Adjustable solder iron

Hello sorry if this is the wrong place, i'm pretty new here. recently i got a 30w solder iron and found this instructable to make it adjustable I know it won't be as good as buying a real adjustable iron but this is cheaper and will work.  I have a little potentiometer that i got from a lamp but unlike most it only has 2 terminals and a space for a third. i did some experimenting and it seems to work fine, the 2 terminals are a middle and one to the right then a space to the left i hooked a wire in the space and it basically worked in reverse to when it clicked off it turned the (in this case) motor. so my real question is how do i wire this up, can i just wire the "hot" wire threw the pot and will it work to make my iron semi adjustable the only info i have on the pot is that on the top it says B500k i can take a picture of it if needed. 

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Adjustable strobe light?

I want to utilize my old Sears induction timing light as an adjustable timing light for work. I like using a battery as it is not always easy to get 120V from anywhere near the part I am trying to see, plus the wires tend to get in the way.....rotating parts and loose wires don't always mix well. Any ideas?

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adjustable light switch?

​i really have no idea what im doing but you might be able to help. Im working on a model train layout. the Model train transformers or really any three prong electrical device would plug into this. what i want is for a kid to press a button the train goes for 2 min then stops. the child does this 4 more times. after the train stops  for the 5th time it activates a cool down clock for 10 min. it would have to work with electricity from an out lit. Any ideas? other details would be a visable countdown clock.  it would be helpful if the run times and the delay times could be manual adjusted.

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Accurate adjustable resistor?

I need a simple, low cost, small device capable of 10 different resistance settings, and must be capable of mechanically reproducing them exactly, on command.  It cannot be a potentiometer, as it is innacurate without some sort of  measurement device (which I cannot use), nor a rotart switch or encoder (too big and expensive, cannot use digital).  Basically, is there some alternative <$2 that will do this.  Again, no digital stuff or measuring position, only going between several set resistance settings (but any incrament thereof is okay).   

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Is there a LED with adjustable Wavelength and color?

I just need a LED that can give me desired color and wavelength (in nm). I just googled but found nothing. Hope I will find one. Thanks in advance.

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Adjustable Voltage on PSU ATX

I have an old Rockford P450.4 amplifier that I salvaged an LM317T and LM337T from. It also had some two (2) potentiometers that I salvages as well. I have a 400W Coolamx PSU ATX that I turned into a bench supply. I have read that people have been using these two (2) IC's to maintain a constant voltage through variable adjustment. I have seen several tutorials on instructables, but that all lack clarity, instruction and do not provide enough detail. I could really use a good tutorial, but have failed to find one of great interest.

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Adjustment of the speed of a DC motor Answered

I'm working on something that requires a very low speed motor (~.5-4 RPM). I found a motor that runs at 1.5v @ a maximum of 7rpm (5040RPM max with 1428:1 ratio) I need however, something to lower and raise the speed of this motor. I know that people say PWMs for this, but the only one I can find is a 12 volt and has gotten mediocre reviews. Could I use this 12 volt PWM in this system, or could someone point me to a reasonable PWM that would work?

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adjustable power supply question? Using a LM338?

so I'm building a power supply that will have multi power outputs, from surge protected 120,  36v 10a 24v 2.5a,  12v 3a  9v 1a, 12v 1a,  5v usb, and 12v cigarette lighter output. there is also an adjustable 1.25 to 32v  5 amp, the problem i'm having is no mater what set up I try, I never get more than 1.8 amps out of the LM338, I have an input of 36v 10a, I've tried several diagram , can anyone point me to a diagram that will actually allow a full 5amps to be pulled? I have the LM338 on a huge heat sink. 

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How to make a Variable/Adjustable Power Supply ?

Hi Everyone, I am having (12 - 0- 12)V and 1.6A AC to DC Transformer, and I would like to make Adjustable power supply, How I can do that? and on reducing the voltage amp would be same ? or amp also reduces ? and Also want to add a USB port to charge my mobile devices.. Transformer image Edited. I want to build my own Custom circuit using bridge rectifier and some Capacitor and resisters. Alhtough @-max- answer is very good and thinkable, Can you recommend some Good ready-made adjustable circuit which having the capability to control Amp and also volts ? Please provide link or Name/Model# Please guide me.. Thanks

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Whats the easiest way to make a height adjustable wash basin?

 I would like to make a height adjustable wash basin for someone in a wheelchair. It needs to be capable of being adjusted with one hand and must be able to lock in position. I already have the flexible plumbing supplies and waste fittings. I know that it can be done with electrics but am looking for a cheap alternative. Thanks.

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where can I get 50-300 uH adjustable coils?

