Android-controlled Android statue

Hideyuki Takei and Reo Matsumura have made this very cool Android statue that can be controlled by an Android app. Very nice. karakuri via MAKE

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Android Question? Answered

I have an Archos 5 tablet, which is not Google certified, so I can't get market place on it.  Does anyone know how I could watch netflix streaming on it without installing it through market place?  Thanks!

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Help for Android

Google has an operating system called Android. Click here to check it out. Anyways, I downloaded the desktop emulator and cannot get it to run!! I just get a mobile phone shaped window that says Android right in the middle of it. Can anyone give me any advice?

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Android 4.4.2

Alrighty folks, its been a while since i've been in the instructables community.... I apologize for my absence. Anyways, on to my question. My mother and I both have Samsung Galaxy s3s with android 4.4.2, and I am able to set a new lock pin, change lock type, or even disable mine. She, however, cannot do so on her phone. I've looked myself, and it seems all other options for the lock screen are "grayed out" and unable to be selected. All we want to do is disable the lock screen on her phone. Anybody know why this is happening or what I can do to help her out?

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I was just wondering if there was such an app, if not is someone willing to port the iphone one to android devieces? This would be soooo sweet ^^

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Nrf24L01+ and Android

Hi, Is a simple way to communicate nrf24L01+ and Android Smartphone? Best,

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Android Sign in

I cna't sign in to my account on the Android app. Galazy S5.   I am automatically on there as a guest, and if I favorite something, it asks me to sign in, and it will favorite it on my account, but if I do anything else, it signs me bak out again. I can't sign in or stay signed in at all with the Android app. any advice or fixes wouldb e great.

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Android USB OTG?

How to measure voltage at micro usb port on android with multimeter???

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Android on Raspberry Pi???

Hey Instructablers! I was wondering if it is possible to put Android software on a Raspberry Pi? if not could you put ubuntu on it??? just wondering... Thanks to anyone who responds!!!!!!

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android stick pc ? Answered

Hi every body , i have 2 questions about the pc stick, these days im planning to buy a laptop , so i searched for an android laptop and i found the amazing android mini stick  pc , bu i have two questions about it , can i use it as a laptop using linux operating system , can i use photoshop and photo editing softwares easily , and photoshop its really what i need , and without it i cant do anything , and the second question is there small screen to connect the stick with it and the both of the stick and display will be portable just as a laptop. wich is bets the mk0808 or the minix thanks waiting answers!!

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Amarino: Arduino and Android!

Take a look: "Normally smartphone events are tightly coupled to your phone device itself. When your cell phone is ringing, your phone speaker plays a ringtone. When you get a new text message, your phone displays it on its screen. Wouldn't it be thrilling to make thoses phone events visible somewhere else, on your wearable, in your living room, on your robot, in your office or where ever you want it to occur? Or would you like to use your smartphone sensors, like the accelerometer, light sensor, compass or your touchscreen to control other devices? 'android meets arduino' is a toolkit, basically consisting of an Android application and an Arduino library which will help you to interface with your phone in a new dimension. You can build your own interfaces almost without any programming experience. " I would love to see what kind of instructables come out of these kinds of projects! Amarino

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Random videos on Android? Answered

On roughly a bimonthly basis, I find random advertisement videos downloaded in my "All Videos" file on my Android Milestone X. Is this the result of an app, or is it a default thing for Androids? I'd like it so that it stops happening, though it is more of an annoyance than a serious problem.

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Robosapien android control? Answered

Ive recently found some different hacks for wowwee's Robosapien and these have inspired me to dig out my old one and see what i could do. One thing i want to start with is controlling it with maybe an app on my android, ive found a few different websites  with different ways to go about this but none was what i wanted. Ive found these two projects ( here and here) and i wondering if anyone could help me bridge the two (the coding still gives me a headache), of if you have a different way to go about it.  Thanks in advance

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Untouchable Android Device?

