how to defragment a NAS?

Hi, i would love to know how to defratment a NAS drive. i have the WD The Book World connected to my router by eithernet. i was wondering if there is any way i can defregment the drive?

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Has anyone built an NAS before?

I'm trying to build an NAS with a spare computer I have. I'm trying to run Freenas, but every time I try to install the OS, I get a read error: 0x20 The computer in question is an old alienware M9700 my cousin gave me. For some reason, the computer doesn't give me the option to boot from a flash drive, so I assume it can't. So here are my questions: 1. What is this read error I'm getting? I've tried googling it, but I've only gotten very mixed results on it. 2. Is it possible to run Freenas this way? (without a flash drive, via disk) 3. Since the laptop has two SATA ports, could I install the OS to a smaller HDD, and then use the remaining as the storage space? I've been told that you can't install the OS onto the same drive intended for storage.

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Can I repurpose an external hard disk drive (Lacie) to work as a NAS or media server?

Hey there, I have a lot of older lacie external drives of varying capacity - ok, two - but would like to be able to use them as something a little more full-featured, something more like a NAS, for media serving and maybe backups? Are there any hacks/boards/mods that can be done swiftly to make it happen?

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Raspberry Pi NAS, what should I buy to connect the hard drive? Answered

So my friend's family's desktop died in July and they got rid of it and kept the hard drive.  Recently, they sent it to me to get the files off of it.  It was pretty straight forward, the hard drive had a bad sector and I had the thing up and fully operational within about 15 minutes.  Since they got rid of the desktop, they all got laptops.  I'm going to transfer the files over to their individual laptops, then format the hard drive, and set up a Raspberry Pi based NAS at their house.  At this point, I'm not sure what I should buy to connect the hard drive.  It doesn't need to be fast, just for files and sharing between the laptops.  I'm going for minimum price, and I'm going to be using a Model A Raspberry Pi when they are released in the US.  This will then be running owncloud.  Any suggestions for connecting the hard drive would be great.  I forgot to mention this, but the hard drive is a 320 gig SATA hard drive.

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IDE hard drive wont spin up in external array, using hacked power supply.....?

           So after building my new computer I had three old IDE 250gb and two 40gb hard drives.  I took some scrap aluminum and built a rack to mount the drives on. I hacked an old power supply and made a power supply for the drives. I bought 4 IDE to USB connectors and ran then into a USB hub. For some reason the power supply turns it self off a few seconds after plugging in the 250's. It will run the 40's no problem and the system instantly recognizes them.  The jumpers are all set to slave. When I individually try them with my single IDE to USB kit they work fine. 400w for just 5 drives should be more than enough power. Please help me out. Specs. Power Supply Antec-PA-412x 400W drives-250's WD2500-WD Caviar SE WD2500-WD Caviar Seagate Baracuda 7200.8 drives- 40's IBM Deskstar 40 WD400- WD Caviar  

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Install FreeNas 8.0 BETA?

Ok, i need a simple guide on installing freenas 8.0 beta becaause all of the ones i have found arent for 8.0 beta which seem to be very different. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Correct crossslot for NAS and MS screws?

Do anybody now the correct crossslot standart for NAS (National Aerospace Standard) and MS (Military Standart) screws? is it Phillips? Frearson/Reed/Prince? JIS/JISC? or any standart else?

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What happens to the WD PiDrive Node Zero?

Hi there!This is my first time using this community function on instructable and I want to ask if anyone knows what happens to the WD PiDrive Node Zero (which is a Raspberry Pi zero add-on shown in the image if you don't know what it was)As what I have found on the internet, all shops that used to sold this have no more in stocks and I didn't find much reviews on this product either. There are quite a lot of reviews which showcase only the drive but not the drive with the adapter circuit board and the plastic enclosure.The reason why I am interested in this product is that I am currently working on a complete standalone and tiny NAS system that use minimal hardware or software powered by the 3rd party except the Raspberry Pi and Linux. I just come across this product online and feel this will be quite useful if I can get one. Anyone knows where can I get this product or what happens to this product which makes it no longer manufactured / so hard to find? Thanks in advance!

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Trabalho nos passo-a-passos

Pessoal, Vamos utilizar este forum para nos auto organizarmos  na produção de passo-a-passos pra serem utilizados na implantação do Apps Edu em Minas. Será que damos conta de ser tão bons quanto os passarinhos aí embaixo?

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i would like to know is there way to make SATA/IDE To USB2.0 Adapter?

