Nintendo DS Cleaning

What is the best way to clean the screens on a Nintendo DS? I just want to be careful not to damage anything, so let me know if my worries are really necessary. Thanks, SC-Ghost

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Nintendo announced a new DS model at their conference. It's called the Nintendo DSi and has a few improvements over the Nintendo DS Lite. One, media support with an SD card reader and two built in cameras. Unfortunately, it does lack a GBA slot. There is also an online store for it in the same vein as the Wii Shop Channel and uses the same currency for DSiWare. Software on it will cost 0, 200, 500 or 800 points. Essentially it is just an improved version of the DS Lite, but with these improvements, it may well be worth getting. It is set for release in Japan on November 1st 2008 with US and EU releases to follow in Early 2009. What do you guys think?

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Nintendo DS into PDA?

I have an old DS, and it hit me: could a nintendo DS or DS Lite be converted intto a PDA-style storage/ organizing device? The original DS size seems like it could be made into one of these. Maybe it could still run DS games. Does anyone think this is possible? Can you explain how? And what do you think its capabillities would be?

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Nintendo DSi backups?

If I get a Nintendo DSi that was made for Americans (NTSC) would I be able to play PAL backups on my R4i?

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Nintendo Wii Laptop

Theres a video on youtube that shows this really cool wii laptop (link below)does anybody know how to make it or a link to where that info can be found?also, since it im gonna be taking apart my wii, how to put in a modchip, with such accommodations in the "wiitop" ? any suggestions for a good chip?;=relatedthanks rak

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Nintendo DS Slot 2

So, since theres a Slot 2 Rumble Pack on instructables, we need one that's a flash card, just like the one for Nintendo DS browser, because people might have lost their SLot 2 flash cards for Nintendo DS browser

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Nintendo DS Lite Not Working

So, I have had my Nintendo DS Lite for a few years and used to play it a lot until 2011-2012. I finally decided to start playing it again a few days ago when it stopped working. I know it isn't dead because I charged it completely before trying to use it. When I turn it on, the green light turns on but the screen remains black. Also, the screen has turned on once or twice but it's currently not working.

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Nintendo DS to External Monitor

Has anybody successfully connected a Nintendo DS (or DSI) to an external monitor?? Or may there be another way to capture what's going on?? I'm stuck???? Any help would generate mad reeeezzzzpects.

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nintendo game boy advance

Just found my old nintendo game boy, any ideas what I can do, use or make from it?

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Nintendo Gamecube case ideas

I love the Gamecube, it's my favourite "retro" console out there! My platinum cube has worked fine since the day I got it, but my friend was not so lucky. She stored it terribly, and when it broke beyond repair she gave it to me to have a look at: but not even recalibrating the laser could resurrect the console. She said I could keep it, so that got me thinking about what I could turn this dead console into.  So far I was thinking: -iPod dock with speakers -DVD player -Computer (not unlike the NES PC) -Media HUB (butcher an cheap MP3 player and some speakers perhaps) Can anyone think of any other suggestions? And not something mundane like a lunch box, but something really cool! I was definitely thinking of adding LEDs to it, to give it the "Alienware" look! Here's a picture of the case, no idea how this would help but still I suppose it's a size comparison to a mini-disc! Also, the computer thing has been done once before, it's called the "Pcube" if you want to Google it or something, it's pretty sweet! Thanks for your suggestions!

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replaced top screen on Nintendo DS Lite and it comes on dark, why?

I replaced top screen on a Nintendo DS Lite and when I power it up it's is dim as if there's no light or limited light from it. When I try the old broken screen it comes up fully lit up. I've tried two replacement screens and they both do the same thing. I could use some help.

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The Nintendo ds mini power book 100 ,I'm having trouble copying the link for the sd card

Just sent a link for the Nintendo ds mini power book 100 ,I'm having trouble copying the link for the sd card , are you able to just email me that link thanx my username is wesley1977

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should i get a new nintendo dsi or should i keep my ds lite? Answered

Idk if i should get a new one but i better hurry if i do cuz they have the trade in promo and it might run out soon??? =/

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using a nintendo ds a external screen

Hi, For an art / tech project I want to hook up a usb camera to a nintendo ds. I want to make a kind of floating third eye to gaze upon crowds to get like a bird eye perspective. I have a old usb camera , a laptop and nintendo ds to do this. Can anyone help me to use the nintendo ds as an external screen to display what the usb camera sees.  Or to point me in the right direction, maybe to some information? Many thanks

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I have replace the shell of our nintendo lite and now the top screen isn't working. Any ideas why?

