Annoying GPU problems

While playing games and namely online games on my computer my GPU seems to crash at random times but always during actions. While playing World of Warcraft during some boss fights and in a handful of areas where the colors consist of mainly whites blues and dark grays they screen will distort all colors, freeze, and then eventually just turn black and not come back on until I restart the computer. Motherboard: Asus P7P55D EVO Processor: Intel i7 860 (Quad) Memory: 8.00GB GPU: EVGA GeForce GTS 250 PSU: 1000W Windows 7 64bit I checked the GPU and CPU temps and they are running at normal levels GPU stays around 40-42 without load and gets to 54-56 under load and CPU is 50 idle and 62-64 under the max load i could put it under which was only about 40% or so. I'm just trying to see what could be causing it to crash at such inconvenient times. I have updated the drivers and searched the Nvidia and EVGA websites for any other people having similar problems with no luck.?

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Annoy-A-Thing 2.0 Development

Annoy-A-Thing made by let_it_out_org.After seeing some interest in developing a second iteration of the device, I thought it could be a good idea to start a forum thread for the development.I think the device should ; Beep at random (or kind of) interval, Use a 555 or a 556 timer, and it should not be powered by a microcontroller.

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new ad

I just got a taste of the new advertisement, I believe it is a verizon ad. i just need to say, that is effing annoying! pick another type of ad!!!

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Weird junk characters in Firefox?

So, I have this annoying problem with Firefox... As I browse the web, opening and closing tabs, I get an accumulation of (Japanese?) characters all over the tabs at the top of the screen.  It starts with one or two, but soon builds up to obscure the tabs, so that I can't find the Xs to close tabs, or even switch between them (see the screenshot). The characters occur no matter what websites I do or do not visit. It eventually gets to the point where I have to close the software to get rid of the mess. The problem has persisted through uninstall/reinstall of the browser, and the only add-ons I have running are a dictionary and McAfee site advisor. Yes, I know I could just switch to Chrome, but FF is my favourite browser. Anybody know a cure?

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how to kill the loud annoying boom boom from cars?

i am wondering is there a way of over riding speakers to play my own music or just stop the boom boom coming out the car in front at traffic lights? i remember a broad band am frequency was mentioned once at one place of work but need your knowledge.?

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Arghh! My instructables and filters.

Damnit every time I post an instructable it takes as long as it take the staff to check the filters, why? i don't know, this never happened before now and I can't think what makes them get caught every time, none of them did until lately.

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What is the duration of Instructibles login sessions

Hello, I visit the Instructables website about 2-3 times per month (every 10 days or so), and it seems like EVERY time I do I need to login again. Even "Amazon" - and they're a commercial site - is better at "remembering me than Instructables. This is not actually a technical problem, but more of a question about Instructables policy (and also, it's a site complaint). (I can almost guarantee someone's going to misread my question so I'll say again... NOT a request for help. Yes I have cookies and JS on, and yes I'm using a good browser, Chrome.) It seems like I have to login every 4-7 days, possibly sooner, which is fracking annoying. If  there a better place to post site feedback, please be gentle, I did not find it before posting.  Thanks. (And despite my complaint, I love love love this website, it's in my top 5 favorites).

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My back and forward buttons on my toolbar just plain stopped working. Anyone know how to fix this? Answered

They're not even greyed out or anything, but they do nada when I click on them.  I can still use the history bar to get back and forth, but it's a pain, and I'd rather not have something wrong with my computer.  For once in my life, google didn't help me out much.

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Why is my IBM thinkpad T42 so slow?

I just got a new hard drive for my t42 and reinstalled ubuntu but it is just extremely slow. I am using it in wireless mode, and I have multiple computers connected to my modem in my house. It takes about 10 minutes just for me to get to my IGOOGLE page. My laptop also keeps cutting in and out of connectivity. Thanks

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My computer keeps making annoying trinkle?

When i add the graphic card and i refresh(actualiser) the computer it makes an annoying trinkle

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Recent changes are clunky, complicated, and a bit annoying.