I'm trying to build my friend a Theremin for Christmas (obviously wont be finished by then), and I can't seem to find a few parts for it. Its a design that comes from Popular Electronics November 1967 Issue ( It calls for 50-300 uH adjustable coils and I can't find 'em anywhere. I have found adjustable coils/variable inductors but I haven't been able to find any with this inductance rating. Aside from building my own, I'm at a loss here.

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How can I control the heat to this band heater? Answered

I need to be able to control the heat of this heater Located Here What do i need to do this?

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high current adjustable power supply? Answered

I want to run my ps2 in car, Any circuit to drop 12v to 8.5V at 6amps the lm317 circuit is not powerful enough

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Adjustable, bluetooth, etc.

I am trying to figure out how to control a device that will be "off" while in the range of a transmitter (short range...under 10ft) and then turn on when it goes beyond the range of the signal. I would also like it to be an adjustable range. I was thinking the device would be "on" constantly as the transmitter tells it not to activate, but once it leaves the signal range it would activate.  Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

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Naomi Home adjustable bed remote

My Naomi Home IdealBed 500i adjustable bed remote does not work. I think it is produced by SUTA, for Naomi Homes. It lights up, but won't connect to or operate bed. Even the flashlight feature does not work. It may have gotten wet, but I am not sure. Bed was near open window when it rained heavily. The part of the bed near where remote was is not wet, but nearby part of bed did get wet from rain coming in through window. Attached is photo of remote, can also attach circuit board picture, if requested. Any help as to how to fix remote would be very welcome.

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Mini Bike Chain Adjustment Trouble? Answered

I recently bought a bunch of pocket bikes all in good shape but all had some sort of problem.  I took the best parts off of them and made one extremely nice bike.  The one problem I am having with it is that the chain likes to come off.  There is a bolt connected to the back axle that tights and loosens and slcks or tensions the chain.  How do I find the "butter zone" where it isn't too loose to come off, and it is too tight to come off?  The two sprockets are lined up really well, but they are a little off.  Would it be possible that that was the problem?  When I say a little I mean like so small its less then 2-3 mm from drive sprocket to driven sprocket.

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how to fit a small voltage regulator(with a dial) into a 2xAA battery box?

I would like to know if anyone has step by step instructions on how to build a voltage regulator on a 2xAA battrey box, i will be using 2x 14500(3.7v 1000mah) lithium battery on this box. the voltage should be adjustable from 1.2v all the way to 6v

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Lm317 to a 48v ac powersupply, or how to lower the voltage 10 v. Answered

So i have this transformer that puts out 48v ac. I want to make a variable power supply, and it should put out 7 or more amps. I could use lm317 with a bypassing transistor, but lm317's maximum input-output voltage differential is 40v,  so what should i do? If anyone has ideas how to lower the transformer's voltage 10 volts that would be great.

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is it possible/how can one make a motorized and adjustable wire reel for a tesla coil?

I want to make a tesla coil and i dont have the attenchen span to hand wind it or wind it on a a lathe. im not sure the height of my coil yet nor do i know the thickness of wire im going to use, so im looking for a reel that is preferably motorized but can be hand cranked. this needs to be adjusted so i can make differant heights of coils and differant thicknesses of wire. Im partly looking to make this so that I can make multiple coils, if I was trying to just make one coil I would hand wind it over a long period of time.

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I have an A-C adapter with adjustable voltage..

It can put out several different D-C voltages. It only puts out 2.1 amps. Does anyone know how to increase the amperage output?

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adjust normal speaker to use as guitar speaker?

Hi, As you know normal speakers (Hi-Fi, cassette players,...) and electric guitar amplifier speakers are different. Apparently guitar ones work in 75Hz to 5KHz frequency range.  I want to make a normal speaker to sound as much as possible, like a guitar speaker. after searching on the internet I found that with band-pass or band-stop passive filter I can achieve that. Anyone have any idea how can I do this and if this is going to work or make any difference? Do you have other suggestions (besides buying guitar amp or speakers ) ? Thanks  for your help

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How to change the configuration of a lithium cell pack ?

I’m working on a project were I have to be able to adjust the voltage of my output by 3.7 volt increments. Example: 12 18650 batteries hooked up in series and have the voltage change from 44.4 to 22.2 to 11.1 Essential I’m trying to go from a 12s to a 3s4p or 4p3s cell configuration.

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Variable 0V-24V, 0Amp-5Amp DC Battery Pack ?

I am building a portable battery pack of 21000 mAh and 25.9 Volts. I need a circuit to vary its voltage from 0 volts to 24 volts, or maybe 1.25 volts to 24 volts and a circuit to vary its current from 0 Amps to 5 Amps. Basically i need a Voltage and Current regulator. for varying current, i was thinking of attaching a potentiometer in series with the output of battery. As the resistance would vary, the current will vary. Will it work? Now i need something for varying voltage..