Any ideas why the top screen of the nintendo lite isn't working after I replaced the housing?

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nintendo ds lite help please

Well, recently my DS's hinge cracked (just a tiny bit) now 5 times out of 7 the screens won't turn on

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if i have a harddrive connected to a gameboy advance card, can i plug it into my DS and boot linux from said HDD?

I found an 'ibl to hook up a CD player to a gameboy by wiring the IDE cable to the card pins. I was wondering if i can do the same with a GBA card and boot linux on my nintendo DS from the HDD?

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how do you fix a ds top screen?

My ds top screen has been all fuzzy and has been showing me all these weird colours instead of a game or menu

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how do i wire a original gameboys controls to a gameboy advanced sp.. for a rehousing project?

For a rehousing project i am trying to implement a gameboy advanced sp. into a gameboy original case while still using the orignal buttons and board from the original gameboy and i have no idea where to start.  thank you magnetobob

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How can I fix my DSi?

Okay, I have a DSi since 2010 (I don't remember when I bought it, so this could be false. Look, it's old. OK?) And it's been working fine untill one day. I turned it on, and the power light (blue in this case) turned on for a milisecond and then turned off. I tried it multiple times but nope. Plugging in the charger makes the charging light blink non-stop. So I tried opening up the DSi (I opended it up mutliple times before so the warranty is voided already. I also did it correctly the other times so opening it isn't the problem here) to find out what is wrong but I found nothing wrong in it! Sure, the ribbon cable connecting to the SD card is broken but it's been like that for years if I remember correctly. Battery was looking allright, took it out with a voltmeter, wasn't dead (Also, I doubt it static electricity because it wouldn't do ANYTHING). So, I closed it up and opended up the charger. Strangely enough, a piece of the charger's motherboard was cut off! Like someone took a bite! But how could I be using that charger for all this time and it was working. I won't use it again, defenitely. So I went to a store to try out the store's charger, it gets weirder. I plugged it in and the charging light flickered like before BUT, for only a couple of seconds. Anyway, I went home and couldn't figure it out what it is. Only thing I imagine is the charge port (the port where you put the cable to charge it, duh). I'm sorry if you cannot see the pictures very clear but my camera doesn't focus very well, and I'm not a profesional photographer to set the focus etc. So I'm writing now. Please help! Thanks  

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Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

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How do I make a nintendo 64 portable? Answered

I have been looking through the the benheck forums but can't seem to find instructions on how to make a nintendo 64 portable. Does anyyone have a link? The ones in the sticky are broken.?

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I have a DSi, and on flipnote hatena someone said there is a bunch of buttons you can press to go to a "hacking screen"? Answered

The flipnote says to turn your dsi off then turn it back on and before it says "Nintendo DSi" type: Y,right,right,X,up,down,down,select,up,down,left,right,up,R,L. Then you supposedly go to a hacking screen. Is this real because, I couldn't input the buttons that fast.

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Looking for R4 for DS - Where to get?

Hey, Looking for users who have a Nintendo DS and went out to buy the R4 game for it (revolution) It's not sold in stores, but it is on amazon. Yet my parents wont buy it unless someone else did. sence he doesnt trust the sellers. (You cant order off amazon at age 16 -_- ) So if you have R4... Where can i get it? Or I should say, Where did YOU get it

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Any ideas for an nes controller backround? Answered

So I got another Nes controller. The gamepad sticker is missing and now it's just grey. Any ideas to make one or what to do with it?

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Is it possible to hook up a flash drive to a GBA SP?? Answered

 Is it possible to hook up a flash drive to a GBA? because I dont have the money to buy myself an R4 or something similar, and I wanted to know if its possible to use a flash drive the same way as one of  those.

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i'm making a nsb nes controller, should i add bottons on the back? Answered

In most emulators now, you can fast forward e.c.t and without a third arm i can't use them. so, i'm wonreding what do you all think. are looks more important than praticality?

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3DS app question

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a way to create a very simple app for the 3DS that could be "delivered" via SD card. I believe it IS in fact a viable method of delivery (SD Card ) as I've seen something much like it before. The app I would like to have created would be a very basic drawing tool capable of exporting pictures to the SD card, more or less a version of paint with the unneeded functions removed. ( text, brushes, spray can , etc ) I would very much appreciate any information on the matter.