Let's start with the community:Getting to community pages are complicated- There should be access from the front page.There is no over all community, each one is segregated. There should be a "general," page for things like website concerns, over all information, etc.Moving on to the website:There are no "All," options to view all the updates/feeds.I understand the defined feeds were sought to give clear access to each ordered category, but it's far too many channels or feeds to follow. How are "Featured," and "Editor's Picks," actually chosen or defined? Having to go to the "Feed" tab to fill it up is annoying. If we are forced to use this clearly not wanted "Feed," feature, allow us the ability to follow a category from the category's page. (It's there in the Author's\Member's section so it's clearly available)Over all? Unimpressed. The basic usage of the site seems to be gone in an attempt to be "hip and cool." Please bring back the "All," option so we don't need to follow 200+ feeds to just see all the really cool things the members create.

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I have a monitor with a broken HDMI port, would there be any way I can repair it or have it repaired?

I have a monitor with a broken HDMI port. Part of the center that holds the pins in broke (About 1.5-2mm) , and the pins are bent all to... Well... That place down there and back. Would there be a possibility that any computer repair place could replace it, or any way I could do it?The warranty is expired, so I can't void it.

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My computer keeps making annoying beepy noises.

And has been doing so for the past 6 months. I have been able to deal with it for this long, but it has finally gotten to me. The computer is a HP Pavilion dv7 running Windows 7 Home Premium. It is not coming from the speakers, I think it is coming from the circuit board. I am sure it isn't coming from the speakers because 1) When the headphones are plugged in, the sound still comes, but not from the headphones (all sound reroutes to the headphones when they are plugged in) and 2) The sound still comes when the volume is turned all the way down. Please help, it is SO annoying. Thanks!

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annoying feed back need help getting rid of it ? Answered

Ok so i have an old guitar amp with 2 car speakers and a drill battery and a car inverter. somewhere in this line im getting feedback   like buzzing and it sucks   i made this thing in hopes of having a really loud back pack sound system and it worked very well but the feed back needs to go i dont know what causes it but i know it has something to do with the way im powering it because when i use a wall plug instead of the inverter it stops the buzzing but how do i fix it for good

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Does anyone know of a noise that can annoy my neighbors while they are in their backyard?

Every single day my next door neighbors go out to their back yard and make alot of noise ( screaming children, adults yelling and talking very loud, etc.) They know that this bothers all of the surrounding neighbors but they just don't care. I can't take anymore and before I move I want to see if there is a way to annoy them with some kind of high pitched noise so they will be forced to go inside. Help! Thanks!

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Computer makes annoying fan sound and suddenly crashes while playing games, why?

Apperantly I have got many issues with my pc. first the ram, now i've got blue screens about my pc 'failing' at recover from a driver or something.. I decided to clean up my pc From dust ( Graphic card & my computer fan) we screwed the graphic card apart to clean. When we were done, my pc began making a weird and annoying noise ( a mini chainsaw?)  I tried to run CS:GO (game) and the annoying sound got louder. Suddenly my pc just went black screen And turned off without warning. What could have caused the problem??

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qusten ? Answered

Turn up your speakers   listen to this i would like to make a device to play this noise endlsey at high voulme 

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First I'm still a newbie at electronics. I know there are schematics for the "annoying cricket" out there.

Is there a schematic or explanation telling me how to make the device give a double chirp then silent for a seond before another double chirp, turning off in the light and then back on in the dark?

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I have added monitors/desktops to windows XP because of the PSP monitor ible and now I do not know how to delete them?

Its quite annoying because my mouse goes of the screen on to the other desktop and its hard to find it again, and also when I press print screen to take a screen shot it does all of the desktop and I find it very annoying!Help Is Appreciated! = D Thanks!

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blackberry curve dust

I have my blackberry curve for 2 months an it has dust stuck inside the screen does anyone know how to take it out its really annoying

Topic by Tanners 

How would you make a battery holder for a AAA battery?

I make many small motorized things but have never found a good way to keep the wires on to the battery, i have used dog-eared paper clips and i can't find a single AAA battery case. Soldering batterys is annoying because i have a horrible soldering gun. Duct tape is what i normally use but it is annoying to have to take it all off to see if there is a problem.

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I think they should add a fb login thing on the popup login box as you have to scroll to the top again every time an it gets so annoying. who agrees?

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is there a buzzer of sorts that replicates the mosquito buzz ringtone on cell phones?

