How to construct a U.F.O?

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Help me!!!!!! need help wit pvc armour

Hey guys someone talk to me lol im doin this chian mail thing wit pvc a thing i got off of here just wonder if anyone esle was doin it

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HELP!!! Led buying blunder. any ideas?

I've just purchased 100 leds for ten pounds. Woo. Just about to heat up my soldering iron, and BUGGER. I realised that instead of buying 100 ultra bright white leds, I've bought 100 ultra bright U.V. leds. (No wonder they were so bloody cheap!) I need ideas for a project. I suppose I could just make a big assed black light and rave the night away while getting a healthy dose of arc eye, but where's the fun in that...?

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Which RF filter do I need for Tesla coil line protection? Answered

How do I determine what voltage and amp rating my RF line filter should be? I'm building a modest Tesla coil, powered by an automobile ignition coil  and must buy an RF line filter for my house mains, but there are so many differently rated filters for sale. I suspect that I can get by with a 120 volt, 10 amp rated filter for my U.S. house current, but all the ones online are rated for 240 volts. Can I still use 240v, and what amp rating?

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is there a led that can change colour? Answered

And if so how does it work?....and if so would it be a feasible idea to make clothing out of some form of fibre optic fabric  that could change colour based on this led?  

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3D Printing in the UK?? Answered

I was shocked by the postage prices for Ponoko ($80 minimum on a $7 part) is there anywhere in the UK that will let you print one off items with small minimum orders. Or any way I can get something printed and keep the cost under £20?

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Arduino Usb?

Does any one know how to make an arduino read a usb controller if it helps it a Microsoft Sidewinder?

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how do u post an instructable Answered

How to u post a good instructable without having problems. if anyone finds the awnser privete mesege me .

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How do u make a slideshow? Answered

I don't know how

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how do u make collections on instructables Answered

How do u make collections on instructables  

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how do u make gun powder?

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is it true u can really transport electricity

Https:// instuctable says its real but i dont belive it

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hello can u help me with something?

I downloadeed programs for making viruses and antivirus program marked it as a virus!!! how?

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how do u connect 2 coils?

I have wounded 2 coils but i was wondering how can you connect them together or you connect them to seperate circuits.

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reversing a video?

How can i reverse a video, and with which (preferably free) program?

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how do i fix this minecraft bug? Answered

Theres been a bug going on in minecraft that is hard to fix.its a bug that,when you fly to much in creative, it glitches up and when you try to exit it keeps the cursor inside the box. its happened to me twice and when it does, you cant go to any other websites or anything. you cant type in anything and if you sign out of gmail (or any other mail site) it wont let you back on unless you type both the username and password. thanks for helping.                       nfk11

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help on designing a 12v UPS? Answered

We have a problem with kids coming into our garden, vandalising our plants, breaking into our shed etc. we have decided that installing a cctv system in our home is a good idea as even if it doesn't stop them coming in, it will be solid evidence to take to their parents. problem is, we have regular power cuts and i would like the cctv to be recording 24/7/365 (especially in the shed because that is where our bikes get stored) i have two 12v 7ah SLA batteries that i am donating to the project, iknow that they need 13.8v and around 500ma to charge. i need 16 camera outputs, and then a couple of spare outputs for aux devices (router to keep it connected to the internet, mics, infra red lamps etc) the dvr its self wants 12v 5 amps input so i think for that i will make another psu just for that with maybe 2 or 3 12v 7ah sla batteries. i have baisic electronics knowledge, have access to pcb printing facilities and can use eagle. any help at all would be amazing, the main things i need to know is: how to get 13.8v from 240v ac, how to power all the cameras from 240v ac and have a smooth switchover from mains to battery. thanks in advance - luke

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how do u coulor you're e sheep?


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can u help me to how to learn PLC?

Tutorial of communicaton of PLC.

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how do u fix a power window in a car??? Answered

I have a '93 buick that the power window just sort of died in...any ideas??

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My key word is not working and can u help?

When I try to publish my instructable, it says enter keywords. I did! At least 2! What do I do?

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can u get a laser diode from a CD player ?

I needed to know if u can get a laser diode from a CD player

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How do u get passed a block at school?

Plz help me. i want to get on smashbeats at school bt the computers blocked it for streaming videos. some1 PLZ PLZ help me get around it

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How can u tell if your addicted to caffine?

I think i may be addicted to caffine. I saw on a show that you could be addicted to caffine. What are the warning signs and adverse affects of caffine addiction?

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Could u plz gimme the use of IC CS9370DGP?

1stly i went to purchase the IC MT8870 for dtmf decoder..he gav me dis cs9370DGP nd said disz is new one nd it works like i got a doubt whether it works vth the circuit built using MT8870..plz kindly gimme some suggestions.. if possibl plz provide me the circuit for mobil control robot using cs9370DGP.. Plzzzzzzzzzzz:(

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instructable prizes

Well i had found in the store they are selling the prizes. So if u enterd the contest and u didnt won and u wanted a prize. well get happy and buy one . follow this link if u want to buy or clame a prize:

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i want to make a mini home made AC?


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a cool item i thought u guys would like

I saw this and i can't help think it might inspire a few projects (esp cause the one depicted is $134 us)

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wat do u like to do to OLD cell phones?

I like to disassemble them. i then try to make stuff outta wats left. i also like to look at da circuit boards. i guess i'm wierd that way. seriously. i'm kind of a freak when it comes to stuff like lightnin', electonics, and just about anything that uses electicity. i will post another topic about whyy i like electronics so much.

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In a nuclear fission reactor how is the neutron fired at the U-235?

How is a neutron shoot into the fuel rod of a fission reactor.

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