SCR latching circuits and LEDs

LEDs and I just can get along...In another project I had a solenoid blowing out LEDs. Now this: I have a number of switches hooked up so they trigger an SCR latching circuit to turn on (and keep on) some LEDs. The SCRs are wired in parallel to each other and have a 1K resistor on the gate. Power is applied to the whole circuit via a timer relay (not hooked to the SCRs). The power is a 12v, 200mA wall wart. And the SCRs I'm using are NTE 5465. The LEDs last a while but burn out or go to a weird blinking state (when the switch is depressed) after about 2-3 days. In my previous project I needed a diode to help with the solenoid voltage spike. But I don't think that it is the case for this project since the SCRs aren't inductive. Do LEDs connected to the switch part of a relay need a diode too? The LED package I'm using is purchased from Happ Controls (see hideous grainy picture). It's rated for 12V but they can't give me a mA rating on them. But they say that no inline resistor is required. Any thoughts? I think this is another case of my inexperience causing me to overlook the obvious.

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LED control via a reed switch and SCR

N00b question: I've got an RGB LED that has a forward voltage of 3.7v and a 3.7v battery pack. I want to trigger the LED to light via a magnet and reed switch. If I wire the reed switch to the gate of the SCR and have the SCR power the LED, will I be able to turn the LED on and off via the magnet by bringing the magnet near the reed switch?

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Where can i get a small SCR? Answered

 I checked the Radio shack website and haven't found any mention of SCR's.  I also found out that Radio shack is the only electronics store nearby.  I don't really want to have to order it in because my parents are really finicky about ordering things in and I was wondering if anyone knew of any common or cheap products that carry a small Silicon controlled rectifiers for me to salvage.

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Can anyone help me in designing a lignt chaser using SCR or triac?

I want to make a light chaser (240v bulb) using 555 4017 and SCR or TRIAC. Can any one help me doning this or have any reference schematic.

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What is the equivalent SCR of OE101?

Equivalent SCR with OE101 OR, Any SCR with 100V breakdown voltage and 1A forward current rating

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How to connect an scr to a coilgun?

I make the rwilsford07 boost converter and it charges my capacitor fine, but when I turn on the scr the 6v voltage regulator stop working(7806). What can be happening?

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I'm converting an old gas char-Broil outdoor grill,now used as a charcoal grill, to an electric smoker. See details.

For my initial design I'm using junk box parts (electronic hobbyist/pack rat).  The heating element is a 120vac, 500w burner previously used as an electric charcoal lighter.  The grill cavity is 15"H x 14"D x 25"W, with two rack heights leaving room for the burner, water pan, and possibly lava rocks/bricks.     The question is about temperature control.  I understand 500w may or may not be enough.  I'm considering a DIY full wave open loop SCR control, as I have many of the parts.  The purely resistive load is @2.4-2.5 amps and should be able to be temperature controlled using  demand oriented transfer or phase angle firing w/diacs.  I want maximum control cheaply and am having trouble selecting an appropriate design.  I have larger current SCR's in case I need a larger wattage elment. What can contributors suggest? 

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How to use a SCR in a Coil Gun?

I want to increase the power of my capacitor but i can not figure out how to add a SCR. So i was wondering if somebody can show me how.

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How can I build a latching circuit without a Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)?

I was wondering if there was a way to build a latching circuit without using an SCR because, after all, you can't get them at your neighborhood Shack, and I was wondering if you could use a couple of transistors or something similar.  Thanks in advance  -Julian

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Can you put SCR's in parallel? Answered

The title said it all. The reason I want to do it is because I want to discharge a capacitor bank into a coilgun, etc, using SCR instead of a large switch. The surge current form the capacitor bank is approximately 400 amps and the SCR's I have can handle surge current of 160 amps, can I put a few of those in parallel to handle 400 amps?

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Is it possible to use an SCR to make a small solid state tesla coil? Answered

From what I understand, an SCR is like a diode that can either be turned on to act like an everyday diode, and it will only turn back off when the power is cut. With this understanding, will this circuit work? if not, can you explain? even if it doesn't work as a tesla coil, will it work as a fence charger (with a trigger transformer or ignition coil?)

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What kind of SCR would I need for a coilgun with 2500uf 500vdc capacitors? Answered

Using a bank of 6 capacitors, all rated for 500 WVDC and 2500 uF. I'm only going to be mainly using them with 240 and 130 VDC. Would a 500Amp SCR be applicable?

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coilgun question, could someone explain what an SCR is to me and how to incorporate it in a coilgun circuit?

I am a novice "coilgun maker," and understand all the principals and such involved in it. now that im moving to more advance coilgun design, i need to understand what an SCR is/does. wiki can only teach u so much :D any help or answers to this question will b greatly appreciated!

