3D Printing in the UK?? Answered

I was shocked by the postage prices for Ponoko ($80 minimum on a $7 part) is there anywhere in the UK that will let you print one off items with small minimum orders. Or any way I can get something printed and keep the cost under £20?

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In the recent ID craze, there is both good and bad in allowing ourselves to be "ID'd". In the UK, some are doing something about it: NO2ID: say NO to ID's

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Led light bulb uk

Hi , I wounded if any body would be able to help me out? I have been give a few led chip, all 10w 12v 900ma, have seen people make or replace lights in there house with 1-3w bulbs , but mostly there also in the us :(, and wounded if anyone could give me some light guided help   I live in the uk and would like to light my house on these if pos so if the first works ill have to make 9 more at least to change all my bulbs lol cheers and thanks :)

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Amazon Kindle (UK) question

I am toying with the idea of getting an ebook reader, mainly for reading downloaded books such.  Apparently the Kindle can show ordinary PDF files quite successfully, and is quite a reasonable price. I have a question, though, that Amazon haven't answered clearly - what web sites can it access? The Kindle has wifi, and there's a version with (free) 3G connectivity for downloading books.  But, what websites will it access?  Could I visit any website at all (such as Gutenberg Press, or even Instructables), or is it restricted to visiting Amazon's own ebook store?  Would it be capable of accessing an email account?  I can't get a straight answer (although I suspect the answer is that access is restricted, since access to Wikipedia is presented as a specific feature). According to Amazon's 3G coverage map, There is a decent signal where I live, where I work, and where my parents live.  If I can visit whatever sites I like, the extra £40 for 3G would be worth it.  If I can only visit "approved" sites, then I would stick to the wifi version and load up books by USB.

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Whats the cheapest place (In the UK) to buy LED's ? Answered

Hi Guys, I was wondering where the cheapest place (In the UK) would be to buy LED's. I need good quality wons that will fit in an xbox controller and some to fit in the xbox. It has to be in the UK because i dont like ordering from abroad. Sorry to be fussy. Thanks, PREDATOR

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what is the best uk based company to get pcb's manufactured for teh best cost?

I'm looking to get a small run of pcb's printed but i am unsure which company to go with. can anyone recommend a uk (or american based if shipping is reasonable) company that does small scale pcb manufacture

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led throwies (need a large amount of 10mm diffused leds from the uk)

Hey guys i just baught 100 batteries from ebay and 20 or so magnets to make some throwies, but now i need a large amount of 10mm diffused leds (varying colours) anyone know where i can get them cheap?

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Laser cutter

I was wondering where people in the UK get there laser cutting done? Every other instructable worth doing seems to be done on a laser cutter. so where might i be able to get some work done?

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Is this legal? (UK electrical appliance question) Answered

Kitewife just bought a Christmas decoration, but when it came out of the bag, the connection was as shown in the image. The loose wire is already a safety concern, about which I shall be contacting the store, but I also I thought that appliances sold in the UK had to have a plug moulded onto the power lead? Since the decoration is lit with old-style filament bulbs instead of LEDs, I am wondering if she has been sold something that has been sitting in a warehouse since before the legislation changed?

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Power a DC motor with UK mains?

What is the simplest way to connect a small 6-12V DC motor to 230V UK mains supply?

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Tiny solar cells - UK supplier?

Solarbotics sell a tiny solar cell. A dollar each, but postage doubles the price.Does anybody know of a cheaper source, preferably in the UK?I have already googled, and failed.Alternatively, is it possible to cut or break up a normal solar cell and still use the fragments?

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Where is a good place to buy Neodymuim magnets in the UK? Answered

Preferbrelly grade N45 - N50. Thanks for any help you guys/gals can offer.?

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Is there any website or person who can send samples/electronic equipment to me in the UK . Answered

I am 14 and very into electronics, i have made and customized many items lately. From a new heatsink for my Xbox 360 to a infa red topple bot. as you can picture i am 14 with no job because i am not old enough and i have no cash, i need some samples/donations for some electronic experiments thank you ever so much please inbox me or comment for sugestions

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mms setting for a i68 sciphone for vodafone uk?