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How to set voltage on LM317 adjustable voltage regulator? Answered

How do you set the voltage regulation on an LM317 to 5 volts?

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make bench power supply Adjustable Voltage Control?

Ok so i have a atx bench power supply i made and now i need to be able to put a Adjustable Voltage Control dial on it so i can go from 0v to 12v how do i do so? And can i use any spare parts from around the house?

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How do I Configure a Adjustable Voltage Regulator? Answered

Hello! Im working on a project that uses a 9v battery to power a circuit. I would also like to power a circuit with the same battery. But this circuit was designed to run off 2 AAA. I've gone searching and It seems like I was only needing a Voltage regulator to step down that 9v to 3v ish.  Problem is that I couldnt find a output 3v one! So I had to buy an adjustable one from Fry's Electronics. And I don't know how to configure this! haha, this is quite a problem. And documentation on this product is horrible. Can anyone please help me out?? Product is NTE1900 3 terminal positive adjustable voltage regulator. Input is 9v, I want an output of 3v. How would I set this up? Thanks!

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How should I adjust my computer's mouse sensitivity/speed?

I have a razer deathadder mouse and was wondering, what should I use to adjust sensitivity/ speed of my mouse? Should I adjust the sensitivity in windows xp control panel, the razer drivers or in-game settings? And what should I set the ones I shouldn't adjust to? To the middle setting, the highest, or the lowest setting? Thanks

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ATX PSU to Work Bench PS - Adjustable Voltage and Current question

I am working on converting an old 600W ATX PSU to a bench power supply for me to use for some lab work.  Not everything that I will be plugging into it will have built in current limiting capabilities.  The guide/setup i found on here that I will most likely be following are:  & The first link is how I would like mine to end up looking. My PSU is rated as: +3.3V @ 32A +5v @ 50A +12v @ 24A -12v @ 1A -5v @ .5A My end goal is to be able to control the voltage and current output from each binding post.  I will be hooking up a multimeter to this as well and am thinking that i could control what it monitors by some dipswitch setup or switching setup(as far as to which binding posts it's monitoring). I do understand that V = IR.  So keeping 5v but only wanting 3A, i would increase the resistance which is why at first i thought i could play a POT in the circuit.  However after seeing how the voltage regulation was hooked up, I am confused how to do so now since it was connected in the fashion i thought i would need to control the current.  ( I would probably use a LM338 since it would allow for more current but again, i would love to be able to have the full 50A available all at one shot but i don't think those IC's allow for that. I am extremely new to all of this and am still learning as well, so if i was able to communicate what i am looking to do correctly and you have a way of explaining it to me, a picture would be awesome if you have the time to create one. :D TYIA for any suggestions.

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how do i lower the milliamps in my adjustable adaptor?

Hi it seems i need to lower the milliamps, currently at 1500, in my adjustable adaptor in order to run a small dc motor that usually runs with a rechargeable 2.6v battery. i think the ohm rating was 006.5 but im not sure. im trying to test these motors without having to bother to charge up loads of batteries all the bloody time. but i cant test them accurately as the motors run alot faster when plugged into the mains using the adaptor. what do you think is the best solution?

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How can I make an adjustable flashing strobe LED? Answered

I need to make an LED that will flash at different speeds depending on the position of a sliding switch. I am going to make a miniature movie projector and I need to set up an LED to flash at a specific frames per second. A diagram would be awesome!

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how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell ?

Http:// how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell???

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How to create an adjustable fade in/fade out circuit for 27 LEDs?

Https:// I would like some input on creating this using POTs to create an adjustable fade in/ fade out effect on the 27 LEDs while running on a 9v battery if possible.

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How can I get the MilliAmps lower on a adjustable power adapter?

Im looking to power a 12V 200mm Fan with a adjustable power adapter which is set to 12V DC. The thing is the fan only needs 0.16mA "Milli Amps" while the adapter gives 0.5 How can I lower this physically?Maybe open the adapter and break some things replace then etc etc. Thanks

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Trying to create a circuit to allow me to adjust the frequency of AC power

I'm trying to design an EM field generator with adjustable frequency. I've got most of it figured out, but I can't seem to find anything about how to create adjustable frequency AC power. I've got two designs I'm working on, one that is DC powered and one that is AC powered, but the best I can do on either ends up with a 60Hz EM field. I'm looking for adjustable frequency, ideally from 0.1Hz to 50kHz, although I'll be pretty happy to even get any range of frequencies at all. The range from 0.1Hz to 500Hz is the most useful and interesting in particular for my purposes, but any help on figuring this out at all would be much appreciated.

