A shameless plug!

Right, I've cut it fine on the deadline, so I'm giving my Invisible Costume Instructable a shameless plug here = got to get the view-count up somehow ;-)If you need any incentive to have a look, it's the costume I failed to make in time for the Hallowe'en contest. Go see what you nearly missed.Why are you still reading this? go, click, get my view-count up!

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USB plug ports?

For a project I am thinking about undergoing, I need to know which lead on a male usb plug does what. Could anyone tell me please? Use the image as a guideline.

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why cant regular ngk spark plugs be used on airplanes? Answered

On my box of NGK br8es's, it says not for use in airplanes. why cant you use these plugs in airpanes?

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Can I use 13V 400mA plug for a device that need 15V 400mA? Answered

Hi. I bought a device but the seller didn't include the plug adapter. I have a plug adapter with 13V 400mA. The device manual state that the output is 15V 400mA. Can I just use the 13V 400mA plug to the device? Thanks

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Win8.1 Lost Plug & Play ?

I am using WIN 8.1 and recently purchased a USB 2.0 SATA 2.5" HD HDD Hard Disk Drive Enclosure External Case Box and it stopped working. It may be due to losing my Plug and Play software and does not recognize the attachment. I am also using FireFox  and MS IE. I would appreciate your help assisting the input in restoring my Plug and Play. Thanks for the site it is a great assist.

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Can I use light switches to control mains plug outlets?

My room has only one outlet. What I want to do is fix 2 plug sockets to the bottom of my desk and then have everything electrical connected to that through an extension lead.  However, as these are at the back of the table I want to install light switches at the front which I can use to switch the outlets. Is this allowed/safe? The switches I have are single pole. This picture is as seen from underneath the table.

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Connect a DC plug to a Timer?

I have 2 strands of led lights that go up a Flagpole on my rv, I am trying to figure out how to connect a timer through the DC Plug Thanks in advance Mike

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LED on the spark plug wire?

I would like to attach a string of LED's to run off of the spark plug wires on a motorcycle but I don't know where to start, but it would look awesome flashing under the tank at night, any takers?

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Change a Plug-in device into a Battery-operated device?

QUESTIONS - Is there an instructable on how to change a plug-in device (like one you plug into an outlet) into a battery operated device? - Is there even a way to do this? NOTE: may take a while for me to respond to replies, so please be patient...Thanks a-lot

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Can you push the neck of a ballon into its self, thus plugging the balloon and preventing any air to come out? Answered

What is(if there is any) the method to do this? I've always wondered this and want an answer. (i don't even know if it WOULD plug the balloon when it was pushed inside.)

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How do you tell when a spark plug needs to be replaced? Answered

I Purchased a 1990 Mazda Protege and I am not sure when the last time the spark plugs were replaced. What are some easy ways to figure this out?

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is there any way you can put a battery in an electrical device that needs to be plugged in??

I have an electrical fan i want to add batteries to but i can't because it is a plug in do you guys know any way to make it use batteries?

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How many Volts come out of a USB plug, i mean the female part not male? Answered

Need to know soon, it's for a project

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Looking for information on converting a TP 120 plug to a 3.5mm or 1/4" plug.

I have a few military headsets (MSA Sordin type 75311).  These headsets come with a TP 120 plug that goes into various vehicle systems.  Ideally what I'm looking for is how to make a converter to convert these TP plugs to a mini 3.5 mm jack.  I've seen such a converter on Ebay so I know its possible.

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jacobs ladder help

I'm making a Jacobs ladder. i got the transformer but it doesn't have a plug. what should i do. i was thinking about splicing a extension cord and using it for the plug but i'm not sure if it would work. please respond.

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Compaq and HP laptop power cord compatibility? Answered

The plug for my HP laptop's AC/DC adapter has a loose connection, so I am using my old Compaq adapter.  All the specs are the same; 65w, 18.5v, and 3.5a, except for the input amps, 1.7 on one and 1.6 on the other (probably just because of efficiency).   The plugs are the same.  I just wanted to double check.  Is it okay to use the Compaq(actually says HP on it) instead of the HP one? Thanks in advance! AI

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Is this legal? (UK electrical appliance question) Answered

Kitewife just bought a Christmas decoration, but when it came out of the bag, the connection was as shown in the image. The loose wire is already a safety concern, about which I shall be contacting the store, but I also I thought that appliances sold in the UK had to have a plug moulded onto the power lead? Since the decoration is lit with old-style filament bulbs instead of LEDs, I am wondering if she has been sold something that has been sitting in a warehouse since before the legislation changed?

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Hi how can i emulate USB power?

I want to make this box which can get power from usb portable, so i know my way around a usb cable and i could just cut one but what battery configuration would i need? THank you very much!

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Ibook adapter male plug part

Howdy, does anyone know where I could get the male plug that goes at the end of of an ibook, g4 power adapter? Mine is bent.

