how can i make a radio controlled high powered rocket (the internal system or guts) using only parallax items?

I'm trying to design a camera slash ignition system for a rocket that I'm trying to build

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Crosman R-36 Stinger

Does anyone have any info (personal knowlege) of the Crosman R-36 Stinger

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r/c lawnmower signal clean up

How do I get my program setup to correctly read the signal from my reciever to the arduino.  I am trying to drive a motor controller and it sometimes works but with very little consistancey.  I don't know what to try, any information would be greatly appricated.

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R/C Drift car from scratch?

Hi Everyone! I happen to just have bought a very cheap and very disfunctional R/C Drift car. I am now thinking of either making one from scratch or modifying my present one. If you're an rc enthusiast, arduino programmer, electronics hobbyist, or just someone who happen to have some spare parts that you don't need that I may need, feel free to say something. My present Drift car is ,btw, a Flash and dash Race tin. It has two sets of wheels, one for drifting, and the other for racing. I am unsatisfied with this because it always swings its back like this  Look in 0:32 to 0:34. Its bad enough that I don't know how to drift. Please feel free to comment ,suggest, or give a tip so I can mod my present one or make another one with variable speed and turn. My present one doesn't allow this.

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What kind of R/C truck should I buy?

Hello everybody,      I am looking to get a r/c truck and I was wondering what kind should I get. I want to get something like the hpi blitz or the traxxas slash. Something that is off road and fast. I would like to stay under $350 and I wanted to know what you guys think. Thank you.                                                                                      KneXtreme

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How do I build a Nav light system for my R/C planes?

I want to build a Nav light system for my two R/C aircraft I have a E-flite Taylorcraft 450 and a Seagull Extra 300L

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is it possible to make a rc fan out of a rc car? and if so how? Answered

 i have a ton of rc cars but most either don't work or body,wheels, or something else doesn't work so i wanted to make a rc fan out of them.

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Commands needed in R language?

Hello everyone I hope that you are fine. Because I am starter, I am facing difficulties in figuring out commands that do the following: Find the sample mean M and sample standard deviation S Build the histogram. Find if the shape of the distribution is close to normal or not. Add to the histogram plot the line corresponding to the probability density function of the normal distribution using obtained mean and standard deviation. Set up a 95% CI for the sample mean, using your values of M,S and N Use the temperature (tempc and tempf) data given in the excel sheet. You can download the excel sheet from following link: Kind Regards raishikoh

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Can i replace a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family video card from a laptop with another video card ?

Can i replace a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family video card from a laptop with another video card for laptops ?

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How do I upload a guide ?

I want to upload an image tio Pi guide.

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how do you build a 7 cell hump battery pack for a rc car?

I want to build a 7 cell hump battery pack for a rc car does anyone have step by step instruction with pictures

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r.v. electronic help

how do i safely remove and repair the 12 volt converter in my rv. both posts are very loose, and overheating a little. ( 100 degrees to touch. ) i need to remove both threaded posts with out getting zapped and replace/resolder the connections. can you help ? thanks!

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Hi. Does anyone know how to put some automatic gears into a remote control race car? details below. Any help great. Tnx Answered

Model: Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Turbo Racer Type: Remote Control Wheel Drive: 2 rear wheels  No. of wheels: 4

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Can I "upgrade" my Nikko Electric R/C Hummer H2 with a couple of 9 volt batteries without blowing anything?

I have seen a Mod of an Airsoft pistol from Wal-mart that pretty much applied three 9 volt batteries, and it was able to shoot farther and faster and I was wondering if it can be applied to a Nikko Electric R/C Truck the same way. It currently runs on a 9.6 Volt Battery. And I would like to see if there are any precautions or additions I should look into before applying a few 9 volt batteries. Just so I don't blow any circuit boards or anything else. Because like many Americans... we just want everything to go faster. Thank you

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How to clean PCB?

There is a bunch of gunk on my R/C car's PCB, how do I clean it off without damaging the circuits?

