vacuum tube television Answered

ive got an old working color vacuum tube tv, a Motorola quasar portable. im wondering if its worth any money or if i should just go ahead tear it open, and feast on its delicious inners it works fairly well with no discernible problems that i know of. i took a look inside and dident see any silicone. do people collect these or anything?

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My tv has no picture; what can I do to fix it?

My tv has one thin line of light across the middle and no picture ; but has sound .

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How do I fix a dell 50" plasma tv with no picture or sound?

I have power to the power board but no power to half the board from the transformers over.

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How to use tv board with monitor?

Hi. I have a t.v set whose picture tube has gone dead but its board ( I mean t.v kit )is in full working condition.Now i want to attach this TV board with monitor so that i can use my monitor as a Tv screen.Is it possible ? If yes, then how? Thanks.

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What is this on my television screen?

The info is in this instructable i made:

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How do you communicate directly to video signal on a CRT television like this?

Here is this great artist who is sending 1-bit video signals to televisions to create patterns How is this accomplished? I've used a library for Arduino that allows for this but I think the artist is doing it in a much more fundamental way. Can you simply send an oscillation to the video in on a TV?

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How do I fix my tv?

My tv is no picture: but has sound

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TV Size

I am wondering which tv is best to play video games and watch tv on a day to day basis either this one, this one, or this one.

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How to hack LCD Computer monitor into an OTA-TV receiver and Accept RCA Composite signals? Answered

Hi!We have computer monitors at home which don't have uses anymore, Is there a way where I can turn those into an LCD tv like just a normal antenna and it will display OTA free tv signals? Or how can I turn it into a portable LCD Television where it can accept and display composite signals from my iphone 4 using my AV Composite cable (yellow RCA jack)? What extra things should I buy to convert them into more usable TV?

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Broken LCD televisions - Is there anything salvageable? Answered

Hi. My 1st time viewiing this site.  You creative folk out there are AMAZING. I'm a grandma who has no technical training but am fascinated with what can be created by the human mind. I have a 32" and a 19" LCD TV. The 32" was water damaged and the 19" fell over on a brunt object .  The picture on the 32 is filled with stripes and blogs.  The 19" has 3/4 of viewing area - unviewable.  Should I save anything or just get rid of them properly? I used to save the old fashioned small appliances and stuff that got broken for my sons to take apart.  Thats too dangerous nowadays.

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I have a 46 inch LCD TV with a cracked screen. Is there anything I can make from the parts inside?

The TV is a Samsung LNT4661FX. The screen is cracked due to impact damage, there is no picture, however the sound works fine. I haven't thrown it away yet because I was hoping to use the parts inside to make something. Anyone have any ideas?

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50-800Mhz VHF TV Signal Transmitter for receiving TV Channels on Chinese Mobile Phone?

I have got a cheap Chinese Mobile Phone which has got Analog TV reception through an antenna it catches signals on the vhf band. My area only has two wireless analog channels, all other channels come through an analog signal through coaxial wire from the cable operator, when i place the cell phone few inches from the coax cable it gets almost  all the channels otherwise it gets only the single channel. I am looking into making a transmitter or signal amplifier + antenna to boost the coaxial signal so that i can tune into the channels within a short range i.e the room. The signal coming through the cable is PAL BG VHF 50-850Mhz.

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Infomation about rear projection TV problem.

Hi Folks. I know there are some very knowledgeable people out there so I hope you don't mind if I pick your brains for some info ;-) I have a problem with our Toshiba 46WH08B rear projection TV. Yesterday I noticed that there is a distinct blue shadow around the images at the bottom of the screen this appears for about a 1/4 of the way up the screen the middle is fine as is the top right hand side but the same blue shadowing appears at the top left. I have tried adjusting the convergence but as the centre of the screen is ok this does not really help. I have done quite a bit of web searching on this & have an idea as to what the problem is but was hoping that there may be someone with some real knowledge of TV repair that could confirm my suspicions. I don't really want to call out a TV repair man yet as I don't really want to get stuck with a bill just to be told it's beyond economic repair. Thanks in advance for any help folks. All the best. Nostalgic Guy.

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Can anyone tell me how to hook up my Commodore 64 to a TV?

