S.O.S. LED Flasher Schematic Diagram

'Hello everyone,I looking to find an electronic schematic of a small LED flasher circuit thatflashes an S.O.S. light code. 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, and 3 short flashes, than a 5 or so second delay, than repeats.Hoping to us a 555 timer IC.This is for a science project for my 14 year old.HELP! Thanks.Anyone?'

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How to construct a U.F.O?

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Disable Ctrl + O shortcut in windows xp? Answered

I need to disable the Ctrl + o "open" shortcut in windows xp, because it is interfering with an nes emulator.  It would be best if I didn't require programming, but it is okay if it does. (I tried to submit this question twice already and it doesn't show up! I even waited a few hours and it still didn't show up!) Thanks in advance! AI

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How to machine an o-ring gland in the corner? Answered

There is a gland in the corner on the right picture (piston o-ring gland, static work). What are disadvantages compared to design on the left? Do I have to machine a rounding in that specific case, when groove is situated next to the wall (marked with red circle) to avoid extrusion? Do I need to machine a clearance above this rounding? Blue arrow simulates constant pressure of 1 MPa (150 psi) only from one side.

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arduino with light o rama software using relay board????????

Hi i have a quick question, i have a 8 channle relay board for my arduino for controllering my christmas lights. what i was wondering is if there was any way to interface that relay board and the arduino with the light-o-rama controller software that they sell sepertly. the reason i want to do this is so i can blink my lights to music with out paying for a ready to go system because thos cost alot.  if you could help me that would be great,  p.s i have a arduino with the duemilanova bootloader and a atmega 328.  thanks in advance!

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What is "instruction 0x593fb06f referenced memory at 0x593fb06f. I/O error status of 0xc000009c" supposed to mean?

My WinXP laptop is giving me hell and I dont know why. I attempt to do almost anything system-wise, explorer crashes and gives me a message that looks a bit like this"instruction 0x593fb06f refrenced memory at 0x593fb06f. I/O error status of 0xc000009c" Some text cant be recognized like the majority of the text on the arduino.cc website, I cant go into the My Computer or C:/ folders without it crashing, and there are probably other things that I havent found yet. I need some help before I do something incredibly stupid to this computer, like playing flaming baseball with it or using it as trebuchet ammunition.

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What would be a suitable serial protocol? Answered

I'm currently working on programming a serial interface to put onto I/O devices (number pad, LCD, sensors, secondary microcontroller...) in order to reduce the amount of I/O pins and external connections needed. The only requirements are that it needs to use only two wires (excluding power), and it needs to be bidirectional. Ideally, I'd like to avoid anything that needs too much processing of data before transmission (like adding extra bits to prevent a string of '1's from setting off the error protection). Hopefully, this project will end up as an instructable at some point, so what would be a suitable protocol that would be compatible with common microcontrollers? Thanks in advance.

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wheres the photoshop goodies, :O)?

Tutorials , how toos Ect.

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pwm o/p pic?

Dear sir,                how to get low frequency 30.....300c/s square wave from PIC MCU ,application required to simulate a tachometer.

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How to make a laser out of these components?

So, up to now i have gathered a Phr-803t sled, which most of the laser enthusiasts are familiar with, a laser housing for 405nm laser diodes( http://www.o-like.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath;=4&products;_id=23 ), and a laser diode driver again from o-like ( http://www.o-like.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products;_id=93 ). Can i make a laser using these components and if so, how can this be done? Thanks in advance.

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Easy Pi Software Programming Language Recommendation Need? Answered

I have a 2011.12 Pi that I was able to Hello On a screen , mouse, keypad, load the appropriate Sandisk from the web. Tried some of the programs and put it away. Now I have a dedicated application that will be running a stepper shield (orbit 4 bacteria tubes) stop every hour and use a 14 bit ADC to measure growth rate by red LED reflection, storing / sending results 24/7 for a month at a time.. I don't do well with 'C' and hate graphic programming.  Machine or compiled Real Basic is my forte. What would you recommend for me please ?

