ACER Aspire 6920 Power Jack Replacement

I have an ACER ASPIRE 6920 that needs a new power jack. Can anyone tell me where I can get instructions on how to replace it? Thanks in advance for any help.

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my acer extensa 5620-6830 keeps on hanging...

Earlier it used to hang only when i was using ares for downloading...i used start the downloads at night and would find it hanged in the morning...5 out of 10 times this would happen.. then, i uninstalled ares... now it hangs the moment it is left idle for 15-20 minutes...plz help? i have vista and 1 GB DDR2 RAM..

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usb part acer emachines identity?

Can someone help identify usb jack from Emachines DA0ZRCTB6B0 usb board its unusual usb jack cant idenify it, please help? in addition if anyone can find a DA0ZRCTB6B0 usb board on the web for sale (ship to aussie) be a big help, seems could only get one real result on google search.

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How to get ride of an Acer laptop popup window? Answered

I have an Acer 5534 laptop. An Acer popup window comes on for about 20 sec after log on or after coming out of a sleep mode. "Your Acer Product is Registered" also "click here for more information" bottom right of screen. If I click for more info it takes me to an Acer site like a bookmark. I have gone into msconfig, start up tab unchecked any thing that said Acer, no luck. Gone into another location to change the Acer settings to hide both desk top Icons and notifications for the task bar, no luck. Any ideas how to get this nuisance turned off. Acer iformed me to make the msconfig, startup change which did not work.

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acer 1716 lcd monitor

I have an acer 1716 lcd monitor that powers on ok but the screen flickers a couple of times and then just stays lit with no display signal when plugged into computer. any ideas?

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Acer Aspire 1 drivers? Answered

Hi! I have an Acer Aspire 1.  I had truecrypt on it encrypting the whole harddrive... had some problems... etc. etc. etc.  I ended up just wiping the drive and upgrading from W7 starter to W7 pro.  Now I don't have a valid driver for my ethernet, WiFi, or graphics.  I tried to find the drivers on Acer's website, and ended up talking to a tech rep who of course didn't really know anything.  He told me that my computer can't run W7 pro... which obviously it can since everything else works.  He also told me that Acer will not supply the driver for my computer.  The only option he gave me is to buy recovery media from them and restore it to W7 starter.  I'm not willing to settle for that even if I have to live with it the way it is.  Just thought I would ask if anyone else has had this problem, and if so how they fixed it?  (And yes, I already Googled it a couple different times... nothing on Google worked.) Thanks in advance!  :)

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acer gd235hz display problem

Hi there, I've got an acer gd235hz monitor, It's been working fine until one day It just died out.. It'll turn on, display the acer logo and turn off. I did some research and found It could be bad capacitors. I took the monitor apart and found the 3 main capacitors that control that problem. Oddly enough, they look fine. There not blown up like a balloon.  Should I replace them anyways?  Su'scon 1,000 uF 16 V If so, What capacitor brand should I go for? I found this one: Life time rating up to 10,000 Hours @ 105C -- Last Question.. When I took the monitor apart, I found this on the back of the Display Board.. What is it?

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Acer AspireOne 10" salvaged display comnnected to Raspberry Pi?

I have just started my work with Raspi (ver. B). In my desk, there is a salvaged cover from an AcerAspire nebook - all complete, nicely disconnected. Features LCD, camera and mic. Now, for a week or so I keep searching for an instruction how to adapt the display to work with RasPi HDMI port. The bonus would be to connect camera and microphone, but this may wait. Any suggestions?

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Problems with Acer EXTENSA 4420 : NO Webcam, Bluetooth & Modem Audio HD Device AFTER re-installing Vista Home Basic

Webcam, even I have an Acer Extensa 4420 Re-install Vsta Home Basic, can't find the Crystal Eyeafter Iinstall Acer driver. Also can't install Modem HD Audio Device. Please Help!

