VLSI testing ?

I am looking some information for Vlsi testing what is Design for testability what is Built-in self test

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need help with instron extensometer cable wire diagram?

I just got this unit from ebay and trying to connect this to the instron controller model 4201. Your help is appreciated.  Thanks Sonny 715-803-8450

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Testing a Cheap Multimeter

It's been years since I had an expensive meter. These days, I have meters in the $5 to $20 range. Usually they're accurate enough for my purposes, but what if I want to be really certain? Is there a way without a pricey meter to test em?  Perhaps calibrate the meter by checking v  coming out of a v regultor. Would that be accurate? Perhaps the 7805 regulator which is supposed to output 5v.  y?n? M?

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3D printing test? Answered

Hi, I haven't got a 3D printer but I do have a model I would like to be test-printed. I have a model designed in sketchup and I was wondering if anyone out there could test it for me to make sure it worked before  posted an instructable on it. Thanks.

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PC Test rack

I read an instructable a couple of weeks ago on a PC Test rack, basicly allowing you to test a PC without a case, but I can't find it. I've searched for ages but can't find it at all. Any help on finding it would be appreciated.

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Testing a NST with a DMM?

I have been looking for a good (and cheap) NST for a while but i dont want to risk spending too much on a NST that doesnt work. I know that my local scrap yard has a large supply of old NSTs that are either there because both or one side doesnt work, they were upgraded, or someone needed the money and/or space. i also know that they would frown upon me wiring each one up and testing each. so onto the real question: is there a way to test a NST with just a multimeter and possibly a battery (i know thats how some people test for flyback transformer pins) or if checking continuity would be enough or even another way? Just so everyone knows i have spent quite a while searching for someone using this technique but didnt find anything, also im looking for a way to know for sure if one or both sides are working.

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Air tank testing

I have recently acquired a 25 litre compressor on which the motor was seized so my plan is to replace the motor and pump with a couple of fridge compressors however the tank is more than 10 years old and although I cannot see any damage is their anyway to check it is safe to pressurize to 8 bar? it has 175PSI stamped on it so I assume its designed with that as the maximum working pressure but I want to know if I can get it checked as I don't want to blow myself and my garage apart if it bursts I'm in the UK

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Game test thing

@echo off :menu cls echo Welcome to Martin's Zombie Survival Test! echo Are you ready to begin? echo 1) Yes! echo 2) No! set /p letter= if %letter% == 1 close if %letter% == 2 close cls :startgame echo Question 1. echo A flu has just infeccted your city and it was turning people into zombies, what would you do to stop yourself from being infected? echo 1) Hide in your cupboard echo 2) Get a injection from the doctor echo 3) or start to research your own cure in your private lab set /p letter= if %letter% == 1 goto menu if %letter% == 2 goto menu if %letter% == 3 goto lvl2 :lvl2 cls echo Question 2. echo You are mixing chemicals together when all of a sudden a zombie breaks into your lab, what would you do? echo 1) Throw the chemicals over it. echo 2) Pull out your gun and shoot it echo 3) or stab it with your scalpel set /p letter= if %letter% == 1 goto menu if %letter% == 2 goto menu if %letter% == 3 goto lvl3 :lvl3 cls

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Is there an Instructable on the proper use of a volt meter?

Got a volt meter. It came with no instructions and have no idea how to use it.

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Junk-box Testing Equipment

As inductance and capacitance testing is a frequent topic on instructables, N5ESE's GIZMOs page has several home-brew testing gadgets and misc. gizmos, including:-- inductance meter-- capacitance meter-- frequency generator-- crystal checker-- dummy loads and attenuators-- 'scope probesCool stuff...

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Testing a 3 watt LED? Answered

I recently purchased 13- 3 watt LED's. I'm trying to establish a high out-put LED light. I also purchased a LED Driver Transformer 48 Watt 120 Volt to 12v DC 4 Amp. First I would like to test each LED using the same divider. I'm thinking that if I create a voltage divider two 330 ohms to limit the current and reduce the voltage to about 6 volts that would allow me to test with the driver that I purchased. Secondly, will this driver be enough to drive all my LED's and would I have to reduce the voltage down too since it appears to push out enough wattage and amperage for the total number LED's I'm putting together? I'm building my circuit based on this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qYZahe2s5o&NR;=1 Link to website data of 3 Watt LED. http://ledsupply.com/indusstar-1up.php Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards, 

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How to test jewellery for cadmium?