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guitar hero drums white plugs?

What are guitar hero drums white plugs that connect to circuit board what are they called? any part number for it?

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Visual Studio Plug-in for Sony Clie

It's been many years, but when the Sony Clie was available I managed to get a Visual Studio plug-in for Clie development. Anyone have the plug-in? Link? Torrent? Anything? I'm trying to repurpose one.

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hack a namco plug 'n play? Answered

I have this Namco Plug 'N Play tv game that i want to hack. Is it possible to change the games on it? Or am i stuck with one ok game and four bad ones?

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pocket wifi antenna to fme plug?

Can i get the vodafone pocket wifi antenna extended by using 2 wires soldered to two points and connect to fme but which wire do i use for the ground (sheilding) or am i wrong.

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Battery powered spark plug driver

Hi every one i have a Bosch ignition coil but i don't know how to run it with a battery i have tries a few methods but it didn't work can any body help me with a diagram please.

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DIY phone headset to computer plug?? Answered

I would like to make one of these. http://www.amazon.com/TOP%C2%AE-Headset-RJ9-RJ10-Adapter/dp/B00CXTO2NM It is to connect to the headset port in my phone to record some greeting that I saved on my computer It only needs to connect the computer speaker to the phones mic. I need to know the pinouts of both connectors and what to connect together Thanks

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Why isn't my new cigarette plug car adapter working? Answered

I just got an Enercell 12V 2A car adapter. However, it wasn't powering the device I wanted to use it for. I got out my multimeter and did some testing: the socket itself produces power, but the plugged in adapter does not. The weird thing is that I tested it before with the car running and it worked. Is there some special way to plug this thing in that I'm not aware of? Any help would be appreciated.

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Arduino Dying out!!

Hello, I bought an Arduino about a year ago, and just now I noticed that whenever I plugged it into my computer, it turns on(of course), but then it slowly dies out. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? 

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Electrical Question that I'm too stupid to word correctly: How to you re-attach a cable/chord to an appliance?

So I have a back massager that I've been using for a few years and I would just pull on it to unplug it (stupid, I know) and so now it seems as if the cable has come out from the appliance (even though there is no visible damage). Because of this the connection to the back massages isn't solid, making the appliance turn on and off. Does anyone know how I could make the connection solid, or should I give up and get a new one? Thanks!

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How can i add a sata plug to my desk top?

My computer is a dell optiplex 320 and there is no sata plugs in it and i have a dvd burner that works off of sata is there any way i can add one?

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How to connect a 12v/5v dc converter to a standard 12v plug? And still use the plug?

I need to power both a Raspberry Pi and a 12v touch screen from the same 12v source. I know that I can use a dc voltage converter (like this one: http://amzn.com/B00GQ4DTGQ) to step the voltage down to the 5v for the pi. The power supply has the circular 12v adapter (e.g. http://amzn.com/B00GUBVI9K). My question is how to I attach the voltage converter to the 12 supply, and still be able to use the 12v supply for the touch screen? Thanks!

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Help with 1/8 inch phone plug

What side is positive and what side is negative on a phone plug? when i unscrew it it has a long end and a short end. This is the one im using:http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2104063and advice?

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Making Plastic Cover around USB plug?

I like to know the method of making plastic / PVC cover around USB plugs. The type of resin we have to bye and the method of moulding it to give a good appearance to sockets we prepare? jaytissa

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Current and voltage ratings in dc plugs and wires? Answered

I had this great idea to turn old cell phone chargers into DC extension cords.  Cell phone wires are nice because of their curly spring wires.    I worried the wire gauge might not be large enough to handle my project.  Here is my question.  On websites that list current ratings for standard wire gauges, they list current limits but not voltage limits. Why is this?  If a 22 gauge wire can handle .92 amps does it really not make a difference whether it is 1 volts or a million volts?  Why don't they use watts to list how much power a wire can handle.  Watts take both volts and amps into account. Another mystery is that my DC plugs are rated for 6-10 volts.  Why are the plugs rated for volts but not amps?  What would happen if I used these plugs for 4 volts, which I plan to do.   Thanks -Jacob

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3D Motion Tracking System - Plug and Play

We're working on developing an electronic personal trainer. When we started, we couldn't find an easy to use, plug and play system that could collect all the data and give us the measurements we needed... so we built one ourselves. It's comprised of three 3-axis MEMS sensors to provide 9 channels of data, an onboard microcontroller, rechargeable battery system, and bluetooth module to make a complete 3D tracking system. Is anyone else out there working on motion projects that could use something like this?

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How can I indicate a USB charge with an LED?

I've seen some USB ports/chargers out there that have an LED that lights up when you plug the cable in.  Is there a simple way to do this?  I need the LED to light when the USB cable is plugged in, not when the charger is on.  So I could plug in the adapter and nothing would happen, but when I drew current to charge something, the LED would light up.  I can't figure out how to do it, so I'm asking you for some aid.  Thanks

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Where can i find information about how modules that run through the mains work? Answered

Do you know of anywhere on the tintermaweb where i could find out how theses modules, such as x10 or ethernet wall plugs, work?