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PLEASE HELP! how do I fix this laptop? Answered

So quite recently, my laptop quit working, with no warnings or anything, it just turns on, but the screen and hard drive do nothing. it wasn't the cpu so i have ni idea what is wrong with it. it was a acer aspire 5672, if someone knows how to help me figure out whats wrong, please pm me. but this question is regarding another laptop. I got a really cheap acer travelmate 5530 because it had a broken screen and didnt turn on. I have a replacement screen, but the power problem is not as simple as i thought it would be. so now i am asking for help. I opened up the laptop and right in the area where the charging plug plugs into the motherboard there was a blown transistor, marked "E72" just like the second one in the area. I took a picture, but it is kind of hard to tell the bits and pieces because they are really small so its hard to get a picture of them. I did my best to unsolder the tiny transistor but i need to know if any transistor will work to replace it (eg: one from another laptop), or if I am going to have to find another "E72" one. also it looks like some other components are fried, if you guys can help me figure out what they are and what to replace them with that would be great. Thanks in advance,         zack247.

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Laptop Display Upgrade to Touch?

I wish to upgrade my Laptop Display from Non Touch to Touch. I did a bit of research on the internet, but am unable to find a proper answer. Is it possible? I would love to migrate from half HD non touch display to full HD touch display (even IPS). But here in India, I'm unable to find it in this config for 15.6" size (atleast, not cheaply). I have found one display which has a few things common with my old display. Both have TFT with LED Backlight, same size, aspect ratio, resolution and no of pins. Old Display: 15.6 inch TFT with LED Backlight (Non touch) (16:9). Resolution: 1366 x 768. 40 Pins. Part Number: B156XW04V5 Datasheet: Cost: ₹5000 ($75 approx) Proposed New Display: 15.6 inch TFT with LED Backlight (Touch) (16:9). Resolution: 1366 x 768. 40 Pins. Part Number: B156XTT01 Datasheet: Cost: ₹12500 ($180 approx) Would I need to change LVDS cable as well? Existing LVDS Cable: Part Number: P5LJ0 Datasheet: Here are the answers to some questions you might have: 1. Laptop is Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG. 2. My Laptop did not have any variant with 1080p display or touch display. 3. The old display is slightly cracked. Hence I need to change it anyway. 4. The top flap, display mounting brackets and bezel are damaged too. And the laptop is 5 years old and am unable to get the replacement parts. Hence I am planning on building a new housing for the new display, in any case. (Suggestions in this regard are also welcome) So a bit of variation in physical dimensions is not a problem. 5. Motherboard is Intel i5 2410M with Intel 3000 graphics processor. Graphics Card is Nvidia 540M. (I couldn't find supported resolutions on official websites, but according to 3rd Party websites, both should support 1080p) 6. I have some experience with Electronic Disassembly and Assembly. 7. I can do soldering, but I'm not very good at it. Hence, would like to avoid it, if possible.

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I need help with my downgraded Acer Extensa 4420, downgraded to XP. Can;t get graphics to be recognized with ATI.

I finally got XP to install on my Acer Extensa 4420, that comes with Vista on it, but I've run into a problem. I have been going through the drivers, and some don't install, here is one of them. I can't update my graphics card, it wont even install Catalyst control!My card is an ATI Radeon Xpress 1250, integrated and whatnot. Please help!?

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Why does my Laptop not read the DVD that I had burnt on it?It read once but then later on it doesnt read it again.?

I have Acer 4720 Z and I used the Mastered Format while burning Video files on DVD R+.

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Help, with Ubuntu on Acer aspire 1 Answered

Please help, we have everything else going. Ubuntu on a netbook, that has wireless. Were can I get the driver and program to recognize the wireless card that is built in?

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How do you use your tv as a acer aspire one laptop screen?

I have an acer aspire one but my screen is cracked and need help on how to get there without using the mouse(because of course I cant see anything.) 

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Acer Extensa 5420 is overheating, How do I stop it? Answered

When my comp is on a flat surface, i.e. table, it overheats, when the vent is exposed and well, not touching anything, just hanging, it over heats, in fact I tried this question many times, but it overheated while typing, How do I fix?

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Question about the acer aspire one d250 netbook? Answered

Its a has the same features as all other netbooks but i read on a webshop site that the ram was upgradable to 4 gb is that true? It sounds kinda fake to make, a netbook with like 4 gb s of ram.

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what to do with 2 15" LCD monitors with a bad backlight?