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How would I go about turning a Nintendo 64 into an electric guitar?

I've seen images online of a guitar that was made using a Super Nintendo, and I'd like to do the same with a Nintendo 64. However, because of the way the case is, it most likely would not be good as an acoustic, which is why I specified electric. Would anyone with guitar making experience have some kind of advice to offer me in going about this? Thanks in advance.

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what kind of camera ius needed to do an E3 conference like nintendo does?

What kind of camera can look at the person or people on the stage and then the big screen the game is played on? or both views at once?

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Anyone know how to make a Nintendo Ds Lite wifi booster? Answered

something like a parabolic reflector would work, tinfoil solutions are OK.

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my nintendo fell in water ,now will not work what can i do fix it?

Fell in water will not power on

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If you took the wires from a Blackberry and put it into a Nintendo DS, would the DS go to internet, play files etc?? Answered

I'm curious if i take the inside of a blackberry and put it into a Nintendo DS if the DS will work as the blackberry would..?

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in which online shop in india can i buy nintendo wii with emi? Answered

When i asked my father to buy me a nintendo wi he kept on saying no ? Today he said that he will buy me the wii if it is available for emi

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Nintendo Wii cd drive to SATA conversion

Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a problem I'm having, I'm trying to use a Nintendo Wii cd drive as an external cd drive(similar to the apple superdrive) and I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to convert it to either USB or SATA, I've spent hours online looking for solutions but all I could find was an Arduino forum with some pinouts, but I don't know what they mean. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel

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Wiimote Head Tracking -- Nintendo: Please do this!

Johnny Lee did it again! Head tracking with the Wiimote!From his blog:"Using the infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar (two IR LEDs), you can accurately track the location of your head and render view dependent images on the screen. This effectively transforms your display into a portal to a virtual environment. The display properly reacts to head and body movement as if it were a real window creating a realistic illusion of depth and space. "I really hope Nintendo looks into this -- even though it only works for 1 person. After all, most games are 1-player, and those games are the ones that would best use this feature.If I had a bluetooth adaptor, I'd play around with this some, but, alas, I do not. However, this and his other projects would work the same with a video camera that has an IR filter.Funny, Sony really didn't take enough advantage of thier EyeToy, if it was IR-only, they would have been able to do more...

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why my nintendo dsi isnt charging? Answered

I have my dsi for adout 2 years and today when i put it in the charger the orange light didn't light up .I try cleaning the connector but nothing hapend.i also test the charger output with a multimetter is its working fine

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How can I use the parts from a broken Nintendo DS to upgrade my DS?

My friend gave me his broken DS, and since I didn't have any other way of taking it apart, I ripped it apart by the hinges. So now I want to know how I can do these things to my DS to make it better: Add a second battery socket to increase battery life x2 Add new speakers for double sound Add one screen to each side of the Touch Screen Put more buttons to enhance gameplay Add more LEDs for more signals Merge the two DS outer shells together to make a multi-colored DS Anything is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey, just wanted to show off my new project, I'm making a NES PC. I realise this has been done before but I thought I might as well post it. Heres the link:

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Should I get a 3ds? Answered

It looks like it will be cool - but the price is so high! I am not going to buy something handheld gaming that is higher than wii/ipod touch if it might be bad! Should I get it??!

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Change a switch into two buttons?

Hi, I'm trying to do the NES controller/mp3 player hack, and I bought a player small enough that the guts all fit into the available space in the controller case. However, it came with an on/off slide switch, and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to modify that to the START and SELECT buttons instead. Thanks!

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can you use a psp battery to power a nintendo ds? Answered

Hey ive come to the conclusion my old nintendo ds wont turn on because the battery itself has lost the ability to hold a charge. however i do have a psp battery thats lieing around with a seperate charge dock for that batter is there any possible way i could run my ds off of that or ahand cranked flashlight ?

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My Nintendo Wii has the black screen of death please help

As the title suggests my wii (4.3e) has a black screen of death after i installed priiloader and enabled a few hacks in the system menu nothing now works and any help would REALLY be appreciated.

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nintendo ds screen flickers but won't start up?

My son dropped his ds and now the bottom screen flashes white but then nothing. It turns itself back off.

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