This buzz, if u dont know, is a very high pitch/ frequency which can get kind of annoying u probably know what the next step is..

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The large number of "compilation Instructables" as getting very annoying. When you go looking for new Instructables you have to wade thru a sea of these rehashes of old Instructables. There is a search function if anyone is looking for a certain subject so there is no need for these entries. THANKS! 

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How to get past Windows Live Family Safety?

It's reallyyyy annoying and I prevents me from viewing TONS of sites... it record what I'm doing right now also... Greattt...

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Touch Sensitive Floor Mats

I have one of those Halloween floor mats that when you step on them, it triggers a sensor that has it make a screaming noise. Is there anyway to hack this? It's annoying and I want to make use out of it.

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oldest/newest posts in answers? Answered

Is there a way of seeing reply answers oldest 1st everytime, rather than keep having to select it. It's quite annoying reading posts that don't follow the previous post, so have to select oldest 1st evertime. Cheers.

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Xbox 360 headset loop?

One thing I am working on is looping the headset speaker back into the mic. This way it plays everything you hear back to the game. You may wonder why in the hell anyone would want to do that? well, this is for those Really annoying people or kids with really annoying voices(squeakers) When they start being annoying or making sounds, I can plug the modded headset in, so they can hear just how dumb they sound. I took apart my headset and there are 4 wires, 1 blue, 1 red wire, 1 white wire, and a bare wire. the red and blue wire go to the speaker, and the bare wire and white wire go to the mic I've googled more about it and it seems the white wire is a ground so does that mean I just solder the blue, red, and bare wire together and I'm done? thnx for any help you can give. (P.S. Yes the Picture is correct, the bare wire looks red, but is really brass, and the black wire is really red, with a plastic enamel.)

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...Can anyone tell me how to unblock websense at my workplace????

....Is there any program or something that I can use to unblock this annoying thing??? Websense blocks almost everything fun on the internet!!! Please help me out.

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How could i avoid using a mosfet?

I couldn't find one, so could i just make one or something or maybe use a transister from something else? im doing this project:

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How do you get scratches out of a plastic table without refinishing the whole thing? Answered

Cuttin stuff on ma table, scratched up it. Real annoying. Just surface scratches. How do I smooth it back?

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Why won't my code work?!

Howdy! I am fairly new to basic ARduino programming and have small project in the works. In order to re-familiarize myself to coding for Arduino, I am simply trying to make an LED turn off and on when an SPST switch is flipped. Simple right? Yeah, no. I have included my code below. The problem I have is on start, the LED lights up and stays on! When I hit the switch, it just gets brighter. Funny thing, if I connect the switch to the GND pin, the LED can be controlled- but in and opposite manner. Also, when using GND, the LED may turn off or on, but every now and then, it will turn on or off- depending on what state its' in. FYI, I'm using an Arduino Mega 2560. Thanks for the help! const int led_1 = 31;       //LED cathode is connected to PIN 31 and anode to GND const int switch_1 = 44;       //Single SPST switch is connected to PIN 44 and the 5V pin int switch_1_State = 0;       //Initial "switch_1_State" is LOW void setup() {   pinMode(led_1, OUTPUT);       //led_1 is set as an OUTPUT   pinMode(switch_1, INPUT);       //switch_1 is set as an INPUT } void loop () {   switch_1_State = digitalRead(switch_1);       //Read state of switch and store in "switch_1_State." Will either be a HIGH or LOW   digitalWrite(led_1, switch_1_State);       //Tell led_1 to either be HIGH or LOW depending on state of "switch_1_State" } //Problem is LED is always lit. When turning the switch to the "ON" position, the LED just becomes a little bit brighter. When turning to "OFF," LED just dims slightly. //If switch is connected to GND instead of 5V, LED turns off an on sporatically, opposite to the switch's ON and OFF state. Explain?

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DC --> AC Inverter Question

I just bought a 12vDC to 115AC power inverter. But it will shutoff when the voltage drops below 10v :/ Can I disable this? It's annoying as I'm running it outside of a car so I cant just start an engine to charge the thing.

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Hiding non-present devices?

Hi, It gets extremely annoying when there is multiple drives in my computer but they aren't in use. Does anyone know how to only show present devices or do I just have to live with the multiple devices?