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ATtiny13A Max O/P time? Answered

Hi, I am trying, with no success, to have an output on my attiny13a have a maximum output ON time of 5 seconds. If someone could give me some pointers or snippets of code, that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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Laser pointer help? Need it now! Will be greatly appreciated.

Do cheap-o $5 red laser pointers use an LED light in any parts? Thanks in advance>

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PINB register on ATtiny45 not working? Answered

I've been programming a pretty simple led driver in Atmel Studio 6 with the attiny45. The idea is that hitting a push button will advance through three different modes of the LEDs, solid, strobe, and fade. When you reach the last mode hitting the button again should reset to the first mode. For some reason the PINB register doesn't seem to be working. Here is the code: #define F_CPU 1000000 #include #include int main(void) { //  Setup PWM TCCR0A |= (1 << COM0A1) | (1 << WGM00) | (1 << WGM01); TCCR0B |= (1 << CS01); DDRB |= (1 << PB0)|(0< PORTB = 0b00010000;   //enable internal pull up int state = 2;  //initialize some variables while(1) {   //int val = PINB3;       if(PINB == 0)   //if button is pressed, increment state variable   {    _delay_ms(100);   //primitive debouncing...     state = state + 1;   }       if(state > 2){  //if we exceed the number of modes, reset state variable       state = 0;   }else   {    state = state;  //probably not necessary, but has solved problems in the past.   } while(state == 0){   //first mode just turns on LEDs at full brightness     OCR0A = 255; } while(state == 1){  //second mode strobes the LEDs     OCR0A = 255;   _delay_ms(35);   OCR0A = 0;   _delay_ms(35); } while(state == 2){    //Third mode fades LEDs      //  Fade LED on    for(i = 0; i < 255; i++)    {     //  Load new value onto OCR0A register to change duty cycle     OCR0A = i;     _delay_ms(5);    }       //  Fade LED off    for(i = 255; i >= 0; i--)    {     OCR0A = i;     _delay_ms(5);    } } } } All of the independent modes work fine, and even the state variable itself is doing what it is supposed to (I know because initializing it to different values gets me the correct mode) but for some reason the PINB register is not getting any kind of response. I am enabling the internal pull up, and then the button connects the I/0 (in this case PB4) to ground which should make the state zero and satisfy the argument of the if statement, but for some reason this is not doing anything. Any ideas? thanks in advanced!

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If I am connecting two LEDs which way should it go? (more in details) Answered

A: -O+ +O- B: -O+ -O+ += positive wire -= negative wire O= bulb

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I need to make an air valve, but backwards!?!??! I really need help.?

All air valves I see move into the high pressure resevoir to release the air and then a spring pushes it back shut. Is it possible to have the valve set up opposite of that? In this valve the valve would open away from the high pressure resevoir and the air would escape the same way the valve is going. Traditionally, the valve moves into the high pressure and the air moves out the opposite way. Any information would be excessively helpful and I appreciate it in advance!

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how o create a display using LEDS?

By using LEDS i have heard that there is a way to make up a display that's the thing i wanted

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how to increase i/o pins in arduino

I am working with an ethernet shield project. i need more i/o pins for my project.  My need may increase upto 1000s too. using one ethernet shield connected to a single arduino board has only 14 io pins. using MUX will not be use ful for my project. Please help me with solution for this.

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DC motors w/o gearbox for a robot? Answered

Hi, I'm building a very small robot that uses (obviously) very small DC motors. There's no space for a gearbox to slow down the speed so I was thinking if is it possible to attach the wheels directly to the motors and then controlling them using PWM. What do you think? Has someone already tried this?

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how do i post a picture next to my username? Answered

                                                                  o              o                                                                           o                                                               --------------------

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reversing a video?

How can i reverse a video, and with which (preferably free) program?

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Acess all 23 arduino pins?