Looking for some setup instructions on mms for vodafone uk? on the i68+ sciphone

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Magnetic field redirection? Answered

Hi, I've never seen a community so welcoming and intuitive than the instructables community, so I decided this website is the best place to ask my question. I'm sure there is someone hidden deep within the fathoms of instructables that is versed in the matter of magnetic field redirection. I'm working on a project that I will post an 'ible of, (truly wireless speakers ;)) but I need some method of redirecting a magnetic field so it doesn't interfere with the speakers. I have heard of some methods, i.e. Mu metals, MagnetShield, but these are not easy to come by, especially in the UK. I have considered ordering from the manufacturer, but I am not willing to pay the exorbitant shipping costs. I would firstly like to know if such a material exists, or if alternative/better/cheaper methods are available, secondly, whether or not it can be procured in the UK, and if so, where, and thirdly, proper application of such a material. I have done lots of research into the matter, but have been left fruitless. I'm sure someone can help.                                                                 Merry Christmas,                                                                                             icyseptember

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how can i change my wiis ip address to a uk one? Answered

I have the internet channel and would like to be able to use the bbc iplayer but i live outside the uk

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witch copanyies ship free elctronic samples to the uk?

I was looking for some sites that give away free elctronic samples and ship to the uk can you suggest me some?

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American light fittings, working in a UK house

Im fitting 2 external light fittings purchased in the US in a UK house. The fitting have an inbuilt PIR sensor.  Most fittings of this type here are designed to be wired straight into mains voltage but given this has a built in PIR sensor could that cause problems on the fitting working in the UK? US mains voltage is 110-120v @60Hz UK is 240v @ 50Hz Im trying to find the best option to ensure they work so would 2 such fittings still work on UK current if wired in series with a 150w DC output transformer when they run 2 60w bulbs or Is there some other solution I am not thinking of ?

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Unlocking mobiles - advice please (UK specific)

Right: Kitewife has bought me a mobile for my impending 40th. It is a Sony Ericsson W710i, locked to Vodafone pay-as-you-go. However, I currently use Virgin pay-as-you-go. All my friends know this number, the tariff suits my usage profile. I asked Vodafone for the codes to unlock the phone, but they want me to pay £20 (about $40) to not have to do business with them. I see many websites offering much lower-priced unlocking services, but I don't know which to try / trust. Does anybody have any advice / experience that would help me free up my nice new phone?

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Arduino programming group / club Staffordshire UK?

There are many places on the net where I can ask a question and get answers, however it helps if you know what questions to ask and the consequences of doing one thing in a sketch that will stop another part. This normally means a lot of questions! I have been looking around for groups or clubs local to where I live, the closest (thanks to a quick Google search) seem to be Manchester, London and Western Virginia, Not quite sure why that one popped up but that's the beauty of the internet! So, the question is does anyone know of a get together, group, club (not swingers though!) local to Stafford, Cannock or Rugeley that wouldn't mind a middle age newbie popping along every now and again? Hopefully I can stop asking so many questions then :-)

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Ball counter or weight sensor with relay to sound alarm or trigger 9v confetti cannon

Anyone interested in a bit of work...I could also run it as a competition. Apologies in advance if what I am doing in not allowed on instructables, but I couldn't find a place to offer this work. Peoplehour does not specialise in tech gadgets! I am a one man band training business in the UK. I am trying to find someone to make this gadget to work with my Gravity Ball Game. Gravity Ball is a two hour team building activity. Gravity Ball requires teams to design and build a construction capable of transporting a ball from one zone to another; the ball must roll freely along the construction using gravity only. There will be a shared zone that will require team collaboration, co­operation and coordination. Everyone needs to contribute to the overall team objective whilst ensuring their own structure functions to a specific brief and works correctly. All teams will release their designated ball (tennis ball, golf ball, cricket ball, squash ball. Etc.) at the same time. Each team ball will roll freely along the team structure, into the shared area and the fall into a collection container. When all the balls are in the container (and a specific weight achieved) then the Weight sensitive relay switch will detonate a electronic confetti cannon. Alternatively, an infra red or sensor can count the number of balls that pass at a particular point and when the designated number is reached, the confetti cannon will detonate The detonation will give a wow factor to the team activity. Considerations: I need a gadget, Arduino, raspberry pi or beaglebone that can measure or count the number of ball and then detonate a confetti cannon or sound an alarm • Programmable weight or ball counter setting • Maximum weight 300g-400g or Maximum number of passing balls is 10 • Work with standard electronic confetti cannon from Confetti Masters, alarm or Siren (http://www.confettimaster.com/streamer.electric.confetti.cannons.html) or Showtec electric cannons (http://www.sblite.co.uk/598-80cm-multicolour-electric-confetti-cannon.html) Message me if you are interested! Kind regards Canute