Hey,  So i am in a turkish school and the Turkish National Education Ministry (Milli eğitim bakanlığı) gave half the schools in turkey educational tablets for free. But the goverment cant just not touch anything.... These tablets (writing this post with one of them now) are on what i am declaring ANDROID LOCKDOWN. (actually sounds catchy) They have deleted play store, disabled the ability to install apks on them, made the bluetooth as expensive as a paperwieght.. And connection with a computer?? Trust me dont even go there. So the question is *İs there any possible way to install apks WİTHOUT rooting??* Help me please The tablets are General mobile e tab 5 Android 4.4 kitkat octa core 1.7 ghz 2 gb ram 32 gig memory. İt pains me to see them like this..

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Android Password Saver

The result of boredom. Numbers layer tells you what each dot is labeled. The x-y layers represent the paths. X is the first dot, y is the one you move to after that. Just make the layers visible. I didn't bother making any long diagonals because I didn't feel like it and they're hard to use anyways. I find it useful to load a jpg on my miniSD so if I forget, I can go back and see what it was before I unlocked it. (I know it's overdone, but if I'm going to be using it all the time, I might as well make it pretty)

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Android program menu

Hello, I am trying to program my electrify M to Pageplus. I have seen no flashing tool that supports the phone. Can I program my phone with program menu like this? P.S. my phone is unlocked.

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how can I update android on a android phone? Answered

I will be getting a phone from my mom with android 2.3.3  it is a hand-me-down so is there a way and is it easy?

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How To: Create an Android App With Android Studio to Control LED?

In this tutorial here: it says to "Import the followings packages:" in the DeviceList class. My question is, HOW DO YOU IMPORT these packages? Does it mean to copy and paste somewhere the two code snippets: #1 import android.widget.Button; and #2 import android.widget.ListView; into the DeviceList class, it doesn't say.  While I am new to instructables I do have some background in C#,  C++,  and other languages and I certainly am familiar with the "importing" feature in many programs but I never heard of "importing" directly into code. Can you please help me understand what it means to "import" in the tutorial. Thanks David Lee

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Arduino control via android

The arduino board needs to be controlled from My android mobile..!! is there a solution for controlling the arduino from the android mobile through any means like USB,Bluetooth or Internet...!!??

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Android, connect laptop to tablet?

I would like to manage my tablet via my laptop, at present it doesn't see anything except photos.

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Android custom soft keyboard?

Android custom soft keyboard? I'm trying to create my own custom virtual keyboard for Android. Tackling small problems. Can someone help me? 1) How can I customize the colors, the shapes of the keys on a keyboard? 2) Can I change the font of the labels of the keys on the keyboard? 3) Can I put the icons instead of the characters on the popup when you long press? Here is my code: Thanks!

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Cut n Paste with Android?

Annoyed with droid. Cut n paste feature...   when pasting, a long press will cause a " paste" icon to pop up... SOMETIMES... but icon will disappear if you press longer than 0.72 second, or thereabout.  Is there a more reliable paste option with android?  It often takes 5 or 6 tries to get that 0.7  plus or minus 0.02 second sweet spot.

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Android tablet vs YouTube Answered

Fewer and fewer YouTube videos (such as those embedded here) are working on my Android tablet. I'll see the usual frame image, but as soon as I hit play, more and more of them just become black rectangles. It's not the videos themselves, as they play on a Windows netbook or an iPod, or in the Photon browser I just downloaded. Has YouTube changed the way it plays videos,  or has Android been updated in a way that is not YouTube friendly? I want to keep using the Android browser, rather than the Photon, partly because all my bookmarks are in the defsult browser, and partly because Photon is horrible to use.

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Converting my Android in a monitor

Hi everybody, one single question, Is posible convert my Android phone in monitor for a mini-camera cctv? The extended question. I would like when I go to birding to use my phone connected at a mini camera cctv (by example like this) for I can to see some caches, holes, nests too much high and similar. An version of this application but very very simple, only the monitor mode. Is posible connect and show a cctv camera to Android usb? Thank you

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some help with android please...?