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Polarity switching issue, first one to resolve gets a one year pro membership, if answered by June 03 2012? Answered

Ok, here's the issue.  years ago i picked up a wireless remote control kit for automotive use.  It consists of a 12v receiver with 4 sets of colour matched wires.  Basically you can turn on and off 4 devices.  Press button 1 on the remote and a on-board 15A relay activates completing the circuit for one set of wires.  Press button 1 again and the same relay cut outs and the circuit is broken.   These wires are designed to interrupt the negative or ground  side of your accessory with the positive lead hooked up to your power source.  The receivers power is hooked up to the 12v battery.  I even went so far as to open up the receiver and discovered the entire circuit to be potted in opaque epoxy (how rude) so no modding of the circuit sadly... What I can't get my head around is how to utilize this as a polarity reversing unit, or can it.  Now I have messed around with using polarity reversing circuits in a analog style before, I even wrote an instructable on making one with a DIY DPDT switch  Here's the thing, I live in a remote area of the world and do not have immediate access to what most people are used to, so is this circuit possible to be utilized in the manner I am wanting?  I have access to additional standard 4 pin relays if this helps, but not much of anything else. First person that provides a detailed anwser, which results in this working the way how I want, utilizing what I have, by the end of JUNE 3 2012 will receive a 1 year pro instructables membership.  With a possible 3 month pro membership to the one who proves most useful in finding a feasible work around by JUNE 5th 2012.  And sadly using alternate supplies is not an option, "pretend I am on the moon, with no transport available in time". see the pics Note: in the diagram, the green wires are one switch, the blue wires are another.  Their are 2 more sets of wires but these are being used to control other items and are not shown.

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Requesting R/C mod

Hey all, I recently started looking into modding some of the stuff i have lying around and i came across an old mini r/c car that are only about an inch long. (see photos) Anyways i got down into it, but i really don't know what i'm doing, i was just wondering if anyone could come up with a mod for it. so far i've managed to hook the little r/c car to a plug so that it had a constant electric supply, which kinda defeats it's purpose, but was good to figure out anyways i thought. Thanks! (despite the fact i googled for the image and took one of the first 5, this actually is the exact model i have. surprisingly convenient, thanks google!)

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2 pin motor with r/c?

I am doing a lego r/c car but I've run into a problem; I only have a 2 pin (+,-) motor for the drive, but the receiver is 3 pins (+,-,signal), is it possible to connect the 2 together, and if so how. Thanks

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what hardware would i need to remotely (R/C) control 8DC motors with an Arduino (Uno R3)?

Hello instructables I'm new to both Arduino and R/C; Basically I want to build a ground (tank-like) R/C device which includes 8 DC motors/ Channels. WHAT HARDWARE WOULD I NEED TO REMOTELY CONTROL EIGHT (8) DC MOTORS WITH AN ARDUINO?? (motor shield(s), transmitter/controller, receivers etc.??) could I use 2 x 4 channel receivers and 2 x 4 channel transmitters (build into one controller) or would i HAVE TO use 1 x 8 channel receiver + transmitter? ( an 8 ch transmitter + receiver is expensive) please give me your advise about my project (and if possible, try to give me affordable solutions :D ) since I'm a newb to both arduino and R/C would ANY help/ informations about this be very appreciated :D

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how does one build a electromagnetic blast device that knocks out electrical implants in the human body Answered

Electrical implants were put into my body without my permission,they inflict pain at strategic points in the body there small enought to be inserted with a needle..can they be neutralize electronicly..dennis o'donnell,, #6317890140

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Can anyone point me towards a product or guide to make two key fobs that when pressed, turn on a light in the other?

I'm working on a little project that would require a very, very small transmitter/receiver combo, that needs to be both small and battery operated on 1 channel. I seem to remember some product that did something like this, kind of a secret message toy or something to that extent where when the button was pushed on one it would turn the light on in the other, so you could signal each other from across the room or something to that extent. I really just need a micro micro receiver that's linked to a 1 button key fob remote. If anyone can point me towards that product or a kit or what have you, lemme know! thanks!

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NEW GROUP!!! Tech R Us! Join Now!!!

NEW GROUP!!! Join today if you are a tech-y person and would like to join and band together with other tech people. Heres the link: ^^^^^^^^So Join now! Click it! ^^^^^^^^^ -Tech R Us

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Can I use a R/C controller meant for servos to control a regular motor? Answered

I am building a R/C tank and I need a controller. I have found a few but they only control servos. I am using a double gearbox to move and steer the tank.

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whats the best motor and ESC to use for a high torque r/c tank?