The inverters are no good so reparing and selling is out of the question. so is using them, i already have a new one for my desktop and multiple monitors never work out for me. my laptop could possibly have another monitor hooked up to it but i still cant replace the inverters. it would be too expensive to fix either, (one has a bad inverter and the other has a whole bad power board) i can power up one, a Samsung SyncMaster 740N, it has no backlight, and repairing it would cost too much. i can also power up the other one, an Acer AL1706, without using the power board, but a PC power supply. the LCDs are ok as far as i can tell without backlights (ive had them both hooked up to my laptop to test them), so what can i do with these two monitors? i have no clue what to do with them, i need some inspiration. PS: one of my friends suggested i use the acer one, with a LED backlight, in my car in conjunction with a PC, when i get my car, that is.

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How to use pc Seagate 1T with Acer 10.1 Chromebook ? ?

I have saved a Seagate from recycle , and want to use as self-supporting (pc power supply , fan/s and wiring in wooden cigar box) and connect to Acer 10.1 Chromebook laptop . . . via usb or micro-usb  , etc . . .

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Acer laptop, what mother board does it use?

 I have a acer aspire 5542, And would like to know the mother broad it uses Thanks for your help Brand Acer Model Aspire 5542 Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Processor / Graphics AMD Athlon II Dual-Core M300 2.00 GHz ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series Memory 4 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz Hard drive SATA 500 GB HDD 5400 rpm Display / Resolution 15.6-inch HD 1366×76 resolution high brightness Acer CineCrystal TFT LCD, 16:9 aspect ratio, 8 ms response time, 60% color gamut Removable Storage 8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive Wireless Support Atheros AR5B93 Wireless Network Adapter 802.11 n, b, g Communications Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet, HDAUDIO Soft Fax Modem with SmartCP, Acer Video Conferencing with Integrated Acer Crystal Eye Webcamer featuring 640×480 resolution, Bluetooth 2.1 Input Devices Full-size keyboard including number pad, Synaptics touchpad with Multi-Gesture support Power 6-cell Li-ion with up to 3 hours of battery life Accessories Extra battery, external USB floppy, extra AC adapter Security software/features Acer Backup Manager1, Acer Bio-Protection1, Acer eRecovery Management, McAfee® Internet Security Suite 2009 Trial, MyWinLocker®, Nortonâ„¢ Online Backup Other Software Acer Arcadeâ„¢ Deluxe featuring Acer CinemaVisionâ„¢ and Acer ClearVisionâ„¢ technologies, Acer Crystal Eye, Acer GridVistaâ„¢, Acer Launch Manager, Adobe® Flash® Player, Adobe® Reader®, EarthLink®1, eSobiâ„¢, Google Toolbarâ„¢, Microsoft® Works with Office Home and Student 2007 Trial, NetZero®, NTI Media Makerâ„¢, Oberon GameZone, WildTangent® Memory card reader Media Card Reader supporting SD, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS Pro, xD Accessible memory slots 2 slots Maximum Memory Expansion Up to 4 GB Ports Headphone/speaker/line-out jack with S/PDIF support, Microphone-in jack, Line-In jack, Ethernet (RJ-45) port, Modem (RJ-11) port, DC-in jack for AC adapter Additional Ports None Audio Dolby®-optimized surround sound system with two built-in stereo speakers, Optimized 3rd Generation Dolby Home Theater® audio enhancement, featuring Dolby® Digital Live, Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx, Dolby® Headphone, Dolby® Natural Bass, Dolby® Sound Space Expander, Dolby® Audio Optimization, Dolby® High Frequency Enhancer technologies10, True 5.1-channel surround sound output High-definition audio support S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface)11 support for digital speakers, MS-Sound compatible Built-in microphone ENERGY STAR Qualified Energy Star 5.0 Weight 6.16 lbs (2.8 kg) with battery Dimension 15.1 x 9.9 x 1.03 to 1.5 inches, 383 x 250 x 26 to 37 mm Thinness 1.03 to 15 inches, 26 to 37 mm Network Card Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet, HDAUDIO Soft Fax Modem with SmartCP PC Card Slot None Webcam Acer Crystal Eye Webcamera featuring 640×480 resolution Multimedia and Entertainment Acer Arcadeâ„¢ Deluxe featuring Acer CinemaVisionâ„¢ and Acer ClearVisionâ„¢ technologies, Acer Crystal Eye, Adobe® Flash® Player, NTI Media Makerâ„¢, Oberon GameZone, WildTangent® Warranty Limited 1-year and 90 day warranty options available depending on country, 1-year limited warranty on primary battery. Optional HP Care Pack Services extended warranty

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will my acer aspire 5251 laptop computer run call of duty black ops.?