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what exactly is an adjustable speed drive and how to select one to make DC motor run with it ???

A mechatronics racing toy car that runs with variable speed .

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How to solder potentiometer to speaker? Answered

Hi,the speaker for my alarm system is too loud, so i soldered this adjustable resistor (that i plucked out from my headset) on to the speaker. but somehow, the adjustable resistor only works as a resistor, i cant use it to control the can i solder it so that it works ?and btw potentiometer = adjustable resistor ?thanks

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How can i adjust the brightness on the arduino lol 9x14 matrix sheild? Answered

The other day I recently bought the lol white smd matrix shield for Arduino it to me minutes to set up, and then I wanted to adjust the brightness as it was too bright would be good to set the brighness with a pot or buttons so I turn the pot and it adjusts the brightness or press a button to change the brightness thanks for help. (Beginner in arduino not quite got my head around the programming yet.)

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could someone write me a circuit that would allow my to affect an LED circuit by strobing the LED's

 Ideally this circuit would have a potentiometer knob that would twist from Constantly on to long strobes with lots of room for adjustment.? I have RBG LED circuits and microcontrollers and really want to have an adjustable strobe effect. Or is this a coding sort of thing that would be much harder?

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How to build a solar panel adjustable? It could be done using light sensors?

I have a model of a swiveling solar panel not too big, with a low price, materials not very difficult to achieve ... Thanks!

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How can i get a 12v motor to automatically reverse polarity or direction by a adjustable timer ???

I have a machine that i built for hunting that swims  duckdecoys back an forth that mimics a live group of ducks and would like to control it by an adjustable timer to automatically reverse the direction of the motor  instead of having to hit a switch back an forth.Heres what i need exactly a timer that is adjustable by a knob that will switch direction of motor after a certain time an adjustable speed control by knob for the motor to speed up an slow down the motor an a on/off switch to turn the system on an off if someone could help me with a parts list and a schematic of how it all goes im shure i can figure it out

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How do i monitor battery voltage and adjust engine idle with a servo? Answered

This is a question about an onboard generator for a robot. Obviously id like to achieve homeostasis at around 12.5-13v. When my car battery reaches full capacity (13.8v) the servo releases the throttle. When it falls below 12v it increases idle to full. Im new to the game go easy on me im waiting on my pic programmer to get here let me know if theres an easy way to do it. -Brian

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How can I make an adjustable rev limiter for a MSD CD ignition? Answered

I have a MSD HVC cd box and coil. The MSD box uses pills to cut off the ignition if I exceed X amount of RPM's. To change it, I have to pop the hood and change pills. I think the pills are resistors. How can I make this where I can set the rev limiter from inside the car like I do the shift light? Thanks, Scott

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Use my webcam to adjust screen brightness automatically for my windows computer. Answered

I have done a few google searches as well as some searching through instructables and have not found anything concrete about the application. There are apps that dim based on time of day (like Flux) but here in Florida, especially in the rainy season, it can get dark really quickly. There are a few apps for linux but my many forays into linux end up with me getting frustrated and removing the partition. I'm new to Instructables, but in the short time I have been a member I have seen that this site is undeniably the best on the web. If there were anywhere I would find what I'm looking for, it would be here. I have found a few interesting links: 1) Ambient Light sensors (ALS) are supported in windows 7: 2) A video by a Microsoft program lead back in 2008: Building Context Aware Applications: 3) Here is a proof of concept for a contest. Someone has actually made a simple app. Unfortunately, it is constantly running and the UI is command line: It is hard to understand him as he seems to go in between German and English. I wish I knew how to program cause I would probably change the code and create a better UI. The best route to save power would probably to have the computer check every 10-15 mins or more (maybe even user selectable). So guys what do you think?

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any idea son how to make a digital, adjustable timer that i could use to launch a model rockets?

 have a 4 channel fire control platform. i would like to change one of the channels to a digital fully programable digital timer

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I want to make power supply from 220 V AC to 300 V DC variable/adjustable?

I want to make power supply from 220 V AC to 300 V DC variable/adjustable? someone please help me or give me a link of workable circuit?

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Help with Alternating multiple LEDs adjustable Flash rate 9-12vdc supply Circuit Design.?

I have seen many LED Flashers, but they seem to rely on capacitor discharge to light the LEDs. I want to drive around 40 to 60 LEDs and alternate between these LEDs and be able to adjust the Flash rate. One side on for 1 to 2 seconds then the other side on 1 to 2 seconds and alternate between each set of LEDs. The supply voltage will provide the LED Power. I just need to alternate each side on and off at an equal rate. Can anyone help with this design or know of site with this type of circuit?

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