School course of study?

Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but I am looking into going back to school. I would like to be in an industry where I can learn how to make things like robots, and electric cars etc.. I am sure these things will require more then just a basic degree but I would like to get started in the right path. The problem I have is, would these fall under mechanical engineering or would if be electrical engineering? I like the idea of building something from concept to final design where I learn the hardware as well as the programming skills to make the device do what I want it to do. So can someone tell me what course of study would be best? Thanks, Jester

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I am 3rd year student of engineering (ELECTRONICS & INSTRUMENTATION) . I want to create a own TV channel for study purpose then how it is possible and what i am doing to achieve this. i want to help from my seniours who worked in this organisation . and want to ask you how a channel telecast ..... please inform on my email- id please anyone have a information about this please share it.                                                                                            Thanks                                                                                      Abhishek Upadhyay

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want to study robotics.Which engineering branch should I take for this?

I like robotics very much.for this I've to study Engineering.I'm not able to decide which branch would be good so that I can do my Masters degree in robotics.Please Tell me all the possible streams which I can me

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What should I study to build turbine/jet engines also airplanes?

Well, I wanna build an rc airplane with turbine engine powered and anther with jet engine powered, what should I study at University to build things like that, Is the Mechatronics engineering specialize in that?? thanks!!

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want to study robotics.Which engineering branch should I take for this?

I want to study in the field of robotics which field of engineering i have to do

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Hellow everyone, i kinda run into this site, and this group, and i made an acc as you can see :3 i kinda made a chat today in batch, pretty simple and using Dropbox, but i haz some ideas with powershell and using an FTP. but here is a pic of how it works and the code ofcorse! code client: @echo off SET name=%username% color 0a :main cls echo ############################# echo #welcome to the dropbox chat# echo ############################# echo. echo Make your sellection bellow! echo. echo [1]-Collor menu echo [2]-Chat name echo [3]-Chatroom echo [4]-Info (waar normaal nooit iemand kijkt) echo name: %name% echo. :sellect1 set /p C=Sellection: if "%C%"=="1" goto collor if "%C%"=="2" goto name if "%C%"=="3" goto chat1 if "%C%"=="4" goto info if Else goto main /goto main :chat1 echo %name% just joined the chat>>chat.txt goto chat :collor cls echo ############ echo #COLLORS!!!# echo ############ echo. echo pick a collor echo. echo [1]- White echo [2]- Green echo [3]- Red echo [4]- Purple echo [5]- Blue echo [6]- Yellow echo. echo [0]- Main menu echo. :sellect2 set /p C=Collor: if "%C%"=="1" color F if "%C%"=="2" color A if "%C%"=="3" color C if "%C%"=="4" color D if "%C%"=="5" color B if "%C%"=="6" color E if "%C%"=="0" goto main goto collor :name cls echo ############### echo #create a name# echo ############### echo. echo Type in your name (please dont use spacebar) echo. :sellect3 set /p C=Name: SET name=%C% goto main :chat cls echo ######## echo #-CHAT-# echo ######## echo. echo Every msg you type will be added in the chat.txt file, echo so chek on that file for the chat. echo. :sellect3 set /p C=: echo [%time%] %name%:%C%>>chat.txt if "%C%"=="/clear" goto del if "%C%"=="/afk" echo %name% is currently afk>>chat.txt if "%C%"=="/back" echo %name% is no longer afk>>chat.txt if "%C%"=="porn" echo %name% is a perv>>chat.txt goto chat :del del chat.txt goto chat code reader: @echo off :1 cls type chat.txt PING -n 2>nul goto 1 thats a bit it, kinda simple i know, but its fun to use and fun to make, feedback is always welcome! ^__^ have a great day/night bye!

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ROBOTICS: 2 of my friends and i am very interested in robotics and would like to study on it?

. Could some one help from were to start studying about it, what all to study, just guide us as a beginner?

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Which things I need to know to study relativity theory? And any good book to study it?

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can any body help me in the construction of a wind mill ? or can anybody help me to study abt the parts of wind mill ?

Can anybody help me to do a study abt the components of the wind mill ?

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Hey guys i am intrested in electronics and robotics. i studied electronics. Now i want to study robotics. I live in India, Kerala. I studied craft and some paperwork myself. I started building spurt robots with the help of projects in instructables. I created an arduino robot looking at chicken parmi's instructable. I want to create a robot with my own ideas so i decided to go to a robotic class and study and make. I searched robotic classes in Kerala but i couldnt find one. There was one but it was over early in summer vaccation. I need a regular class so please help me to find one.