I antcall of duty black ops but i have a wii version that is bad to many glitches i want the pc verson but someone suggest this check your pc to see if this will work so will it run on my computer.

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xp modem driver for acer aspire 5720

I downgraded this laptop from Vista to XP. I have gotten all the drivers except the modem driver. I have downloaded every driver possible from the acer website with no luck if anyone has done this conversion successfully I would appreciate know what modem driver you used thanks

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New laptop, new features, how to use one? Answered

So a couple days ago I got an Acer Aspire 5670 (aka 5672wlmi) on the front it has a infrared port, and i have the drivers for it installed. I am running windows XP home edition. I have a remote from a car Dvd player, and i was wondering, is there any way i can use it to interact with my laptop? (eg change the volume, skip a song, pause videos in media player) oes anyone know or have a laptop like this that have done this?

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Dead laptop

My acer aspire 6920 laptop doesn't boot. I have tried the POWER RESET (as an option specified on the acer website), by removing the battery, unplugging, and holding the power button for 20-30 seconds. This had no effect.How it happened:I was playing a game called Warzone2100 on Ubuntu, and it FROZE, so i did a hard shutdown and then.....When I press the power button the following happens:>The Cinedash, and power button light come on . The Hard drive and Cd-rom, fan, and HDD start-up as well.>The hard drive light above the caps lock and num lock indicators flashes seven times consistently, with about a 3/4 of a second between each flash.>The system shuts off completely>(without anyone pressing the power button)The system turns back on and nothing happened.>The system requires a hard shut down.During this entire period NOTHING shows up on the screen, and the back light stays off.I think my BIOS is a PHOENIX and according to some research 7 BIOS beeps means its a bad processor. So I think my flashing light could be a Bios indicator.If my conclusion is true, do laptop processors cost ? and where would I be able to get one ?Are they easy to install ? are they interchangeable with desktop processors ?BTW My processor is an Intel Centrino T5750 Dual Core 2.0ghz.Thanks to anyone who helps me out !

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Computer freezes when bottom is impacted.

(I want answers, not OMG YOU'VE BEEN DEAD) When ever my Acer Aspire one d250 netbook's bottom is impacted, or dropped on my bed, it freezes. The only way to restore it is to manually restart, then it usually freezes after the splash screen. Occasionally, it will just freeze. I've tried checking the temperature of the cpu, but it comes up as normal, 110 degrees Fahrenheit. I want to crack it open and check out if anything is loose, which would make perfect sense, but I want to do a system backup first, and I'm afraid it'll freeze during that. If anyone could provide links to instructions on how to open such a computer, or a solution to the problem overall. Also, I checked my ram already, and did a full scan with avast and AVG10. -NYPA UPDATE I believe the problem to be that the hard drive is failing. As of now, my computer will randomly lock up, particularly during intensive HDD usage. When i drop my laptop, it'll lock up because the hard drive shakes and gets unbalanced, causing it to scratch. My computer will lock up randomly because it'll hit some of those scratches. This is all my reasoning. I'm not sure if it is right, but it seems to be. I'm going to do a backup and restore, just to make sure it is a hardware issue, and if it is, I'll get it checked out. Thanks for the support.  UPDATE I took it in and the problem proved to be a tiny crack in the motherboard. Lucky for me, however, my family just received a brand new desktop! WOOHOO!

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Acer Extensa 4420 memory upgrade? How do I remove the back panel without damaging it?

I want to upgrade my Acer Extensa 4420 memory. There is no easy access panel on this model. I tried removing the screws from the bottom panel, but it is situated firmly and doesnt move at all. Im afraid to force it out and break it. Is there a good trick to do this? Please help!