Just got myself an 8" Archos arnova 8 tablet with Android 2.1. Purpose is mainly reading PDFs, Office documents, viewing pictures, listening to MP3s en doing some light internet, all for travel.  The user manual was very brief. I need some simple apps: PDF and office reader. Nowhere is says how to install. Some sites like appslib and android market want me to have a paypal account, even though I will only need a few free apps. I might use my 8Gb micro SD card to get it via my computer, but really have no idea what I'm doing. Someone knows a nice tutorial for people totally stuck in the Windows/desktop age?

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Arduino & Android UDP communications?

I have an arduino running a UDP server program and it works fine. I have been able to confirm it receives data and responds with a string by using an app which sends & receives UDP messages. I am trying to run a UDP client on an android tablet through Eclipse (java). I have imported and and Eclipse does not show any errors with the code. The software seems to timeout after a long period when the following line is executed: Socket mySkt = new Socket("",8888); .......even though this is the IP address and port I am able to confirm through the app. Does anyone have any ideas or very easy sample code to get this to work? Or are there any ways of testing the socket connection? Thanks,

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Building Android from source?

I am planning on building Android from source from AOSP for my phone. I went through all the stuff and procedure.  Update: My device under consideration is Asus Zenfone C (ZC451CG),  While going through this process do I have to worry about kernel compatibility issues. My phone is currently running 4.4.4 kitkat, and I am going to compile marshmallow 6.0 for it. Will the drivers be compatible with the later.   The following link attaches to the software site of my phone with firmware, source, kernel and other stuff. Just provided if you wanted to see This is my first time doing it, so any help is deeply appreciated. :D Don't worry about the performance of system or speed of internet, they are ample.

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arduino and android tablet question

 i want to buy a tablet, was on the verge of the ipad 2''i ,but saw that android is making nice with arduino. costco has the xoom wifi at a decent price, any suggestions or should i just get tthe ipad2 for now and maybe a cheap archos android 2.1 for arduino projects, or unlocked android on t mobile freqs, now that i think they have  data prepay cards. ideas.

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which language have to use for project on android mobile os which application to choose?

Im in final year of IT engg n i want to do project n Android mopbile os i want some guidance about which lang to use n which app to choose please help me.....

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android phone issues, insufficient memory, have 32gb sd card, please help

Hi there, I am soooo totally lost.  I tried to follow the directions for the android phone but don't even know where to find anything you are talking about.  Is it possible to tell me where everything is to begin with?  I keep receiving the error can't download insufficient memory, I have a 32gb sd card and only 5 apps are on it because my phone will not let me send to sd card so my google updates won't install and so therefore I cannot get the apps I want on my phone bc of no space.  Please help me start from point 1.  I am not a technical person so I'm not understanding the directions you are giving.  Any assistance will be most appreciated.

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Please, am so confused right now. I fell inside the water with my phone in my breast pocket and I ignored it since it didn't really touch the phone. When I got home, I found out it was WET and so I removed everything and dried it in the sun for two days, I turned it on and luckily it worked. BUT THE PROBLEM IS-IT IS NOT RESPONDING TO TOUCH!!! PLEASE HELP,AM SO WORRIED

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when i start my android mobile it stuck on android logo?

When i start it then i found that beside touch panel display circuit was heating so i open display adapter and measure it with multimeter one of its shows 44.6 volts what should be problem is it display drive or else & i also try to flash also hang . it micromax D320 android kitkat . thanks

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Accelerometer Data (arduino) to Android Device Via Bluetooth

Looking to do a mini project. I need help sending the data i recieve from the accelerometer to an android device.. Is this possible and how!

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Can I use a 3G USB Modem in a Android Tablet?

I've plans for buying an Android Tablet but I don't have wireless connection in my home

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I want to run android on ipod touch 2g.?

I want to run android on my jailbroken ipod touch 2g. I want only android I do not want open Iboot or bootlace. I just want the android operating system with no trace of apple IOS. If any one can help I would really appreciate it. Can some help me please?

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Android games on External SD Card???