I am currently building an r/c tank, but i am having trouble finding a suitable motor and ESC that will allow it to go realy fast ( high speed tank). all i can find are brushless motors that require 30A at 6-12v, the same goes for the esc's, and i have no idea were to get that sort of power as i only have access to a 9.6v 750ma battery but i can get sealed, lead-acid batteries, at around 12v and 3amps, but thats still nowhere near what i need. does anyone know where i can get a brushless motor that can have at least 30kg of torque @ at least 1500rpm, that can run off 1A 9V?

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What do I need to control a R/C car with my computer?

 I'm building a project that needs to control a small car with my PC in order to make it move forward or backward, left or right. I've been looking how to do it but I've not found a way with the USB port. I've also read that I can modify the remote control of my car in order to do it but again I need to do it with a USB port. Thank you for the help.

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If I lost the remote control to an r/c car, can I use another one? or how can I fix it? Answered

Do I need to replace a transmitter and receiver? if so how? Any other suggestions are welcome.

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Non-conventional Servo motor gear problems

I have a gear that needs replacing in my radioshack r/c car, since it's from radio shack it isn't conventional at all (has 6 wires coming off of it) i have been trying to find a replacement gear set that would give the specifications of the gears but so far, no dice... i don't want to give up because it was a $100+ car (i know i overpaid) i also have a gear that is the exact size from the servo so i know the dimensions of the broken gear, if you have any suggestions for me that would be great!

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how can i turn a 3 volt current into a 12 volt continuous current to keep a relay switch open? Answered

I am building an r/c tank as some may already know from previous questions, anyway my batteries came in and now i have gone to my local jarcar shop only to find out that the relays i require to run a 12 volt 9 amp current need 12 volts at 150ma to stay open! but the reciever from a toy rc truck can only supply 6 volts for which the motors run off and another 3 volts for which the servo runs off . so how can i amplifie this current into 12 volts continuous to keep the relay open? i know whats needed, the voltage will be doubled but the amphours will be cut in halfe or quarters or whatever the opposit of what is needed to make a 12 volt current. i need to know what it is i need and how to assemble it , i am good with most instructions and im presuming that this should be quite simple and similar to that of a solar powerd sla battery charger.

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Using Satellite dish or tv antenna as wi-fi antenna.

Is there way to use satellite dish or TV antenna from top of my building connecting it to computer, and use it as Wi-Fi antenna. On my wall I have a jack like this: which jack should i plug my cable(probably SAT) to connect it with network adapter. I know it sounds weird but I think its possible. What's your opinion?

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how do you make a voltage splitter to dividea current in two so they act as if they were coming from different sources

Hello, i am building and rc tank that uses 4 relays to power 2 motors in both forwards motion and backwards, all running from 1 battery pack. however ive hit a snag in my developements in which the single battery pack was actually bypassing the relays as it connected to the terminals of the motors, therefore not allowing me to use one relay to apply +/- power the motor via the battery and useing another to apply -/+ via another. my only logical solution at the time was to remove 1 of the 3 battery packs being used (were each batpack contains 10X1.2v 3AH AA batteries), and arrange it so that 1 pack powerd the motor when going in reverse, and the other two were to power the motor going forwards, and although this means that my tank would run fine, and the subtraction of 1 pack doesnt make a difference power wise to the motors as they run at max efficiency with 2 packs, its still a real hassle to recharge them as i cant just charge em all up at once, the reverse motor battery pack may run out before the forwards, and vice versa, giving me less time to run the tank, than if they were together. so now you know my problem, what i need is a solution, how can i make a voltage splitter or current splitter or whatever, so that it can divide a current in two so that if i were to connect a positive wire from current 1, and negative wire from current 2 it would not complete a circuit, and basically act like they come from two totally different sources. this was what i was doing until i realised that when i tested the motors in either direction, it was actually going forwards each time i switched it on, after swaping the wires around when it would just run the motor if the relays werent even turned on. my tank has nothing yet on its motors shafts like gears or nothing, it was a simple mistake. so please, can anyone help me?

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How do you hook up a linear actuator to be controlled with PWM / R/C?