I have an arduino project that is pressd for pins, and I remembered that on Jameco, it mentions that it has 23 I/O pins.  http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10001_10001_2129334_-1  I am wondering if anyone knows how to use these pins within the IDE (can I just address pin 20-22?, or is it more complicated), and which pins on the chip itself are they? 

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How can I open .mod files in linux (ubuntu)?

I am trying to open a .mod file in ubuntu. Every program that I have tried has failed right away. I have tried, vlc, real player 11, and everything that comes installed in ubuntu. Please help me get this file open. Thanks

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Podra funcionar sin dañarse el amplificador o los bafles?

Es cierto lo que dicen que se puede instalar un bafle de 130 w con un amplificador de 90 w o 140 w, sin dañar los bafles o el amplificador?¿Cuál es la mejor instalación de bocinas (woofer, medio, tweeter), para una buena claridad y limpieza del sonido?Bafles se construye de acuerdo a si se usara para musica clasica o musica rock ?Al aire libre

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Where can I get a laptop w/o software?

Hello everyone! I am in need of a laptop with out any software on it at all. I bought Windows Vista Home Premium from a family friend and now just need the laptop. Does anyone know of a store or web site that sells blank laptops? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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Multiple Arduino Uno I/O ports driving relay Answered

Understand that the Arduino Uno can output a maximum of 40mA each from its IO port. I used 2 IO ports each (4 in total for switching) to drive a 80mA relay. In this case, the Arduino Uno is powered by USB, which draws up to 500mA. It worked and it was left to switch for a few minutes on pulsed 10 seconds interval. However, the Uno board heats up to around 50-55 degrees centigrade. Will this damage the board?

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reusing scanner lamp w/o heavy duty adapter?

I've been trying to do something similar to these https://www.instructables.com/id/Scanner-Parts---Desk-Lamp/https://www.instructables.com/id/Recycled-Scanner-Hack!/I want the lamp to work without a heavy duty ac to dc adapter, but it looks like there's no practical power cord that has low enough voltage. I've tried using a basic voltage converter ( http://www.amazon.com/VX-79NP-MULTI-PURPOSE-CONVERTER-MULTIPLE/dp/B0014JUGTQ/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&s;=electronics&qid;=1209273618&sr;=1-20 ) set at 12 volts, but the bulbs don't light.Does anyone know if there's a way to do this without the giant adapter, or if there's a way to light the bulbs using a USB connection? I've looked online, and the only thing I've seen is this: http://www.danielandrade.net/2005/12/27/howto-using-the-scanner-light-inside-your-computer/ but they're using a male molex connection. I'm just looking for a plug that's a little more practical: an electrical outlet being my first choice, a usb port being my second.Thanks!

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A Giveaway Program At uC Hobby

At uCHobby They want to promote hobby electronics and have a particular focus on microcontrollers used in hobby projects. To help the community They Giveaway Electronic parts in exchange for things that also benefit the electronics community.There are several ways to get a giveaway item from uCHobby as listed below. Read more about each way to receive an item in the titled sections. ( Link For More Info: http://www.uchobby.com/index.php/giveaway-program/ ])Giveaway Items: The available giveaway items are listed here. There are several options so you can participate more then once to get Multiple Giveaway items.For Articles published at uCHobby or hobby Web Site Links. o Arduino Comparable Bare Bones Board Kit from Modern Device Company o Arduino Comparable Really Bare Bones Board Kit from Modern Device Company o LCD Serial Backpack Kit from Modern Device Company o Breadboard Power Supply Kit From Curious Inventor o Package of 6 prototyping boards form Wright Hobbies o Any item on the list below are also available in this category.For basic links to uCHobby o Arduino Comparable Bare Bones Board PCB only o Arduino Comparable Really Bare Bones Board PCB only o Breadboard Power Supply PCB onlyFor Contest at uCHobby o These items are listed along with the contest announcements.... This is some Of the Info... And I Hope this will Help some eager New Microcontroller Beginners to get Into Programming As I Myself am trying to teach Myself this as well, and I think This Is a great program and all My Friends Here On Instructables May Appreciate this info as well, I Know I do. Anyways Check Them Out and Good Luck In Your projects!!