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what is the best research proposal which is not so expensive for a computer related study?

I'm looking for a project proposal which is all about technology

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Does any one know how i may make a waterproof webcam i want to study my fish from inside the tank

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Resistors and capacitors Answered

Can any one tell me how can we use and install resistors and capacitors? And how can we study the resistors and capacitors

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Could a superconductor make a perpetual flow of electrons with the presence of a magnet in the cold vacuume of space? Answered

I just thought of this question and it has been a while since I studied superconductors.

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Help regarding mobiles

'can anyone tell me the link where i can study the working of mobile(NOKIA) phones in depth?i mean the circuit diagram, symbian programming,about their memory structure etc.....

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I want to make a biosensor of for glucose measurement. The aim is to develop a method for blood glucose measurement by measuring the impedance of glucose solution of various concentration. Suggest how can I measure impedance of a glucose solution and study variation of impedance with the concetration

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how to make a simple timer (2hour maximum)?

I want to propose a project study that will hold/lock the syringe in a thawing rack for 2 hours. thawing rack dimensions 6" x 6" x 6". I want to put a cover on it (flexi-glass).

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Any thoughts of mechatronics project?

I want to make a  project in the summer to have more skills so i would like to have some other thoughts from anyone about mechatronics study ex: robotic arm , robots , balancing table ..... etc . i appreciate any help 

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i love to learn all about these technologies

I love to learn all about these technologies about here's the problem i dont study and i love someone to help me by making videos about how to make EL wire and whatever you know, please reply?

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do you think we could produce energy with a crystal by using knowledge of atoms and compounds and reactions???

I remmember seeing something on T.V. about an ancient civilization using crystals to power thier technology which happened to be very advanced (maybe atlantis?). i was wondering if it would be possible by studying reactions of atoms and molecules withing crystals to find one that if large enough could power something such as a levitaion device (perhaps create a crystal using certain compounds and manipulating atoms and molecules.) perhaps study the reaction of humans and crystals (we conduct arua and other things) i dunno. i wanted to see what other minds would think of how crystals could conduct energy to power a certain technology. please don't worry about critisism and let your mind flow free.

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Is there an amateur way to fuse silver and organic objects to make jewellery? Something interesting?

I would like to make rings and pendants/charms - I want to use silver and organic objects. I didn't study jewellery so I am looking for some way that isn't to technical and that is mildly cost effective. Anyone? Would be much appreciated! ;)

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Is thr any difference between a degree in astrophysics and a degree in physics ?

If yes then i would like to know which 1 of these would provide me with a better job opportunity.Also i want to know what kind of jobs will i be offered ? And will they help me to become a scientist in future ? If no thn what study should i master in order to accomplish my aim ?

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How to make gadgets ?

I want to know how to make gadgets like iphone (touch screen things), mobiles like nokia nseries, etc. Which course i need to study to make gadget's (especially touch screen tech's) hardware and software ?, I saw Chinese people make duplicate ipod's mp4 players..etc including hardware and software. how do they do it ?

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I need electronic ideas for school

For school I need to come up with a project that I need to make in electronics for my Independent study engineering technology class (you should see the abrieviation!). To my understanding I just get to make stuff in that class under my own free will. So I need cool ideas to make during the school year!

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Is it possible to secure an unsecured network with your own router?

I'm going to Spain to study, and would like to trade stocks there.  The place I'll be staying in has wifi.  Is it possible in anyway to make sure my information is safe by using another router to receive the wireless connection?  It would think it would be very costly to buy a data plan, much less a fast one to trade stocks and is accurate to the second.  

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I would like to know is thier any robot for window cleaning? Please anyone help out ?

My project is making a window cleaning robot, so i would like to know is their any alternative robot which has been already made which i can study and build similar one. I request to help me out in this?

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i m making rocket shoes. any idea which topics r required to study? had it been made earlier???

Hiii....has anyone yet made rocket shoes??? shoes, on wearing of which justly, u can fly.... i m trying to make one wid chemical or ion propulsion.....any idea or suggestion...??? my e mail

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um looking for elevator avr program. Do you have example program ?

I have to write a project for 30 floors.  but Im not good for programming... If u can write me example program for 2 floors . Include limiting switch, Door open, Door close . display floor number and  Other parameters.  So I can study the code and the i Can expand it to my project.