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Hand-held typing device - UK - Mid 1980s.? Answered

Back in the 1980s I knew someone who used a hand-held typing device which worked by pressing 5 keys (one for each finger + thumb) to form characters.  The stored text could then be downloaded via (I think) serial link to a PC.  He used to infuriate lecturers by appearing to be sitting idly and not taking notes when he could actually operate this device at normal speaking speed and could print off a whole lecture transcript afterwards. What was this device called and who made it?

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In the uk can you legally own a vehicle if your under 18? Answered

If you do not intend on driving it Just keeping it Its a small road legal 49 cc Trike for info

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Is this a glitch? Answered

Hello from the UK! I commented on some guy's comment, he spelt immense wrong and you know how I am with grammar and stuff... Anywhores, I posted it and it commented on two different people's comments!!!??? Just look at the screenshot! Thansk, Flannel UK

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Is there a way to .....? Answered

Is there a way to see a list of users who have posted the most answers. A quick survey of a few I can see suggest that UK users tend to post most answers With the highest 2 I can find being UK based. A number of the USA highest posters are employees.

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Kid climbs walls with vacuum cleaners

A boy in the UK uses a couple of vacuum cleaners to climb walls like Spiderman. It's an amazing thing for a 13 year-old to do and... wait a second. This is just a copy of something that was demonstrated on TV in the UK well before this. So let's start over. A boy in the UK shows that you can get some media attention for doing a recreation of something that's already been established as amazing, even in the same country. Pretty shameless. Spiderlad via Inhabitat

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On-line electronics store help?

I need an online electronics supplier which ships to Turkey.Shipping has to meet the limits given below,speed of shipping won't matter too much.Price limits are this low because I will quickly get broke otherwise. Shipping limits 3.33USD 2.50EUR 2GBP

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Re:Faulty Raspberry Pi. Wont Boot? - Solved

I have 2 RP's . One made in the UK. one Chinese Version. the same SD card that boots up with no issues on the UK one , doesn't boot up on the other. only the power LED comes on. The faulty one did work for a week or two. is it possible to repair ? Thanks

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Hi, I want to get into microcontrollers and stuff. Doo you think that an Arduino is the best way to get into this stuff. I live in the UK and I've been looking at this. I need something that interfaces via USB or serial ( via a usb to serial adater) and this looks ideal. What do you think about these? Are they any good?BTW: Does anyone know a place (other than ebay to get these in the UK?)-josh

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RTTTL for Match of the Day? Answered

Can anyone direct me to a RTTTL file for match of the day? I really need it :) Thanks, Flannel UK

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Convert 320VDC to 230VAC or 48VDC voltage using 230VAC (UK) UPS?

I've got access to 12 flexible Solar Panels - 320VDC each I live in the UK where mains voltage is 230VAC and also might buy an electric engine which would run at 48VDC. Would a UK voltage (230VAC) UPS be able to step down the 320VDC to either 230VAC or 48VDC for use on a boat? I'm thinking I could connect 12 panels in parallel and use either; Double-conversion UPS to deliver 48V by bypassing the conversion from the battery back to 230V or  Line-interactive UPS to deliver 230V directly from the 320VDC. The question is would the UPS's surge protection be able to deal with the high voltages? (Keeping in mind the sun isn't real bright in the UK). Also with regard efficiency will there be a lot of power loss in the system? I don't really know how surge protection from overvoltage works in UPS's and assume it uses some kind of buck conversion...? I'm guessing that the surge protection circuits might struggle with continued voltage overload. Does anyone know if this would be the case? The question is, will the UPS's be able to reliably deliver either 230VAC or 48VDC? Here are the specs for each individual panel; http://www.innoasia.net/2010/pdf/presentation/SmartCity_Takano.pdf Open circuit voltage(Voc): 429V Optimum power voltage(VMP):319 V Short circuit current(Isc): 0.39A Max operating current(IMP): 0.288A torrence:+_5% Maximum system voltage: 1000V THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS: (-25 ° C to +90 ° C) Temperature coefficient É‘Isc +0.08%/ ° C Temperature coefficient É‘Voc -0.35%/ ° C. Temperature coefficient É‘Pmax -0.15% / ° C. Over-current Protection 30mA

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any device to convert battery to ac mains?