These days a lot of jewellery is testing as containing dangerous levels of lead and cadmium, mostly Chinese imports.  How could a consumer test jewellery for cadmium, easily and cheaply at home, please?  I can't find anything online about how to test for cadmium.

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VLSI self test circuitry ?

VLSI testing is process that is used to determine that chip is good or faulty VLSI chip is tested by test equipment and some self test circuit just for example we made microcontroller then we can test by automatic test equipment , we use test vector to determine fault 1.test vector < microcontroller chip > output response 2.test vector output response 3.test vector output response Q I did not understand that self  test circuit and fault model  built within vlsi  chip or we connect   external fault model circuit to test VLSI chip ?

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How to test an Inverter battery?

Battery testing method in a layman's language

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Stepper motor light test? Answered

Hi. I wanted to know that do all bipolar steppers give result to light test? I found many steppers that seem fine but do not give result to the led test. I am confused weather they work or not.

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How to test for MSG in foods?

I am looking for instructions to make a inhome testing kits for presence of Monosodium Glutamate in every day food.

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Power wheelchair controller testing

I just bought a VR2 controller and I want to know how to bench test it to make sure it is functioning properly before I resale it. I do have a good multimeter.  I just need to know which studs to connect the MM leads to on the controller and what readings I should supect to get.  Thanks again for the help?  Manpan

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testing and fault in vlsi system?

How many type of fault can be occur in VlSI circuit ? when we make chip It may be work or it may be fail due to some fault chip may be fail due to fabrication process chip may be fail due to circuit connection chip may be fail due to packing how we will detect fault in chip and what is fault model in vlsi system?

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how to test a bluetooth module?

I have a problem with my bluetooth module. I have interfaced it with my arduino board and it was working properly, but now all of a sudden it is not working at all. The led which ensures that it is turned on is not blinking neither my cell phone is searching it. Please help me to find out t he exact problem as i want to be sure before buying another module.

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how to test neon transformers? Answered

I got 4 neon transformers on a dumpster dive. 2 are rated 6000v and 2 are rated 7500v. my multimeter only goes to 750v ac. i have insulated tools (im and electrician) can i just arc the output wires? if anybody is interested in them to build something cool i might be persuaded to give them to you for shipping costs.

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test RJ45Cat5 to USB Female

I'm new to this forum. I need some instructions. I have an RJ45-cat5 male to USB female connector that I bought for 3 bucks. I've tried using it to connect my HP 1050 j410 USB printer to my Linksys WRT54GS (wireless) router so I can have a network printer. (The Desktop is directly wired to the cable modem and the to the router.) It doesn't work, but I don't know if it's the connector itself, or that the printer will not communicate with the router, directly. Is there a way to test the connector with another piece of hardware to determine whether the connector is actually any good? BTW.. I can't determine from HP, whether the 1050 j410 USB printer can become a network printer. Should I just go buy a USB print server for 20 bucks, or whatever? I'm using an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop with AMD-64 processor. Thanks to you for the best advice. Shobuz99

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Request: How can I test jewelry components for lead content?

How can I test plated or unplated metal components for lead content? The components I have are all kinds of metal washers, nuts, gears, wires, etc. I know there are at-home lead testers available, but they are not really made for testing metal components. I have over 50 different samples to test, so the $4 swabs are too expensive.    

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What are the byproducts of burning alcohols? Answered

I would like to know because I test my alcohol stoves in my garage. I know burning anything produces corbon monoxide.Thanks

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Testing Xbox LIVE headset offline? Answered

Can I test my voice (micrphone/headset thing) on my XBox 360 without going online and doing the whole Can you hear me?? thing?

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how to test whether a pic is programmed? Answered

I wanted to know is there a way to check that the chip is programmed

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How to test N channel mosfets? Answered

Hello, i built a ZVS driver about an year ago. I used to power it from a computer power supply at 12v ,than i changed the power supply to 30v and 10a.With the new power supply it worked as well for about 3 moths. A week ago a wire got burnt and a zenner diode. I wanted to test the mosfets too but he tests i searched on google didnt work. Please tell me a good method to see if my mosfets are burnt or not .

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How to test an analog tv screen ?