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how can I magnetic distance?

So for the past month my study has been magnets (how do they work) and ive come to electromagnets. what variable/s would affect the distance of a magnetic field. or rather what produces a bigger field, higher voltage, or amperage? thin wire and many wrappings or thicker wire and fewer wrappings. also if anyone knows of any good simulations on electromagnetism they would be much appreciated  

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Technical issue in samsung GT E2232?

My samsung GT E2232 handset is hanged while using internet,reading text messages and after calling.It hangs by showing "Sending "and do not turn off.I have only option to remove the battery.So it creates a disturbance  while I am studying on internet.Please tell me how to solve this issue.

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How to use a 3DS screen

Hi everyone! I have a spare  working 3DS screen (a friend of mine thought that her screen was broken, so she ordered a new one, and it turns out the problem wasn't solved so it didn't came from the screen, and she told me I could keep it if I wanted to). I'd like to know how I could use it in various projects, for debugging or for a more long term use. I don't need 3D (anyway I assume this wouldn't be possible unless I write a driver). Is it possible to add a VGA port? A HDMI or USB (I don't think that USB screens exists, but hey, we're on Instructables, everything is possible here ^^) Thanks for your help Please keep in mind that my knowledge in Electronics is not huge, as I study it for only two years in college, and now I only study Computer Technology. And also note that I'm French, I know my English speaking isn't perfect, so feel free to ask me to clarify any point that is not correct in your language

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What's the difference between a Fluke 87III, 87IV and 87V?

The series designations are confusing me. A couple of the sites I've visited have mentioned the series V can withstand 8000V switching transients. But then, you never know when something is just marketing hype and all of the series can withstand 8000V switching transients. I ask because I'm currently studying transient phenomena (LV), and will be working my way up to HV in the future.

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How to measure the displacement of a gravel particle by arduino kit ans extensometer sensor? Answered

I want to measure the displacement of a particle of gravel in the surface of an slope, along the year (each hour ot forur hours or something like that), in order to study the erosion evolution of the terrain. I suposse that the use of an arduino kit (with sd or micro sd datalogger among other characteristics) and some extesometer sensor could be the better option, but i don´t know how to do it... Thanks!

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inverter on a camera flash

Ive been studying the intertubes for a bit now and I cant seem to find an explanation on how a disposable camera flash works in detail. I mean I understand that it runs with two transformers, one at 300v output to charge the cap and the other to help discharge the payload through the xenon bulb run at 2000v output. but a transformer doesn't work with out a pulse or rapid continuous change in voltage. so how is it inverting to ac or am I missing something stupid

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Need a list of the best tools, e-books & tuts, ide's etc. for embedded systems and devices development

Hello Everybody!!! I Just recently dedicated myself and career to the development and design of embedded systems, devices and technology. I just wanted to know if anybody had a list or a link of the most essential tools and other resources to help learn and develop a highly efficient setup and environment for this field of study and employment. Thank You AO!

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robot control via internet and shield gsm

Hello from tunisia could you please help me a little bit about my final project fo study i wanna control a robot using a gsm/gprs shield arduino and a arduino mega 2560 card. i wanna make a webpage that control the robot via internet using the sim card inside the robt. do you have anyidea how to do it . is it possible that the robot send pictures capture of the camera ov 7670 cmos  to the web page . thank you

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Factor Binomials: -3x^2+7x

Kumon's Math Study Guide provides this question: Know how to "factor" Binomials: Problem: -3x^2 + 7x Answer: 0, 7/3 I thought the obvious answer is pulling out the x for the original binominal which would result in x (-3x+7) Although I haven't seen this before, I could take each of the factors and have them equal zero to come up with the answer. Am I missing something? Example: x = 0 and -3x + 7 = 0 Solve for x, x = 0 and x = 7/3

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Does anyone know anything about reversible induction motors?

 I have a squirrel cage motor from a tumble drier and don't want to wire it up wrong!  I studied the timer switch and it looks as though there is a main power wire which is on most of the time, and this would periodically disconnect and another wire would briefly be connected instead.  I assume this reverses the direction.  I haven't switched the motor on yet, but if it turns out that it starts in a random direction, is there a way to guarantee it will always go one way? TIA, Throbscottle

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How does radio really work?