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Acer travelmate 610 to slimline desktop conversion

Ok i bought this old laptop from ebay for only 15 bucks, and has the following problems 1. Dead screen(but indicators work) 2. The plastic thing and the spring on the switch arent there so i used a cable tie then yank it back and forth to get it to boot 3. Non working battery 4. DVD drive has broken eject mechnism so need to remove drive, open top, load disk, close top then slide the drive back into the comupter(yes the disc drive is removable) ok so what i want to do is to convert it into something like what myles_h did but as a slimline desktop pc meaning vertically and no screen image 1 is a stock pic of the laptop and image 2 is a pic of the idea im going to install windows me after having a look at vcamnowaa(youtube)'s success with said os as seen below or if not i'll install windows 2000 or xubuntu here's some specs: intel pentium 3 windows 2000 pro(i did not get the install cd) 256 mb ram wifi(havent got it working yet) smart card(need this to get past the bios into windows) infrared irda there's a later batch with windows xp and bluetooth btw...

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Possibility of installing 3G + Bluetooth + GPS receiver in my Acer emachines em350-21G16?

Acer emachines em 350-21G16 Intel Atom N450 1.66 GHz 1 GB RAM DDR2 160 GB HDD 6-Cell Wi-Fi

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I've had a look on the laptop and can't seem to see an external plug in connection, I've also looked at usb device's but I'm hoping some one has a less expensive option.

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Can an iPod video PATA HDD be used to replace the SSD in an Acer Aspire One?

The iPod video uses a parallel ATA HDD which appears to share the same connector and interface as the Acer Aspire One solid state disk (SSD).Does anyone know if it is possible to simply replace the SSD with the PATA HDD?I know I could just try it but if someone has already done this and had success, or tried it and irreparably damaged their AAO I would love to know!Thanks!PCBPolice

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opps i dropped my acer extenisa5420-5687on the corner and now the internal dvd/cd player wont work

I bought a external dvd/cd writer and tried to install it but no luck do i have to uninstall the one thats internal first HELP PLEASE

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how can i get my acer aspire 10 to connect to home network? it connects to other wifis but not my home network

Ok so i cant get my acer aspire 10 connected to my home internet iv tried so much and nothing helps it connected to a friends wifi in seconds and it just wont connect to my home network and im clearly using the home network right now to post this so its obviously working my cell is connected to it too so its just very irritating please help me i am loosing my mind :S

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how open back panel of ACE EXTENSA 5620z?

 how to open back panel of ACER EXTENSA 5620z

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Computer screen with dots?

Acer T232HL. I dusted the screen. Then it was electrostatically loaded. Now the screen is fulll of dots. How can the screen be discharged so that the dots disappear ?

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I am downgrading my laptop, (Acer Extensa 4420), back to XP from Vista. Please help with detailed steps!

I am downgrading my laptop, (Acer Extensa 4420), from Vista to XP (Windows XP Essentials 2 Professional)I wanted to know what exactly I need to do. I have a back up of my drivers, both on CD and Flash drive just in case, and I have been reading this guide on how to do so. before I do anything, I want to know if I have everything in order, because this is my personal/school laptop and only means for internet. The main part I am worried about is looking in my device manager for what AHCI Disc controller I have. I'm worried that I will not have reconfigured the BIOS right on the XP installation and that I might mess up my computer entirely. Please help me with some good instructions on just what I should do! Thanks!

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installing windows on a blank hard drive? Answered

I have a acer aspire 3680 with vista pre installed on it. the hard drive has a problem, when i boot it jams right before the login screen (black screen) when i try to boot in safe mode the loading stops at crcdisk.sys then jams. i have tryed putting the harddrive of my other laptop in it(vista), and it works perfectly (boots and everything) so i target the hard drive. i want to install windows xp on it but when i boot the computer from the cd it says: it cant find something would it work for me to take a laptop who has windows 7 on it, remove the hard drive put the one from my acer on it boot it and install windows xp on the acer drive while in the windows 7 laptop without damaging anything on the windows 7 laptop?