I have this old dvd burner and i would like to hock it to my laptop so i find this SATA/IDE To USB2.0 Adapter but because i dont live in USA i cant order it for my countrie that is why i would like to know if some one knows how to make one i see this adapter on this site thanks

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Właśnie sie zalogowałem i jestem ciekaw czy jest koś z Polski Pozdrawiam.

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that piece is this?

Eu quero  construir um  Arduino  e preciso de um  regulador de tensão  entre as peças  que eu tenho esse  é o mais  semelhante ao  que  encontramos  na internet

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High quality and safe nickel plating question? Answered

Hi. There is instruction on this address how to make high quality and safe nickel plating,and i have some question about that. When he showed to add salt to the vinegar in order to make the vinegar  more conductive,isnt the salt become Na and Cl ions? Will the Na positive ion stick to the negative nickel plate?(while making the nickel solution-step 3)? Will the Na positive ions stick to the item that we are plating besides the nickel( in the plating process-step 5)? will it spoil the object that we are plating with nickel? I see in the supermarket vinegar which said"synthetic vinegar" 5% acetic acid,water.(for food).Is it ok? when he said(step 4)"You can further clean your object by reverse electroplating (ie "electrocleaning") it for a few seconds.  Hook your object up to a negative voltage, a WIRE to the positive voltage, and drop them both in a vinegar salt solution for 10-30 seconds.  This will remove any left over oxidation" What wire did he mean? and the last one:how pure is the nickel should be?because i notice that most of the nickel sheet are about 99%-99.7% it ok? can i use pure nickel strip(97% pure nickel)that is used for battery welding? Thanks in advance.

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Making a lightstand from a mono pod?

Hello all,  This is my first time posting on instructables.  I've found and used so many great photogrpahy ideas on here I figured someone might be able to help me out with a little problem I'm trying to solve.   I got 5 of these:;=10440897&PID;=1225267&nm;_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm;_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&Item;=N82E16830997069 I got all 5 of them for $5 total because of a $30 giftcard I had.  They were on sale for $7 each.   I'm trying to figure a way I can use these as lightstands for my speedlights.  I've had the thought of building an X type base out of wood with a bolt coming up through the base of the monopod but I was thinking of trying to find somethign that would be a bit more portable an X I could fold down somehow but that would still support the monopod.   I'd be grateful for any ideas?

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Info over a network

OK me and my friend had an idea, we both share the same wireless signal and need more storage..also I don't want to configure anything or spend any money...i have extra computers and was wondering, if i put one of my additional computers on the wireless network is there to use it as kinda a NAS of sorts..its running XP and i don't want it secured...its just pictures and music mostly???

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12V bike battery(with/without battery charger) to regulated 12v 2A circuit for mini computer ? Answered

Hi, I want to make a UPS type of device for my tv box which takes 12V-2A power can anyone suggest how to build one I am not able to find any DIY to work with it and I would like to use that TV box as my little NAS device since it runs on windows. and to make it running even in power outages I need some type of UPS for it. regular UPS would convert 12-v to 230v and then 12v that seems a lot of power wastage. if anyone can suggest a better way to do it it would be a great help Thanks in advance.. Paras

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Remote Internet Kill Switch?

I'm looking for a device that would allow me to be able to cut connections to my ISP with a hard switch (located in a network closet of my home).  The switch would be one in which I can control form one of the PCs located on my home network.  My current setup is a DSL modem/router to a network switch with 24 ports ran throughout my home.  I have three PCs on the network, two printers, and a couple of NAS.  I would like to have a switch that cuts the connection between my DSL modem and my ISP.  The switch would be access from any PC on the network.  The "internet kill switch" would connect to one of the ports of the network switch so that it could continue to be access from the network even when the ISP connection is disconnected. Has anyone came across anything like this.

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Went away for the weekend- these were waiting when I came back

A mere three months after ordering, I went away for the weekend, and my Raspberry Pis (raspberries pi?) were both waiting for me when I got back today.  One of them is already earmarked to become a media centre/web server/NAS all-purpose box.  I've got a couple of ideas for the other one, but I could always use more inspiration. What should I do with my second slice of Pi?  Patch* for the best idea (even if I don't actually make it).  No, I won't accept "send it to you" as a suggestion :) I'm already torn between a MAME arcade cab and some kind of carputer. * Judge's decision is final, one per customer, no cash equivalent, consult your physician if symptoms persist

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Home automation system configuration?