I have a vega 542 TV that I recently purchased at a flea market . I took the outer cover off to find a mass of circuits, all labelled in Russian that I have no idea what they do. This small tv has an analog screen which I have no idea how to test. When I connect a power supply that is 3 v lower than recommend and was rewarded with a burst of static from the speaker and a high pitch hum from the circuits but a completely black screen. If you do anything that can help me get this working I'll be very pleased.

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test a power wupply without a voltmeter

OK so yesterday i got this broken laptop from someone.  I knew the problem was the ac jack ( it would charge if the the jack was proped up in just the right way) but only if I used a power supply that did not come with the computer.  I have never soldered anything in my life but figured what the heck.  I took the laptop apart and located the AC jack.  Since I do not have the cash flow to buy a new AC jack I decided to experiment and just reflow the solder on each post of the jack. Well things went well.....I think.  The problem is this.  When I plug in the power supply the "charge" led comes on for just a second or two and shuts off right away.  But there is further information about this power supply.  It is putting out 3 volts less then the original power supply.  Could this be the cause?  The think the OEM power supply is dead because I have nver been able to get the computer to do anything with that one.  Is there a way I can test this power supply without a volt meter or any other product to plug it into?

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Looking for someone to test my web-host?

Still looking... please refrer to this thread. https://www.instructables.com/answers/Looking-for-someone-to-test-my-web-host/

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How can I test for lead in paint? Answered

I currently live in China and am thinking about painting my apartment, however I am bit nervous about getting a paint that isn't lead-free. My Chinese speaking/reading abilities are still infantile, and even equipped with the means to ask about the paint I fear the reliability of the answer. Call me an empirophilic westerner, but I would much rather test the paint for myself. Is there a simple test (possibly household chemical) that I can perform to help me out?

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Test a PIC16F819-I/P to see if it works? Answered

Hey everybody. I am normally an Arduino user but I have a nice pile of PIC16F819-I/P chips and would like to test them to see if they work. I don't want to get the ChipKit programmer quite yet and would like to upload a "blink" program to the PICs from an Arduino. Does anybody have a good 'ible that would work with this particular chip?

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Looking for someone to test my web-host?

I have created a web-host and was looking for someone who wanted to try it out. I have 3 servers set up, 1 for each package. If you are interested in trying my hosting just say so and I will pm you the url to the site, and yes the hosting is free. Thank you. UPDATE: This offer is still open!

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How to test Sennheiser Microphone wireless transmitter ?

Hi all, I have a sennheiser Mikroport Transmitter HiDyn plus Model BF 1083-V, and a compatible microphone Sennheiser MKE 2-1053 How can i test if the device is working when i have receiver system that i can use to receive audio signals. I have however a cordless headphones set but that i capable of detecting audio signals in the range 800-900 Hz. Whereas the said Sennheiser transmitter transmits in the range 244,600 to 249,900Hz thanks for your replies.

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Constantly Test Variable in an HTML Application (HTA)? Answered

Hello I have a text area in an HTA form. I want to test if the area is empty, if so, disable a button using (run_button2.Disabled =True/False), if not enable the button. here is my section Script language is VBScript my big problem is that i dont know how to call a sub to repeat maybe i should you Window_onload with a loop but i dont know i that would slow the program down any PLEASE HELP

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Test gun measurments on computer before building

I trying to find a program that was posted on an instructable that lets u input the measurements of the gun your trying to build and it tells u how effective it would be. I used to have it on my computer but lost it when I formated my computer. If you know what I'm talking about please post a link to the program.

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EG7500 Inverter Drive Board Testing and Query?

Specification EG7500 Inverter Drive Board. PWM freq 40kHz. Overvoltage shutdown 15V +-0.5V. Low voltage buzzer beep 10.5 +-0.5. Undervoltage shutdown 9.5 +-0.5. Overcurrent shutdown 48mV. 1A Output current drive. Carry out a test by varying DC between 9V to 15V. Resulted: 1. At 10V to 10.5V buzzer beep. "OK" 2. At 9V to 9.5V or below 9V the unit shutdown. "OK" 3. At 13V to 13.5V ran into off and trying to restart the unit (Board marked A). "NG" 4. At 14.5V to 15V ran into off and trying to restart the unit (Board marked B). "OK" Refer to above test how to improve "Board Marked A" overvoltage shutdown?  Which part of the schematic to begin troubleshoot. What component I needs to change or improve?  Once power up. This unit draw ~0.5A on standby. How do I minimize the standby current? There are no temperature control since P3 "S8550" was not on board. Can I just put "S8550" on board and use PTC for temperature control? As proposed by schematic online, pin 4 fan control feet to ad 100uF to ground. How do I change this part to enable fan control once the temperature rise? How many FET this unit can drive with 1A at 40kHz? How to test the overcurrent shutdown? Thank you