I have a C64 without the monitor, but it can connect to a TV. However, I didn't get the cable with it, and can't find the solution. Help greatly appreciated!

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What's something creative to do with my old 4:3 TV set?

I've got an old 26" standard definition TV. Nobody will buy it, and it feels like a waste to throw it out. Any ideas for turning it into something cool? I was thinking of removing the tube and making it into a fish tank or a terrarium...

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Can you use the cables from your dish to hook up an antenna

I am switching from Directv to a TV antenna...can I just hook the coaxial cables that are currently hooked into the Directv dishes over to the antenna? Or do I have to run all new cable?

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Does someone make a wireless receiver that I can plug into a CAT5 cable input?

My Sony TV is internet capable but does not have a wirless receiver, it does however have a CAT5 input.  Does someone make a wireless receiver that I can plug into my CAT5 input?   I don't want to replace the TV and I'd rather not run a cable through the house. The TV is a Sony Bravia and I have a Lynksys 802.11g router.

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Would I be able to extend an amplified antenna's range with a satellite dish?

Hi all, I have a small portable T.V. that will only work when tethered to a converter box. I noticed that when I attached a rabbit ear antenna to the "TV OUT" port on the box, I was able to get signal from the box wirelessly from a few feet away. I had a crazy idea that if I bought an amplified antenna, replaced the LNB on a satellite dish with it, and aimed it at the satellite closest to Earth, I would be able to have the converter box signal bounce back to the T.V. Is this even possible?

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An Amateur Television Down Converter. Do they exist. Answered

I've read on Wikipedia where it states "ATV transmissions can be viewed by setting a television to cable input and attaching an outdoor 70 cm antenna. For more sensitive reception, some users may use a purposely-built ATV down-converter." How can I build one or can you find it. I could probably get an old cable box but it suggest that you can build a down converter for the purpose of receiving Amateur TV on your television.

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TV Remote Project? Answered

I've got an old TV remote. I'm pretty sure it works, though I no longer have the TV. It doesn't work with my new(er) tv. I really don't want to throw out this remote....any ideas for something I could do with it?

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How can I repair/replace an arcing flyback transformer? Answered

I got a free TV off FreeCycle, a Magnavox 51MP6100D/37 (same thing from Philips with a better site). When powered on, there is no picture, and the flyback arcs...I can hear the sparking, and there's a blue glow from inside. Could this just be a buildup of gunk that a shot of electrical cleaner might fix, or would repair require replacing the whole flyback?

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Real life Magic Wand for your TV

The coolest TV remote ever! The "World's First Magic Wand," can now be yours. This universal remote comes with a built-in accelerometer which allows it to perform "13 magical functions" with which to amaze your friends. In fact, it works with IR sensors to engage with almost any device that can be remote controlled. Too good to be true? Check out the Kymera Magic Wand's charmingly addictive website and order yours today! Supplies are limited, so don't delay.

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How to use a television remote to on/off a DC motor?

I want to make infrared remote control for dc motor using a tv remote. Please help me!!!!

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Picture in picture is faster than TV screen?

I was just watching the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup (woo), and my dad turned on picture in picture so we could see what another channel was broadcasting, but as a default it started on the same channel. The weird thing was the picture in picture was a full 1-2 seconds ahead (the audio was synched correctly with the main picture). It's an HDTV connected to a cable box. This is pretty much the least important question ever, but I found it weird and wondered if anyone had any ideas.

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Casting Call: Everyday Edisons in San Jose, Dallas, Chicago

The PBS show Everyday Edisons is holding casting calls for Season 3!Bring your idea or product and the paperwork, and present it to the judges in two minutes. Here's a useful FAQ.From their website:We consider concepts of all levels, whether it's just an idea, a prototype, a finished product, a patented idea, etc. -- all are welcome. There is no age requirement, but children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. DatesSan Jose, CA - This Saturday, Feb 16 2008. Doors open at 7am at the McEnery Convention Center. Dallas - Saturday, March 15, 2008.Chicago - Saturday, April 9, 2008.Northeast, location TBD - Saturday, May 17, 2008

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Should I get my tape classic movies on dvd, or get a vhs player?