Good day I use a Samsung Galaxy S Duos ( GT-S7562 ) and i have less than 1,8 gigabytes of app space and 512 megabytes ram so its better to install apps on sd card. But i still have 1 yr. warrenty and i dont want to root. Help me please??? Thank you & good day

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Instructables APP for Android (on Nexus 7) - All I get is the intro pictures.?

Just installed the Instructables App on a Nexus 7.  All I see is the four intro pictures "Explore, Share, Make".  How do get past these and navigate to the site?

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Coin Acceptor Pulse to Android App via Bluetooth Module?

Good Day, I'm new in Android and Arduino Programming. Does anyone here have an Idea how to send coinslot pulse to android app via bluetooth. The Coinslot is connected to an Arduino with Bluetooth module. and will send pulses to android app if coin is accepted. any help will be greatly appreciated. much better if with example codes. Its for school project.  godbless.

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Is it possible to make a touchscreen arduino device which displays one single android app?

The device should be able to connect online, so that it can update new releases of the app.  

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Senior Design Project Android LED Phone Case Help!

Hi Everyone, I have a project. It's an LED Phone case this case will light up when the user receives an incoming notification. My progress so far is that I'm using Samsung Gs2 on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 OS with the Arduino Mega Adk board. The problem I'm running into is that the Arduino Mega doesn't connect with the Samsung Gs2. When I run the Arduino Hello World sketch for example: i get the following error in the arduino IDE. I have search online but nothing seems to help me.  Device addressed… Requesting device descriptor. found possible device. swithcing to serial mode Data packet error: 5could not read device protocol version   However, I do understand for my project that I will need an Android Application and the Arduino Code. I'm just stuck and I'm wondering if this is to complicated or is it another simpler way. If someone knows something I need your help. 

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[Arduino] Problem connection Bluetooth

Hi all, A while ago I got a HC06 bluetooth module. In the beginning everything worked OK, but now some problems have appeared. Pairing in Android works fine, as well as with my laptop. The problem arises when connecting my phone (Google Android 4.2 with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR) to the device. BlueTooth Serial Controller 16 seems the only working app, but I would like to use my own application, based on the code described here Also other apps like BlueSerial Beta and Bluetooth ssp pro do not work. Does anyone have a clue how to solve this problem? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Zytro

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connect bluetooth adapter to phone ? Answered

Hi guys  so i've watched this video it's about how to increase bluetooth range ( ) and i want to connect it to my android phone 'Note 4' via OTG USB so can i do that ?

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Resources for a custom smartphone?

I am annoyed at touch screens and want to make a button/touchscreen hybrid. It should run Android OS. I have a design in place and the body is not an issue.(3D Printing) I want to use a touch button like used on the Blackberry Curve ) but the screen should also be touch. I need hardware(IC's, motherboards, etc.) and I need drivers and the OS (Stack, boot image etc.). Resources to get these are not in my knowledge. 

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How to install Windows XP IN PLACE OF Android on a phone

I have a Moto E first gen smartphone and a copy of Windows XP lying around, and I was wondering if it would be possible to install XP in place of Android on it. I don't want to run XP on top of Android, I want to erase Android and make XP the only OS on the device. Is this possible? And yes, I know it wouldn't really be useful for anything, it's just for fun.

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How do I read epub on android?

I have both Kindle and Nook apps loaded on my Android smartphone. Not the greatest viewing area, but good enough in a bind, and not as bulky as either the Kindle or the Nook Color. Anyway, I've download a bunch of the epubs, and now I am unable to get them even recognized on the Android smartphone. Anyone have a suggestion?

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ANDROID ARNOVA. Possible to plug in webcam via USB?

My Arnova tablet does not have a build in camera. Are drivers available for webcams? If yes, which webcams?

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connect android with arduino via wifi ?

Hello can anyone help  i need t create small project  the project is an application on android mobile that can turn on or of led in arduino uno  i have bought arduino uno an arduino uno ethernet shield  so i need to know how to create wifi connection between them  in code please 

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