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Help needed with Wire Loop Game

Hello, I wish to make the Wire Loop Game for a childrens' fun-n-fair. But I wish to add a simple SCR/circuit so that the buzzer sounds continuously instead of momentarily, once the loop touches the other wire. Can someone please show me or direct me to a website with a simple SCR, which is easily available (in India since I'm from there) circuit that can do the job? Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks, Deboo

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Help needed for making the WIre Loop Game Answered

Hello, I wish to make the Wire Loop Game for a childrens' fun-n-fair. But I wish to add a simple SCR/circuit so that the buzzer sounds continuously instead of momentarily, once the loop touches the other wire. Can someone please show me or direct me to a website with a simple SCR circuit, which is easily available (in India since I'm from there) that can do the job? If a readily available transistor can do this job, that would be good too. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks, Deboo

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Many questions about multi-stage coilguns.

 May this be a big help for me and others who may stumble upon it. 1. I am controlling my coilgun with a PIC (PIC16F627A). What do I need to do in order to make it trigger SCRs? 2. What sort of external components do I need for the PIC (I'm sort of a newbie to electrical engineering)? 3. Regarding the actual coils, I am going to have 6 stages. How should the individual coils be made for maximum efficiency (I have heard that each successive stage should have less inductance, but I don't know exactly how this works)? 4. How does one go about slotting a metallic (brass) barrel while allowing optogates to work? 5. How exactly do you hook up the optogates to the microcontroller and to power sources? Any help on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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Is a high ampere switch necessary?? Answered

I was going to try to build my now 2nd coil gun but this time wanted a solid state switch. after looking at the following: i was wondering if an 800A SCR is really necessary or can i just use a 16A SCR?

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Easy/cheap way of halving the mains fequency in order to halve the speed of a single phase electric induction motor?

The problem is to slow the speed of an electric grinder down so that it does not burn woodturning HSS chisels during sharpening. I thought of full wave rectifying the mains and feeding it to a so-called "H-bridge" consisting of four SCR's. The SCR's on the top and bottom opposing sides are triggered together as pairs. Each pair of SCR's are triggered for two consecutive half cycles and so on. Might this work?

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I have a question for people who have made/know coilguns.

Can anyone explain what an SCR does and where should i encorporate it in my coilgun design? Wiki can only teach you so much and i still can't quite grasp what it is/does.  also any other info for a rookie coilgun builder lol

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how to convert negative pulse to positive

Hello.. I built a transistor scr to turn on leds in my car from my remote.. my remote uses negative pulses to turn on and off... now the problem is that the scr needs a positive pulse to turn on but it uses negative to turn off,, so turning it off isn't a problem.. Im pretty sure I can just use a transistor to do this.. here is the schematic I used to build the scr...  ... fig 75b... is there a way to modify this circuit to make the turn-on negative or just a way to use another transistor to make my negative pulse positive? I could easily use an automotive relay to do this but im trying to make this as small as possible and its still on the breadboard.. I want to get this figured out before I put it on pcb.. thanks for your help

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Is there anything that can be done with an old screen from a laptop that has been "dissected"?

P.S. The screen is in good shape still, but the rest of the computer is pretty well dismantled.

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How do I make a rock tumbler? Perhaps not from scratch, but by adapting something else?

I'm not necessarily technically minded, so preferrably without having to rewire or solder things...

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Questions about Capacitors Answered

Does the capacitance stack in a bank? Does the maximum allowed voltage? How do you wire an SCR? How do I determine what the total output voltage/amps will be?

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convert negative pulse into positive using a transistor?

Hello... ive built an scr using transistors to turn on leds in my car with my remote.. my remote uses negative pulse.. now the scr(latching transistor) that ive built turns on with a positive pulse and off with negative.. so turning it off is not a problem.. I need to change the negative turn on pulse to positive to turn it on though. I know theres a simple way using a transistor to do this, but im still learning and my knowledge of transistors is still limited.. here is the schematic I used.. figure 75 b. I followed the schematic and it works just fine..  ... thanks for helping me out here

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Capacitor charging circuit using bd243c. Will it work?? Answered

I recently made a schematic to charge a capacitor bank for my coilgun.D1-D4 are all 1n0007 t1 is a centre tapped transformer which will step up 12v to 330V. WIll it work. r1 and r2 are 10w resistors. Q1 and Q2 are BD243C with a rating of 65 watts.  i found my transformer from a very old cassette player. huge and heavy able to pump about 100W. i don't bother about charging time. I just want to know if it would be good. don't worry about the voltage monitoring i have a small voltmeter(like a watch. chinese product.) i am just want to know if it will work or not UPDATE: I have tried the shematic. It works flawlessly.  