I have a lot of classic movies: Mary Poppins, Old Yeller, etc. The only problem is... they're on tapes. I have an old tv that has a vhs player built-in, but the screen is tiny. I am getting a new tv and dvd player and I was wondering if you had any tips. Here are the options I have thought of: 1. Get a dvd/vhs player;=vhs+player 2. Use my old tv 3. Get all the movies on dvd 4. Online streaming I am open to any suggestions! Thanks! Please let me know if you want any more info.

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How can i build satellite receiver and feed it to television directly?

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how to make remote for my tv?

How to make remote control for televisions... how it works?

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Whats wrong with the computer?!!

The television on the computer does not work anymore. Its a HP Slimline with Vista. Any fixes?! Thanks!!

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How to transmit video from Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set.

Hi, I am working on a project that transmits video from the Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set. I am wanting it to use no USB transmitters or any other USB dongles (just a single wire from a GPIO pin). I have looked around on the internet on how analogue tv sets work and what they receive, apparently the video is transmitted on the AM band, and the audio is transmitted on the FM band. If anyone has any information on how to do this or knows about an article on this subject(or even know if this is possible:) ) please let me know. Thanks

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Will this cable allow me to play my laptop screen on my plasma Television? Answered

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Coaxil to HDMI Converter box?

 I know one is Analog, and one is Digital... but I don't want to pay my television provider for another box every month..

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Making a Mini VCR

Hello, I have been experimenting with cassette tape recorders for a while now, and I have been thinking of ways to use them in creative and productive ways. I have theorized that since tape recorders are capable of recording a low power fluctuating signal, (audio), why couldn't they record analog TV signals also?

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How can I remove the diodes from a modern television flyback transformer?

I need high voltage diodes for a voltage multiplier that I am currently building, however, there is no way that my parents will let me buy any. Therefore, I think that the best place to get some would be a modern television flyback transformer. I have many of them and they are easy to find. I do not care about the rest of the transformer. The primary and secondary windings along with the plastic case will all be discarded. Unfortunately, my attempts with a dremel have all failed. What can I do?

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How to make a tv screen's electron beam constant, not pulsed?

I got an old black and white mini radio tv. I hacked the yoke to turn it into a vector display. The problem is that the beam electron beam is pulsed, rather than constant,  causing dotted lines. How do I make the beam constant? Should I bypass the internal RF input circuitry and replace the normal input with something else? Is there an easier solution?

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A way to step up 30uV-300uV to 1mV+?

So I'm working at a TV repair shop but really we fix and work on almost anything electronic. In this situation we have a NEUROSIGN 100 which is used to tell the surgeon when he's near the nerve, but he needs the voltage spike to be recorded on paper when he touches the nerve. The problem is that the machine only gives out around 30uV-300uV as he is working and the electronic ghraph we have only startes recording at 1mV. We need a way to step up that voltage coming out the machine so that ghraph will record it. We tried a small audio amplifier but that didn't work at all so we're back to the drawing board.

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How do you remove the high voltage diode from inside of a modern television flyback transformer?

I recently acquired an AC flyback transformer from an old vacuum tube television. I am planning on making a voltage multiplier for it to achieve voltages of 100kV +. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way that my parents will let me buy anything at this moment, so I need a source of high voltage diodes and capacitors. Luckily, I have a big bag of capacitors, but I have no high voltage diodes. I do, however, have a pile of modern television flyback transformers that have built in high voltage diode stacks inside of them. I am wondering if there is anyway for me to liberate them. I do not care about the rest of the transformer. The coils can be damaged beyond all hope or repair, as long as I get the diodes out. So far all of my attempts at dremeling the transformers have resulted in a big white puff of dust from the insulation inside of the transformer. Any help is appreciated - Thank you.

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Did you see Instructables in the Australian press on March 24?

On March 24th, we had a huge increase in direct traffic to the homepage from Australia and New Zealand. Was Instructables mentioned on Australian television or a print publication? I haven't been able to figure it out.

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convert any CRT TV or monitor into a vector (XY) monitor?