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Adafruits serial programmer help needed

For anyone that owns the serial port programmer, I need help. Where the plug is (cable plug to the micro circuit) What pins are what? the row thats o o-o-o-o- (1 alone, 4 connected) is the + - - - - - right? and whats miso and mosi then? Help! D:I don't under stand on the 10 pin clip, what the heck is what. The sites diagram says theres 9 circus, 1 square. well, theres 10 squares!! It also shows near the plus side, the other 4 pins are ground. well, that means the MOSI,(NC)RESET,SCK, and MISO are all connected. Dont think so.For people who have the circuithttp://img402.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture435mw5.jpgIt be nice if u can label the 10 pins for me, thanks

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why is the o/d light blinking on my 97 ford taurus?

Transmission wont shift into overdrive

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how to make magnet motor free enrgy w/o neodymium? Answered

I dont have access to buy neodymium or much parts like roms and hard drive to slavage dozen of it. all i have are craft magnets.. ceramic type i think...

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Can you convert the SD slot into a general purpose I/O port

SD slot general purpose I/O port Hi I posted this in "burning questions", but think this is a better place? Since user ports, inbuilt RS232 and Parallel ports have long gone from PC's, quick simple projects requiring a few lines of I/O are getting more difficult to implement requiring an extra layer of complexity of USB, BUT........ Could the SD card slot offer a solution? It would appear to have a 4 bit mode, 1bit mode and SPI bus as options. Could someone develop a driver and simple hardware to allow some I/O pins to become available again? This would be a fantastic solution to do Outp(100) and Inp(X) type commands again. I certainly do not have any experience of generating the drivers and linking them to VB, VC etc., but I'm sure someone out there could explore this?

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Java 101?

Is there a simple way to learn how to post my instructable?  I used the simple set up and want to have more (pages, fancy lines, etc.)  Is there a template I can use?  I'll bee Thanks, Gracias, Xie Xie!

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how to make a simple shocker circuit without using components from a camera?

 I want to make a shocker circuit whose o/p voltage will be adjustable according to my needs but it wouldn't be high enough to kill anyone i.e will give an o/p current of <=9 mA.

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what is the c code for temperature indicator using lm35 pic18f uC for range o to 100 degree celcius?

I need a c code for temperature indicator using lm35 pic18f uC for range o to 100 degree Celsius..... As lm35 is for -55 to 150 degree Celsius.....how to configure or code it for 0 to 100 degree Celsius.......?

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Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that.

Electricity Transmitter and receiver. is there anything such as that. simple though. when i press a button it transmits a signal and the receiver receives this signal and releases electricity. heres a little diagram: O------T             B-R-----M O=Button T=Transmitter R=Receiver B=Battery M=Button -=Wire  =Air? the receiver is powered by the battery

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I want to design/buy circuit which will give O/p of 20000 amps to 40000 Amps.

I need to melt a piece of metal (10 mm x 15 mm) within few seconds to few minutes using resistance heating.I should be able vary current o/p digitally so that I can vary time to heat the sample.  How to do this?

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How do I use a phones headphone jack as an I/O port? Answered

I am thinking about making a device which would essentially be an IR led connected to a cell phones headphone jack and function as an IR remote. I am also planning on having a separate IR receiver that could record signals from a remote.  This isn't so much a question of pin-outs, as it is a question of supporting components and code. This is a two part question.  1. Would it be possible to connect the LED straight to the headphone jack and have it function correctly. What I mean is do the Hz match, is there enough power to the led to get it to work, etc. or would I need some sort of IC between the LED and Headphone jack. I know that I need a chip with the receiver. 2. How would I get the whole thing to work along the lines of the code. Could I just record an audio file with the IR receiver and play it back with the IR LED? I am wondering how to to this without a bunch of supporting components. Thanks!

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