auto printing?

I need help and I'm hoping I've come to the right place. I consider myself fairly computer compitant however I'm having a hard time find a resource to learn this little trick. Basically I'm trying to make something print everyday at 730am so when i walk in the office in the morning i can grab it from the printer and get to work instead of waiting for the secretary to hopefully get there at 8am and hopefully print it by 830. It's and excell file (ns that it really matters.) If any one knows a simple macro or a setting please let me know. thanks.

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auto downloader?

im downloading some manga and anime its fast to download it but theres so much it will take a long time so i need something like cryptload / jdownloader that works like them and works with the site called

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CNC auto level

I bought a 3 axis CNC machine from amazon, after putting it together with poor instructions, I had what looks to be a auto level prob wire. I am trying to figure out how and where to connect this single wire to the board? the IC in a atmega328p with Arduino loaded . I have some photos that maybe someone could tell me which pin to connect this to? thanks

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Auto body help

I need some help here and I hope that there is someone that can answer this question. I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma and I want to add some bigger fender flairs on the truck, I want to use what are called pop rivet nuts. The pop rivet nuts are inserted just like a pop rivet but it has a nut on the back of it so that you can use a small bolt. The screws that came with the fender flairs are called self tapping screws and they seem to wallow out after time. I need to know what the thickness of a typical fender is so that I can order the right pop rivet nuts. The pop rivet nuts only come in sizes for gauge metal. Does anyone know what gauge a finder is so that I can order the right pop rivet nuts. Thanks for any input.

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Auto populating a date?

Is there a formula to have a date auto populate if there is data entered into a certian cell? Thanks, Donna

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"Auto" pin grounding?

Does anyone know how to ground pins automatically using the polygon tool and the auto tool in eagle (e.g. the black ovals in picture)?

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can pressure monitoring valves stems in a 2003 Cadillac Seville be replaced with standard valve stems?

Have ongoing problem of pressure stems leaking. have replaced two and they are expensive.

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Newtons Cradle

Is there anyway anyone knows how to build like a robot kind of thing that with a push of a button moves your newtons cradle and if possible can you make it do a range of tricks?? It would be awesome if i could Looking Forward to responses Thanks!

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Rope Light?

I have a rope light that runs on a battery pack that holds 2 AA batteries. I want to use these lights to outline my grill on my truck. Is there a way to hook this up to the 12V electric system of the truck so I dont have to use batteries all the time?

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Is there a remote for a stock radio?

I have a 2012 Kia Soul, base model, with the factory installed radio.  I also have two children who always 'need' the radio station changed.  Does any one know if you can purchase, if so where, a remote the radio?  I am a single mother so don't want to get involved with replacing the radio just to have a remote.  I was just hoping that there would be an easy out for me, lol.  Thank you

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auto fill water drinker

Pl help me make some thing like this. thanks

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Auto switching 3.5mm circuit

I currently have my phone connected to my car stereo via 3.5mm audio cable on the aux input for music playback I would also like to connect my UHF radio to the car stereo as the internal speaker is not very loud/clear. I would like it set up so that the music is playing and it auto switches to the UHF when someone is broadcasting. I'm not sure if such a thing is possible (DIY) or if a product existing on the market already. I would appreciate any help on the subject Cheers 

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Auto-follow film technology

Does anyone know if technology exists whereby an object can be filmed and followed by a robot camera when moving at speed (i.e. with motion sensors)? Without the use of a tag on the object being filmed (i.e. like those used by Pixio and Soloshot)? Bearing in mind that the object would be contained within a specific radius.

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auto delay off indicators ?

I have an old car (1930) with a 6 volts positve earth electrical system. Although it has semaphore arm type turn indicators, I have installed a modern flasher type system . It works fine . The problem is , I often forget to cancel the idicators , I need a simple way to to auto cancel the signal after say 20 seconds. I have tried using electronic devices  based on the 555 timer. These work fine until the engins is started, causing the circuit to become un balanced, so its real hit and miss as to reliabilty. mainly due to the fact that the working voltage of the 555 is 5 -- 18 volts. Can anyone suggest a way around this problem. Thanks Gasper1

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how can i put my computer to auto-login?

Well, title says it all, i want my computer to automatically log onto an account... how do i do it?

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Switching Circuit

Hi, I want to build a Auto-Switching circuit. I would appreciate if you could help me on circuit. Sorry for my ignorance in circuit design. There are two power sources A and B. The A is 12v and B is 3v.I would be utilizing the power from A only when B is turned On. So an auto switching circuit is required in this scenario. The circuit should sense if B is On, if so it should let A On.

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How do I fix an oil leak problem for a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300sd?

Oil leak appears at the pipe connected to the oil pan

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how do i replace dash lights on an 01 subaru outback ?

My light went out behind my odometer on my subaru , it is the only light that is out. it is digital . or is there a seperate fuse for that ? But all the other lights are ok. Is there a way of replacing just the bulb itself ?

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Replacement flanges for 2002 Ranger exhaust?

I'm replacing the rear half of the exhaust on my 02 ranger. (consists of the intermediate pipe the muffler and the exhaust pipe) There's a spring load gasket asssembly between the exhaust pipe (going to muffler) and the cat. converter. The flange on the cats pipe is rusted out. Anyone know if a split flange repair kit (or something akin) is available. I'd rather not do a chop job (remove the flanges on both pipes and install a flex pipe etc.)