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Should there be an automatic answer function? Answered

I get annoyed every time a see an answered question left unmarked, is there any way the computer could automatically mark the question as answered after a week? That would be helpful for sorting out people that need help from people that are lazy.

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Note help?

Im using mozilla firefox, and when i go to add notes to my instructables pictures, i just get a cancel sign...Its really annoying, and my first isnt goin to well. Im sure others have had this problem..well, thats about it. thanks.

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cheap pc racing wheel problem

Hi, i have recently buy a cheap pc racing wheel  i have a problem the wheel have a deadzone of 20° IN each direction so it annoying when playing game so, there is any fix to remove this deadzone? thanks, 

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msn messenger problems with pc sound?

So whenever i raise or lower the volume from the microphone on msn messenger it also controls my main volume whenever im in a video call with my friend. how can i fix this problem because its annoying me

Question by diabloboy 

Why aren't the contests not open to all? Answered

I am getting quite annoyed with the fact that I cant participate in any of the contests.My light sensing LED have just being featured and I cant enter it in the arduino contest what a pity.Does any one know when will the contests be open to all or at least to indians.

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Replacing led with mouse? Answered

I won a  mouse on ebay for $0.01. now i am annoyed with the red led due to the mouse transparency. i want to know if i can swap the red led with an infrared led just to get rid of the red light and still has the same performance By the way. there was another blue led in it that i chopped out without hesitation.

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Could removing a buzzer break the circuit?

I have a safe and it has a really annoying beep each time you use it so I wanted to remove the buzzer. The buzzer is on the main circuit board for the safe and while I have no problem de-soldering it, could there be any way that the safe would fail to function if it no longer had the buzzer in the circuit?

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Creating a "dome" of sound using speaker phase?

Ok so, I want to install some kickass speakers into my pergola, but I don't want to annoy my neighbours with unwanted bass at 3 in the morning. Is it possible to place out of phase subs hidden around the pergola (a fair distance away) to cancel out the bass frequencies and create a sort of "dome" of sound?

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DNS problem Answered

Sometimes my browser intermittently says it can't find a site / sites. I believe my ISP is not resolving the IP address from the domain name quick enough / at all. Repeatedly hitting "reload" will get these in the end, but it's annoying (obviously) There is software that will cache IP addresses locally - any recommendations?Or have I got the wrong idea?L - frollard?

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Really simple question about Firefox, if you know the answer.

I'm fairly new to Firefox and have been looking for a long time but I can't find the Temporary Internet Files folder.  I know where the normal one is for Windows Internet Explorer, but there is nothing there during and after surfing in Firefox. Thanks in advance.

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Cut n Paste with Android?

Annoyed with droid. Cut n paste feature...   when pasting, a long press will cause a " paste" icon to pop up... SOMETIMES... but icon will disappear if you press longer than 0.72 second, or thereabout.  Is there a more reliable paste option with android?  It often takes 5 or 6 tries to get that 0.7  plus or minus 0.02 second sweet spot.

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My macbook pro mouse pointer is freezing up? Answered

I do not use the trackpad. I use an external mouse. Whenever I log in to the computer, the mouse pointer is freezing up. When this happens, I can only use the trackpad to move the mouse. I found a temporary fix: Unplugging the usb and replugging it. It is still quite annoying though. Is there a permanent fix to this?

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HP Power adapter problems?

Hello, I have a HP Smart AC/Auto/Air Combo Adapter, and today it began to fail. To get it to work I have to shake the adapter itself mulitple times, and then it starts to work, and works without a problem. It has only begun to do this occasionally, but it is getting really annoying. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it? Thanks!

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When I change the volume on my volume wheel on my computer it presses a key?

I'm a huge gamer and this is really annoying.  When i turn down the volume or turn it up, it will press some keys on my keyboard (i think it might be "X" and "B".  I dont knoe why it does this, can someone help?

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Is there a free way to emulate Windows XP on a Linux based system?

I'm getting a bit annoyed at Windows, and almost everything I use is freeware already anyway. My problem is that most, if not all, of the programs I use were designed for Windows. If I could make a Linux system work with all my Windows programs, I think I would be much happier.

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