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LCD Monitor not working Answered

I have a lcd moniter (acer V233H 22inch) but overnight it stoped working it will turn on  then display a black screen  PS my cable works if you need more ifo than that comment

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How do I know what video card I need? Answered

A few days ago, I got Skyrim for my computer, but when I went to play it, it said a shader function is not compatible with my video card.  How do I figure out what video card I need for my laptop?  It is an Acer Aspire 5516 with Windows Vista Home Edition x32.  Please help.

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how to fix a broken laptop usb port?

I have a emachines E525 laptop built by Acer and it has only 2 usb ports.  both of them are broken.  how do you fix them ?

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Which is the better laptop?

I am looking for a laptop for school. Which will deliver the better overall performance? Acer Aspire v3 Processor Type: Intel Processor Model: i7-3630QM Processor Speed: 2.4GHz Processor Core: Quad-core Cache: 6MB Operating System: Windows 8 64-bit System Memory (RAM): 6GB Type of Memory (RAM): DDR3 Hard Drive Type: SATA Graphics: GeForce GT 730M Video Memory: 2GB or Dell Inspiron 17R 5721 Processor:    Intel Core 3rd Generation i7-3537U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.1 GHz) Memory:    8GB RAM at 1600MHz HardDrive:    1x1TB SATA Hard Drive VideoCard:    Intel® HD Graphics 4000

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is it possibile to repurpose an lcd screen from a broken laptop?

As i remember is an Acer, i dont remember the model.. what i need for this? i wish use it like an additional monitor, i dont care if will be using vga or else

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webcam from laptop turns on but doesnt communicate?

Im sorry for all of my questions. i have a webcam from a acer travelmate 5530, and i can get it to power on, but no matter which way the two data lines are it doesnt tell the computer its there. will it power the led if the +5v or gnd lines are connected wrong? its a usb webcam, but i cant get it to work, the same goes for the Orbicam i got from my old acer aspire 5670, except the led doesnt even turn on for it. i have tried installing the drivers with no luck, the webcam still fails to be noticed by the computer, laptop or not. can anyone give me any insight about this?

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Can you turn a laptop LCD screen into a standard LCD Monitor / replace another brand laptop screen?

My laptop is a Dell Latitude CPi and is INCREDIBLY old. It was made for Windows NT / 9x systems. The laptop itself no longer powers on for some reason, but the LCD might be useable. Instead of getting a new LCD for $100 or replacing the cracked screen on my acer laptop for $600+, I'm wondering if it's possible to convert the screen into either an LCD screen, a Cintiq-esqe tablet display (where there's probably a USB and monitor cable) or, if it can be used on an acer 5520 laptop (the screen is cracked and using it on the same monitor I need for my PC isn't the easiest thing).

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Help me pick a laptop?

Ok, so I'm getting a laptop and I'm not sure if one exists with what I want but if it doesn't fine I'll wait for it to exist.  The laptop must have a core i7 processor, blu-ray writer, 1920x1080 resolution, an HDTV tuner, and a backlit keyboard.  Here's what I've been looking at: Acer Aspire 8940g, HP dv8t and dv7t, Dell XPS 16.  So I'm just wondering if you can actually buy such a laptop I know Acer has said that they offer all these options but I can't find such a laptop anywhere on the internet.  Thanks for the help! And P.S. I don't want an Alienware laptop.

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processor swap AMDC-50 FOR AMD ATHION 64 2X?

Can i swap the amd athion 64 2x out of my acer aspire 5517 that crashed and put it in my compaq presario cq57 that now has amd c-50 1.00 ghz?

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With a netbook, is RAID 0ing the internal SSD and an SD card a good idea?

I've just gotten a netbook with an 8gb SSD, and it has a built-in SD card slot. If I put an 8gb class 10 SD card into the slot, would I be able to RAID 0 them? What would happen if I RAID 0ed them and then took the SD card out while it was on? Would it erase everything or would it just shut down? Would this work? I need 16gb of internal storage, and a 16gb SSD drive is over 70% the price of the netbook.... I'm thinking either Hackintosh or Peppermint OS or Windows XP as the operating system. Any other comments?

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