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how to work this ac motor speed control circuit using 2AC input? Answered

Please let mo konw how to working this curcuit. I think Left one both ac input. So, SCR always turn on and off. than ac motor contineuly rotate isn' it?... But, this pic shows downscaling elevator moving circuit. I want some explain. plz someone help me.. left 15V both AC, right R1.T1 are 220V AC

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How do I hook up a module camera directly to a screen.

I am trying to make a gadget that has a modular camera (something like this: directly to a modular screen (something like this: but I don’t want anything else on the screen. Is it possible directly or do I need a raspberry pi? If so how do I hook up the camera to the pi without the raspberry pi gui/clutter.

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How to build a Gamecube Portable using the LCD screen and case from iBook G4 Apple Laptop? Answered

I would like to use an iBook G4 17" for the majority of the housing and screen for the portable. Heard I need an FPGA converter board to switch from VGA on the gamecube side to LVDS on the laptop side. I would like advice on how to best do that and also what kind of power supply I could use to run this system internally. External would be ok but internal even better! I have a gamecube and the iBook G4 already. 

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Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors?

Is it possible to use a 220v to 6v transformer for converting 6v to 220v DC to charge 250v capacitors? If yes, then can anyone give me a schematic for the circuit to = convert 6v DC to 220v DC, charge 250v capacitors ( @220v ), capacitor overcharge protection with something like resistor, capacitor full charging LED indicator, capacitor full charge LED indicator, SCR (Silicon-controlled rectifier) based capacitor discharge (use power for magnetic coil) circuit.

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Lighthouse pulsing light

Hi all - I am building a wooden model lighthouse, it will stand 5 feet tall and become my driveway landmark. I have been searching for a good light circuit, a non-LED version, preferably using 120v AC. I would like the light to just do a slow flash or pulse and haven't found a circuit anywhere. I did find one SCR simple circuit using a high rated capacitor, but I am looking for more options. I have a coloured halogen which should do the job well enough. So have any of you brainiacs come across any circuits close to this description - thank you for reading / responding. Bill

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How do I build my own solar pathway light from scratch?

Hi There, I have just recently joined the site. I would love to make some sun jars as gifts. However most of the solar path lights are quite expensive here in South Africa and I might just as well just buy a sun jar rather than do it DIY ... Is there anyone who could point me to an instructable that shows you how to build the solar unit yourself (in short I want to build it from scratch) ... please bear in mind that I have two left thumbs, so the instructions would have to be quite clear. Thanks in advance to anyone who would be able to assist.

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Product recognition?

Hey, I have a science fair coming up and had a really good thought, however I'm not sure how I would go about doing it... So the thought is a refrigerator with product recognition abilities. Basically there will be something with basic information under a product (bottles, cans, etc.) which maybe has the expiration date and the bar-code number (maybe just the bar-code number). So in the fridge, there will be a sensor of some kind to recognize the products. Then that will be transferred to a computer so it can display a list of the things inside the refrigerator. I have a good knowledge of and basic knowledge of electronics (resistors, capacitors, transistors, SCRs etc.). I really have no idea for how this would work out, I know it's doable but not sure how.

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Variable DC input to a clean AC out put

So here is what I am trying to accomplish. I am trying to take an old Jacobs wind turbine controller that was designed for a grid tie application and make it off grid. There is a 3 phase "wild" ac input from the turbine that is rectifyed but not clipped by the internal SCR's to variable DC (40-180 volts). The sensing was designed to tie to the grid and power sync'd to line power and freq then exported or imported depending on demand. What I would like to do is build a Variable Dc input inverter that will put out a pure sine wave 120/240 vac split phase. Thus imprinting a usable power out put and allowing the cap/choke inverter to do its part. The design need not handle much power as it is only used as an imprint to regulate the power through the controller. If anyone had any idea on a build for this or a manufacturer that is producing such an item I could really use some ideas. Thanks

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Do i need to use this output from my DC motor speed control board?

Hi With the goal of using the DC treadmill style motor that i have in a project (or two), i have baught a SCR speed control board. The circuitry of the control board has outputs for the armature and field coil (labeled "excitation"). But the motor that i have is a permanent magnet type (2 wires going in / out  - red and black - nice and simple). So i don't need the 'excitation' output. My question is whether the control board needs this to be used? Am i going to fry my brand new controller if i only draw current through the armature output? I could, for instance, put a resistive load accross this output to make it use just less than the output it's rated for. Here's more info on the parts in question: The speed controller is like this:;=item3a9488e567 or this:;=item4adc7e0294 The motor is either of the models on this page (i actually have one of each): Thanks in advance. Peas

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