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Home used subwoofer can connect to car?

I have a home used subwoofer with 220V AC. It has a transformer input of 220V AC, and Output of 12V 2A. I want to fix that subwoofer unit into my boot of the car. My car is running on 12V NS 60 Car battery. To run the unit with car battery I may have to bypass the transformer of the unit and give power from the battery directly to the Amplifier. I have two questions. 1. Is it safe to get a direct power line from the car battery to the unit. 2. How to identify the place in the circuit board to connect the power line from the car battery. (Sample diagrams are very much appreciated)

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How to build connectors?

I am wanting to use my auto dvd player by placing the head unit in one place, but somehow extending the touchscreen so I can mount it on my dash. Is it possible to build a connector so the screen can be moved and does not have to be connected to the head unit? The screen is removeable as an antitheft measure so all I would need to do is extend the the distance between the head unit and the screen. If I could build the connectors then extending that would be simple.?

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hydrogen kit for a car? Answered

First is it real and i know how the hydrogen is made but does it go into the intake or something or through the fuel injectors as well as does it use the oxygen as well?

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how do u connect 2 coils?

I have wounded 2 coils but i was wondering how can you connect them together or you connect them to seperate circuits.

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Would like to "hard wire" electric seat heaters into cars electrical system without plugging into the cigarette lighter.

My wife has some seat heaters for our 2006 Honda Element but they plug into the cigarette lighter and there is only one lighter jack. The heat build up is significant and a direct wiring would have been better for this. Do you have some instructions on how to do this task?

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Creating a USB program

Hello forums, I was wondering if anybody knew of a program that could do the following via USB. I have pet chickens that need feeding multiple times a day. I wanted to make a USB device that I could plug into my computer, and when I push a button in the program, it activates the USB port which is connected to my feeder. I don't need any help with making the feeder, it's just being able to run it on demand. Thanks in advance.

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Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

Well, the new GTACW game came out, so, i got it. Anybody else have it? It's awesome.

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How to make Chimney Auto Start?

Hi All, I would to make automation for Stove chimney. My goal is , as I start my gas stove for cooking my chimney should start immediately. Please give me some idea to achieve this goal. My Idea is it can be achieved using heat sensor near gas stove with a relay switch. If my idea is correct please help me to design circuit. Let me know if further info required. Thanks Vinit

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Auto zoom causes problems in upload?

When you implemented the new upload tool, I couldn't use it in Chrome on a Windows 7 laptop.  You drag and drop the file to a location on the page and then click upload. However, the upload button was off-screen and I couldn't scroll to it. Weird! I got around the problem by using another browser for a while.  Recently, I discovered that the zoom setting was over 100%!  I hadn't zoomed in…. By setting it back to 100%, I could access the upload button. Why do the create pages change the zoom setting on on you? Why can't you scroll to the button in Chrome?

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How to stop auto payment from Instructables?

I no longer use this service and want ti to stop auto charging me.

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how do i turn auto logoff off?

Its simple, for a game i need to keep logged on. but after a certain amount of time, it logs off. windows XP service pack 3. ask for more info if u need.

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need to replace dash cam camera switch so that it will auto turn on with ignition

, as it is now it gets power but i need to push the on button to start the camera . i would also like to have it turn off auto, with a bypass, in case i want to keep the camera running with the ignition off ,but key in aux,, like a radio.. it has a battery that last about 15 minutes..

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What would be the cheapest and most effective way for me to clean a cylinder head?

I'm going to pull multiple cylinder heads from the junkyard and i need to clean them. Unfortunately, i don't know how. Anybody got some maguyver tricks?

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I'd like to make a heads up display HUD for my GPS so it is not stuck to the windshield. Anybody done one thats cool?

I've seen the iPhone app...I'm thinking something a bit more permanent and professional looking.

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what does it mean when a prospective employer asks, "can you help DA and prep this car for paint?"? Answered

Responding to job boards online, i came acrosss this offer and was puzzled. "Help DA and prep bodies for paint". was wondering if anyone in the industry might now what DA refers to...

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How do you change radiator in 98 Achieva with pictures if you have them?

My husband is replacing the radiator in our 1998 Achieva, but he is having trouble removing it.  Can you give instructions with pictures if possible so he can see what he is doing wrong.  Thank you.

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How to Make a Power Flow Controller ?

Hello I am making a massager i got 6 viberator's and i dont want all 6 viberators to work at the same time example i want a set of 2 to work for like 10 sec and other 2 following a pattern how do i make a controller so i works automaticly that way i dont have to keep pressing buttons to switch em on and off...

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Wordpress Woes - "Sorry you are looking for something that isn't there"? Answered

I recently scrapped my old website layout and went with Wordpress to manage my content. I installed it in the root directory, so at rather than I want to add some static pages, in a directory under than, for sake of example lets call it Any file that I put in there used to be visible, but Wordpress has taken over and since it doesn't have that URL in its database it redirects the user to a "nothing found for _____" page. How can I stop it from redirecting to that page and allow me to have a few static pages (not like normal pages that wordpress lets you publish, I want to show someone a test design for a website I designed for them). There are ways I can get around it, like hosting on a different server, but this is bugging me now so I want to solve it. I'm guessing my problem is something to do with the Permalinks settings in WP or perhaps my .htaccess file but I'm not sure what terms to use in google to get my answer. Any suggestions?

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