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Microphone wiring? Answered

I have a broken microphone. Its wire is cut  inside the insulation. i want to replace the entire cable. when i removed the plastic cover of the microphone i saw a red and a black wire soldered to it.  Therefore it uses only 2 wires but in the connector it is a TRS one not a TS one. i will also replace the connector.  i am wondering how should i wire a TRS connector which has 3 leads. one being the common ground. but the other 2.  should i short them out and connect the red wire or must I connect the wire to only one lead?  Then if i buy a $0.2 TS connector and i wire it accordingly. will it work? One another question does the microphone device has polarity that is should i connect  positive to positive and negative to negative lead. because there is no indication on the Mic?

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How to build a circuit that switches between battery or AC, like a boom box (for lack of another example)?

I am designing something which will be lit by led's, and I want the device to be able to have the option of operating by way of either batteries(for the led's), or by plugging it in to 120V AC(the led's are the only things that will be powered). I know how do what I need to change the AC to DC(correct drivers etc.), however, I don't know how to design what I need to simply make it switch over to batteries if you unplug it from AC(automatically, as a boom box does if you remove the AC cord), or vice versa, switch to being able to plugging it in if batteries are dying/ are dead. Thanks. 

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How to get a plug out of Kindle headset plug?

My headset plug broke and got stuck in there. What do I do?

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can you plug your xbox into your laptop?

 like i know that you can plug your xbox 360 into your computer monitor but can you plug it into a laptop and do the same thing

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Help a newbie- wiring of iphone 3 plug to USB

I have a Sol solar charger for an iPhone 3 that has become unusable do to battery damage.  I want to replace the batteries with one of the many Instructables here.    The Sol uses an output jack that has 6 wires and plugs directy into the iPhone 3.  My question is-can I convert this 6 wire plug to a 4 wire usb plug to then charge the iPhone from this USB port?

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ANDROID ARNOVA. Possible to plug in webcam via USB?

My Arnova tablet does not have a build in camera. Are drivers available for webcams? If yes, which webcams?

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Water Gun Alarm Clock- Where to plug in wire?

Hi, I'm building a water gun alarm clock where I'm connecting a wire from the soundbox on the alarm to the button on the water gun because that's what the tutorial I'm using says to do (http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Water-Gun-Alarm-Clock). I was wondering if it would be easier/more effective to connect the wire to the motor on the water gun instead of the button? Thanks!

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How do you build a fluorescent light from scratch and have it plug into the classic American outlet?

I am not asking how to build the bulb. Just attach the bulb+ballasts+plug it in. I want to build several letters out of fluorescent light bulbs, for example one letter is O but it will look more like []. I want to use bulbs that are 2-4 feet long or what ever is easiest... from scratch (without buying light fixtures and taking them apart). Each letter will be constructed of 4 lights. I know that I will need to solder parts together, I will need to buy ballasts, and bulbs... But construction wise I am semi lost. Also I would like recommendations as to how many ballasts for the bulbs, I don't mind if some of the bulbs flicker. Lastly I want the bulbs to make that humming noise so if you have any idea how I can induce that other then leaving the ballasts running for a while please tell me. Thanks, -Oliver

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120 volt ac to 5 volt dc circuit?

How to build the circuit that is in those devices that plug into 120 volt receptacle and can have a usb charger cable plugged into it. I just need the circuit diagram. I am a little familiar with schematic reading. It all fits in that little plug in device, so it can't be that much, right?. Thanks.

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Is there a way to use cymbals on a rockband 1 drumset?

I just got rockband 3 and wanted to know if there is a way to install jacks in my drum set so it can use the rockband 3 cymbals for pro mode.

Question by esahcb 

i need to replace a 3 pronged grounded power chord with a 3 pronged grounded jack how do i do this without risks ?

On my guitar amp the ground prong broke out of the plug so i need to replace that with a jack such as one found on a PC power source but i dont know what is positive and negative or how to prevent enternal damage fires or shock * i posted i picture my connector looks like the one on the left only mine does not have leads only contacts sorry if i wasnt clear on what i was saying *i have a second one of these with leads from a computer power source with wire leads but its a little differant it as a blue and brown instead of black and white wires and it also has a small yellow box that connects to bot contacts(excluding ground) which of these will work beter for a guitar amp

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Can a laptop charger be modified to charge capacitors?

Well. I've been wanting to build a coilgun for some time now, so I decided to look into it. Capacitors are safely (or as safe as you can get) charged with DC current (batteries). But I don't want to go out and buy batteries whenever I want to use the coilgun. So... can I somehow wire it to charge a "capacitor bank". I was thinking start somewhere with cutting off the computer-plug?

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