NOTE: I since found a couple links that might shed some light on the question... From HackIt: New uses for old CRT monitors It would be very hard to do, but it is possible a CRT could be converted to a vector monitor. Perfect for playing Asteroids, perhaps under MAME. You would have to replace all the control circuits, probably with an FPGA and three ADCs (x/y/intensity). Posted at 8:58 am on Feb 25th, 2008 by MoJo Television and PC monitor experiments old cga/vga monitor to oscilloscope ? The inquiry: Maybe I am over-simplifying but I was reading one of those examples of hacking into a CRT's horizontal & vertical yoke controls to sync to music: and had the idea that it should be possible to create a DIY XY monitor (vector display like on an oscilloscope, Vectrex, Asteroids, etc.) for an Arduino or other uC, MAME or Vectrex emulator, from any TV or CRT, once you have hacked into the electron gun's yokes. My understanding being: Raster display: the horizontal yoke (an electromagnet) sweeps the electron gun from left to right turning on the beam wherever there's a "pixel" at that line (which lights up the phosphor at that point making it visible), then it starts over at the next line (vertical yoke moves down) and draws the next line, and so on, Vector display: instead of rendering a moving image frame-by-frame using top to bottom/left to right scanning, shapes are drawn directly to the screen by positioning the horizontal & vertical yokes at the starting point, the beam turns on, and the yokes repoint to the end point, thus "drawing" the line inbetween the 2 points (I would assume this is for straight lines, not sure if circles or arcs are possible?) then the beam turns off, and the yokes get re-positioned to the next line's starting point. I'm not sure what turns the beam on & off or what kind of timing might be involved, obviously that needs to be controlled somehow. Or for color, where instead of a single white (or green, amber, etc) phosphor exists per pixel, there are multiple (red, green, blue) per pixel, and the beam hits each one at varying strengths (or for a varying length of time?) to 'mix" the primaries to the desired color? I'm not sure how that gets handled in a color vector monitor, but I would assume it's something similar to raster? So if we can hack into a CRT's X/Y yokes and move them around with an audio signal, can we control the yokes more deliberately from a microcontroller to plot specific shapes or text, hence a vector display? For those audio/TV hacks, what is the audio signal doing to the yokes that causes them to move? Whatever it is - voltage, resistance, etc - this is what our device would have to control. Possible proof of concept version: make a device to control the yokes' position etch-a-sketch style with a couple of potentiometers, and turn on the beam with a switch or button. If you see a dot of light moving across the screen then it works. I am thinking the controller might need to be "calibrated" for the individual CRT? (Maybe build some kind of calibration mode into the device.) You might dedicate a microcontroller to driving the display - it could receive text or vector shape coordinates via serial, store the shapes to draw in its own memory, and persist or refresh the image independently, freeing up processing power for whatever device it's displaying for. Another idea would be maybe add some kind of way to read light pen's coordinates, thus making the CRT an input device that can be read from the microcontroller or PC (the Vectrex had a light pen right?)  [This would be a cool mod for the Arduino composite TVout as well.] So is this idea possible without a ridiculous amount of work & parts?  I may be dead wrong about how this stuff works (I'm sure that if this was possible, someone would have done it by now?) but figured it can't hurt** to put the idea out there. I have visions of 4-player vector Arduino pong, Asteroids, Tempest, PDP-1 Spacewar!, vector NES Duck Hunt, a vector etch-a-sketch or lightpen drawing or animation program, or vector Atari Video Music. Possibly an open source color vector games system. Or just a vector display system for any Arduino or microcontroller project, made from any TV. **WARNING: maybe it CAN hurt... Evidently hacking into any CRT can be deadly, you have to discharge the CRT and capacitors properly or you can get killed. So please be careful. This definitely is NOT for kids to try at home.

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Streaming TV over the internet? Answered

Is there a way i could stream my cable television across the internet to my business so we could watch tv there, kind of like a slingbox but for way cheaper and more DIYish

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Composite video output from PC to TV

Does anybody know how to install a composite video jack into the back of a computer to output video to a television? I just want to put a female rca jack in the back of my PC. Any ideas?

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how to build a mesh dish for 5.8ghz amateur television transmissions. It needs to fold up for transport? Answered

I want to be able to construct two dish for 5.8ghz use. I want to be able to perhaps back pack the gear to a mountain top so weight is a factor cheers Colin VK2JCC Sydney Australia

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