             I'm studying to take the exam for a technician class ham radio license, and have been reading up for it.  However, the book just gives practice, not theory.  For example, it says that radio energy is carried down a coaxial, window, etc. cable between the two conductors, but it doesn't say how this actually happens or works.  I know what radio does, but I'm a little lost when it comes to theory regarding its transmission, being carried in cables, filtering, SWR, etc.  Answers are appreciated.  Thanks!

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best way or method to activate LED lights from a maximum of hundred meters away.

I have this project study on how to install, LED on a board as an indicator that a machine in the production line has fault. Since the production line has many machine and cell, its more convenient to install a wireless or activation through frequency. The board will be installed at the Techinician station then a switch in the production line that will activate it. I'm here in the philippines and in our plant we use two power supply (110 v and 220v), its better if it the switch will be plugged to 110v. Please advise for any information how to do it. Thanks

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Compare the older posts of Magnet generators "instructable-type" to the current posts - Is this way still competitive?

I love you guys - keep it up!  I am the Hippie often referred to, according to my little brother, Dirt. (I'm older than Dirt...) Over a year ago I studied this fellow while recovering from being run down on my bike by a hit and run car doing 65MPH. The thing that keeps coming back to me is that I always see a multitude of ceiling fans for practically free. Also he addresses the over speed topic very well too. HTTP://

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saftey questions ASAP

This is for school, but it's nothing graded, it's just a saftey test that I have to do, I have to get 100% on it to get to continue the course, I could fill out most of the questions in my study sheet, but I need a few answered. 1. What are 3 possible injuries from be shocked? 2. How much less is your body's resistance when wet than dry? 3. What are the 3 most common current paths that can stop your heart? 4. How does using grounded tools and electrical equipment make us safer? 5. What's a lockout/tagout procedure?

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"Ferropaper" created for microelectronics

Researchers at Purdue have impregnated paper with iron particles, creating "ferropaper." ------------------------------------------ Researchers at Purdue University have created a magnetic "ferropaper" that might be used to make low-cost "micromotors" for surgical instruments, tiny tweezers to study cells and miniature speakers. The material is made by impregnating ordinary paper -- even newsprint -- with a mixture of mineral oil and "magnetic nanoparticles" of iron oxide. The nanoparticle-laden paper can then be moved using a magnetic field. ------------------------------------------ The article later mentions that "newspaper and soft tissue paper are especially suitable." This sounds to me like a startlingly simple DIY project that could create some fun kinetic sculpture, if nothing else. Via ScienceDaily

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Convert an earthquake graph into datas Answered

I'm currently working on a project which studies the earthquakes and aims to reproduce seismic datas on paper rolls. I'm using home-made electronics (servomotors) and would like to redraw the earthquakes with the most accuracy. For that, I use the heliplots we can find like here: However, each time I find a heliplot, it is an image. But in my project, I'm trying to get the datas as inputs as sort to be drawn directly with servomotors and mechanisms. My question is how could I translate the pictures as datas (CSV for examples) or where could I find an earthquake decomposed under a CSV file?

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What do i consider while making a flying machine? Answered

For a while i've been studying, designing, and building hang gliders. To my great disapointment however, none of them have even glided. I am starting to think there are more things to consider than just center of gravity, balance, and the over all "lightness" of the craft. Are there more things i should consider? I have also pondered upon the idea to make a Ultralight Helicopter, or somthing along those lines. What are some things i need to consider beond what i've already mentioned?

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My school project

Just thought i'd let the instructables community know why I haven't been around foe a fair while. Well, mainly because it's getting near exam time, so I'm being a good little student and studying hard. Also, another reason is my best school project EVER!!!!!See, i'm involved in an extended program at my school, called open doors. We get to choose something that interests us, research it, and build it!!!We are building a HHO generator, running a lawnmower off it, then hopefully a small car!!!You can follow our progress here:

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"Shaun of the Dead" / "Dead Snow" Film Shot - Characters equipping themselves, What is it called? Answered

In Movies such as "Shaun of the Dead" or (lesser known) "Dead Snow", there is a particular technique which they use when filming the scenes where the characters equip themselves to fight the zombies. It combines close up shots of each weapon, usually with someone grabbing/lifting it, in quick succession, with a specific noise accompanying each shot. It's rather difficult to explain, but I hope you understand. My question is, What is this type of shot called? I'm hoping to take Film Studies next year at Uni, and I'm trying to expand my knowledge now. Any help would be appreciated.

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