downloading the operating system from my mom's apple and moved it to her computer and tried to install it, it almost worked but I got an error massage saying "the bill of materials was not found". This operating system I'm trying to upgrade is 10.2.3 (about 11-12 years old) thank you for looking at this question www139

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How can I build an amplifying circuit to wire a vibrating motor to an alarm clock or cell phone?

I will be going to college soon and have found out that my roommate gets shaken by loud noises, so I had to abandon my guitar-amp amplified phone alarm for a quieter alternative. I was referred to a vibrating alarm system that fits into pillows and runs on signal from music players and/or plain ol' alarm clock inputs, but those are waaay too expensive, and I prefer building my own over buying. Here's the situation: I have a USB-powered vibrating massager that I got for free at some tech convention. Since it's USB-powered, I know it runs on 5 volts, which is more than my phone's 3.5 mm plug can deliver. How can I build an amplifier circuit that will boost the signal from my phone enough to run the motor? Thanks

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How do I build a 24v 8-10amp power supply?

I am trying to "repair" an old massage chair... for every movement (except vibration) it uses different engines rated 24V and 6 to 8 amps, I tested each one with and old notebook PSU (20V 12A) and they works, but they are a little slower/weaker than before because of this 20V instead of 24V. Now I have to choose between 2 ideas: 1) bridge 2 old PSUs like in this guide to get 0 > +12 > +24 (that would be extremely good since the vibration engine takes just 12V) but I am not sure about the "theory" of putting PSUs in series and I am concerned about the risks of grandma (main user of the chair) being fried after failures of this configuration. 2) I have scavenged a big (and heavy) 220Vac to 12Vac and 24Vac transformer... but I am not sure how many amps I can get out of it and, with my "useful" backgroud as chemist, this time I have the theory of rectifiers but I miss practice... I don't know what I should exactly look/shop for... (in this case it would be nice to take the 12Vdc from it too but if it gets hard/expensive I can go with a "secondary"  power adapter refurbished from a dead cellphone charger)

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