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Help with designing and testing a Pool Monitoring system

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this so apologies to all in advance if it is not. I have had a pool for some time and I got quite sick of monitoring it. I searched for any "off the shelf" equipment to help me with this but there are none available. I just wanted to make pool monitoring easy, or at least easier than it is right now. I have made a prototype which continuously monitors pool & SPA water including Chlorine, alkalinity, temperature, and can deliver that to my website in a graphical format. It gives me a history of the pool environment and helps me keep the pool in top condition so when the kids or friends and relatives drop by I know instantly what the pool condition is and if it is safe for everyone to go in. It has wireless capability and I have manage to get the battery life to around 20 days without a recharge and the new solar version (still being built) will go almost indefinably. Just wondering if anyone else thinks this is a good idea.

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How do I use this Test Function on a DMM?

 My DMM has a function for a 20mA loopback circuit. It rates 4mA at 5% and 20mA at 100% So what would I use this test function for?  Instead of using  the Amps test function?

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Is there any free program to create schematics and test them? Answered

Is there any free program to create schematics and test them? Like Eagle but with a test/simulate feature

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how do i test a homemade snapple capacitor?

I made a capacitor and i dont know how to test it help

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What can I do with a lineman's test set?

I bought a lineman's test set at a garage sale for a dollar. What can I do with it, anything legal?

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How would i test the explosive pressure of an aerosol?

Im trying to test how many pounds per square inch (psi) i can get out of axe body spray when i light it on fire. I was thinking a piston thing, but i dont really know how it should be

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How do you test a starting motor capacitor ?

How can I test a capacitor to find out if it is good or trash ? My dust collector headed south and I can't do much in my shop without. I suspect the starting capacitor. HELP!!

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How do you test a dc voltage regulator?

I have a dc volt regulator that reduces the voltage to around 12 volts. How can I tell if it is good or not?

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Any advice on testing/powering a CRT from a TV?

I recently salvaged a three color Cathode Ray Tube unit from a big screen TV  (unknown damage) and I've  never worked with them before. I don't know if there is a best way to test them out or what if any special gadgets I might need to do so. My goal is to re-purpose the unit as lighting for my Halloween display. I'm just interested if they can produce light and if I can control the brightness of the light.

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How to test computer screen power adaptor for failure? Answered

I haven't used my Wacom Cintiq 24HD screen in a few weeks and it's not working properly. After disconnecting the power supply from the wall socket for a few minutes and re-connecting at most I get some flickers of the screen, followed  quickly by turning off entirely. If the adaptor keeps power connected then the screen won't do anything, and so I figured it should be the power adaptor that could be failing. I'm really not knowledgeable with electricity so I thought I could ask for some help here: - The power supply adapter has a light that is faintly lit while connected; - It reads *Output: 24V =-=-= 5A* on the back - The end terminal is similar to a Mini DIN Connector type connector, round with 4 pins that are arranged in a perfect square, but not as standart I think. How can I check if the power supply is working properly with a multimeter like the one in  the picture?   I did try setting it almost like the photo, one step to the right (20 V, black on COM and red on VΩmA), and when I touch the pins inside the connector I get a spark out of it. Pressing the black tip as well against the outside ring always result in a spark from the red tip and values reading erratic on the multimeter's screen. Can this be used to make any sense of this? I've looked for power supply replacements and they're looking to be very expensive to get directly from Wacom. One final question: if it is failing, could I try to get some alternative solution working here? I don't know, using an universal adaptor and request soldering a more common connector to this Wacom proprietary one's tip? Thank you in advance

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How can I test water from any source for lead,fluoride...any toxins or metals including levels of thalates in bottled?

HI,is there a reliable comprehensive test kit for a "layperson"?If not,is there a place to acquire the materials and knowledge necessary to test for contaminates at home?  

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How do I test the switch on my HP Pavilion?

I know how to use a continuity tester but what 2 contacs will lite up the tester bulb if the switch is good?

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