Is there a way to power any ac 240v device via batteries, usb or dynamo?

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Using a mac as a temporary proxy?

Hi, I live in the UK and I'm off on holiday soon. I'll be leaving my mac here, and using a friend's laptop when I'm there. I'd quite like to be able watch BBc iPlayer (which only works if you're in the uk). Is it possible to use my mac as a proxy and if so how would I go about it? This would presumably be better than a free proxy site in terms of reliability and speed. Thanks in advance for any help, Happy christmas!

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39% and climbing - renewable resources in Portugal.

In the UK, less than 5% of our electricity comes from "green", renewable resources.In Portugal, they generate 39% of their power with renewables, and that is set to climb.These red "snakes" - the Pelamis wave-power system - are built in the UK (but guess which government hasn't invested in them?), and Portugal is also investing heavily in wind, solar and hydro-electricity.Link to photo storyIf one of the poorest countries in Europe can manage this, why can't the rest of us?

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Hand ground mirror? Answered

Any one hand ground a telescope mirror, how long did it take approx cost, UK suppliers of necessary parts, is it worth the effort?

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how can i convert line in audio to play on face book (uk)?

Im trying to up load music to face book but can even get the analog audio in to a file on pc via line in iv tryed real player but can only get mp3 that i can get in to a file there must be an easy way to do this similer to getting things on you tube can any 1 help???

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Help with an led circuit diagram for a lighting system

Hey Guys                   Im a technology  A-level student and i require help with the circuit side of my project as i am completely at a loss with respect to designing the diagrams and how they should function i am making a simple lighting system with three sets of 10 led boards could someone help me please Ps - in the uk its difficult to get some small components as i believe there is no uk  radio shack equivalent Thanks Oclane

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How do I make a feed from my blog? Answered

I have a blog and I want to make a feed from it, not a feed on it! Thanks, Flannel UK

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How do I change the font on comments? Answered

I really want this so I can unleash the power of my other account! Thansk, Flannel UK P.S. It's meant to say thansk.

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Is this a fake G-Shock? Answered

Hi, I've got a G-Shock with the model no. G-100-1BVMES. Is this a fake model no. as I can't find it on European, US or UK G-Shock websites. I got it from a well-known jewellers so I don't think it's fake...but when I looked the model no. up it only appears on a few websites. On the G-Shock UK website is appears as 1BVMUR...it looks like my one but I'm not 100% sure if it is a real one under a less popular name. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank You super_me

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where to buy mechanical supplies?

Hi,  I am looking to build and assemble a dehumidifier, where can i buy the different components and parts specifically  in the UK...or any other part of the world (as a last resort) Thanks, Mimi

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An RTTTL for Pendulum - The Island Part 2? Answered

I also would like to find a good website where I can get RTTTL files, because I have had a few requests for stylophone tabs. Thanks, Flannel UK

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what is an ATtiny 13v microcontroller and where to get it? Answered

ive been trying to make the lucid dream mask from guyfrom7up but i dont know where to get this component. oh and i live in the uk. thanks

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Has Firefox overtaken IE? Answered

Hi, I still use IE8, but I like it. On my site, slightly more visitors come from Firefox than IE! I'm pretty sure this is a recent thing. Thanks, Nutrition Man! *I used to be called Flannel UK*

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IDE dock?

Anyone have ideas on how to make a hard drive swapping dock for IDE drives? The only ones I've been able to find are all for SATA, except a Sharkoon SATA with an IDE port, and that seems to be available only in the UK.

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How to lower wall outlet power?

Hi, I need a circuit to change the AC 240v (UK) into 5v 1A, What is the SMALLEST possible way to do this. I know I could use an adaptor but it there a smaller circuit that could be done?

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Pouch for 5-6 mobile chargers and usb cables for mobiles?

Travel from Asia to uk scandinavia so I will need space for electrisity adapter plug as well

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Why do people hide their age? Answered

I am 13 and I am not really bothered what people say about people our age. I think that the people who hide their age are generally not the right age to be viewing some 'ibles. Thanks, Flannel UK

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