I have recently purchased a used home automation system off of eBay. The whole package included the following items. 1. Amber Wireless AMB8425-M USB Stick 2. Aeon Z-Stick S2 USB Stick 3. Huawei E173u-2 Boradband USB stick 4. 3 x Zwave Socket adapters 5. 7links NAS Print/ USB Server Photos of these modules can be seen below. The seller was not aware how all these modules can be put together into a home automation system. I googled for sometime and figured out that I can setup an indoor automation solution using only the Aeon-Zwave USB and the Z-Wave socket adapters, and control them using my android phone. Can someone please help me how can i use the remaining modules and setup the automation for remote access as well ? Many thanks

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Interact GamePad won't work (Playstation)?

Hey, Intstructable-ers. I have a question (Obiovusly): I just bought a Interact GamePad for my Playstation original from a yard sale. Now, I've bought many Playstation controllers from yard sales before and opened them up to fix simple problems or clean them, but I have no clue what the heck is wrong with this one. It worked last night, and I was able to play a couple of games with it. When I woke up in the morning to play again, nothing. na-da. The controller just, -ahem-, pooted out. Yes, I tried playing with a official Playstation controlller and another 3rd-party controller, both of which work perfectly, so it's not the controller port. I was going to ask this question on Yahoo! Answers, but half the people on there are just looking for points and don't know anything. Don't let me down, Instructables community! P.S. If it helps any, the circuit board inside the controller are almost the same design as an official Sony Playstation Controller (Not Dual Analog/ Dual Shock). The only difference is that this controller board is much simpler.

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Mounting Lenses On Your Microscope

I found a broken cell phone with it’s camera and wondered if the lens could be used as a microscope objective. Image A shows the lens and it’s mounting with the CCD. The back of the lens is shown. The lens is about 4 to 5 mm in diameter. The starters from florescent lights make good lens holders. Image B shows a starter along with my modifications to hold the cell camera lens. The starter tube has 4 slits along the length so it can be compressed to fit the turret of the microscope. Image C shows it mounted on the turret. Image D shows the resulting view of a feather. It’s quite bad. Image E shows, for comparison, the view through an ordinary 20x objective (.40 NA). Here are some more lenses that I tried: Lens from a discarded flatbed scanner..... Very good! Lens from a 8mm movie camera...... Fair. Lens from the laser pickup of a discarded CD player..... Almost worthless. To take pictures through the microscope, I used eyepiece projection with a wide angle eyepiece. The lens on the camera was set to wide angle and maximum aperture, with a remote used to trigger the shutter. The camera’s LCD was used to focus and adjust the image. The camera’s autofocus handles the rest. For even illumination, be sure to center the objective lens over the substage condenser.

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DIY Wifi Speaker

Hi everyone, I'm not a native english speaker so sorry for my language's level. I'm new on the forum. Watching amazing DIY projects on Instructable make me want to do same things. I have a old 5.1 audio kit : One of a rear wireless satelite is broken. I tried to fix it but without result. So my new idea is to use this stuff to make something like Sonos Audio products. 5 independant wifi speakers connected to a wifi network to stream music, and most important to sync sound of a movie streamed on TV. In an other project, i want to create my personnal NAS / Media Center with Plex. In fact i want to create a system, to stream video and sound wirelessly from a Data Server. Is it possible ? My knowledge is not very large so i need your help to improve my skills. I saw this product  but maybe i can find a other solution, more easy to build and cheapest. I want to create something easy to connect with a only centralized system/app. Do you think it's possible ? Thank you for your help. Best regards

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Wind powered desktop PC, is it remotely possible?

So I was thinking up an idea this afternoon about how I could be more of a PC enthusiast, I came up with this idea: What if I could power a desktop grade PC on just the power supplied by a wind turbine (preferably that I had made myself), and batteries? My plan was to set up a (either or) BOINC Computer specifically for research, or something like a DNS/VPN server or failing that something like a NAS. Anyway, heres what I have been able to find so far in terms of wind turbines and power... It seems way over my head, especially the second link to the other question. Computer Specs that I had in mind: Intel i5 K series chip of sorts 8-16 GB of (presumably DDR3 memory) A motherboard, again, not sure exactly what but this can be chosen nearer the time, if it helps, something with around 2-4 PCI-e lanes for numerous GPUs. (This is NOT meant to be a gaming rig). A couple of GTX 760's I was having in mind, something older will do too. (This would be using the CUDA technology for accelerated processing) A Power supply that would fit the bill... 1000 watts? May be needed depending on the number of GPUs I have. I am so ignorantly unaware of how this would work.  Other things that I would need: - A wind turbine that was able to charge batteries during the day (for example) - Batteries - Some sort of converter (I think) to change whatever AC power there may be into DC. I think that is what I need,  Thanks in advance! slippers.

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