Hi Everybody, I'm working on a robotics project requiring strong linear actuators(LAs). For the most part I see that using LAs is the same as using DC motors. The red and black cables of the LA would connect to the motor +/- terminals of a motor controller. The main power source would connect to the battery +/- terminals of the motor controllers, and the motor controllers input could then come from a microcontroller or single board computer (SBC) using PWM / R/C control. This should allow me to control the direction and the speed of extension. However, for my application I and going to need multiple LAs the need to extend exactly in sync. The best way I can think to do that is to sense their individual extensions and program the LAs so that they stay in sync with each other. From what I've seen what I'm looking for are LAs with built-in limit switches and potentiometers.  What I don't know is how to hook these up to their motor controllers and microcontroller/SBC. An example I'm looking at is this one from Firgelli Automations:;_id=159. Unlike hobby servos this LA has 5 wires. Two are the positive and negative power wires and the other three relate to the potentiometer. I know you can control the extension this way but so far I've only found youtube videos and couldn't see how they hooked everything up. This datasheet for different LA ( helped me understand what the potentiometer wires do, but not how to use them with a PWM microcontroller. Does anybody have experience with this? Thanks for reading

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what is the connector for a servo called?

The three wire plug that you hook a servo into, what is it called? i am making an rc car and my reciver has the exact same 3-pin port like on a servo, except male, and i need to get a battery pack for it.                                                                                                                                                                          ,thanks in advance

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r/c commuication with the arduino mega

I was wondering if anybody knows what pins have to be used on the arduino mega to get the r/c signal converted so that i can drive a store bought motor driver. I am lost  on the wire connections. Thanks for the help

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R/C car remote question?

What is the difference in the Mhz ratings? Mine is a 27 Mhz, but is 49 any different?

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Erase a dvd+R using software

Ok so we all know its possible to write a dvd+r up to the limit. (one time only of course) So if it can write data once, that why cant we have it ignore the data or headers and just write all 1's or just random garbage to the disk to destory it? It actually sounds cooler than breaking it... If there is software than please provide a link (if its free/open source)

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Adding memory to an endoscope

I need to add some memory to an endoscope (;=item415887b764) I want to be able to fly this on a r/c helicopter, but I need to able to take videos and pictures. I can't have it wireless, and it needs to be affordable (£30 or less I'll give a little lee way through) just ask if you need any more infomation. Thanks

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Laser pointer help? Need it now! Will be greatly appreciated.

Do cheap-o $5 red laser pointers use an LED light in any parts? Thanks in advance>

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IR Robot Control

The cheapest way of wirelessly controlling a robot is IR, right? I'm in need of help for a schematic for an emitter and a reciever (this will be my first IR project). Please don't tell me to google it because I've been looking around and all I've found were vague schematics. I'd probably want to use a 555 timer for the emitter, but the schematics were vague again. For the reciever would I have to use 4, along with 4 emitters to drive 2 motors independently? As in Motor1 front and back, Motor2 front and back?

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I'm seeking advice on making a remote-controlled linear actuator (for a prank tv show) Answered

Hi all, I'm working on a hidden camera prank tv show and some of the pranks call for things (bookshelves, statues, a tv wall mount) to suddenly fall apart. I've been trying to figure out how to build a small, powerful actuator into the breakaway props, something that I can control remotely. My idea is that the actuator will retract and thereby pull a pin out of something that it is holding up, causing the thing to fall. I'm seeking your advice!!! :) Ideally I would love it if the entire system was small enough (batteries, receiver and actuator) to hide in the props. Do you know any good websites to look at? Any specific products I should check out? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, DAZU

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servo drive circuit

Does anyone know how to make the circuit like the ones inside srevo motors? I am designing a sumo bot with radio control. I need to use contenuously rotating motors with lots of power to drive the robot. I do know how to modify my servos so they contenuously rotate, but I don't think they will have enough power to push around the other robots. I would like to use one of my 12v gearmotors instead of the ones contained in servos, but I don't want to destroy my servos to do it.

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is this led array right?

+18V + -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -/\/\/\- + R = 22 ohms + -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -/\/\/\- + R = 22 ohms + -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -/\/\/\- + R = 22 ohms + -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -/\/\/\- + R = 22 ohms + -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -|>|- -/\/\/\- + R = 22 ohms this lay out has the resistor on the negative side is this right many thanks for helping karl

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Could I make a R/C bristlebot?

If possible, please tell me how.  Thanks.

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HELP!!!: how to make a r/c camera

So, i want to make a miniature r/c camera that does video wirelessly, but i can't find anything on the subject anywhere. in my opinion, just the fact that it is small makes it very plausible to do, and therefore an appropriate question. if anyone knows anything, it would be cool if you could let me know! :)

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